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Take a bow, poster, take a bow....

Posted By: BRAVO!!!! on 2008-12-24
In Reply to: I'll add my 5 cents to your 2 for 7 cents sm - Flame me if you will

Thanks for saving me all of that typing and waking me up.

For a fleeting second, I thought maybe I needed therapy because I actually ENJOY my job and make very decent money.

Again, BRAVO!!!

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Hello??!! I'm the original poster! I think I can respond to the poster who replied to my original
Not that poster but

why was she rude?  I didnt see anything rude in her post.  So she got more lines than you, how is that rude?  I work at Transcend also and I got my lines in that I usually get.  I had to type a different shift of course.  I work different times of the day when it is slow and I always manage to make it. 

Also, the email that was sent out I think was very considerate.  Any other company, when slow ( and they ALL get slow), just slows down with no explanations, reassurances, or care. 

That's not what the poster said. Poster said
If the poster was hired at 8 cpl last year and makes 13,001 lines to qualify for the incentive (0.0025 cpl at 13,001 lines) that means the poster only makes 1072.58.  But the MTs hired after Nov. 1 at 10 cpl makes 1100.00 for only producing 11,000 lines.   Tell you what, that would freak me out if I just got hired there.  Because no matter when you get hired, in a few short weeks or months you're just the old worn out mare to them. 
Are you the same poster as below?
I appreciate your comments about new accounts coming on board in January and June. That is very likely.

The MTs here who are sobbing, as you say, and cannot have it both ways ARE the ones who did keep a fairly regular schedule and did for years, and now for the last couple months the rug has been pulled up from under them.
To the poster(s) below who is/are asking
about TransHealth, I am the one who answered your questions and got flamed for being honest.  This is exactly why I said before I will never put why I hated a company again.  I have no reason to lie, but just believe me when I say it is definitely in your best interest(s) to stay away from this company. They are the absolute worst out there and that is saying something!!
Not that poster, but I know what he/she SM

is saying because I have worked with a number of people over the years who will look you straight in the eye and tell you that they were the best transcriptionists and in fact they were terrible!  Usually they had a bunch of years in, but they had limited value - like typing only 1 type of work or had only worked at 3 little rural hospitals, like that.  They functioned well as long as the dictator was American and spoke at a normal rate of speed but they would never be able to do the kind of work a normal transcription service has.


Not the poster above, but that's how I met this
person. I had a problem and posted about it on this very board, and this person was so kind and caring and helpful. Nothing to do with a job - but with med transcription. She has been a mentor AND friend to many, many MTs for no financial gain whatsoever at all - thus anyone even bothering to post in her defense, let alone know who she is. She got nothing out of me, had nothing to gain from helping me - just went out of her way to help me, and I know has done the same for others. A really nice and professional MT - one who wants to help others newer to the field, etc. I don't see her post here anymore for a long time, and I just pray that she does not read the boards either. Really an all time low for MTs to post personal attacks on a person - I'm sure Admin isn't aware of it, or this whole thread would be in the trash where it belongs.
I think the poster was asking
what companies require you to use an FTP site to download your dictation files and send them back. I understand what you mean, but the company I work for does not require MTs to use an FTP site. I could be wrong, but I think that is what the OP was referring to.
this may be the same poster over and
over again. Diskriter has a huge turnover. H-U-G-E, both inside the main office and with transcriptionists. I couldn't take it any more. I was jumped from one account to another to another. I was told to work weekends and when I would work the weekend, I sometimes would not have any work. I actually made $23.00 one weekend after an 8 hour shift. I was fuming! They supposedly had all this work, but I certainly wasn't getting any.

I should state that I have been a Transcriptionist for 12 years, so it's not the quality of my work or lack of experience. When I first started with Diskriter, I was making my line count and my pay was not that great, but I figured I would stick with it. It just got worse. I left. I'm sure everyone has a different experience with them.
I'm not that poster above, but as far SM
as my experience with them went, he/she is speaking the truth.  I did a SmartSource account and then went to work directly for Diskriter and it was like night and day.  More like NIGHTMARE working for DR directly.  The PTO, the health insurance, holidays, everything was totally different and much less than when I was on the SmartSource account.  DR's ever-changing management was annoying because you never knew who was running what from week to week.
I think that poster was just trying to help SM
because if you wait for the administration to come onto a public bulletin board to address your questions, you will be waiting quite a while.
Not the other poster, but yes, I would say they-sm
have a lot of work that is actually worse than on the test.  I wouldn't recommend this job to anyone who doesn't have a LOT (and I mean a LOT) of ESL experience.  All of the accounts are pretty much the same, littered with these horrible ESL doctors.
Not the poster but
I got mine from transcriptiongear.com. You can buy it directly from the Instant Text website too. I paid 180 four years ago, but it was worth it. I have tried all the Expanders out there, and this one is by far the best!
For poster below not OP
poster below is right - MDI-MD
  where'd the little blue smiley guy with the thumbs-up go?
lol. Not as if I am the only poster who gets
Sure am! And also a certain poster on another
board, one who likes star trek. There was no alternative other than to make this move! My DH probably does not realize it is reality, and I am sure I will be told to bring in the money, anytime soon. But in the meantime, he can help me now. I sure would love to have e mail buddies. Just don't know if the e mail stuff works on this board right now. In the meantime, I will be here saying hi, this place and another have certainly gotten me through a lot lately, especially for companionship. THanks for all your kind words, that is for sure!
For all this poster said.
These could all be the same poster using a
showed how unprofessional she is by ranting on the other thread.  This is so yesterday. 
The poster below is right sm
BOS is fine and we have to have SOME sort of industry standards. HOWEVER, the account specifics have to trump the BOS every time. The client gets it how they want it, BOS to the wind. Now, if your QA person is always changing her mind, that is different.

I don't like she didn't want to go back after the fact and listen to your blanks. I don't care how she gets paid, that is a waste of time, period, end of that story, thanks folks. She may well be an idiot, if she actually thinks that saves her any time. It would increase her billable hours...still an idiot.

Thank you! The other poster obviously sm
has a reading comprehension problem.
I did not take as the poster

ripping apart the company, she just stated her experience with the company to date and her frustration.  I can totally understand her position, wanting to be hired by a certain company, applying with them, getting excited because they send you a form to complete and then nothing after that.  I have gone through the exact same thing but luckily once I did finally hear from the company, some months later, I had had enough people to tell me to run and RUN fast from them. 

Again, I just took it as her venting her frustration, as so many do, on this forum, just as you have with previous companies.  She did not give her name so it really makes no difference what she said about them.  I know that management from some companies watch these boards and hopefully some of them will take a hint if they read a post such as hers and change things .... yep and I am still waiting on that million dollar check from Ed McMahon. 

above poster
My company sends a 'thanks but no thanks' letter if you don't meet your line requirement. Maybe your company is heading in that direction with you.

Read your contract!
another poster
is really quick to judge when she has not walked in our shoes. I was told time and again that several huge accounts would be coming on in September and October. And who are you to tell anyone else what they SHOULD be doing. Please do not SHOULD on us, please. As to we will still have jobs. Some of us have too much integrity to sell out to working for people who offshore. I guess it is all in what you value.
another poster
Your self-righteousness is most unbecoming to you.
Regarding another poster
I don't think we should waste time on her. Remember that old Southern saying that you should never try to teach a pig to sing. You'll never succeed and it only annoys the pig.
Another poster
No people do not want sympathy and attention. They do want to be treated decently. Perhaps you do not understand the concept.
I don't think I am above everyone else. This poster...
chose to belittle me as being an ignorant housewife MT. I explained to her that I was not.

If you have owned your own MT business and have tried to treat your employees fairly, I am glad for you and sad that you are not in business anymore.

Are you not in business because you were undercut by companies offering rock-bottom line rates? If so, you should be mad, too.
What SHE said (poster above me)
Nicely put ;-)
I didn't see anywhere that the poster who was....sm
saying they're making $13.50 an hour editing works for Transcend.  Where-ever they work you should be giving them kudos for making more money instead of bashing them! 
Never said the poster was from Transcend
I said that explains why some would be happy making $13.50 an hour, doesn't necessarily refer to that individual poster.  Also, if thinking that the poster is a little naive for being happy at $13.50 an hour is considering bashing, then what she posted about the people upset for taking a wage reduction is bashing also. What goes around, comes around.
I suspect you are the same poster from sm

yesterday with all the anger and craziness in all your posts.  What you just posted is SUPER passive-aggressive.  You really do need to get professional help--maybe not with that poster's ex-husband, but with someone.

Typical of mentally ill - they focus on something completely irrelevant when someone asks them to get help.

There is WAY more to this story than this poster is saying.
Don't believe everything you hear about Transcend. The GOOD MTs like this company!
I think what that poster means is that SM

to ask for a job to do only 300 lines per day (which for an average MT is about 1-1/2 to 2 hours a day) and a specific kind of platform AND to just "hop on during the day" is just too unrealistic in today's world.

Most companies who hire for part time want a true part-time schedule, 15-20 hours per week, 600+ lines per day (versus normal full-time 1200 lines).

I mean, think about it.  300 lines a day is maybe 2 consults or 2 H&Ps, 1 psychiatric report....see what I mean?  It's really not much work at all. 

Yes, I think that is the reaction that poster is going for.
He/she/it goaded me to the point of wanting to pop his/her teeth out, too. I'm not old, fat, stupid, poor, toothless or ugly either. Oh, well. She/he/it needs to believe that the rest of the world is ugly, fat, stupid, toothless, and old to make him/herself feel good. The reality of the situation is that her/his true character is the reason he/she can't hack life in the real world. That's why he/she/it hides behind the mask of the Internet. Truly sad, to be pitied. It's a cry for help. Perhaps it's a case of the abused becoming the abuser.....
Ditto to the poster above!
I average on average transcribe 275-325 lph on Bayscribe. It is absolutely awesome. I am only part-time. If they offered bennies, I would be there full-time in a heartbeat. Pay is above average- excellent.
No, the above poster is correct. sm
Self-employment tax is Social Security like she said.  You pay the whole amount.  As an employee, your employer would have paid half of it.   When you get your yearly social security benefit projection statement, it shows you paid Social Security tax.
Did you notice that the poster said that was
make really good money with my own accounts.  I have made anywhere from $40,000 to $105,000 a year, just depending on what kind of accounts I had and how much I wanted to work.  If you don't believe it, it's no skin off my back.  There are lots of us who have done it and know.  There is a huge difference between 8 cpl working for someone else and 14 cpl working for yourself.
Not the poster, but that's part of what our job at QA
is - quality assurance. You would not believe, or maybe you would, the horrific work we can spot from some MTs when the job just happens to pass thru our hands due to a blank - say a missing doctor's name. We then take a quick glance and see the most horrific errors - wrong body parts, incorrect drug dosages - these MTs should NOT be allowed off 100% QA hold. Period. But, once off, its nearly impossible to get them watched regularly at all. I am regularly amazed at the poor quality of MTs - Americans - that's what the poster was referring to. And ALL MTS in a company should care - the horrible MTs are a threat to the security of the account, and the entire company. That's no joke. You could lose your own account because you have some fellow moron typing it.
Attention poster: Instead of ...
Instead of writing in ALL CAPS here begging for help, why don't you email the admin directly at Administrator: admin@mtstars.com

No one was harassing the poster. I was
just simply stating a fact. Giving the company's internal facts is not necessary. All that was necessary was to apologize and say that they would get back to people in a timely fashion. They did not need to give out their statistics. I do not call that harassment. I have never harassed a poster in my life. I just thought it would be a little more professional not giving out their statistics. You do not see other companies do that.
I disagree with the other poster. Have been with SS
for a year and I like it just fine. Pay is on time.  People are nice.  There is plenty of work.  Everyone of course has their own opinion though.
Everyone knows what the poster meant. nm
I agree with above poster.
They are the worst co I have worked with.
ICs are not liable for anything. What the poster above said.
If the doctors sign reports, it is their responsibility. We do not have direct hands-on patient care; therefore, we are not liable. Anyone who wants to make you think you are, you are not. It's an expense you do not need as an IC. If a company wants to hire ICs and they think it is necessary, then the company should carry it, not the IC. If they ask you to carry it, then don't work for them.
I agree with the above poster

Cheap pay, major lack of communication, nasty QA people, truly a bunch of backstabbers.  Run far and run fast.  Not worth your time or effort.

Hmm, is this all the same poster using different initials?
I'm not the same poster who posted above.
I didn't even come close to staying with them for three years.  I got smart and got out much faster than that.
the above poster appears to me to be a....nm

Not the original poster, but can I ask if you went
back to MTing from QA? I absolutely hate QA - I HATE IT. I feel like I am just a garbage collector of sorts. I miss transcribing so much. That was my gift. But everytime I mention going back to MTing, my acquaintances tell me I'll hate it and am moving backward. In a way, its easier physically, but I ACHE all the time as well. I never ever noticed that transcribing. I flitted in and out and made great $$. Now I just sit here for hour upon hour and its killing me, physically and spiritually! I would so appreciate any encouraging words from someone who truly understands!
It was just as unprofessional of the poster--sm
above to have asked who had been contacted by this company. The person who requested resumes to be sent has been harassed for the past three days trying to find out a name of the company. I guess she has had enough and I don't blame her. They probably weren't real names anyway. Sheesh!