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Any one work for The Word Pros - any information nm

Posted By: kady on 2006-06-22
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Has anyone worked for the Word Pros on an as-needed basis? Thanks. NM

Anyone with info on The Word Pros or anyone who has worked on an as-needed basis? NM
anyone work for Oracle - do they use Word or a Word-based program - e-mail me nm
Just wanna work in Word - need company that works in WORD! nm
Anyone work at Axolotl? Pros and cons, please.nm
Work is easy, very nice owner, pays weekly, work in Word.

It does work, you do not need to "make" it work.. it works in all word based programs.
You work in Word. sm
You are provided headers that you fill in and just add in a new header for each dictation. You will end up with one long document. You'll need a c-phone or re-record equipment and unlimited long distance. Lots of work and nice people to work for. Pay is always on time (by mail). Hope this helps. :)
Word's out from the T: Little or no work...sm
available this weekend but cannot take time off.  Deja vu????
You can work in Word or WP5.1, whichever

format you are most productive with.  You run a micro that pulls up the header, type in patient's name and it puts it in the correct place in the header.  Occasionally doctors enter wrong work type and you will need to change that in the header.  If you need to do a CC, you run a macro and the list of docs comes up, you highlight the doc and enter and info goes where it needs to.   When new doctors are added you do have to add those into the system.  You may go months and not get any new doctors and then get 30 one month,  It is very easy to add them in.   Unfortunately PAs are not in the system so until you get familiar with them you have to look them up.

You do spellcheck, run a macro for line count, run a macro to send the work - EASY.  

Company is QT Medical and they are hiring.  There have been a couple of posts about them this week.  Good company. 

What's the word on Transcend-GA, Lot's of work?
I have searched the archives, found some info.  Please tell me what I need to know about this company-will start work soon.
Can Radnet work without Word on
your computer?
The platform is Word. Their program works with Word but does not change how Word works. nm
The benefits just changed the first part of this month. I don't have them but I remember them being reasonabl for a single person. Family and spouse was not reasonable in any way (in my opinion).
What is the word on Spheris? Are they good to work for? sm
Would like to know pay range for experienced MT, monthly deductions for insurance, etc...run out of work?
Does anyone work for Adept Word Management
and if so are they are good company?  Do they pay on time and are they flexible with schedules?  Is the work steady?  Thanks in advance for any information you can give.  Have a great day!
Information for those without work
Plenty of work, being told there is none....all work is being outsourced to India at this time.  A 30-day notice has been received from the client.  Client is very unhappy and QT'rs should be looking for other work ASAP!!!  The ship is sinking.
I appreciate the information. Do you work there now? sm

No one mentioned to me a possible glitch with my ShortHand or other Word applications, so that is disturbing.  I guess I'll find out. 

Thanks for your input.

Word based expanders work with Merit
Hope that helps
Can ayone tell me how the line counter work in MS Word please. nm
small to medium company that works in Word or Word-based program - email me. nm
Anyone work for DIT Transcription - any information? nm
Can't bring up anything on MD-IT. Does anyone work there or have information
regarding this company? I am thinking of applying.
ExText is integrated with Word. Auto correct is a part of Word.
ExText is a Word based platform. When the page opens for you to type the document it will be just like you are typing in MS Word.
same story where I am - flooded with e-mails when they are slammed with work and then no word from t
Keystrokers - do you work in Word - Can you use ShortHand - How many lines for fulltime? Thanks
Put the extra work in to studying ESL accents, word expanders, become
more proficient as an MT and you will become more valuable and get better line count. Just IMO.
Anyone work for Health Information Partners LLC or
have any information about this company??  Need feedback.  Much thanks.
Anyone work for A&W Transcription -looking for information - please e-mail nm
Does anyone work for Proscribe or have any information on this company? nm
Diskriter. NEW information on pay, work, QA, good, bad? NM
Does anyone work for or have any information about MED-TECH Resource in GA? sm
I cannot seem to find anything recent in the archives.  Thanks for your help.
Their program works with Word and does not change how Word functions. sm
You use your own expander. Overall I feel it is user friendly and I like it.
What in your experience is the most efficient Word-based radiology platform to work on? nm
RE: What in your experience is the most efficient Word-based radiology platform to work on? nm
I just stated with them. Nice people, work out of Word, and pay increases with production. nm
Last year you needed Word 2003 to work for them. Prior to that, you used their machine
Anyone work for or any information on TMT Medical Transciption Company out of LA & TX - nm
My information is kind of old, but I used to work for them part time sm
and it was a good company.  The people were great, and they paid on time (weekly).  The pay was rather low, but what I was doing was easy clinic work, so it kind of balanced out.  Good luck!
Does the Emdat platform use Word or is it Word-based? nm
Current information on WordZXpressed, how they are to work for, accounts, platform etc.. anyone??

Thanks for any input you may have.

Any current information on Medware such as work load, pay, benefits, etc.
Thanks for anything you have.. the good, bad, and ugly.
MD-IT hiring - looks like a really cool company to work for... any advice/information?
I sure would love to know more about the company - a search of this forum turned up zilch.  I was with Medquist for 8 years, and the company I went to did not deliver on the acute care account I was hired for..... 
Transhealth editors? Anyone with information on pay, work schedule, benefits, platform
I would appreciate any information before taking their test without knowing the scoop.  Thanks!

Pros: Good platform. Don't run out of work. I only know one manager, and she is nice. They don't bombard you with nasty emails. 

Cons: QA team is snooty-snooty-snooty and makes a lot of mistakes themselves. Not sure but I think there is a lot of cherry picking going on because all I get is junk and my account is easy. I feel bad about sending QA blanks because they have a bad attitude about it. Training pay is only $8 an hour. I heard that you can get paid more than that at some other companies.

I guess it could change for the worst as I get used to them. More pros than cons.

Pros and Cons
What do you find important in a job? Do you need/what insurance? Do you want someone else to be responsible for the equipment? Do you have a problem putting money back to pay your taxes? Do want a strict 9-5 job or do you want to be flexible?

As an IC you have to pay your own taxes, keep up your own equipment, usually no insurance from company, though you may have the flexibility you might also find you work more hours throughout the week to the keep the account in TAT. The reason for this is because companies that hire ICs usually do not overstock the MT pond and work is very plentiful.

ICs are usually paid a better line rate because they do not get all the other benefits. Tax write-offs are there but are not great unless you rent an office and have some major expenses.

So really it just depends on what you are looking for. As they say, dfferent strokes for different folks.

All of these things can be pros and cons for both employee and IC. You have to decide what is important to you and how it works in your life.
Pros Vs Cons
My experience wasn't quite as bad as others but ended quite poorly.

Having just ended 1 year and 11 months with SoftScript, here's some insight:

---In all that time, they were out of work exactly twice, for a matter of minutes--that's a big deal to me in this industry in which lack of consistent availability of work has been (in my 19 years) a chronic problem.
---They're good about sticking you with specific accounts and dictators so you can get familiar with them--also a big deal if you've ever pulled up work from new clinicians and accounts on a daily basis, quite a headache.
---Likewise, if they say, e.g., in my case, you're going to be doing ER notes exclusively, that's what you'll get, ditto for ESLs, unlike quite a few companies who promise only say 25% ESLs and mostly, say, discharge summaries, then, as just happened with me with another interim company, start glomming nothing but ESLs and/or OP notes onto you.

---They do have a lot of ESLs, counterbalanced with, again, the fact that you get the same ones over and over and at least have a chance to get to know them individually, and I only encountered one that was all that bad. In fact, the worst dictator I encountered with them was obviously U.S.-born but blithered along in jibberish like he was on a major speed trip--blanks everywhere. However, if you just can't stand ESLs at all, don't go with them, at least not in ER work (about 80 to 90% of what I did).
Conversely, if you don't like ESLs but recognize that you're GOING to have to get over it (40+% of doctors in the U.S. are ESL, and the numbers are growing), SoftScript might be the one with whom to get your feet wet.
---Payroll is usually on-time, but they do use an outside company for this and occasionally are off by a few days.
---They started out very laid-back about flexible schedules; as long as linecount quotas were met, no big deal; then, the last few months, they kept calling to try to pin me down. If you can stand to work a rigid schedule, go make better money in an office; schedule flexibility is supposed to be one of the biggest benefits of home-based work, isn't it?
---The BIG one: Likewise, after almost 20 years, I just can't produce like I used to and, at their request, sent them medical documentation as to why this was the case, after which, with no warning whatsoever, they fired me, and this was right after a night when I did some extra work they suddenly desperately needed someone to do.
Some legal eagle friends (including a judge) have told me I have an Americans With Disabilities case against them, and if I hadn't gotten another position to occupy my time and bring in the money, and if ADL cases didn't usually take so many YEARS, I would be sorely tempted to pursue a case.

BTW, don't ever let fear hold you back from such action. There is precident now, yes, even for ICs. I'm one of the few males you'll probably ever encounter (though probably only because there are so few of us in MT work) who won a sex discrimination claim against a pink collar employer--took about six months and we settled out of court rather than had a trial, but I'd do it all over again if I felt the (especially financial) need, which I don't now.

Thanks for the chance to process all this, hope it was helpful.

Again, after almost two years, I did find the ultimate result with SoftScript ungrateful to say the least, but, again, they did have that rare and important quality above--consistent availability of work--throughout that time; that's important if you're not independently wealthy--and if you are, what the heck are you doing reading this?! --CTToth@Yahoo.com
Pros and Cons

Having done both since the beginning of time I have formed this chart:


The thermostat for heat and air conditioning is yours and yours alone!

You can work around your favorite soap opera! 

You can buy an espresso machine and make your own lattes and save a bundle on that alone! 

You can eat when you want, where you want or if you want, and choose your own food from your own refrigerator for lunch and start dinner on your breaks!

You can wear sweat or jammies and save all your best clothes.  You can throw all your pantyhose in the trash (maybe your bra too if you are daring enough). 

When you get up to stretch you can throw in a load of clothes. 

You can work as much or little as you choose and at the times you want to! 

You can type barefooted or outside in your patio. 

You can choose your own equipment and software much of the time!


You have to do your own taxes and/or quarterlies. 

You have to pay for your own equipment and get it repaired. 

Sometimes the doorbell or phone rings and no one else will get up to answer it and it breaks your rhythm. 

Sometimes when you are wearing your sweats even though you are most comfortable you wonder if you are turning into a bag lady. 

If some of your accounts are contracted by you personally then you need to deal with the office or hospital medical records politics yourself and may need to drive over there to pick up and deliver, attend a meeting, renegotiation.  You may wish to have a service pick up and deliver work if they use tapes and you usually pay for this yourself unless you are fortunate and the docs pay for it.  . 

For me the pros won out every time I reconsidered and I am still here, still working, still getting paid and wearing what I want with a smile on my face most of the time.  My sisters who stayed at the hospital still have not gotten a raise in 10 years and are wearing pantyhose.  So, who is lucky?   

Pros and cons
Yeah!! I am just completing my course and viewing some of the posts has me a bit worried. Thank you for the positive spin.

Pros and cons
Please post pros and cons for this company. Would like to know if you have enough work, flexible schedule, QA staff good, average starting cpl rate for experienced transcriptionist. TIA
Great company - the woman who's the lead Transcriptionist (mostly completely in charge, really) is great. Always there for you, always ready to answer questions. Line rate is average/slightly better than for a decent IC position, but it's pretty easy to make well over the average number of lines, 'cause you typically have the same dictators every day. Paid headers, footers, etc. The best part is the amount of work - it's limitless right now. Still, no one bugs you to take too much. You just have to get done what you take.

Even though you're IC, you do get 2 weeks paid vacay per year after being with them for a year.

Cons: Right now (which I believe they are changing by hiring on new staff), you mostly deal with Indian guys who seem like they're not 100% sure what they're doing all the time, and they can be a little difficult to deal with (not mean, just confusing). However, CardioScribes doesn't offshore. I'm not sure about their sister company, MediScribes, but I made sure to ask twice about whether or not CS does.

Also, because they're growing so rapidly right now, it seems like they don't have a good, stable support system in place, so things are pretty hectic sometimes. However, this has NEVER translated into anyone getting angry or anything. It's just taken patience.

On a scale of 1-10 in terms of companies I've worked for, I would give them a 6-7 right now, but I fully believe they'll be a 9 within months, after hiring the right management and getting accounts nailed down.


Thank you for the information, and I agree that no company is 100%.  As long as they do a fair line count, have sufficient work, and pay on time, I am happy.