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sorry, should read I did not read post that way.

Posted By: nt on 2005-08-30
In Reply to: I did read the post that way. - nt


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Obviously u didnt read, I said NONE of them are moral. Read the post before spouting off.

This looks interesting. A long read, so will read it when I get home from work. nm
I did read the post that way.
One poster asked who would join in rebuilding Iraq and this poster answered she would join.  I am not quite sure why the quibbling of semantics.  Do you do that to all posters who post here?  If so, it's disturbing.
I don't think your read my post
I said the main reason for newspapers' decline was the internet, but your insinuation that people don't read the newspaper simply because they can't read well really doesn't make any sense and is frankly, condescending.
Read the post Ex....
you can disagree without mocking and ridiculing...and yes, sometimes, you CAN take the high road and just ignore a post by someone who posted emotionally and took personally a post because her son is serving in Iraq and tells a different story. What could that possibly have hurt, just to let that one slide? Or respond to it in a less personal or ridiculing way?

And then "think Liberal" asserting to me that she had the right to disagree and criticize something she did not believe it...but berating "sick and fed up" in a rather personal manner for doing the same thing. THAT sounds pretty one-sided to me. And not necessary.

Thanks for your post.
Did you even read the post???
we are talking about a program that is already in place, the money already there...lots of red cents as a matter of fact. We have more social programs than any country in the WORLD = millions of red cents. What pray tell are you talking about? Billions for killing Iraqis? Are you prez of Michael Moore's fan club? Sigh.
You obviously did not read my post...
Air America failed because not enough people listened to it. Simple as that. I thought your original post said something about Republicans in the minority...not all Republicans are conservative and not all Republicans are Christians. And, there are a bunch of Democrats who are Christians. So what are you talking about? Christians or Republicans?

LOL ... if you read my whole post ...
I have said I have not made up my mind about who I am voting for.

I SAID I have not formed an total opinion on Palin.

I have watched many of O'Bama's interviews ... ... I read his book ... I'm evaluating his "judgment" ...

And to me, he comes across as arrogant. AND, THIS IS JUST WHAT IT IS -- MY OPINION. And I am entitled to it, just like you are entitled to yours!!!

That does not make me stupid. But if it makes YOU feel better to call anyone who doesn't agree with you and your opinions stupid, go ahead -- go for it! I can take it.

Also, glad to see now I'm a mina bird .. Love It!

no, make that a "stupid mina bird" ...

.... too bad I have to go to work now .. who names what other names I could be called ... just because I have my own opiniosn and they are different from yours!

good day!

ROTFL .... outta here

At last. Some who actually read the post.
Read the other post again.
If you were not in a chat room, but rather were in an office setting with co-workers, you would not be in a situation where you could openly discuss religion or politics. It is a work setting. Noone said anything about religion not be the "fabric of your life." Good for you. Go for it. Whenever you decide to impose your religious or political beliefs on somebody else, you are going to hit a snag. Point it, the founding fathers explicitly expressed "congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of reigion." This is the FIRST directive in the FIRST amendment. They then proceeded to establish a secular federalist system, not a theocracy. Congress, though the may have agreed among them to say a prayer before their session, are to check their religion the moment they start to make law...which is, after all, their jobs.
read 2nd post from top
Read my post below........
Please read my post above and ....
read the snopes link info. The meaning is very different when looking at the entire context. And I am not an O fan but posting information taken out of context is just wrong no matter what side one is on. If the first post was an honest mistake/
misunderstanding, hey, that happens, but the snopes link demonstrates the truth of the quote so don't compound the mistake by continuing it.
I did read you whole post and all I can say....sm
is what is wrong with you? Get a grip! Why so much negativity? Give the guy a chance. Are you hoping and praying he will fail so you can be right? We all have questions and no one knows how all this will pan out. The country is in a crisis and he is going to be the POTUS. Not having to join a bread line will be a plus for me. That being said, yes, I do have hope he is the right person at the right time for our country, and I pray for his to have the strength, intelligence and compassion to see us over this rough road.
Did you even read the post
Doesn't sound like things are going to be much better from what I read.
Should have read the WHOLE post
and then you would know why I  said what I said.
Should have read the WHOLE post
and then you would know why I  said what I said.
Again--read the whole post...
"I should have written that I am more concerned with lying, if it turns out that he is lying"
I believe you need to actually READ the post!
Perhaps you need to re-read my post
Nowhere did I say I had the right to smoke anywhere I chose. I didn't even try to insinuate it. So before you get all righteously indignant on me, perhaps you'd better clarify whether I even made the claim you seem to want to argue.
I can also read them and post responses to them
if I like and sometimes I choose to, and I don't use use rage to get my point across like you do.  You are the one that needs to take a serious chill pill...that is if you want to, but I seriously doubt it.  You revel in your rage.
It might help if you actually read my post before so inaccurately

characterizing what I said.

Unless, of course, you're simply choosing to believe that I think bringing Jesus Christ into people's lives is a bad thing, even though I said the opposite in my post.

You've incorrectly pegged my very clear post in the very same way you incorrectly pegged Phil Donahue. 

Please post where you read of the stench
Could you please post the sites/newspapers/whatever where you read about the stench of the anti war people?  The wide sweeping generalization can be thought of as ignorant and bigoted.  I would hope the places where you got the information are legitimate news sites and not freeper baloney.  I assure you, liberals/democrats/anti war people smell just as good and bad as conservatives/republicans/pro war people. 
Perhaps you didn't READ my post
I said -- keep it the hell out of politics.
You're welcome to claim whomever you'd like as your Saviour in the privacy of your own home and the community of your own church.
Then you read my post wrong.
I don't know what conversations have occurred on either board.  I was mainly interested in why you and gt would made the assertion that somehow conservatives don't care about child molestation.  Frankly, I was rather taken aback.  I have never even seen the far left pin that one on conservatives.  My posts have been respectful totally.  I thought you wanted debate.  I made that mistake one other time on this board.  I won't make it again. 
Maybe you should actually read the post before responding.

Bush is claiming they are working on nuclear weapons. 

Iran has always claimed they are working on nuclear energy.

Who's lying?  Which country has the track record for lying when it comes to reasons for declaring war on a country that didn't attack it first??

You didn't read my post
I was referring to people I talk to, as I stated.   I don't generally talk to Churchill or Chomsky.  In fact, I don't even pay much attention to them, nor should you.  Just as I don't pay much if any attention to crazy right-wingers.  Just common sense.
You read my post wrong
It is strange that this particular vet has had reported so many incidents with anti-war folks.  The death threat was from a white supremist, by the way.
Once again, you did not read my post before ranting...
and why do you resort to name-calling? Does it make you feel good to call me ignorant? Well, that is a stupid question..of course it does.

Demonstrate to me that you DO really care about the soldiers. Do you think the liberal harping away, cut-and-run attitude, right up to a congressional resolution does not state emphatically to the enemy that we are weak and have lost our will to fight for what we believe in? If you answer no to that question, you better re-think your *ignorant* comment and take a long hard look at yourself.

I did not say in my post anywhere that it was impossible for a Muslim to live in harmony with a Christian...I said when is the last time you saw one carrying a sign that says so, or even one publically saying so? I have heard nothing. I have heard no Muslims calling for peace between Christians and Muslims. Not a murmur. It is they, who by their silence, lead me to believe they have no interest in it.

Well I am glad you did admit that CBS is biased. You are the first one on this board to actually admit it. I will give you points for that one.

MY trash talking? Oh please. I have called no one names here, and you call me names every time I post here.

Yes, it is the liberal board, but as the monitor has posted ad nauseam, we are allowed to post here. This is still a free country, hard as you are trying to change that.

Yes, I did, Teddy....read the whole post.
I said show some that were not responses to baits or barbs thrown at me by piglet primarily. That is exactly what I said. Again, out of context.

As to Teddy/Taiga...I knew you only as Teddy (and a few other monikers by style of posting), and I do lean back toward that moniker when the posts lean in that direction, because under that moniker is when you were more likely to bait, demean, and ridicule. In short, "Teddy" seemed to be more "cranky" more often than does "Taiga."

As to posting as Observer....I don't know about that. No one was posting as Observer when I started posting using that moniker. Which has been quite some time now.

As to when someone does it first, why respond in kind? For a long time I did not. But I guess, like you, after a prolonged period of being baited, demeaned, and ridiculed, I got "cranky" too and responded in kind. So I guess we have that in common. Like I said...I am learning at the feet of the masters.

Some who post here tho, do not appear to be "cranky." Baiting, demeaning, and ridiculing seem to be in their nature (hence the Ann Coulter of the liberal board comment). I don't appreciate Ann Coulter's brand of humor either, by the way. I don't find baiting, demeaning, and ridiculing amusing. By anyone, on any side of any aisle.
Honest? I can't read this post.
Too windy, not enough time. I got as far as hippocracy, not true. Just waiting for our day in court that's all. Quite frankly, their crimes, if given the chance to be brought to light, and hopefully proven, will be far worse than anything Clinton did.

We don't need a hero. Waiting for the savior on the white horse? Doesn't exist. WE are the heroes.
Re-read the post before you pile on....
I was making a point that the child is alive, whether the pregnancy is a planned, wanted pregnancy or a pregnancy that was an accident, unplanned, yada yada. Because a woman who has a planned, wanted pregnancy knows that even in the early stages she is carrying a growing, living, CHILD. Not a blob of tissue. And if a woman chooses to abort a child, isn't it obvious that she doesn't want it? Why on earth would you abort a child if you wanted it? If a woman has chosen abortion, for whatever reason, she does not want to continue the pregnancy...she does not want the child. Is there some reason I am not aware of that a woman would abort a child she wanted?
Read the post again. Nothing said about how I vote..nm
I don't think you read my post completely.
I said the post about Bill Ayers locking someone up in his basement and forcing them to have sex with his black roommate was as important as Bill Ayers in the Weather Underground and his association with Barack Obama when Obama was an adult. And yes I am concerned about it...I have posted about it multiple times. It DOES matter to me. I don't trust him.

I have been talking about his association with Ayers for several weeks/months. It has ALWAYS concerned me.
Read post below. Who is asinine now?
WOW did you even read the rest of my post?
It's called a JOKE...hence the LOL and the j/k (which means just kidding btw)

Has anybody read the post their threads are under yet...
You stop and re-read my post....sm
He has never been on a Presidential race ballot BEFORE. How much more clearer do I need to make that?

Sheesh....even when research is proven and from "credible sources" at that, the sheeple refuse to listen.
Read your post above about the "real"
hate rhetoric is going to hurt our country. Gov. Palin is not an opponent of Obama's now, she too is praying for his success.
Gosh, why don't you read the post
No one said assassination attempts do not occur. Try reading the post again slowly and sound out the big words.

Actually, you didn't read the post then
Didn't say she was a liar. There is a difference with calling someone a liar and saying you don't believe them.

She over did it with the drama. Sure maybe she donated to charities on her own, but all the drama about contributing to the greater care, organizing for charity, painted and nailing carpeting in "poverty stricken homes" as her "gift to her children" oh yes, all while she didn't have a pot to you know what in, all while making only 5.30 an hour. And on top of all that she moved in with her parents to take care of her dying father while herself working full-time as a supervisor several states away (wow what a commute each day that must have been). On and on an on an on. Could it have happened? Sure anything could happen. Do I believe it personally? Not in my lifetime. But that's not saying it didn't happen. Just sounds like she should be awarded the model citizen of the century award.

BTW - there is a clear difference between saying you don't believe someone and them attacking you personally.

So I'd boo-hoo on yourself.
This is by far the best post I've ever read
And it's 100% true, too.
Read the article before you post.
Read the post below that says what Obama said =
the bill is designed to protect people from violent acts -- not to take away freedom of speech.

I don't agree that we should protect a pedophile, I don't agree with a lot of other things listed in the OP's list, but that does not mean that I think people in America have the right to physically harm the people that practice those things, and if they are harmed, then the person doing the harm should be punished.
I suppose that if you did not read the whole post...
you might have found it unclear. I should have written that I am more concerned with lying, if it turns out that he is lying--but further down, I wrote, "However, I am really not sure what religion he is." Again, why don't you bash someone who is disagreeing with you--or is it just fun for you to be contrary?
read my post farer down......sm
Bush made OBVIOUS mistakes, right from the beginning.

Till now Obama did NOT make any obvious mistakes. That you Republicans disagree with O's decisions does not make them wrong, YET !
You did not read the first post by an employee, did ya?
The first post there stated that the people who were being sent other places were lots of times waiting over 24 hours for care for a sore throat because their ER was so full. I see nothing wrong with an overcrowded ER trying to find somewhere that would be better for patients.

You all fuss about the use and abuse of medical facilities by poor people, but now you want to jump on the bandwagon and accuse someone who is trying to do something about that situation of "shunning poor people." Heck, you cant have it both ways!
You did not read the first post by an employee, did ya?
The first post there stated that the people who were being sent other places were lots of times waiting over 24 hours for care for a sore throat because their ER was so full. I see nothing wrong with an overcrowded ER trying to find somewhere that would be better for patients.

You all fuss about the use and abuse of medical facilities by poor people, but now you want to jump on the bandwagon and accuse someone who is trying to do something about that situation of "shunning poor people." Heck, you cant have it both ways!
I misunderstood your post and re-read it
You are right. When I first read it I thought what does one have to do with the other. I did not see the point you were making.

I'm not trying to start an argument, just misunderstood your point.

All I say is the DC crowd sure has a bunch of "winners" and they are falling on both sides.

I'll tell you what....why don't we have a total wipeout of every person in congress. Everyone go home. Let's wipe the slate clean. Every senator needs to be recalled and a whole new vote take place (not talking bout the "big guy" just the sleezeballs in congress). Then have another election. I guarantee there would be some new faces to DC.
I read on CNN (yes, I do read liberal stuff too..hehe)...sm
...that Karl Rove was actually very disappointed in the McCain campaign for airing negative type ads against Obama.

So I would say that Rove is definitely not in the hip pocket of the McCain campaign.
Good research sam - but a lot to read right now so gotta read it later
I've been goofing off too much from work. I appreciate what you wrote and will read when I'm done with work here.