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MD-IT hiring - looks like a really cool company to work for... any advice/information?

Posted By: MT6pack on 2009-06-15
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I sure would love to know more about the company - a search of this forum turned up zilch.  I was with Medquist for 8 years, and the company I went to did not deliver on the acute care account I was hired for..... 

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Cool.....then from what I can figure out the company
Ny DoX out of New Delhi, India. What I want to know is how in the world would one of us (QT employee) get this kind of information in the first place?
Does anyone work for Proscribe or have any information on this company? nm
See, my company has these things called days off! Cool, huh?!?!
Anyone work for or any information on TMT Medical Transciption Company out of LA & TX - nm
First Choice Medical is a great company to work for, and I think they are hiring too.
I have been there for over 4 years now. They use WP51 too if you want. Good luck to you.
Anyone have advice if a company will not pay you?
I just want some help & advice about a good company
Perplexed and need some advice regarding current company...
I ran out of work last weekend on my main account and asked for a backup account.  I was told Monday that later this week I would get cross trained on a new account.  I have sent three to four emails with no response as to when we are training.  An obscure email was sent out today to everyone about how all the accounts are low and not to worry about it and we could take the day off and work this weekend or such.  I understand things are slow right now, but having absolutely no response to any of my emails is rather upsetting.  I know I am not their greatest producer, but I do not appreciate being ignored.  Any suggestions other than just sending a resignation email and see if I get a response?  LOL.   Thanks.
I think that is very good advice but how do you know if a company is going to treat you well?

During the interview they will tell you all kinds of wonderful stuff.  Are you saying it is better to look a company offering a lower line rate as an indication of a better place to work?  You could be right.

It seems kind of sad though in our industry that in order to get decent management the personal price is to take a cut in pay.  Why can't it be good management and good pay at the same time? 

Jeannal, here is some advice - it doesn't matter which company
you go with if they have good insurance. If you are basically looking for great insurance, then go with the company that has the best insurance for you. Bottom line. It doesn't matter what kind of work you get, what kind of jobs you get, as long as you make the minimum line count and you are only concerned about insurance, then go with that company that offers the best. It might not be Diskriter, it might not be Spheris, it might not be Medquist - or on the other hand, it might be all three. It's up to you - if insurance is a big issue and work is not, then go with the company that offers good insurance only. The rest will fall into place
Out of work - need advice (sm)

Okay, folks, I am not sure what to do here, how to approach this.  I am an IC for a company out of Massachusetts (not Focus), have been for well over a year now.  Working on the ASP platform, begging for work.  I did seven piddly jobs today, and prior to that had not worked since the 17th.  Had been tremendously busy before that, and then all of a sudden the work just dried up.  I am not a perfect Transcriptionist but I am good, darned good.  They keep telling me there is no work on the ASP that is available but boy, those job numbers sure keep moving right along (you know, the numbers the jobs are given when the docs upload them?  The ones that tell me several thousand jobs have been uploaded in the last few weeks?) I have started applying for other positions but I am somewhat discouraged.  I keep hearing about how companies are desperate for good MTs, and I know I am a good MT, but no one seems interested.  Anyone else experiencing this?

Any advice appreciated, even constructive criticism.  Oh, BTW, before someone tells me that maybe my quality is not quite what I think it is, I have not had a single report returned to me or had a word of complaint in well over six months.  As far as I know, the client is satisfied with my work. 

Thanks, y'all.


anybody work for DIGITRANINC? I need advice!

I just started working for this company and cannot got the FTP info up and running correctly.  The instructions I have gotten from the owner are extremely ambiguous and her emails are very short.  I spent 20 minutes transcribing, but over 20 hours trying to get the correct file setup!  Some of the instruction information seems to be a little outdated as well. If there is anyone out there with friendly and patient help, I'll be indebted to you!


try taking your own advice and work on that
Does anybody work two jobs? Advice please :)

I work as an employee for a company with a 12-hour window, 40 hours a week, Monday through Friday, 1200 lines per day minimum.  I've been offered something local to do on my own, approximately 1200 lines per day of work, but I would have the entire 24 hours to do it.

If I get my first job done at 1 p.m., I could get the other lines done in 5-6 hours max.  Geez...I don't know.  I'm probably going to kill myself doing this, aren't I?  I was just calculating this as I was typing and didn't realize what a long day that would be.

Does anybody else do this?  If so, how is it working for you?   Do you feel burned out?  I would really like to manage this somehow but want to be realistic.  Any advice from someone who has done this or is successfully making something like this work would be appreciated!   The extra money would be soooo nice right now.

Good advice, and advice that I'm giving real thought to ...

If I had known that they offshored before I accepted employment with them I never would have gone there to work.  I've been here long enough now though to not want to lose my benefits. 

Still ... making a DECENT PAYCHECK and making a living without being stressed out over the type of work that I'm doing is just as important as good benefits. 

Advice: Go over your lead. Go to the next person up. There is work there. sm
I would call the office and talk to Karyn or Becky. Your lead might not be conveying the message for some reason. Sometimes they are too busy, sometimes they don't want to share someone. Just call. That's the only way to make it happen, and you will be glad you did!
company hiring
as far as I know, JLG is hiring for acute care at 9 cpl. Check them out.
My company hiring
I work for Cymed and they are hiring. I do acute care, including ops, but I know they need acute care as wel as op people. The TAT on my account varies from 4 to 24 hours depending on the work type.
Is any company hiring for QA other than
Preferably, employee status with a good hourly rate.
Does anyone know of a company hiring ICs for PT? Thanks!!
I am looking for part-time work as an IC.  Does anyone know of a good company?
Information on company

Can anyone tell me if they have had any experiences with the company FutureNet Tech; they are based out of California. I am supposed to start working for them, and after my experiences with some other companies, I hope they aren't the same.




Company Information
I wanted information about Healthcareone in NY. Do they have constant work
information on company please

Anyone have any information on Transolutions.  I just took their online test and failed.  I can reapply in 6 months, but anything you know about them would be great.  Thank you. That did not make my day. 

MD-IT....any new information on this company? ..sm
Archives are old (2007). Any new info would be appreciated. Good pay? How much PTO per year? Tough QA? What platform?

Thanks in advance!
Looking for a company hiring for oncology. Anyone? nm


Looking for company hiring for oncology
Yes, I am!
Does anyone know of a company hiring for overflow OPs?
I am in the market for a position where I could pick up some work here and there.  I want a position where I would be contacted for overflow work, when the loads get too high.  It could be for any work type, but Ops are my favorite! I have 13 years (full-time acute care) experience.  Just looking for extra work.
Company hiring for Radiology
I just hired on at Precyse Solutions 2 days ago, and I think they may still be looking for Radiology MT's - I do only Radiology.  They hire you as employee -- no IC status. 
For a small company in NJ, not hiring right now though.
Yes good company and they are hiring. It
is best to apply through their website.
I need some information on a company called
Astat, such as pay, platform, enough work, QA, loan PCs, etc.  TIA
I'm looking for information about the company named DSG. nm
Alphamed? Any information on this company?

I have not been able to find any informatin about Alphamed. Can anyone with any knowledge of this company give an opinion?  Good, bad or indifferent?



Because no information on your company shows up, you think
Are you telling her to work for $5 an hour? That is not healthy or good advice nm
A company would not go through the expense and time of hiring you only to not
contact you. This smells fishy. It is not the first time you have said this but it does not sound right.
Anyone know of a company that is hiring per diem or very flexible IC
I am looking for very flexible work.  I've got 13 years experience in acute care and I need work that is very flexible, about 20 hours a week.  Does anyone know of an individual or company that has any work like this?    Thanks!
TSSC is hiring now, Great company. NM
Axolotl is a wonderful company but not sure if hiring. SM
You are welcome to email me if you want.  Good luck
There is nothing wrong with inquiring here for information on a company. sm
A lot of useful information is exchanged here regarding other MT's experiences. 
I am also looking for information for this company. Any info appreciated! Thanks. nm

Unfamiliar with this company. Do they have contact information??
Website, email, etc...
MD-IT Intelligent- Any new information on this company i.e. pay, benefits etc.
Can't seem to find any information on MD-IT. Does anyone have any experience with this company?
Any clue who the company is hiring the Newbies/nonNewbies sm
on the job seekers board? 
Good company but had layoff in July. Are they hiring?
Very professionally ran company.
I see Precyse is hiring for new accounts. Would appreciate recent info on this company. (sm)
most of what I have found is pretty old.  Are the current employes squelched when it comes to giving out information regarding the company or are they just so busy they don't have time to mess around on the boards?   E-mail if you are concerned about being flamed or don't want to post for whatever reason.  TIA.
STAY AWAY from this company! Do a search here. Lots of information, none of it good.

Anybody ever hear of a company called Specialized Information Management?
Do they hire at home ICs?
Thanks for the advice. The idea of clinic work sounds good, but I do feel comfortable with acute ...
care. I have a lot of experience with operative notes, DS, consults, radiology etc.. but I am not that thrilled with ESLs. It is just harder to make money on them. I think I will look into clinic work. It was only the lack of work that was bothering me about these companies and mismanaging the accounts they did have, broken promises, and just getting the runaround.. over everything from benefits to work.
Any body hear of a company in MA that is hiring editors for 3 cent a line? sm

I asking for someone else, the email was signed Jay