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yes, they are indian and they are losing employees left and right sm

Posted By: former SPI on 2007-02-17
In Reply to: isn't SPI a foreign company - just me

so i'm sure they will have lots of openings to fill.

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Just hit Alt+Shift+left arrow on line 1 and it will go to the left margin. Otherwise,
you need to use a numbered list style to do it every time. Each version is different, but you may already have a numbered list style in yours that stays at the left margin. Just assign a keyboard shortcut to that style.
Losing 500 lbs

Thanks for being so blunt.  You're right, I haven't been respecting myself by staying in this situation and I only have myself to blame. Every day I feel more and more drained, physically, mentally and emotionally. It is a very unhealthy situation.  I was stupid and had those rose-colored glasses on when I made a hasty decision to marry him last year. I don't respect anyone who is content with just lounging around watching TV and the like, does not contribute to the responsibilities of the household or to society at large and sucks taxpayer's money dry by being on bogus disability.

Losing Mind
I guess about now after five weeks, I would be losing my mind too, seeing that the father was let go, even though he told those boys, no body, no crime, and the other two boys are let go.  What lawyer father would tell his son no body, no crime and then not wonder what is going on?  Of course, he knows what went down.  Any law abiding father, when he sees that a girl is missing and his son, who was with her the night before asked about no body, no crime would go to the police.  You think Natalees mother is acting like she lost her mind, I would be much worse.  I would be protesting in front of the rich kids house, I would be speaking out every chance I got, shame the police into doing their job, which they obviously are not doing too well.
Losing battle, Huh?
By the way, I have never even had my ears pierced, and now I'm too old to care.
Losing hearing
Does anybody else feel that over time their hearing has deteriorated due to the constant noise from wearing headphones?
Might be growth not losing MTs. xx
losing lines
I work for a company, shall remain nameless but has been on this board, and is now, tons. They STEAL our lines and think we are so dumb and do not realize it. Do not even ask where your lines go, line count different from day to day as to what one has typed the previous day, and you will get no response. The money goes to the CEOs. There was an article today that stated CEOs average pay is 350,000 a year, while their employee salary is 28,000. That BITES big time. We slave, they gain. That is where the money goes.
Losing lines
Soon the only jobs that will not be outsourced will be manual labor jobs. We are losing our jobs constantly to cheaper labor. Imagine how much money these CEOs save by sending our work? That is what sickens me to death. My friend's husband is in manual labor and has to work out of time due to lack of work in his own state. This is a sad, sad world we live in.
Are they losing accts? Do

The work has dried up.   Again I won't make a full paycheck.  Others are saying the same thing.  I think you may be right.  Especially if you are an employee.  But wasn't that their plan from the start?

I can't imagine what this package is they are sending out. 

Unless they are going to offer to provide equipment, sufficient work/or a plan to give me lines (like on-call pay) for sitting with nothing to do IN WRITING, and a raise of 5 cents a line, the package will probably go in the round file right here beside me.

That is so sad. I hate to think about losing our pup

He's 4, but he's still our pup. Just a mutt, but he's a sweetie.

Tell your mom that a bunch of Mainers are sorry for her loss.

Losing faith...

Well every year I think things can't be any worse than the last.  This year dealing with disturbing financial woes, working too much and a rebellious daughter. How do people some people go through all this and still keep their faith in God and life in general.  Sometimes I just want to throw my hands up in the air and just forget it. 


Sorry, just got more bad news and here alone working and needed to vent. 

losing weight sm
I lost 105.5 pounds total and have kept it off for a year (gained 10 pounds back with this pregnancy, but I am 32 weeks along).  I had to follow a more structured plan to actually lose weight.  I used the Weight Watchers calculator and books to lose weight, but I did not go to meetings.  I went from 235.5 to 130 on a 5 foot 5 frame.  I don't follow the program now, but I have learned how to eat.  I used to eat because I was bored, tired, etc.  Not anymore! 
Losing a client
You have my empathy.
This happens with the big companies too. The MT is the last to know that client whose account they have worked on will not renew a contract. I worked 60 days in a row on an account to help catch it up not knowing the Co. was losing the account. I felt betrayed because during that time I could have been trained for something else. I was on a C-phone at the time, and others had already been trained on newer systems. Things really can be quite thoughtless/heartless when regarding the MTs feelings. Makes one feel like just a number. Or as they say a "Human Resource" I that that word..... it sounds like an entity that uses-up, wads-up, and then discards. What ever happened to personnel? Once again, you have my empathy.
MTs losing jobs

I'm sorry to hear about you losing your job. One comment said that MTs are losing jobs all over the place. Could someone tell me more about this ... the loss of MT jobs. I'm new and I'm trying to decide whether to train as an MT or not. Thanks for all your help. I am soooooo undecided.


losing business
Obviously, you have secure accounts.  I recently have lost 1/3 of my income due to VR, and I am sitting out in the middle of no where where we cannot get DSL.  Wireless may be a possibility, but have been working on this for over a year.  So, yes modern technology is great, but when the rest of your income has been limited with no overtime, and you count on that side job, modern technology hurts.
losing MT jobs

Transcription jobs are becoming very slim in Central Minnesota.  One hospital outsourced to India, and two hospitals send to a service company.  Our hospital may end up going VR which will most likely put half of us out of work too.  Either way you look at it, it is a dying profession.  Like someone said, you have to work twice as many hours to make enough money to live on - so don't talk about those poor poverty stricken people overseas.  Without jobs here, we are going to be all poverty striken as well.  How do we make a house payment and pay our taxes so they can send the money to these countries! 

Possibly losing my job due to VR...

I was told that the clinic I MT for is considering an expensive VR program.  The person that told me works for them too and said that it is about 98% accurate.  She also said it might be something I should consider in order for my IC business to grow.  Hello?  Why would I invest in something I know the medical field would pay for in substitution for hiring an MT?  She told me that this VR program costs about $4,000 but she did not know the product make.  Is there really a VR product that accurate for that amount of money?  If so, then I think it is time for me to get out before I am no longer needed.       

Topic is now losing by 2%
Please go vote so others in this country might be made a little more aware of the problems outsourcing is causing this country!
losing acct

Hello Patty,

I lost an acct about two yrs ago and it hurt, but I wasn't backing down.  The OM of one clinic knew the OM of another clinic I typed for and they mentioned to each other how much they were paying me per line.  The OM from the higher paying clinic called me and asked why I was charging her clinic more.  I told her first of all it wasn't really any of her business, but the other acct I had had for 10 yrs and I billed them 50,000 lines/mth, plus I picked up tapes every day.  Her particular clinic I only had about 6 mth., billed about 3000 - 5000 lines/mth, and didn't get tapes every day.  Needless to say, I never picked up another tape from that clinic, but that's the way it goes sometimes. 

Losing account--please help
Hi...I am an IC who has been doing several doctors from a hospital account by way of picking up tapes.   I just found out yesterday that the hospital account I have been doing has decided to have the doctor dictate into their system and have a MT service do those accounts.   Is there any way I can propose to keep those accounts as what would I need to access their system so that I can still ....I need help fast......and just need to know what to do.  Thank  you anyone that can share some insight into this....... 
Losing account

I am so sorry about your situation.  I just recently lost my hospital job on Monday.  What a way to start a Monday.  They laid me off due to shortage of work.  I have only been there for 5 months.  I do not know what is happening with this industry.  They are always thinking they are going to find it for a cheaper rate and sacrifice quality.  It seems like the Docs do not care anymore and it is a shame because these are people's important documents and it should not be compromised.  I am calling all the Docs that I did at the hospital and see if they are in need of a transcriptionist.  I probably will run into your situation also.

Good Luck. When God closes a door, he opens a window and I believe everything is for a reason. You may not see it but we will down the road.





losing account
I wish you didn't have to back through the interviewing again....but you'll be just fine! Who knows, maybe you'll work for the service that the hospital hires! On a side note, how did you find that picture of my boyfriend, Dr. Christian whats-his-name on NipTuck?
Losing account to EMR

So I am losing 2 accounts to EMR December 1. Anyone know exactly HOW the EMR works.  I'm wondering is there still a way for the MT to be involved without losing the account?  I'm sure there are different EMR programs, but has anyone had experience with EMR?? 


Are you snoozing and losing?
Maybe you ought to check for the good stuff too!  Just a thought...
You are surely losing a lot
doing this. Why not check as you are doing and spell check at end. It seems like you are shooting yourself in the foot by rereading each report. I never do and just got my quarterly report yesterday and had a 99.9% accuracy.
Yes . . . I know, but I am afraid of losing my job if I do.
losing internet connection off and on

Losing internet connection happened quite a bit for me.  I kept calling Comcast, they said to reboot.  I had a computer tech out to look at the computer and they deleted a bunch of junk and it ended up my cable modem was bad.  It was 3 years old.  I got a new one and it works great now.

She ended up losing the baby and she did tell him about it.
Yup, if you don't mind losing the account and/or
can afford it. I can relate - have been in the same boat. Its a cut-throat business. Chances are if they go with the new service, they'll be back calling on you when they find the quality of service lacking. But then again, they may not. Its hard, and I'm sorry for your situation.
MTs are not the only ones losing jobs to over seas
Businesses May Move Health Care Overseas

Published: 11/2/06, 7:47 AM EDT

" " "
" " " " "
" " "

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"   " " "   "
" " "

" "




NEW DELHI, India (AP) - Businesses and insurance companies are starting to eye the potential savings of outsourcing health care from the world's richest country to the developing world.

"It's just one of the many ways in which our world is flattening," said Arnold Milstein, chief physician at New York-based Mercer Health & Benefits, who's researching the feasibility of outsourcing medical care for three Fortune 500 corporations. "Many companies see it as a natural extension of the competition they've faced in other aspects of their business."

With an estimated 45 million uninsured Americans, some 500,000 trekked overseas last year for medical treatment, according to the National Coalition on Health Care. Asian hospitals in Thailand, India and Singapore have long been swarmed by medical tourists looking for tummy tucks and face lifts, but many glitzy, marble-floored facilities are now gaining reputations for big-ticket procedures including heart surgery, knee and back operations.

Some American hospitals already rely on places like India for X-ray readings and other diagnostics, while also importing foreign doctors and nurses. But the U.S. health care industry has been largely immune to overseas competition - just one reason behind soaring costs.

Premiums for employer-sponsored health coverage have surged 87 percent over the past six years, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, putting a huge burden on both companies and employees. Family health coverage now runs about $11,500 annually, with workers themselves forking out nearly $3,000.

But just as shipping U.S. manufacturing to China and call centers

It is so good to know I'm not just losing my mind!
Just out of curiosity, what does the 'sticky key feature' do? What benefit is there in using it?
To DepressedMT who is losing an account ... SM

I just saw your post from several days ago.  I hope you see this message.  It is not difficult at all to start transcribing .wav files, and you'll love it.  Express Scribe is a transcription program that plays many types of digital voice files, and it's a free download at http://www.nch.com.au/scribe/.  You'll only have to buy a foot pedal for it for around $75.  Digital voice files are so much clearer than tapes.  Once you change over to it, you'll wish you'd done it long ago. 

If you need any help or have questions, please feel free to post back here to email me.  I don't come here often, but I'll try to remember to check back often because of this thread.  In fact, I rarely ever came before, but I really like the new management/ownership and definitely will try to visit more often.  Let me know if I can help with this. 

oops... I'm 46.. and obviously losing my mind slowly.. nm
Been undercut, after 4 years, losing account, I am sure.
I am a small MTSO and have had this physician group for 4 years since I started my service. I have always charged them just a flat rate per 65 character line, which in the North East I feel is reasonable - 14 cents per line. Never charged them extra for reprinting reports they have lost (which have been many over the years) and I always did the printing and delivering daily for them. Now some other vendor comes in and says they only charge 11 cents per line. This group comes back to me and says that their "final offer is 12 cents per line".... I told them, no way....MY final offer is 13 cents and NO PRINTING! Did I do the right thing?
Used to be a MENSA candidate but because I'm getting older, I'm losing it, only 140
Treadmill is best for losing fat, done in the morning before breakfast. sm
If you do it before you eat, you will burn fat instead of glycogen. This may take a bit of getting used to at first, but it also makes your day go better because once your body gets use to it, it provides a lot of energy. Do this every other day for about 30-45 minutes, but no more than that.

Everybody has a sixpack - just a matter of getting down to it.

Losing our jobs to voice recognition?
I do not think so and let me tell you why. I have been on the same VR platform now for the past about 5 years. For whatever reason, who only knows, in the past 3 to 4 weeks lots of things heard and spelled out correctly in the past now have to be redone, just like it has never screened these dictators before. I have no idea what causes this but not the first time I have seen this, just like you are sorta starting over like a very new program. Things that have been the same all the time now not, for example for cc mine is now putting in a persons name, when someone dictates a Mr. so and so it puts in a period instead of Mr. ?? Go figure. I donít think you have anything to worry about. I sure am not.
Most MTSO want good MT. Not worth losing one
Losing expander by switching companies

If I decided to switch companies but am using an Expander program that is the company's software, I would have to start from square one with  new company. (There is no way around that, correct?) 

Not planning on leaving now but was just thinking that if that should become a consideration, my line count would drop big time until I could build all those expansions again.    Has anyone ever gone through that?  Do you remember how long it took to get back up to speed?

Nope, I'm losing brain cells here
I don't waste my time arguing with illiterates so I'm out of this thread.

You have a good time polluting it with your unintelligible posts, though.

Can someone help with Windows 98 time/clock? I'm losing about an hour a day (sm)

I have Windows 98 and the same computer since 1999.  I have never a problem until this week.  The clock setting is losing about an hour a day.  I reset it every morning, but around afternoon, it's about a half hour off, but night, its an hour off, etc.  I haven't noticed any other problems with any other programs. 

Does anybody have any ideas what is causing this and how to fix it, other than just keep resetting it?

Thanks you guys!

I was losing my mind. It's not natural to be completely isolated like that.
I've changed careers and now have plenty of material to use in conversation with my husband, have made new friends - real ones - the kind you know what they look like, can meet after work for a couple of laughs, and talk to in person. I am so much happier now and can't believe that for a decade and a half my life consisted of sitting behind a keyboard staring at a monitor and often not using my voice all day long. Enough to drive anyone insane, isn't it?
in my opinion, you are losing out dramatically on your line count..sm
if you relisten to dictation. Only as a brand new MT should you need to ever do this while building on your confidence. Even then, it is not necessary. A skilled Transcriptionist actually edits as they type. Quite honestly, I have probably only re-read a few of my reports over a 20 year period. Part of speed and skill is learning to edit as you type. Without this, line production is nowhere near the area of making a decent living at MT. We should never compromise quality for quantity though. This is truly a huge factor, I believe, in what makes some successful in this industry and others not. It is a true skill; some have it and some do not. Proper MT education is the base of it all though. However, I have had MTs working for me over the years who were less educated in the field and had a better skill in the industry than those who had much more education, but just lacked the skill to be a good MT. I believe this to be the reason why there are many happily employed MTs, and others who just cannot quite fit it in despite their good intentions and efforts. Give yourself the confidence to attempt to edit as you type rather than re-listening to dictation. At that point, based on your feedback, you will know whether you have the potential to make it in this field long term.
Losing batter against India-Seen plenty of MT mistakes in USA!!!!!

Comparing other countries to ours, we sure have a lot of sloppy MT's too.  In the local hospital where I work, all the supervisor can say is,"Type faster, type faster." WHO CARES IF SOMEONE GETS THE WRONG LEG CUT OFF OR WHATEVER.  I WOULD NOT TAKE MY DOGGY THERE!!!!!


C'mon guys our topic is losing! Please vote! sm
My husband is in danger of losing his job so he is learning to transcribe.
He is trying his hardest and since I work full-time at a local hospital and he is doing my part-time work at home, it helps me out tremendously. With the economy being the way it is we all are making sacrifices. I truly think some people are just venting their frustrations as we all need to do sometimes. I love my job but sometimes I curse my job. I don't give too much credit to those who are always badmouthing their professions as they are the ones that chose them and hey...if you were working more instead of posting messages, you would make more money.....there's a thought for ya.
No. It is not worth losing hospital-provided benefits.
You have the best of both worlds. Hang on to it while you can.
What does him being indian have to do with anything?
Indian MT
I don't believe you for 1 second. Indian work is NOT SUPERIOR to what is done here. A few of them are doctors, but most are not. They get the medical terminology, but their American English is horrific. Very few of the Indians who do MT trained over here or in Europe. They completed medical school here in India, which is a very abbreviated compared to US or Europe training.

The Indians are enticing American companies to invest and train MTs over there, working at next to nothing, so that when they have captured a significant percentage of the market, they will jack up their rates and the hospitals and clinics here will have to pay because they have driven out all the US MTs by not paying us living wages or giving us decent paid time off, benefits, etc.

People like you are cutting your own throats in the long run.

I am an excellent MT, QA 100% for 15 years, never miss work unless there is a death in the family. My income has gone down steadily over the past 3 years because of the greed of MTSOs. I am leaving this job shortly. I look forward to the day when you bleed to death from the Indian MTSO who will put you out of business.
Indian pay
I am not privy to a lot of info about this, but I can tell you my experience. When I lost my contracted work to a couple of small hospitals that went with India, the  administrator told me they went with India because they were doing away with lines. India took 6 of my last invoices and averaged the pay and gave the hospital 2/3rds off!! Mind you, I was only charging them 11.5 cents per line!! She then told me that the offshore company would pay their Indian transcriptionists $2.00 an hour.
I am an Indian MT working from home and I read your post. Indian MTs are not bad, they are best. The only thing you need to do is get to a real good one rather than just these newbies who just want to make some quick money and do not have enough experience. Get in touch with some experienced one and you will them superior when compared to other MTs. I myself have been working for 8 years now and i know what it takes to be an MT to prdduce a good accuracy consistently.