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which means it was her CHOICE

Posted By: thus, pay her own way - no message on 2007-05-09
In Reply to: No. She said employer offered for her to work at home - AMD


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Their skin is not a choice. To commit sodomy with a man is a choice.
I don't care if they are attracted to men or dogs or goats. I care that they act upon it.
E. It is not my choice to make, it is their choice.
Every job has its pros and cons.  The more US MTs we can bring in is that many fewer jobs going overseas.  Besides, I like my job.
it's spelled right. Exo means outside and you know what phrenic means. nm
Not much of a choice is it
Not on VR yet. I have not heard one thing about VR, the checks being sent out or the pay letters. Been here 8 years. Everything I have found out about is off this website and that is pretty sad.
I think if I had a choice
between being beautiful and childish and stupid or being ugly and gruesome in appearance. I'd choose ugly and gruesome any day. You may think that what you are doing is funny, and it may be funny to you, but most of us fail to see the humor.
Bad choice
I work for Transhealth and very bad choice to go work for, take it from me. I have been working there for couple of years and have stayed on for circumstances beyond my control but am planning to leave hopefully by end of this year if not sooner.
It's my choice
If I don't chose to patronize a store, it's MY choice, regardless of the reasons. The person asking the questions asked me where I would shop if I didn't go to Wal-Mart, so I told her. My reasons are my reasons, so bug off.
try First Choice
not by choice
Whether any of us likes it or not, 10% of the population will be gay. I have not seen the movie but intend to see it. I think it would be rather naive to think that a gay cowboy has never existed. While I believe it would not be appropriate for children just as it would not be appropriate for children to see straight adult-theme movies, I don't believe gays are pushing this movie. Whether you or are approve or disapprove of gays, they are a fact of life. While I worked in hospitals in days gone by, many employees were gay and I got to be good friends with many gays. Trust me, from what I have been told by many gays, they would not wish this on any one. Gays are for the most part born this way. I would no more expect a gay person to do something inappropriate in front of me as any of my straight friends.
His choice! nm
First Choice does, too. nm
If you had the choice would you....sm
go hourly as a QA Editor or stay production as an MT?  I have the chance to take a job as an QA/editor making between around $14+ an hour.  I know I could make more as a production MT, but then you have the worry of work flow, ect.  I was just wondering for those who made the transition if you like the change or ended up going back production.  Thanks.
We have no choice...
Sally, I appreciate your post and what you have to say. However, if you want to work from home and the nationals will not pay more for your services, what exactly are you to do? If you have advice for me, I would sure like to hear it. I have over 20 years of experience in this field. When I started in 1984, I made 10 cents per line; I now make 9 cents per line. Times have changed for us, and not for the better. I would love to hear others' comments on this issue as well. And, yes, we are definitely worth more!
Job choice
You will have 2 days off a week, you will see your kids then. In the meantime, they will get to spend evenings with their Dad while you work. Looks like a win/win to me.

Also, you'll be modeling ambition, hard work, and motivation to your 3 kids - pretty great mothering in my opinion.
if I had a choice
I'd take your place over theirs any day, Hayseed, including the pig!  Grass and manure beats asphalt and exhaust any day!  They have a house.  You have a home. 
I would say that you really have no choice.
errors.  I would present it as a probationary period.  I would cut the rate, and then once the proofing need not be done, then up the rate.  If you have to proof after 5 years, then you are defeating your purpose no doubt.  Good luck. 
Everyone here has a choice and I see
people would rather sit and wait for work and be almost in poverty so they can spend time with their child. Oh, yeh, makes a lot of sense to me. I said nothing about fancy home but I was able to take my children on really nice vacations and years later am thanked for those times. There is nothing wrong in having goals in life and working hard to get them. I am so thankful I have an excellent work ethic. I noticed you MTmom was one who wrote they were just sitting there waiting for work. Have fun
Given my choice
What I would like to see is my tax dollars redirected from black holes like Iraq and directed to health care. Or maybe taken away from some of the pork projects to pay for it. Would I personally be willing to pay another $50/check to have insurance (which is all your 10% tax increase amounts to)? You bet your sweet petootie, I would. It's still a much better deal than my MTSO is offering at $400/month.

As to wait times, I used to have Kaiser...wait times for non-emergent consults and procedures were easily 6-8 weeks. Not as bad as Canada but not the pie-in-the-sky spontaneous that you would like to imply.
Transolutions is a bad choice!!
not her mother's choice
Glitter eyemakeup? False eyelashes? What channel are you watching? Maybe you should put on a pair of glasses, and maybe then you would have seen her crying. I think the arubans investigation stinks and so does their goverment.YOUR THE LOON, NOT BETH TWITTY.
Nice choice!! :)) ........

I make my kids sing some Temptations when I have them prisoner in the car.   Ball of Confusion ...

Sophie's Choice. sm
I only have one grown child, but asking me my fav Beatles song is like asking Sophie to pick one child to live or die.  I love Something (Harrison), Imagine (Lennon), Yesterday (McCartney), and Let it Be - Lennon and McCartney.  That would be my Sophie's choice, Let It Be - I have had to apply that concept in my life.
Dateless by choice ...sm
I'll take bored over miserable anytime!!!  If you're seriously looking for a relationship or even just a date, the odds of her showing up at your front door are slim to none... and you're certainly not going to find any romance here.  There are many dating websites where you can get to know someone from your area.  Try match.com.
She is in this situation by her own choice.
Well, we don't have a choice when we visit...
It is an offer my husband's company is making. I live in Houston, so 100 degree weather is nothing new to me. I love the summer and I love the beach, so none of those reasons would keep me away. I am looking quite forward to it to be honest. It is beautiful there, at least the area we will be living in.
Been there, doing that, wish I had made a better choice.
My personal experience with the good captain has also been unsettling.  I have been with them for almost a year and it has been bad for half of that.  Man am I tired of bounced checks, late checks, no work, and ridiculous reasoning.  I have been appling with other companies but have not found anything yet.  Good luck and lets hope the ship doesn't sink until we get off!!!
Tough choice, for sure.
Are you married? If so, does your husband's income pay the bills? If that is the case, then I would tell you without hesitation to go to Andrews. The mentorship might be a good option if you feel confident they will teach you enough to make you employable at other companies and not just their own. An Andrews education would ensure you employability with many different companies and would secure your future in a way that mentorship may not. Again, this depends on the company doing the mentoring and I have no information on this particular company so I can't speak to that. I do know that Andrews graduates are work-ready and that Andrews will help facilitate job placement as well. (I have no affiliation with Andrews, for the record. I am an MTSO that hires and fires and just know from experience that Andrews graduates are always well-trained.)

If you simply cannot afford to give up the job you have now and you can't work the mentorship around your current job, you still might be able to study with Andrews and work that around your current job since I believe with Andrews, you can work at your own pace. M-Tec is another good school that I believe also allows you to work at your own pace.

Good luck to you!
a bad career choice

As an IC I make the choice whether or not....(sm)
to accept 5, 6, or 7 cpl.  I personally will not work for that, but there are many MTs who must in order to pay their bills.  I started off five years ago making more than I am now due the changes with India and such.  When I am looking for a job, I have to weed through the low offers, but still I have never received an offer or negotiated a rate higher than 8 point something to start off in the last three years.  The higher pay is just not there (at least for me with my five years of experience).
I think it's the Weapon of Choice - sm
video he did that makes me think of him as "sexy."
Everyone is telling her she has no choice
because if her employer says "jump", she should say "how high". What was she supposed to do when they said work from home, say "No". She was just criticized on an earlier post for standing up for herself and telling her employer no. There are many on this site that have to be "right" about everything. Contradiction is not "right".
I like Quick Look. My second choice would

be Drake and Drake. 

A couple of good sites are drugs dot com and prescribing reference dot com.

You can't post the links here, which is why I typed it the way I did. 

I currently have a 2003 electronic version of QuickLook and with the above references I haven't felt the need to upgrade. 





Which choice to make??
I need anyone's advice on my situation! I was a MT for 10 years and then I left my IC job to take a job at a children's hospital as a unit secretary. I left my IC job because the practice I was typing for were switching over to EMR and after reading about EMR I figured that my job would be eliminated. To play it safe I got a different job that had actual job security!! The problem is I have three kids whom I see for 45 minutes a day in the morning before I drop them off at school. I work the 3-11 shift at the hospital so I am not home when they come home. My husband on the other hand is. The practice that I left has not implemented the EMR yet will in the next month or two. I have been contacted by them to see if I would like to come back and type. I am very tempted by this because that would mean I would be able to see my kids more. On the other hand, I am back to where I was with no job security. I've been told by the manager of the transcription department that the EMR will not impact the amount of transcription but I know that the EMR can impact transcription if the docs use the templates that will allow them to type in their own reports. But this is a big practice with docs who dictate very long reports so I can't imagine them typing in their own reports or even using VR because they tried that in the past as well and that was not very successful. Any advice on what to do? Should I go back home where I will be happy with the kids again but unsure if my job will be secure or should I stay where I am at and maybe try to get a different shift? I love to type but I also love knowing that my job is secure! I would love any advice you all might have. Thanks for listening!
Quitting was the right choice!
Ya know, IC work seemed to be a great idea back when but from what I have read and heard, it's no longer a good route to go. Your little scenario really confirms that in my mind. You are better off just signing on with a company and trying to get a "right fit" with one of them. That's crazy, "you get paid when I get paid." Don't go there again.
Yep I made the choice
I would much rather be "an indian than a chief" Being in this biz for almost 30 years, I could have chosen to "hunt accounts", etc., but I chose not to do so -- not out of fear of failure, but of having a life outside of MT and knowing first hand how the corporate world can be. I can schedule my day now, to take phone calls, IMs etc and believe me -- today has been heck with the storm we are having and friend in a panic mode, but I can stil work and not ignore her on top of not having to have a work wardrobe, worry about gas, tolls, etc.
Getting CMT is a personal choice. Obviously...sm
for you it's not your cup of tea, but that shouldn't deter someone else from sitting for the exam. For what it's worth, it's not 36 hours, it's actually 30 hours - ALL of which is very educational. If one works at home, the education alone is worth a lot. I make more than 1 penny per line as a CMT, but that's of no consequence to me - I keep it updated as a matter of pride. That's not to say that experience doesn't always help, but I know a lot of MTs with that much experience that have no clue about how to be a good quality MT. That said, CMT doesn't always guarantee quality, either, but it does help IMO.
Second-shifter by choice
One good thing about working second shift (done it for the past 30+ years) is you very rarely ever run out of work. It looks to me like dayshifters have to compete with each other for the work daily. And you can have that flex stuff, I just want to work my straight 8-hour, 5-day routine every week and clock out. I'd hate to have to sign in and out all day, what a bummer, which is what it looks like happens where I work.
IMO, their choice to use or not use, no matter
She was an adult, not her mother's choice
Obviously there is enough evidence to hold at least 1 suspect as he is still being held!  What about him?  Poor him huh?  You are exactly the kind of person who talks one way, but given the problem being placed on your doorstep, you would cry and complain just like the rest of them.  If it were your child, you be just as angry and scared and frustrated as she is. 
You have excellent taste in men. My first choice also.
He has it all.  Class, dignity, intelligence and charm and oh so cute/handsome/sexy.
Do you get choice of which report types are sent to you?
A break? Your arm, your neck or your leg? Your choice...
Tha;nk you hard choice.. Andrews I think...
I am not stupid actually I'm pretty smart but there is so much to learn and I need the correct support... I am investigating loans and I emailed Linda at Andrews for more information
Anti-reproductive choice ? that is so very PC
shut up or put up - your choice - you cannot control them, only yourself
Usually, it is a system-wide choice SM
that was made and the hospital (one that is part of a greater health care system) must go with the vendor chosen by the system. 
I would pick choice #2 because of the practicum. sm
Anything that gives you actual professional-type experience is a step ahead.
Doctor's Choice Diet
Anyone been on this diet?  I called and they said it is a diet plan and some kind of a hormone shot that you have to get once a week.  Sounds scary to me.
For the future, its always the correct choice
to put "negotiable", if you want to be able to negotiate. Works for me everytime. Took lots of biz courses, etc., and all recommend the same - if you put a specific amount, you end up either selling yourself short, or you might impact them the other way - best to negotiate. Also why most companies don't put specifics. Preferred wording - salary commensurate with experience!
Trans Tech Definitely the Best Choice
I cannot say enough good about this company. I previously had a horrible horrible job, dealing with the most hostile and unfriendly backstabbing managerial staff. Oh well, paycheck not there, well it must be your banks fault. Total lack of respect, incompetence to name a few, and could care less if your 6 feet under. Glad I made the change. I was miserable. So happy to be at a place where your happiness counts for something. Go for it!
I think where you work and what you do should be YOUR choice, not hubby's! (nm)