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He was right here in my hometown (Lima, Ohio) Friday evening (nm)

Posted By: Old MT on 2008-11-02
In Reply to: Where in the world is Biden? - Kaydie


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The fact that her very own hometown
newspaper in Anchorage has come out in support of Obama says it all.
Go Big Red!!!!....My hometown kicks Ayers to the curb...sm

UNL cancels speech by Ayers

By Henry J. Cordes and Khristopher J. Brooks
Published: Saturday, October 18, 2008 4:28 AM CDT
Midlands News Service

LINCOLN - The University of Nebraska-Lincoln on Friday evening rescinded its speaking invitation for 1960s radical-turned-educator William Ayers.

University officials cited "safety reasons" for canceling Ayers' Nov. 15 appearance.

Spokeswoman Kelly Bartling declined to elaborate on what safety concerns would keep Ayers from addressing a College of Education and Human Sciences event.

Earlier Friday, Gov. Dave Heineman strongly condemned the invitation and called on the NU Board of Regents and President J.B. Milliken to block it.

An Omaha charitable foundation announced it was pulling all of its contributions to the university. Several other donors also have indicated to university fundraisers that there could be a financial cost if Ayers speaks.

And Nebraskans by the hundreds continued to register their opposition with university administrators and others, lighting up phone lines and filling e-mail boxes.

Heineman said Ayers' invitation was "an embarrassment" to the state and that it goes beyond the bounds of the university's mission.

"Our citizens are clearly outraged and want action," Heineman said in an interview. "This is their university. This isn't even a close call. The university should immediately rescind the invitation."

Dean Marjorie Kostelnik said she spoke Thursday night with UNL Chancellor Harvey Perlman about "the climate around this issue."

She said she also has spoken with representatives of Milliken's office.

Other public officials weighed in about Ayers on Friday, a day after the UNL speech was announced.

Both Sen. Ben Nelson, a Democrat, and Rep. Lee Terry, a Republican, called for cancellation of the speech.

"The invitation made to William Ayers to speak at my alma mater in the midst of a heated national election when he is such a highly controversial figure is an outrage," Terry said.

Nelson said the visit would not promote the unity now needed in the nation.

Said Attorney General Jon Bruning: "Academic freedom doesn't require us to lose our good judgment and common sense."

State Auditor Mike Foley sent the university a long request for information on Ayers' trip, its planning and how it is being funded. UNL officials have said Ayers' appearance would be privately funded.

Ayers was a member of the Weather Underground, a radical group that staged domestic bombings to protest the Vietnam War. Ayers was charged with conspiracy to incite riots, but the charges were dropped because of misconduct by prosecutors.

Ayers went on to gain respect in the education field and become a scholar known for his ideas on school reform. At UNL, the plan was for him to limit his speech to graduate education students to that topic.

The invitation to Ayers was extended in February, long before he became a household name in this year's presidential election because of his ties to candidate Sen. Barack Obama through their shared work a few years ago with a school reform effort.

The Gilbert M. and Martha H. Hitchcock Foundation in Omaha told the university Friday that it would halt all contributions to the university unless the UNL education faculty rescinded Ayers' invitation. The foundation has given millions to the university in the past.

While other donors haven't been as explicit, Clarence Castner, who leads the University of Nebraska Foundation, said it became clear that other contributions were "in jeopardy."

Scholars said a decision to pull an invitation to Ayers could be seen by educators nationally as a school-sponsored curb on academic freedom.

It would make UNL a less attractive school to the faculty members it seeks to recruit, said David Moshman, a UNL education professor writing a book on academic freedom.

Heineman said Friday that "there is no way" the university should lose contributions over Ayers. There are plenty of other respected educators the university could invite to speak, he said.

Have a good evening everyone and
thanks to some of you pubs and your constant O bashing, it's gonna be a lot easier for me to check his name early in the morning.  Either way, God have mercy on us.
Wow. Quite an eventful evening on here...sm
to say the least!

Hopefully everything's cleaned up, but if not please go into the post that should be removed and click that button at the top that says report message. That message will then be reviewed and removed if that is the appropriate action.

I'm quite disappointed with how things transpired here tonight. There was a poster hopping all over the board starting arguments, rallying others into fights, agreeing with themselves multiple times, arguing with themselves and basically doing whatever they could to get the fight to go and keep going. Way too many of you fell into that trap and then started arguing and attacking in the same form.

This is a politics board, and you will disagree. You do have to get a bit more thick-skinned if you choose to be involved in discussions on this particular board. If you want softer conversations and less friction, please go to the Gab board and discuss another topic.

This is a politics board, not a "politically correct" board. Of course we're not going to allow certain things and absolutely won't allow the outright attacks on people, but you are going to read some things on here that you don't like and don't agree with. That's just the way it's going to be. It's a politics board.

Everyone just take a deep breath, have a drink, cuddle your kitty, do some yoga...whatever it takes. We're just going to stop this insanity and disagree like adults.
have a good evening. hiccup.



On the evening 1/20, my friends are throwing a
The only thing I wish is that Mr. Obama could've taken office an hour after the votes were officially counted. As a 'parting gift' to the oil industry, Bush tried to give them drilling rights in some of Utah's most majestic national parks. Fortunately there was anough of an outcry (and I believe a lawsuit) about it, that such a travesty can be held at bay a while longer, until we finally have a SANE PERSON in the White House. It just can't happen SOON ENOUGH!
thanks, Marmann, I miss JTBB, hasn't post since yesterday evening, you o.k?..nm
This Friday is a NO GAS DAY
These have come up from time to time as the price has gone up.  Fill up on Thursday or Wednesday and do not go near a gas station on Friday.  I have seen in my area that this does affect the price of gas for about 3 days - and then it goes up again. 
Friday . . . Friday . . .



A little Friday Humor


A man died and went to heaven. As he stood in front of St. Peter at the Pearly Gates, he saw a huge wall of clocks behind him.

He asked, What are all those clocks?
St. Peter answered,Those are Lie-Clocks.
Everyone on Earth has a Lie-Clock. Every time you lie the hands on
your clock will move.

Oh, said the man, whose clock is that?

That's Mother Teresa's. The hands have never moved, indicating that she never told a lie.

Incredible, said the man. And whose clock is that one?

St. Peter responded, That's Abraham Lincoln's clock. The hands have moved twice, telling us that Abe told only two lies in his entire

Where's Bush's clock? asked the man.

Bush's clock is in Jesus' office. He's using it as a ceiling fan.

Black Friday
That was so terrible!!  I cannot believe that people are so greedy and thoughtless as to create such bedlam...there was no need for something like this to happen.  I hope they find the person responsible and throw them under the jail.  I think BF should be outlawed.  I once went shopping a day after Thanksgiving many years ago and have not since - people pulling items out of others' hands, people cursing at one another...I felt so bad for the people running out the checkout counter.  One checkout girl was so frazzled she began to cry because one of the people in line told her she was 'too slow', and went on to threaten this poor lady..it's a sad commentary on our society, and even sadder that there is a family in mourning because people don't know how to behave in public
Even Black Friday..........sm
wasn't the success the retailers had hoped for. There were several articles over the weekend sayin that, while there fairly good turnouts, it wasn't the big kick-off they expected.
A little Friday humor for liberals ONLY, as
You Know You Are Still a Republican If ...

by Jimmy Lohman

You are more upset about Brokeback Mountain than Abu Ghraib.

You can’t stand Hilary Clinton’s hair but you have no problem with Tom DeLay’s.

You think Global Warming is no big deal but environmentalists are a major problem.

You support the war on drugs but think Rush Limbaugh is being prosecuted unfairly.

You think professional athletes make too much money but Sam Walton’s kids deserve everything they have.

You like the way George Bush walks.

You think Al Gore is wooden and Donald Rumsfeld has charisma.

You think CNN is biased but Fox News is neutral.

You like the sound of Newt Gingrich’s voice.

You are sure the United States has the best education and health care systems in the world.

You think Dick Cheney is a straight shooter.

You think Michael Chertoff’s beard makes him look distinguished.

You think the problem with our health care system is lawyers.

You think it was more important to locate Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress than to locate weapons of mass destruction.

You don’t believe terrorism has made Rudy Giuliani an incredibly rich man.

You believe freedom of speech covers everything Pat Robertson says and does, but burning a flag should be illegal.

You can be in the same room with Brit Hume.

You have yourself convinced that the country and world are better off now than 5 years ago.


Jimmy Lohman is a musician and human rights lawyer in Austin, Texas, and an occasional contributor to Buzzflash

A jump on Friday humor
Now that the Enron slimeballs have gotten theirs, a look back at some old late-night jabs:

This past Sunday, former Enron CEO Ken Lay went to a church in Houston. On the way out, a reporter asked him how he thought it was going to work out. Lay said with God's help we'll get through it. To which the Devil said, 'Hey, I thought we had a deal.' —Jay Leno

In Houston this week they had an auction for Enron. They sold all kinds of things that were once property of Enron. Lots of good deals — in fact I picked up 2 senators and a congressman. Hell of a deal. —Jay Leno

Playboy magazine is now doing a 'Women of Enron' pictorial spread. ... Apparently the only thing these women have left to shred is their dignity. —Jay Leno

Playgirl magazine is now offering the men of Enron a chance to post nude. Coincidentally, the men of Enron will soon be getting the same offer from their cellmates. —Conan O'Brien

President Bush revealed today there is a shadow government run by people who live outside of Washington in bunkers in case Washington was ever attacked. I thought the shadow government was the one Enron bought with all those contributions. —Jay Leno

Are you getting a big kick out of the Enron scandal? I find this interesting that whenever a big crisis starts, people start showing up in church. So, Ken Lay shows up in church this weekend. Church officials are still looking for the collection plates. —David Letterman

The wife of Enron CEO Kenneth Lay, Linda Lay, was on the 'Today' show yesterday. She said her husband is an honest, moral man who has done nothing wrong. And today Hillary Clinton said, 'You go, girl! ...She went on to say they've lost all their money. Luckily, they've still got plenty of everybody else's money.' —Jay Leno

Playgirl magazine is planning a pictorial spread for the men of Enron. You thought they were hiding massive deficits before. —Dennis Miller

The White House is sending Vice President Dick Cheney to the Middle East this month. You get the feeling that President Bush's opinion of Cheney has changed since the Enron thing broke? You know a few weeks ago, all they would say about Cheney is that he was in a safe, undisclosed location. He's hidden away. As soon as Enron popped up, they sent him to the most dangerous place in the world. —Jay Leno

The White House again refused to turn over discussions Vice President Cheney had with Enron officials over energy policy. Cheney said if he had to disclose every time some business donated a ton of money then came in to write its own policy to govern itself, he wouldn't get any work done. —Dennis Miller

Some members of Congress now are complaining they are underpaid. They want to propose a pay raise. You can't blame them. A lot of them took a big income hit when Enron folded. —Jay Leno

Former Enron CEO Jeffrey Skilling appeared before Congress. Do you think they even bothered swearing him in? Now he is denying he lied to Congress last week. He's saying it was just the liquor talking. —Jay Leno

The CEO of Enron, Jeffrey Skilling, married one of the Enron secretaries this week. It's amazing how romantic these Enron guys can be when they realize that wives can't be forced to testify against their husbands. Skilling said today she was the best secretary Enron had ever had. She could shred 950 words a minute. ... I guess they are on their honeymoon right now. That's going pretty well. Hey, he's used to screwing Enron employees. —Jay Leno

Over the weekend, former Enron executives Jeffrey Skilling and Rebecca Carter married each other during a huge ceremony in Houston. The happy couple is planning to honeymoon for three weeks in front of Congress. —Conan O'Brien

The Houston Astros want to change the name of Enron Field where they play. I guess the Enron name could cause problems for them. Like players could steal a base and then deny it. —Jay Leno

In the Enron scandal, whistleblower Sherron Watkins is now calling herself Enron Brokovitch. She testified Ken Lay was duped by the other executives. Oh, yeah. When is the last time you got duped and made $100 million? —Jay Leno

A lot of Congressmen yesterday were upset when Kenneth Lay took the Fifth. Lay said it wasn't his fault. He had planned on testifying, but when Jeffrey Skilling testified, he took all the really good lies. —Jay Leno

There are reports that former Enron CEO Ken Lay is missing. And I'm thinking, has somebody checked Dick Cheney's pockets? —David Letterman

President Bush revealed today there is a shadow government run by people who live outside of Washington in bunkers in case Washington was ever attacked. I thought the shadow government was the one Enron bought with all those contributions. —Jay Leno

The Enron scandal continues. The U.S. Senate has announced they are going to subpoena Ken Lay and make him testify. Apparently Lay received the subpoena this morning and then, out of habit, immediately shredded it. —Conan O'Brien

Today the United States has admitted that after months and months of searching, we still have no idea where Osama bin Laden is. Osama bin Laden? We can't even find Kenneth Lay. —Jay Leno

I did not have political relations with that man, Ken Lay. —Sen. Fritz Hollings (D-S.C.), poking fun at Bush for distancing himself from Enron

The big rumor going around is, we may begin bombing Iraq. Or, as the White House calls it, Operation Keep Enron Off The Front Page. —Jay Leno

Dick Cheney finally responded today to demands that he reveal the details of the Enron meetings. This is what he said. He met with unnamed people, from unspecified companies, for an indeterminate amount of time at an undisclosed location. Thank God he cleared that up. I'm ready to move on. —Jay Leno

It turns out Enron workers were not only shredding documents at work, they were having sex at work. Having sex and shredding documents. Those are two things you don't want to get mixed up. —Jay Leno

It was cold today. I was rubbing my hands together more than Dick Cheney at an Enron payday. —Jay Leno

Enron is now officially out of the energy business. They are now in a new business: confetti. —Jay Leno

Wouldn't it be great if all of Osama bin Laden's money was tied-up in Enron stock? —Dennis Miller
Friday Humor: I think we need this (may be a repost) sm
Donald Rumsfeld is giving the president his daily briefing.

He concludes by saying: Yesterday, 3 Brazilian soldiers were killed.

OH NO! the President exclaims. That's terrible!

His staff sits stunned at this display of emotion, nervously watching as the President sits, head in hands.

Finally, the President looks up and asks, How many is a brazillion?

Thank you, Emily Ayn. Great Friday to you too! nm
Yet another Obama B/C case this Friday

First rejected by Ginsburg.  Then accepted by Scalia for conference.  Scary.  I wonder when Scalia (the "President Maker) and Cheney last went hunting..'tis the season for "hunting," no?



looking forward to Friday's debate

can hardly wait.


I guess we will have to wait until friday
Lets see how the 2 candidates do on Friday, should be interesting. Who will come out on top?

I haven't checked the debate format yet (if it has even been announced) but it should be a good show if anything.
We will see on Friday. No teleprompters at debates. nm
Elwyn Tinklenberg gets $640,000 since Friday following
establishing another Committee on UnAmerican Activities investigation of members of Congress and Senate.  Add just one more dem to the liberal supermajority.  Way to go Michelle. 
Should Black Friday Be Outlawed? sm
Walmart worker trampled to death by impatient crowd.  Shoppers stepped over him in rush to get to the "goodies.' 


Couldn't tell that by the looks of the Black Friday
Friday funny. Yall gotta see this one! (see pic)

Friday funnies for my liberal friends.
Remember the president of the Teamsters, Jimmy Hoffa? Well, he vanished and there were all these rumors and stories and myths about where he may be buried. It turns out now that the FBI got a tip and now they're looking everywhere for Jimmy Hoffa. Everywhere. The FBI is looking everywhere. And I'm thinking, 'that's great, but what about Osama bin Laden?' --David Letterman

The FBI, in their defense, are claiming they have a lead on the whereabouts of Jimmy Hoffa. They said he was last seen on a duck hunting trip with Dick Cheney. --David Letterman

President Bush also said in his speech that immigrants have to learn English. The immigrants said, 'Hey, you first.' --Jay Leno

He says before immigrants can become citizens of the United States, they should be able to speak proper English ... except for the word 'nuclear.' --David Letterman

President Bush called for the National Guard to patrol the U.S.-Mexican border. The guards will track down and find illegals. That's not their job. They're trained to defend our country -- not track down and find people. Let's be honest, the Guard couldn't even track down and find President Bush when he was in the National Guard. --Jay Leno

President Bush said we'll have 6,000 troops on the border for one year, preferably an election year. --Jay Leno

Conservative Republicans are very worried that there's no way to keep track of these illegal aliens. Yeah, we can't keep track of them unless they start making phone calls. --Jay Leno

I got a call last night during dinner from Verizon asking me if I was happy with my long distance surveillance. --Bill Maher

The National Security Agency has been collecting the phone records of tens of millions of ordinary Americans. I just don't think Bush gets it. When people say these days that we need more intelligence in the White House, they're talking about something completely different. --Bill Maher

The president of Iran has written a letter to President Bush. This Iranian president is very smart. To make sure Bush read the letter, he wrote it on Exxon stationary. --Jay Leno

The president of Iran sent George Bush an 18-page letter. ... 18 pages? Yeah, like he's going to read that. --David Letterman

The president said his brother Jeb 'would be a great president.' I guess we voted for the wrong one then. --Jimmy Kimmel

President Bush's approval rating has dropped to a new low, 31%. In recent memory, only four presidents have had lower approval ratings: the president of Exxon, the president of Chevron, the president of Conoco, the president of Shell.

President Bush told a German newspaper in an interview over the weekend that his best moment since he became president was when he caught a 7-1/2 pound fish in his own lake. See, sometimes these Bush fishing expeditions can pay off. --Jay Leno

President Bush said catching a 7.5 pound fish was his best moment since becoming president. You know the sad thing, a lot of historians would agree with that. --Jay Leno

The head of the CIA, Porter Goss, resigned. He said he wanted to spend more time spying on his family. --Jay Leno

The director of the CIA, Porter Goss, resigned, surprisingly. I guess on Friday he resigned. He said he wanted to spent more time giving bad intelligence to his family. --David Letterman

[On Bush saying Porter Goss 'led ably'] Ouch. That guy must have sucked. I mean for god sakes, Mike Brown drowned New Orleans and he got 'heckuva job.' George Tenet thought WMDs were a slam dunk. He got the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Led ably? I think the last guy who was said to have led ably was Gary Cherone when he took over Van Halen. You do not want to be the poor man's Sammy Hagar. --Jon Stewart

thank you - but it is better - he just graduated basic training Friday -
now he is a MAN...
Hey guys, who is going to the ballgame Friday nite?
You all are in high school, right?
Uhm, Christmas? Easter/Good Friday?
At any time of day or night, you can see a McCain add followed by an Obama add or vice versa. November 4th cannot come soon enough!!!
I am in ohio
SE Ohio
I haven't seen any local or area news today, but ours isn't until this evening, so there'll probably be more coverage on the 6 and 11 o'clock news.

Okay, my friends, how 'bout a little Friday comic relief?
Probably already heard/read these, but here we go:

Only in America. Even though he stole 2.4 million he has agreed to pay back 1.8 million to make it right. So let that be a lesson to all you other congressmen out there. If you get caught stealing you may have to pay back a small fraction of what you took ... Don't you love how our system works? So if you're poor and you steal a loaf of bread it's a $200 fine, if you're a congressman who steals $2.4 million you get to keep a 25% bonus. --Jay Leno

Former head of FEMA Michael Brown has opened up his own private disaster agency. That's like Robert Blake opening up a marriage counselling facility. —David Letterman

A hunk of marble fell from the front of the Supreme Court building, a big hunk of marble. I believe it was the biggest thud at the Supreme Court since Harriet Miers —David Letterman

California Congressman Duke Cunningham resigned from office after admitting he broke the law by taking $2.4 million dollars in bribes. It's kind of ironic. The only time you can really be sure that a politician is telling the truth is when he's admitting that he's a crook. —Jay Leno

In his speech President Bush said we need to rebuild Iraq, provide the people with jobs, and give them hope. If it works there maybe we'll try it in New Orleans. —Jay Leno

From David Letterman:

Top 10 New President Bush Strategies For Victory in Iraq
10. Make an even larger 'Mission Accomplished' sign
9. Encourage Iraqis to settle their feud like Dave and Oprah
8. Put that go-getter Michael Brown in charge
7. Launch slogan, 'It's not Iraq, it's Weraq'
6. Just do whatever he did when he captured Osama
5. A little more vacation time at the ranch to clear his head
4. Pack on a quick 30 pounds and trade places with Jeb
3. Wait, you mean it ain't going well?
2. Boost morale by doing his hilarious 'Locked Door' gag
1. Place Saddam back in power and tell him, 'It's your problem now, dude'
Do you live in Ohio?
And if you did live in Ohio - sm
You might be able to vote three or four times. :)
Ballot in Ohio.....sm
This should really raise some concerns. I wonder if there are any Ohio posters on this forum????

Unless you live in Ohio and had to put up
with the crap that Taft was throwing out and saw first hand what Kenneth Blackwell did against his own party to try to make things right, you really can't make any kind of judgment calls. He's a good man, one of the very few left in politics these days, and I wish there were more like him. And yes, I do live in Ohio.
I'm really surprised in Ohio...
I figured Brown would vote yes, but am surprised Voinovich voted no - he's very much a RINO. I guess he figures he's got nothing to lose now that he's decided not to run for reelection.
Come on Ohio!!! Where's the money!!

Gov. Strickland’s Plan for Ohio a Blueprint for America’s Energy Future?

With oil hovering at $40 a barrel, and the price of gasoline nose-diving from all-time highs, do you think the worst-case scenario is behind us?
We are fooling ourselves if we think we can survive under our present system. Those are short-term numbers, and they are not encouraging to any of us. OPEC has already made it clear through production cuts that it is going to do everything in its power to get the price of a barrel of oil back up again.

So you’re saying we can’t afford to sit still?
Ohio can’t. Manufacturing is a vital component of our state’s economy. As a consequence our state uses an enormous amount of energy. Like America and its dependence on foreign oil, we are a net energy importer, which is why we are moving as quickly as possible to develop alternative energies. We have to.

What sort of steps is Ohio taking?

Last year the Ohio Legislature passed an electricity restructuring bill that has some of the strictest requirements in the country for developing electrical power from alternative energy sources. That’s the sort of signal investors want and need so they can commit capital and invest in alternative energies.

What other energy sources are being developed in Ohio?
I am personally a big supporter of nuclear power. Ohio was in the running and a finalist for a new nuclear plant being developed by Areva, the French nuclear power giant. We didn’t get that one, but there will be others to come. We have already taken big steps forward with clean coal technology. That’s a must for us because Ohio generates 95 percent of its electrical power from coal. I’ve also participated in several meetings with MTorres, a Spanish company, in Ohio as well as in Spain, about developing a wind farm on Lake Erie. What a great opportunity for us to make the most of such a significant natural and renewable resource. And our state is a leader in solar energy.

Ohio? Solar energy? That’s produced in the desert, not in the Midwest.
But how is harnessed? Come to Ohio and we’ll show you how. The Toledo area is one of world’s leading centers for solar research and development. To begin with I’ll tell you about First Solar, which is a publicly traded company that is one of the fastest growing manufacturers of solar modules in the world. The company is less than 10 years old and is already a leader in clean affordable energy.

Xunlight is another Toledo-area company that is a major solar panel producer. The company is a spin-off from the University of Toledo and was started by a young doctor, Xunming Deng. Xunlight manufactures microthin, three-foot wide solar panels that can be produced in sheets up to a mile long. They are completely portable and can be rolled up, transported, and easily installed.

And when investors tried to lure Dr. Deng overseas to set up production for Xunlight in a lower cost market, he said, “No. The University of Toledo took a chance on me, and now I’m going to stick by them.

From employment opportunities to increased funding in higher education and a broader tax base, that’s going to pay huge dividends.
I am convinced that renewable energies and developing the technology that powers them have the potential to be a major answer to the current economic challenges our country now faces. Anyone who needs proof can come to Ohio.

Gov. Strickland of Ohio...
can't wait to get his hands on that money. He's been talking about how he's gonna spend it since before it even passed.
NE Ohio - big turnout - on my

8,000 in Dayton, Ohio!
Obama leads in Ohio

win Ohio, win the election.


Ohio is already starting to vote
Just heard on the news that in Ohio they have already starting holding the election and people can vote for president.  I don't know who this benefits and don't care at this point, but I thought election day was 11/4.  Can someone explain why people are allowed to vote ahead of time.
LOL. I am in Ohio. ACORN is blatantly asking
Exactly. And the fact that the governor of Ohio...
ordered a background check on him is a violation of his civil rights and he should sue him. That is absolutely ridiculous.
Yep still in Ohio and you're still wrong sm

Guess we play by different rules down here. Ya'll come down and see us some time.

I don't know where you found your info, but here is info I found at this website under food stamps fact sheet:  http://jfs.ohio.gov/families/food/index.stm

Doesn't say anything about being taxable or not and definitely does not specifically forbid soda.

What can be bought with food stamp benefits?

Food stamp benefits can be used to buy most food or food products intended for human consumption. Items which

may not be purchased with food stamps include alcoholic beverages, tobacco, hot food and hot food products

that are prepared to be eaten immediately. Individuals who receive food stamp benefits may not sell or trade food

stamp benefits, buy nonfood items or use food stamp benefits to buy food for someone who is not a member of

the household.


Yep, in Ohio here. Unemployment problem still
Ohio War Veteran Running for Senate... sm

Hackett has his work cut out for him, but I hope the vets keep running. It is a good sign of potential changes in the WH soon.

Ohio War Veteran Running for Senate

The Associated Press
Monday, October 24, 2005; 2:54 PM

CINCINNATI -- Paul Hackett, the Democratic veteran of the Iraq war who narrowly lost a special election in a heavily Republican congressional district in August, made his official entry into a U.S. Senate race Monday.

He faces a tough Democratic primary with Rep. Sherrod Brown in the race for the nomination to challenge second-term Republican incumbent Sen. Mike DeWine next year.

Paul Hackett, the Democratic veteran of the Iraq war who narrowly lost in a special election in a heavily Republican congressional district in August, announces his candidacy for the U.S. Senate, Monday, Oct. 24, 2005, at his home in Cincinnati, Ohio. (AP Photo/Al Behrman) (Al Behrman - AP)

Hackett's only political experience is a stint as a small-city councilman.

I'm asking all the people of this great state, regardless of political affiliation, to consider my message and to consider joining me in the fight to take back our government from the career politicians and their special interest support groups who have hijacked our government, he said as he announced his campaign at his home in suburban Indian Hill.

Hackett decided to run for Congress earlier this year after completing a seven-month tour of duty in Iraq as a Marine reservist. That special election in southern Ohio's seven-county 2nd District was to replace Rep. Rob Portman, who left his seat to become the U.S. trade representative.

Hackett won the Democratic nomination, then battled Republican Jean Schmidt, a former state legislator, in a campaign in which he linked her to embattled Republican Gov. Bob Taft while sharply criticizing President Bush's handling of the war.

Schmidt won on Aug. 2 with 52 percent of the vote, though Portman had consistently won re-election in the district with more than 70 percent and Bush had carried it in 2004 with 64 percent.

Hackett's strong showing in a state that was a pivotal presidential battleground solidified the attorney as a likely 2006 candidate for Congress or statewide office.

After Hackett decided to oppose DeWine, Hackett was irked when Brown, with three decades of elective politics behind him, decided he also would run.

Brown, a former state legislator and Ohio secretary of state, is in his seventh congressional term, representing northeastern Ohio's 13th District. He's expected to officially launch his Senate race in early November.

Brown said Monday he initially didn't plan to run because of family reasons, but changed his mind with his family's encouragement. He said he wasn't expecting the race for the May 2 primary to damage his chances of defeating DeWine in the general election.

I've had primaries before, Brown said. It makes me a stronger candidate.

I'm in Ohio. It's aimed at college students for O.
Actually, it was the Ohio State Supreme court, not...
the Supreme Court of the United States. That was then appealed to the 6th US Circuit Court of Appeals, who upheld the state supreme court ruling.

I guess that puts you and Sarah on about the same footing as far as the Supreme court?

Just asking.
FYI. Joe the unlicensed required to be licensed in Ohio.
Joe the unlicensed's 15 minutes has raised the ire of Tom Joseph, business manager for Local 50 of the United Association of Plumbers, Steamfitters, and Service Mechanics of Ohio, who claimed that Joe didn’t undergo any apprenticeship training. "When you have guys going out there with no training whatsoever, it’s a little disreputable to start with," Mr. Joseph said. "We’re the real Joe the Plumber." "This individual has got no schooling, no licenses, he’s never been to a training program, union or nonunion, in the United States of America," Mr. Joseph said. Working for a licensed plumber does not quite cut it.

Wondering if your husband has read Obama's plan for small business, for example the Making Work Pay tax credit (not a rate cut, a direct tax credit)? There is a lot of information there under issues and subheading economics. There is a section there on small business. Not a good idea to buy into the spreading the wealth mantra without that information.

The exposure of Joe the Plumber as a sham makes one raise the question of his autheticity and the possibility of his being a McCain campaign plant at that rally. The bigger picture on this is that Joe himself is being exploited by McCain's campaign (currently not something he is enjoying, having lost his privacy) in their assertions that they will look after the interests of the working class. Flies in the face of the fact that McCain himself has not even spoken the phrase middle class out of his own mouth. The "welfare" rhetoric characterizing spread the wealth as socialism sounds a bit hostile toward the middle class...the economic class of most small business owners he claims to be so concerned about.