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when to use in and on with dates that are incomplete

Posted By: just me on 2007-10-15
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Hey girls, this must a foreigner...see the incomplete sentence. No comprende.

IRS dates are 1/15, 3/15, 6/15 & 9/15
Sorry, but astrology pre-dates
began in the Renaissance, with Galileo being one of the first astronomers. Astrology pre-dates Christianity. As to whether astrology is incompatible with God, I respectfully disagree.
BOS rules for dates-help!
My mind has blanked--what is the current rule for doing dates in dictation?  Isn't it to write out the dates as October 21, 2006, rather than 10/21/2006??  Thanks!
Shorthand. Can someone please help me set up dates..sm

I need to set up an entry for each day's current date in the form 01/04/2007, as well as an entry for the date of the previous day and I do not know how to set it up.  Please help!  Thanks.

1099's info from IRS - dates etc.

I am doing a 1099 C to my ex-husband and I have received my four from my accounts and so here are the instructions regarding them from the IRS forms sitting in front of me -- Both as a recepient and as a reporter

DUE DATES:  Furnish Copy B of this form to the recipent by January 31, 2007.  File copy to the IRS by Februuary 28th.  I have to file my "Intent to File a 1099 by Februaru 15th".

On the back of my 1099 (Misc Income) received from my accounts it states "If your net income from self employmnt is $400 or more, you must file a return and compute you SE on Schedule SE (Form 1040) -- this is social security.  

It does not say from all 1099's but simply on the back of this one.  Now if someone files a 1099 with under 400 on it and others are filed with higher amounts, the IRS might wonder but I doubt that they would audit for 400 as that does not increase your tax and is only 60 SS.  Not worth their time.  But if you were to get several of these they might. 

Now some will not send you a 1099.  Plumbers, electricians, painters etc. that work on houses as sub-contracters do not get 1099's from their contractors.   I have several neighbors/friends who have small business and use manual labor and do not provide 1099's.   Then you have to decide whether or not it is worth including in case you get audited and how honest you wish to be. 

As for the employee vs IC or subcontractor - would you get anymore benefits as an employee - perhaps the 0.75 SS that they pay but they would take that out of your pay so you are not ahead.  As for having to set hours, when I was offered that before I decided stay and forge forward with my own accounts - I simply said "No thank you".  But I understand where they are coming from after having my own small 5 accounts.  I do give my gals some leeway but I do need the work back in a certain amount of hours and I prefer that they work when they are rested, not rushed, have no interruptions or squeezing me in between basketball or soccer as it certainly shows in their work.  It is hard keeping an even flow as I have no control of when docs are off or work is light or when suddenly someone decides  not to work. In the 18 years I have been doing this the hardest part is keeping a regular flow of work going to keep everyone happy.   As unemployement goes up, we go down.  But anyway just thought I would let you know what the 1099's say. 

P.S. Those dates should be 2006, not 2005 nm
What are the dates quarterly taxes are due?
By dates. Find a time when you SM
are relaxed. Then go back, starting from course completion or first job. Just go date by date until current. Funny you mentioned this, since I was just reviewing mine. It's not easy when you're tired, so if you are a Nightowl, try it in the morning or any quiet time. I don't believe you need to put exact dates, just the year and any person who was your supervisor or anyone you want as referral. There are also sites online that might help, but not with your dates. :)

Example: (Basic)
MT course completion: 1990.
Smith Hospital 1991.
MQ 1991-Fall 1991.
Jones Hospital 1992.
MQ 1992-1993.

List all types of work done. All of them.

Don't give dates. Just summarize your experience. I'm perfectly comfortable with this.
Heading out of town, you guys all have fun while I'm gone!
My husband forgets important dates though the kids help to remind him - sm
He has never forgotten Valentine's but all we do is cards usually. Granted I am sure for a little while it was not a favorite date of his as his first wife left him on Valentines day....guess she wanted to make a statement/impression. He came home with some things for her to an Dear John letter and an empty house.
When I copy my resume to the ads on the job board it gets all messed up, dates on the wrong line,
and I have to straighten it all back out again, so that the name of the hospital that I worked at is on the first line, then the dates worked there, etc.  My question is, do I need to straighten this out or does it just mess it up more for the person who is trying to print it out who receives it.  It is perfect when I copy it from MSword, but then when I paste it, it is messed up.  Should I straighten it out to look right because the place that is hiring will read it from that place that I copied it to or should I leave it the way it was originally because they will open it to a larger screen and it will appear normal again?!  I'm not sure which I should be doing so that the person on the other end gets a normal appearing resume!  Thanks for your help!