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BTW: I am the poster who you were replying above to.

Posted By: Why are you so ignorant. on 2009-06-13
In Reply to: I am a divorced mother. I thought that was a single mother. - I never asked for anything but child support.

Don't you know a single mom is someone who was married but now alone with a child?

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Not the poster you're replying to, but she is RIGHT
VR is way worse than editing as it has been in the past. With editing in the past, you'd take a report transcribed by an MT, a REAL person who did their best with it, and edit that report. No prob.

With VR, you take a report finished by voice recognition, a MESS of a report, not done by a REAL MT who did their best! It's a pile of garbage, a big bag of jumble left for the Editor to sort through and fix ---- a bigger job, a worse job, and on top of THAT, they're paying us HALF of what we usually get paid, not taking into consideration any long-time work experience, skills, knowledge of the MTs.

If you don't understand any of this, then I just don't know about you....
Thank you everyone for replying.
Thank you for replying.
Thanks for replying - 43/50 is not bad at all!
Thanks for replying
I thought I had seen something about low work after hiring a while back, but that seems okay now?  I think I had talked with someone back at the end of last year there but never went any further.  Are they IC status only?  How's the platform to work on? Do you have to load a bunch of stuff on your computer and do you need special pedal?  Thanks for your help!  I'm thinking about contacting them again to see what they have available. 
Thank you mg for replying. sm
I am glad that it can remain IC status.  Would you be able to share whether or not you have to use a pedal they give you or if the USB wav pedal 5 is compatible with the way you would get their audio?  Or would you know if this depends on the account?  I am just curious to know if I could use what I already have as opposed to having to install another foot pedal.  Thanks again for your feedback regarding the IC status.    I greatly appreciate it. 
Thanks you for replying.

Thanks for replying .... sm
Thanks,  I decided to not go with them and stay where I am at....
I see. Thanks for replying. NM
Are you replying to me?
I don't work part time; I work full time. I would love to make 200 lines an hour, but I can't. There are no templates that can be used for these letters, and I have to look up the doctors' addresses on the internet for the letters, which I don't get paid for.

I guess you're telling me I'm in danger of losing my job, then? Thanks for the warning!

By the way, how many lines an hour would be you be typing without any templates, as I am doing? Just curious.
Thanks for replying!
Thanks for letting me know.  I don't feel so alone now.  I wish I could afford to take a break.  So things slow down for hospital accounts on holidays also?  I was just wondering about that and if everyone says, hey, this is a holiday, I'm not going to be sick today.  I wish the holiday would soon be over.  Need the work if you know what I mean.
Thank you all for replying
You all give such good advice, which is why I like coming here. I've been working all night and I guess I just needed to vent. I really don't want to leave this company, so I will try and tuff it out. I think we've all been there with these types of situations. I've got work finally (probably cuz its the weekend, i'm not even scheduled to work) so I'm going to get back to it before it dries up again. Keep your fingers crossed for me :)

Thanks again for the comments and email.....
Replying to you
by e-mail.  I do not think you want to work for this company.
Replying to Looking Too
Isn't giving a 2-week notice rather silly when all you would do is sit in a chair with no work? What did you do?
I don't know whose post you are replying to SM
because I was only on full QA for 2 days (which to me isn't long at all).  I am having a pretty good experience with them, sorry yours wasn't the same.  As far as the people at the company, if I have a question it gets answered pretty fast and I'm getting paid on time and getting enough work - that's all I require so I'm getting what I need.
thanks for replying - see message
I remember reading somewhere on here about being paid for 74 character lines.    Does anyone know how many characters per line, 9 characters per line adds up.
How disappointing! But thanks for replying. nm
Thanks for replying. Much appreciated.

Thanks for replying even tho u don't work there
Hopefully it won't be much longer and I can find out if I need an expansion program or not because I'm telling you ShortHand is looking pretty good right now, especially for that price.

Thanks so much for the info!
I just felt replying here was enough. I SM
really didn't care to receive an email saying basically the same things.  I know she doesn't actually have my email address.  I have posted hundreds of times on these boards and this is the first time anyone has done that.
Then stop replying
No one is forcing you to read the posts and respond.
Not Replying To Testers

It would also be nice if you replied to people who take your test, instead of just blowing them away and making them wonder if they passed.  Not very good business manners.  I had a phone call from you, then you sent the test, and I took lengthy time trying to perfect it, only to be ignored.  Even a you didn't pass reply would be better than 0.



Thanks for replying, guys...
At least you asked more more questions than I did. Maybe if I knew somebody in Jersey, ha-ha. I would not have minded driving to the next town if that was required; did that back in the day. Oh well. Maybe if I was 20 and up for an adventure, but guess I'm getting too old for this stuff.
All of the replying post is true.
Even if you do meet your line count by the 3rd pay period but don't meet it later because there is no work to transcribe, you still get the nasty grams and phone calls and told to work 24/7 to stay employed. The MTs who don't have this problem are given preference in order to help them make their line counts, thus reducing the work volume of everyone else.

They also just completely changed their insurance, reduccing benefits and raising the employee portion with only about a 10-day notice.
I am replying about the over hire comment.
Thank you for replying...how long did you work for them?

Let me get this right...if you had typed the report, but it went to QA with a blank, then you didn't get paid for the entire report that you typed?  Is this the norm at most companies?  Doesn't seem fair to me.

They're not replying to email right now. Hmmm....nm
No she's not. She's obviiously replying to a post by DB and bringing to top. nm
I was replying to packrat. I am not sure why it posted under yours. I did not say Hawaii because
who would ever leave Hawaii??? You have a beautiful place to live, and from what I have read, a healthier place to live.

Where would I be without my husband's income? Living in a smaller house, just fine. I married for love and we worked together to get to the point we are now without help from anyone.

I would never, ever criticize you or lecture you and am not talking down to anyone. Packrat just struck me wrong. So many MT's complain that they cannot make money because of a, b or c but never do anything about it. That's all. I did not mean to insult you in any way.

My ending is plenty happy, but it is hopefully 50 years away. I have a great husband, a warm roof over our head and enough food to feed my family and keep us in clothes with a little extra to vacation each year to that place you are lucky enough to call home!

I agree about wishing I had found transcription when my children were younger. I love what I do and am fortunate enough to be good at it and work for someone that has enough work to keep me busy.

If someone is struggling, I will be the first to lend a hand, but to rant and rave about how MOST women don't need to work is just plain BS.
Hello??!! I'm the original poster! I think I can respond to the poster who replied to my original
Not that poster but

why was she rude?  I didnt see anything rude in her post.  So she got more lines than you, how is that rude?  I work at Transcend also and I got my lines in that I usually get.  I had to type a different shift of course.  I work different times of the day when it is slow and I always manage to make it. 

Also, the email that was sent out I think was very considerate.  Any other company, when slow ( and they ALL get slow), just slows down with no explanations, reassurances, or care. 

That's not what the poster said. Poster said
If the poster was hired at 8 cpl last year and makes 13,001 lines to qualify for the incentive (0.0025 cpl at 13,001 lines) that means the poster only makes 1072.58.  But the MTs hired after Nov. 1 at 10 cpl makes 1100.00 for only producing 11,000 lines.   Tell you what, that would freak me out if I just got hired there.  Because no matter when you get hired, in a few short weeks or months you're just the old worn out mare to them. 
Are you the same poster as below?
I appreciate your comments about new accounts coming on board in January and June. That is very likely.

The MTs here who are sobbing, as you say, and cannot have it both ways ARE the ones who did keep a fairly regular schedule and did for years, and now for the last couple months the rug has been pulled up from under them.
To the poster(s) below who is/are asking
about TransHealth, I am the one who answered your questions and got flamed for being honest.  This is exactly why I said before I will never put why I hated a company again.  I have no reason to lie, but just believe me when I say it is definitely in your best interest(s) to stay away from this company. They are the absolute worst out there and that is saying something!!
Not that poster, but I know what he/she SM

is saying because I have worked with a number of people over the years who will look you straight in the eye and tell you that they were the best transcriptionists and in fact they were terrible!  Usually they had a bunch of years in, but they had limited value - like typing only 1 type of work or had only worked at 3 little rural hospitals, like that.  They functioned well as long as the dictator was American and spoke at a normal rate of speed but they would never be able to do the kind of work a normal transcription service has.


Not the poster above, but that's how I met this
person. I had a problem and posted about it on this very board, and this person was so kind and caring and helpful. Nothing to do with a job - but with med transcription. She has been a mentor AND friend to many, many MTs for no financial gain whatsoever at all - thus anyone even bothering to post in her defense, let alone know who she is. She got nothing out of me, had nothing to gain from helping me - just went out of her way to help me, and I know has done the same for others. A really nice and professional MT - one who wants to help others newer to the field, etc. I don't see her post here anymore for a long time, and I just pray that she does not read the boards either. Really an all time low for MTs to post personal attacks on a person - I'm sure Admin isn't aware of it, or this whole thread would be in the trash where it belongs.
I think the poster was asking
what companies require you to use an FTP site to download your dictation files and send them back. I understand what you mean, but the company I work for does not require MTs to use an FTP site. I could be wrong, but I think that is what the OP was referring to.
this may be the same poster over and
over again. Diskriter has a huge turnover. H-U-G-E, both inside the main office and with transcriptionists. I couldn't take it any more. I was jumped from one account to another to another. I was told to work weekends and when I would work the weekend, I sometimes would not have any work. I actually made $23.00 one weekend after an 8 hour shift. I was fuming! They supposedly had all this work, but I certainly wasn't getting any.

I should state that I have been a Transcriptionist for 12 years, so it's not the quality of my work or lack of experience. When I first started with Diskriter, I was making my line count and my pay was not that great, but I figured I would stick with it. It just got worse. I left. I'm sure everyone has a different experience with them.
I'm not that poster above, but as far SM
as my experience with them went, he/she is speaking the truth.  I did a SmartSource account and then went to work directly for Diskriter and it was like night and day.  More like NIGHTMARE working for DR directly.  The PTO, the health insurance, holidays, everything was totally different and much less than when I was on the SmartSource account.  DR's ever-changing management was annoying because you never knew who was running what from week to week.
I think that poster was just trying to help SM
because if you wait for the administration to come onto a public bulletin board to address your questions, you will be waiting quite a while.
Not the other poster, but yes, I would say they-sm
have a lot of work that is actually worse than on the test.  I wouldn't recommend this job to anyone who doesn't have a LOT (and I mean a LOT) of ESL experience.  All of the accounts are pretty much the same, littered with these horrible ESL doctors.
Not the poster but
I got mine from transcriptiongear.com. You can buy it directly from the Instant Text website too. I paid 180 four years ago, but it was worth it. I have tried all the Expanders out there, and this one is by far the best!
For poster below not OP
poster below is right - MDI-MD
  where'd the little blue smiley guy with the thumbs-up go?
lol. Not as if I am the only poster who gets
Sure am! And also a certain poster on another
board, one who likes star trek. There was no alternative other than to make this move! My DH probably does not realize it is reality, and I am sure I will be told to bring in the money, anytime soon. But in the meantime, he can help me now. I sure would love to have e mail buddies. Just don't know if the e mail stuff works on this board right now. In the meantime, I will be here saying hi, this place and another have certainly gotten me through a lot lately, especially for companionship. THanks for all your kind words, that is for sure!
For all this poster said.
These could all be the same poster using a
showed how unprofessional she is by ranting on the other thread.  This is so yesterday. 
The poster below is right sm
BOS is fine and we have to have SOME sort of industry standards. HOWEVER, the account specifics have to trump the BOS every time. The client gets it how they want it, BOS to the wind. Now, if your QA person is always changing her mind, that is different.

I don't like she didn't want to go back after the fact and listen to your blanks. I don't care how she gets paid, that is a waste of time, period, end of that story, thanks folks. She may well be an idiot, if she actually thinks that saves her any time. It would increase her billable hours...still an idiot.

Take a bow, poster, take a bow....
Thanks for saving me all of that typing and waking me up.

For a fleeting second, I thought maybe I needed therapy because I actually ENJOY my job and make very decent money.

Again, BRAVO!!!
Thank you! The other poster obviously sm
has a reading comprehension problem.