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Posted By: ELAINE on 2007-02-15
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Our country sucks when it comes to teamwork.  My experience is in hospital transcription and 95% foreign dictators.  Most of my dictators are from India and surrounding countries.  Give up you all, India is already way ahead of us!

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Indian owned companies... sm
Have you ever worked for one? I have. All the easy work goes to India. The junk comes to the US-based MTs. I worked there for 2 years until I could take no more. Should have walked out on training. If you want an Indian-based company so badly, go for it. I can tell you first hand, though, you will eventually regret it. No offense intended, but I have lived it and will NEVER work for an Indian-owned company again, even if I have to leave transcription and go back to the office, God forbid!
Poverty in India versus America
Honey, why do you think they work for 4 cents a line on average.  If you have never been there, you do not even know what you are talking about. 
Indian affiliated. Think their tech support is out of India, too. nm
America Online has a huge call center in India too.

My experience with quality/quantity and an Indian owned company.
I worked for an offshore owned company where it was all about quantity.  Company even kept a HORRIBLE MT just because she cranked out the lines.  Didn't matter her quality was crap and was considered a joke by middle managment.  India did most typing but with US edit.  Typists changed regularly so it wasn't like they learned to do better.  Quality would improve slightly and then would notice, after couple of months, that quality was crap again so we knew we were dealing with a new batch of typists. Even so, the push was always on to get the jobs off US edit and send Indian work straight to client.  Of course, the clients never knew they were not getting US editing anymore, as they got no price reduction when they no longer had that level of work being done on their jobs.  The problem is the facilities accept the crap work so why should the companies change.  It took a while but I finally found a US owned company where quality matters.  Now one of the first questions I would ask a prospective employer is if they are US owned.
Used to think we were using India, but now realize India is using us for our med. info, jobs,
they have prisons in India, just like we do here - but apparently these companies
feel that Indians are honest people. Then what are the jails and prisons for???
I guess you forgot about India and all the other offshore companies they deal with, ASR and EMR.
That is the plan. They have hired all management lately that have been involved very heavily with overseas companies. Now why do you think that is. I dont think you see the whole plan here.
Now MT companies in India have control over the work produced. Quality is much
It's an India-based company...

...with a few offices in Tarrytown. 

This is not an India-based company
The OmniMD is not an India-based company. It is a US based company located at: Terrytown, NY.
It is having a branch in the India.
For more details, u visit our website: http://www.omnimd.com.
The company that I edit for the ONLY quality MT we have is from India..that's pretty sad!!
Is that still Indian owned by Jay?
Ascend is Idian owned and hires newbies -
Yes, not only are they Indian owned & offshore, they are horribly rude.
I had the worst experience when a male worker verbally attacked me in a very chauvenistic manner. 
And which nationals are hiring newbies?

That's a first.  My niece graduated at the top of her class and there wasn't a national out there that would even talk to her.

She took on horrid jobs (4 to 5 cpl) for a year and THEN got an interview with a national, got hired, and now runs out of work all the time.

Dream on.  In this business, even with experience, it's the luck of the draw.

My niece only does it as a side job, as her husband owns a business and she is a stay-at-home mom.  That's all she needs it for is a little extra and something to fall back on just in case.  But starting out to do this to pay the bills most often doesn't work out, especially for those with little or no experience.

If you've got the experience, the accounts and the stamina, then sometimes you get lucky.

Wow, I'm glad I'm not a newbie. You people are rude to newbies.
Will never forget when I was an MT newbie
had worked about 2 weeks and got a 20-minute report by an ESL med student who stammered through the full note, then said "again" and started over THREE times!  I nearly cried. 
If it is in India next
india ads
You are right ... and I cannot imagine that these are even remotely sanctioned by MTStars mgmt. Will await their input before jumping to conclusions.
How about it is all going to India???
Why yes! It's very hot in India. (nm)
not sure, but if you were on the national do not call list maybe this would help?? since you do not know where they got your name from it might help. I am on that list and have not received any calls solicitating, selling, etc. thought this might help.

I am sorry to hear of your loss.  We might as well  face it, this industry is going to the birds.  I have lost four Docs because of outsourcing to India.  It is a shame that the Docs have to find a cheap way out because of all the overhead, malpractice, etc. that they have to pay.  I have been in this for four years and I thank God that I have 12 years doing medical billing, for which I am going back to school to do coding.  There is no job security in this industry, you are treated like dirt, you do not get paid on time and not treated like an employee should be and now EMR.  What is next?  Robots to do patient care?  Good luck to you, but I feel this is just a little wakening up call to all of us that things are changing and not for the good.

India MTs
Where did you get this info that there are more CMTs in India than here in the US? Just curious. Thanks
Most of these people, at least at a company I worked for, work 2 shifts every day - company paid for them to get their CMT.

One of the reasons there is still such poverty there is that India still has the caste system.  While becoming more westernized has improved the quality of living for the majority of Indians, those in the lower caste are not allowed the same opportunities.  They live in squalor without running water, food, education, etc.

This is very disgusting! How are we to compete with $500 a year. If India is so great why is it that they hire Americans to edit this crap all the time??? These companies do not understand you get what you pay for just like everything else in life. It's all about saving the allmighty buck. This is exactly why I and I'm sure others out there do not work for any company who offshores!!
Why India?

Interesting article in "The Record".  Would love to hear opinions on this. 


I believe Jax is in India, right?
India and CMT

Please tell me they are not only undercutting us in pricing, but they are also getting  a break on the CMT exam?  I am "saving up" to take it! see below from MT India


"Moreover, with an aim to encourage experienced medical transcriptionists in India to align with global standards and broaden their career avenues, Prometric & AAMT have also announced a special price for the Certified Medical Transcription (CMT) certification exam, which will be available for USD 150 (reduced from previous available price of USD 275)."
I agree, the India thing may be part of some of the problems I have noticed lately. Things are in a bit of an upheaval. Certain accounts that were said to have been largely off-shored now seem to be back here and always going out of TAT. The one I'm working on now is like that, and I wish it would stay here because I like it a lot.
no - that's how they say it in India

Probably the one in India.
From India
Me too, about a year ago, but mine was from India, what nerve.
From India, of course! SM
 What I can't figure out, if WE can't understand the lot of them, how did they ever get through the recruiting/hiring interview and application process, and how to they communicate with their peers and patients?  Via interpreter??
Me neither whether that be here or in India..

I'm not real sure I see your point. 

I'm not being difficult.  I just don't understand how a fire would cause companies to not outsource.

There were fires in California.  There was a hurricane in Texas.  I am quite sure these two disasters did not spare places where medical records are kept. 

He/She is probably QA in India
If this were an Indian MT, all they'd have to do is send it to their several layers of QA. This is likely an Indian QA person who has nobody else to ask.
Are you in India?
Just curious, as the way you express yourself does not appear to be the usual English seen on the board.
Are you in India?
No offense, just wondering.
are you from India or some other sm
country? Schools give instructions on Expanders and macros! Oh that is funny! Goes right back to experience! You are not going to have high line counts without extensive experience and learning, learning, learning! MT schools don't have any business (IMO) teaching about expanders and short cuts. They nee to teach medical transcription.

Experienced MTs have worked without expanders and macros before that ever came about and made excellent money. Sometimes I cannot believe what I read on here.
India!! LOL

AAMT in India
LOL, that's a good one. Maybe next year!
Stay there in India.
And the companies want to outsource their work to these freaks. They spell careers as "carriers". LOL. I guess they don't care about quality transcriptionists that's for sure.
If you are really in India, which I doubt, but is entirely
possible, you may be interested to know that legislation is in the works to STOP all offshoring of any/all work which might "compromise the security" of U.S. "entities."  This includes, of course, healthcare records. 
They don't use camels in India
They use elephants-- sorry.
Surgery in India
I saw a clip on TV a while back about this.  It followed an American woman who had a hip replacement.  She was very pleased with her care and the outcome, and the price.
They outsource to India
They are funded by George Soros (look him up-- he has big bucks, is very "global", and has bankrupted a lot of foreign countries). Look at the two articles on the MT News board about Spheris. If you like all the new MQ rules and regulations, you will love Spheris, as they have all the same ones. I checked into them about 6 months ago and said, "No, thanks".
caution on SPI (India)
From their website: SPI has India facilities.

....Would you like India with your order sir?
I can understand how incredible it seems that fast food chains are outsourcing BPO services, BUT IT IS TRUE.
Sure, if you like your work going to India (sm)
after a few months!!

They're a MQ clone, without the mafia connections.