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Does anyone know the name of a transcription company in Maryland that sends all of its work to

Posted By: MTVA on 2005-08-27
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India. Just curious.

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Any company who wants to stay in business sends work out
It is called a blended model.  Hospitals are demanding a better price and US companies must offer offshore work that is edited by US MTs to compete.  It is just like voice recognition, a company must offer this platform or lose the ability to bid on the work.  It is not for every hospital and it is not for every situation.  Therefore, if a company does not have the ability to offer a lower price with non-domestic labor plus have a  voice rec option, they will find themselves unable to compete in tomorrow's marketplace.  Those who cannot compete will lose market share and continue to run out of work.  Those who can compete will continue to hire MTs and grow market share.
And you're okay with working for a company that sends most of its work to India and

whose workforce is predominantly Indian?  You're okay with the loss of American jobs, the falling recession we are in and the falling economy due in big part to the offshoring of American jobs?  How okay will you be when you lose your job to an Indian and you have to apply for food stamps and unemployment?

Sell-out MTs like you are the reason good MTs cannot make a decent wage anymore, why good MTs cannot find a good job anymore, and why sweats shops in third world countries are thriving.  How do you look at yourself in the mirror?

Focus Infomatics employs 800 American MTs and over 3000 Indian MTs.  Tech support is in India.  The company itself is still run by the same Indian man who started the company and sold out to Nuance.  He made a bundle when he sold and he is still making a bundle running the company while he pays his own countrymen and woman peanuts!  He's selling out his own people and you are selling out yours!  On second thought, I guess you belong at Focus with your own kind!

I know, I know Medquist sends work overseas....but there is always work :)
Spheris sends most work to India. SM
They are most certainly NOT a company to work for, if you are a single mom.
Absolutely, sends work to India, Phillipines...sm
She's something alright, sending work offshore instead of paying someone in the US a workable wage. Name of company is Another Medical Must...owned by Renee Lella....look her up on Google and see how that's worked for her in the past, with a major leak of patient records due to dealing with the Indian company and their MTs. She trains her MTs most of the time using her cell phone in the car while doing errands or picking up kids...horrible. Bad, bad experience, never again. She looks at this board occasionally and still posts for job openings once in a while, but always under an alias or different name, sometimes maria...sometimes another name. Shifty.
Transcend sends all the good work to India and leaves all the
garbage for the MTs in the States so they can keep the indian slime working. n donkeys are that do the work. Transcend is not a good place to work
Anyone with any info on Aero Transcription out of Maryland?

Medware not only sends work offshore, but has offices in Bangalore to train MTs there.nm
if this is the same company that is based in Maryland - sm
they used to have an excellent reputation. That's all the info I have to offer.
In Maryland; that's the "MD" part of the company name.
If you mean MDI Maryland, no contest. Great company. NM
US Transcription - good company to work for or not?

Hi guys!!  Anyone out there got any information on US Transcription?  I am wondering what kind of company it is to work for.  Any information you can provide, good or bad, would be great.



MDI in Maryland is never out of work. nm
I work for MDI-MARYLAND, and we use Bayscribe.nm
Viva Transcription Company out of California. Does anyone work for this service. If so,
would you be willing to share what they pay?
Anyone know anything about Cbay out of Maryland and if all their work goes to India. Do they use any
American MTs or what is the deal.
MedWrite Transcription... anyone work/worked for this company can give me any info?

Anyone know anything about Cbay at all in Maryland. Do they only send their work to India.
Do a search. The Maryland one has more followers, but you need your own LD plan to work for them. nm
Transcend bought MDI, so if Transcend sends work offshore, so does MDI. nm
MDI-Maryland is an excellent company, pay on time all the time, great line rate.
I left also because I went out and got my own client(s).
They are very nice people.

The only negative I can think of were the e-mails from the owner say work, work, work, we are out of TAT.

Other than that, which is very minor, it was a good experience.
MQ definitely sends it out.
Yes, MQ definitely sends it out and
my prediction is that one of these days they will send it ALL out. I got out while the getting was good!
Another one, Interpro, sends a lot of theirs to India

as well as other locations outside the US

If STM sends e-mail to her 4 accounts
saying system is slow and then send another saying that if system freezes and we lose a report we can get paid for that, that isn't an ISP issue.   It doesn't matter if it is just one account, it happens to be my account and that is enough of an issue to me. 
My MTSO sends us normals for those few doctors

that you them.  They are usually a fill in the blank type thing with the doctors only giving the blanks, so there isn't much to mess up.   We do have a few normals that need to be modified and there are only a few MTs that get these dictators, because of the same issue your MTSO, that changes are not made, etc.   I am allowed to create my own normals and do.   If I have a doctor that needs to have the same normal, but occasionally does change things, I only have my normal including what is ALWAYS the same and then I have macros for statements that are frequently dictated that I can use to piece together the rest of the document.

I can't imagine my company forbiding us to use normals.  My company wants the MTs to be productive, because if they are producing they are making money and if they are making good money they are happy and the MTSO will have good retention of MTs, which they have had.  It also benefits the MTSO to have high producing MTs, so that they can have fewer MTs and less costs/hassle.




That's so the clients won't notice when AcuQuist sends
them, of course). It'll all look the same --- like it was dictated by a child, and transcribed by an orangutan.

I guess that's the tack their business model is taking: 'We're a player in the global game because we've lowered our standards to their level of mediocrity and ineptitude.'
Agree with Patti. MTOS sends 1099 as courtesy,
I dont answer the mass emails she sends out. What bothers me is we are not anywhere
near out of TAT and she just then sends out these mass emails and everyone piles on and runs the account out.  Then when you get a few more reports she does it again.  It just keeps going on like that.  I have no idea what the problem is.  I dont acknowledge the emails at all I just cant get a grip on why someone would function like that.  It is almost like she isnt happy until she runs the account out and then expect all the ICs which we are to sit around until it comes back in and then be at her beck and call.  It seems to be getting worse and worse lately with this.  She has taken the word control to extremes especially with ICs.  She expects you to let her know if you are going to move your butt of your computer for a half hour.  I just dont get it but it gets extremely old I must say.
how do we work it? Easy answer - work for another company. That happened with the company
I was working for. I would wake up at 4 a.m. AND ON THE WEEKENDS TOO because they needed "coverage" supposedly and I would sit until 9:30 or noon without any work. Sorry, but my rent of $1450/month could not be paid with only $57/day. So I got another job and when I got the equipment and everything, then I quit for the other employer.
you get a form to put in your name, email, and paste your resume. MTSpot sends it to the recipient
Merry Christmas to you too! I think it is great that Transcend sends out gift cards to employees.
I wonder how many other companies do that. Let's see, with over 1000 transcriptionists that is 25,000.

Again, thank you Transcend!
Transcend pays 3 cents per line on holidays, plus sends a handwritten card to all
employees. I have worked for many companies and I have never seen a company that cares as much as Transcend.

E-mail me if you'd like more information.
Anyone work for Oak Transcription or Nicholas Transcription- please e-mail me nm
Must be a small company. I have never talked to the owner of the company I work for. sm
He wouldn't have time. Why would someone talk directly to the MTSO? Most do not know (or care) about the details just the big picture.
US Transcription company
Has any one heard anything about US Transcription.  Or is there a good company out there to work for.  I am sick of Spheris.
They are also a transcription company too....
They have an ad posted here for help wanted. TIA
Transcription Company ?

Does anybody know of a transcription service that was hiring FT MTs to work at home?  They are located in Ohio.  I remember seeing it, but I cannot remember the name. 

Transcription Company
Maybe Cymed, they have an office in Ohio.
Any p.r.n. Transcription MTs here? (the company name is p.r.n.)
Specifics also, the pay, the QA, the platform, hours, etc.
Transcription Company
Hello all, by chance has anyone there heard of Brown and Myers transcripion services?  I really need some feedback.  Thanks.
I don't think this is a transcription company.
Found the website www.yoursafeandhappyhome.com. Then if you Google the lady who runs this site, you will see she is targeting SAHMs with all kinds of different WAH jobs. Tons of red flags on this one for me.
Does anyone know of a transcription company
that you can do training through and also work for?
TNI Transcription Company
Has anyone heard of this company, good or bad? I checked the archives, but couldn't find anything on it. Thank you.
OSi Transcription Company
Just curious if anyone can tell me if it is hard or not to get your line count in for OSi.  I'm currently in the process of taking the tests for the job.  I am working for MQ right now and it's horrible with getting your line count.  I make it, but I have to work my butt off to get it.  I was forced into MQ and now am trying to find something better.  Any information would be much appreciated.  Also, what's their pay like?  Thanks a bunch!
T-C Transcription Company

When I talked to the recruiter she said they paid for spaces.   I worked for a company that did not  pay for spaces now and I am not going to go that route again I do not think.  I think the pay for on the low side too for my years of exp.  She told me FT and PT get paid the same and only the third shift makes more.  Insurance was not bad and it compatible with what I am paying now.    The only thing that was told to me was 500 lines for PT.    I think I will ask more questions  before I fill out paperwork.  Thanks for input

Actually, I did run my own transcription company (sm)
I had 4 girls working for me, plus I did the transcription, payroll, getting the tapes and delivering them to the girls and delivering the transcription - yes I did not have digital.

The girls got what I got right across the board. I never, ever took a cut from them. I incurred my own expenses of gas, phone. That was it. I worked out of my home and did it.

As an IC, you have the right to charge what you think the job is worth. Do you shop around for a better price when having repairs done in your home? Do you automatically take the cheapest one? Or do you take the one that costs more, but has the experience and the know how to get the job done and get it done correctly?

That is my point. The MTSOs say they cannot pay above a certain amount when in fact I would bet that they can. Think about it. Not in a stressed out kind of way, but just think about it.
Company info on OSI Transcription

Has anyone ever worked for OSI Transcription?  If so, are they decent?  I just did the online transcription test and am awaiting their answer. I would hate to give up my local jobs for this one and find out they are not a decent company.



Company info on OSI Transcription
I've only been with them a few weeks, but so far, its been okay. Have had some minor issues regarding equipment and work, but these were resolved to my satisfaction by my manager. First pay was on time without any problems. If things continue as they are, I will probably be with them for a long while.
What can anyone tell me about eMTS transcription company. Thanks much.
does anyone know the best paying, fair, transcription company to work for.