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what is that suppose to mean sm

Posted By: long time MQr on 2005-10-26
In Reply to: The AAMT Mafia - HIVKid

about disabled people did not need to belong to AAMT? I hope that statement is why she is no longer there. I don't know what she had in mind as a "disability" and it does not matter, but there are foks with chronic illnesses who are "disabled" but can still work shorter hours etc. Good thing she is no longer with AAMT. What an idiot.

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Maybe I'm not suppose to ask this, but....

Would anyone be willing to give me the ballpark range for what contractors charge their clients in Florida.....like 13-15 cpl.  Also anyone from California with the same information?

I am just starting out and I don't want to low-ball anyone!  Thanks!

and through all this where is AAMT who is suppose....sm
to be helping us... why their just making sure we have to buy their book ... what a crockapalosa!!
Oy. And I suppose it's verbatim.
So then you have to ask if you are supposed to leave the stoopid stuff in or take it out??

I suppose ignoring
such comments would be the best approach, but it gets extremely annoying to see these. And, sometimes people aren't aware of their own bad habits and brining it to their attention could help.

Sometimes not.
I suppose theoretically it's possible

If you're really fast and can average 300 lph or more and are making at least 10 cpl.

I hate to see them mislead people like that though.  It takes a long time to build up that kind of speed.  There are people on this board who say they can do it, though.

I just keep Norton I suppose and never checked into anything else.
Cannot believe that show is on A&E. Supposedly he is suppose to
Does anyone suppose that with all the advances in technology that
there might be some more companies willing to take those MT's who only have satellite in the future?  There are so few now.  Really limits a person's options.  Wadyathink? MTSO's - any response??
Misread the question I suppose. Sorry! Don't have a cow. nm
OOPS! This was suppose to answer
was it suppose to come with a headset, how do you work without it.
I mean, was it suppose to have a display? if so, then return it
I suppose all the work that is outsourced
Makes no sense.  What do they expect for 7-10 cpl?
Yeah, and I suppose I probably offended
some newbies, too. I didn't mean to. I know what I was thinking in my head but I didn't communicate that in my message post.
And I suppose we shouldn't call murders such, huh? Or ...
sex offenders pedophiles...or adulterers cheaters...OH MY! We might be UGLY when we do it!

Go on now, and crawl back into your little fantasy world of how nice everyone should be. LOL GEeeeezzzzz.
it was a USPO MO, but it can't hurt to check I suppose, thanks for the tip. - nm

By today's appallingly lax MT standards, I suppose a few -
:D MT as a profession is turning into such a JOKE, isn't it?
I suppose given a choice I'll take DRUNK!
I suppose a good object lesson

would have been, just once, to type exactly what he said, down to every repetition.  Wouldn't if feel good do do that just one time?  I mean, it would be 'verbatim.'

Often I will go ahead and type both versions when someone keeps mis-speaking:  'The patient was brought to the ER by his friend, his girlfriend, his fiance.    He had onset of pain on Tuesday, or maybe Wednesday, Tuesday night or Wednesday morning....'  Hard to tell with some of these dictators what they are trying to change/add/subtract. 

So far there have been no QA repercussions over this.

PLEASE! Let's suppose a supervisor works an 8 hour day on and off. At home.
What does this supervisor do? So I have a supervisor now see. Every now and again I will get an e-mail that tells me account is behind or caught up. Not on a daily basis and sometimes not even on a weekly basis. Now besides looking into the computer to see account is behind or up to date, what does this supervisor do in the course of an on and off 8 hour day?

I am assuming this "supervisor" is not doing QA or anything, just supervising an account. So any questions regarding QA are sent off to QA personnel. So what questions can a supervisor have that would tie up their day? EIGHT HOURS of a working day doing what?
last post suppose to be ad, not as directed. Word expander was on.
On this new MQ rewards plan what exactly is it offering statutory employees and I suppose that that

is going to be the end of our quarterly bonus. My concern still is if there is no work how do you get any incentive if they lower the base rate. Sounds like employees will have a larger window to get their work done which means we all will be scrambling around for work at all hours.

And I suppose you're perfect in everything you do? No one was making light of the woman's sit

XP is probably pretty cheap now. Microsoft suppose to be coming out with new OS at end of year.
So you get a flash drive with voice files on it you are suppose to transcribe?

I'm trying to understand.  Do you save the transcribed reports on the same jump drive?  If that is the protocol, then wouldn't the MT before you typed any reports, then wouldn't they be saved to the flash drive?

If so, then you could open up the flash drive and if there are any Word files or text files, you open those up and see what they are.  If they are transcribed reports, write the patient's name down and don't transcribe those notes.

Whatever the case may be, I would absolutely tell the office manager or whoever you are meeting with that you will type everything on the flash drive and that you expect to be paid for everything you type.  You gave them freebies the last time and you're in this business to make money.

You SUPPOSE it was wrong! It was way wrong.