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I have insurance through them. It is Unicare. It is less than what my husband's company charges

Posted By: KS MT2 on 2007-07-16
In Reply to: Keystrokes Insurance - Need2Know

It is high though, $487 per month for myself, my husband and 2 kids. DH's job wanted $940 per month.

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I like the insurance they have now. It is cheaper than the one that my husband's company has. s
They have been trying to get new insurance for over a year but do not have the participation requirement filled, as they have let everyone know. However, I spoke to a manager who told me that the one that they have been working on since December looks good, just taking longer than expected as they keep asking questions.

We have insurance through my husband's company and this year

our premium was only raised $3.00 and our benefits were improved. 

If you have pre-existing conditions you don't have lots of options, but there are lots of other options available otherwise. 


Aflac is supplemental only. KS has Unicare for health insurance. They have been sm
working on getting different insurance, but nothing yet. One that they were working with gave a quote that was a lot more than Unicare, so they started looking elsewhere again.
High insurance costs are a national problem, not just in MT. My husband's company sm
charges us $210.00 per paycheck for him, me and our 2 children. The deductible is $500, each visit costs us $25, prescriptions are $10 for generic and $25 for everything else. It is getting crazy everywhere.
I have insurance through my husband.
I like being an IC too, but when you have your own accounts, it is tough to take time off.  Plus, you have to be really regimented about working.  It is very easy to get distracted.  When you have doctors counting on you, then you just do what needs to be done and the money rolls in.  I have a big problem at this point being told to work set hours and do a set amount of lines or minutes, so I tend to like IC work!  True IC work with a company online is hard to find though.  Most of these companies want you to COMMIT to certain hours or certain minutes of dictation or certain lines per day, which in my personal opinion is not truly IC work.  Just my 2 cents. 
Insurance is no cost at all to my husband
and me thru teamsters, $20.00 copay when going to the doctor, PTO. That is the good part- now the bad- if he should die before me, no insurance for me. Well, since I am 10 years older, will possibly have Medicare before him, who knows??
I already have insurance through my husband's job, so I didn't need it.
I was told the new one will be less than $200/month. My husband's insurance is horrible and $800
Well, my husband has worked for the same company for sm
over 25 years and still only makes $11.75/hr. Try living below your means on that! It takes all of his income plus mine as an MT to even make ends meet. As for Dave Ramsey, he has some good points, but saving any kind of money on our income is practically impossible. And, as for giving up extras, like new cars, etc., we dont have any of those things either. We cant even go out to dinner once a month. Things have gotten very bad. No raises, but higher bills.

Okay, I'm done complaining now. Off the soap box!
The coverage for myself, husband and 2 daughters through his company is $762 a month. sm
My sister pays $480 for herself and her teenage daughter at a national MTSO (not Keystrokes).

I think it is going up everywhere. Maybe the Clintons were right.
If you are incurring OD charges, I don't think sm

you should blame it on the company you work for.  It's you who is writing the checks.  If you have automatic payments being taken out of your checking account, you should ask to have the transaction date changed to a date you know is safe.  The MT should (and I know how hard this is to do!) consider the extra 3-5 days' wait and budget accordingly.  And don't forget to allow for the check to clear, etc.  It's a hassle but if you get the chance to rearrange your bill payment schedule, it might ease up your situation somewhat.  (I'm not specifically addressing the OP, but whoever might be reading this.)

Some MTs think they should get their paper checks on the actual payday and then call their pay late when it arrives 3 days later. I became aware of this when this argument came on the boards years ago.  Some helpful MT explained how payroll works and that seemed to smooth out some feathers.   The MT should be aware that the company CUTS the checks that payday (the company has to be sure it has the funds in the bank to cover the checks, and the company, like us, has to wait for the clients' checks to come in and clear--the beat goes on), and mails them out at that time.  If you want to have your check in hand on payday day, why not get a job in a hospital or clinic? 

If you can, switch to direct deposit.  I believe you have total access to your money the day it's transferred to you, depending on the bank you use, I guess, rather than wait for a paper check to clear.  It's a difference between night and day.  But if you do have DD, take in consideration weekends and holidays getting in the way of things so try to budget for that, too.  And never assume you have the money in your checking account!  Call your bank (there is usually a number where you don't have to speak with a human) and get the date of the deposit before you start paying those bills. 

Hope this helps.  I never knew anything about this stuff until someone explained it to me.  Knowledge is power.  Yay, Us!! 

LD phone charges

AT&T/SBC did the same thing.  I've heard that Qwest and CenturyTel will also stop your service when they discover you are using it for data connections.  I've checked into VOiP but my cable isn't stable enough for all my phone service to depend on it.  I, too, am wondering if there are any companies that offer unlimited LD including data calls on a residence line. 

TransTech charges their MT's an

Is that the norm that the MT has to pay for using a company's computer?  I did not have to pay equipment rental fee with MQ or Spheris in the past. Transtech is the first company that I have ever worked for that charged for the use of their computer.  

Also, it is one of those monitors that sticks out about 18 inches to 24 inches in the back. Old, I think you would call it. Definitely far from a flat screen monitor.

what an mtso charges
Tell me, if you worked at McDonalds, would you feel it was your business to see their outlay for expenditures, to know how much they pay for hamburger and potatoes and figure out if the food is appropriately priced so that the $8.00 an hour you make is fair?

Being an MTSO is hard... damn hard on some days. The excuses of MANY MTs of I slept late, have an appt, don't work on Friday, have a headache/period/sore throat, sick kid, sick mom, sick dog, did enough for today, hate this dictator, hate this work type, can't use a dictionary or spellcheck.... that ALONE is worth a significant sum.

Not every MT is like that, but imagine if you have 50 MTs and 25 are, what kind of nightmare that would be.

This is not a zero overhead job for someone running a significant number of MTs and the cost of dealing with the MTs stated above as well as a client who is repeately- can't find that, meant to do it yesterday, have 100 docs doing backlog on top of the 12000 lines normally dictated today....

Wear the hat. Once you've done that, then I feel it's your business to know what a bid is going for. Once you've done that, then let's see what you think is fair to pay your MTs based on what you can charge a client.

I've worn that hat and it's why I'm happy as a pig in shit to be a grunt today.
The account I'm on uses Internet. There are no LD charges. nm


What your boss charges clients isn't
your business. Your agreement is what you are paid for your services.
but youre paying LD charges out of that, right? nm
Transform charges for errors
If you know who the insurance company
is, contact them. If that is who you have been calling, contact HR at your company. SOmetimes it does take a while to get the cards, as long as you have the information on the insurance company you can give to treating facility, if you need it, you should be covered.
tell your friend to file criminal charges - sm
bouncing a check is against the law (except in Florida - where you have to go to small claims court). However, in MOST states (before anyone jumps down my throat) - in MOST states it is against the law to bounce checks and it is taken seriously and the owner CAN BE taken away in handcuffs and the court WILL ENFORCE that they make good on the checks.
Sad but legal. My sister's employer charges
All support in our state has to be withheld from the paying parent's paycheck. She has to pay $10 each week for her company to do so.

Sad and unfair.
Anyone know what company OSI's health insurance is through?
Insurance question. The company SM

I now work for has something called consumer driven insurance.

I would like to know the names of MT companies that offer HMO or PPO. I do not care what the premiums are; just if they offer regular health insurance and not the above-mentioned type.

Please help. Thank you.

Just dealt with that with my insurance company
Makes me insane!! Health insurance issues are pretty important to me, especially when the bills are a couple thousand dollars. It would be nice to be able to understand what they are saying and be understood!
MQ charges $50/computer - $15/wave pedal - and rarely have
for you to make 12,000 a pay period. 
Looking for a company with affordable health insurance.
Anybody work for Proscript or DSG, can you tell me how much you pay for husband and wife coverage?  Thanks so much.
Great company and they pay employee insurance. nm
Need a company that takes out taxes and has insurance
I can't be an independent contractor because my husband is self employed.  One of us needs to pay for taxes and insurance.  Anybody know of some companies that do this that I could check out?
Dont you have to pay for internet and long distance charges from them because most of their accounts
are not on the internet. I think this is the company.
Oh really? What company do they carry their insurance with? Thinking of applying there.
Anyone know of a GOOD company with affordable health insurance?

Hi.  I am a 14+ year MT.  I love the company I am with but they offer NO benefits whatsoever.  Does anyone know of a company that is looking for a dependable MT that offers reasonably priced health insurance and would give at least 9-1/2 cents a line (which is what I am getting now). Any help would be greatly appreciated.  THANK YOU!

We all had to call in to the new insurance company last week. I was told that it will be sm
around $250 per single and that KS will be picking up a large portion.
family plan insurance - which company has the best prices? sm
pathetic and true -- I'm basing my decisions on that :(  i just can't spend 1200 a month on insurance.  HELLLP.
When you leave a company, is your insurance canceled immediately?

I'm assuming I'll still be getting my premium taken out of my check up to the end, so does the insurance go til the end of the month?  Want to make sure my daughter's dentist visit in Oct is covered, and 2 weeks notice would put me into October but I wonder if I should wait until after her appt for my last day.  Does anyone know? 

Oh yeah.... I got a new job!!!  I got a new job!!!


Sorry..I meant to say I called into the insurance company but forgot to ask about rates! (nm)

Survey - What type of medical insurance does your company offer?
Just curious about which company you work for and what type of medical insurance they offer.  HMO, PPO?  Cheap or expensive for you?
Does any company offer insurance to part'time employees? nm
No Long Distance Charges...they pay flat rate phone plan or use internet
Seeking company that offers good benefits including insurance.
Ideally, I'd like to find a company that offers medical insurance at a reasonable cost for family (under $500 a month) and a decent line count rate. Anyone have any ideas on this. Thanks.
Gosh..does this company start with an F. In any event, you need to double check with your insurance
provider to see the exact date the policy was cancelled. Sometimes, companies have to pay preminums ahead of time. I would just make sure and if they are still taking the money out, you need to send a certified letter telling them to return your money at the point you were paid up and the policy cancelled or reinstate the insurance. Why pay for something your not getting.
Me and my husband
are both independents. We went to a health savings account. We pay approximately $350 a month with a deductible of $5000. This sounds like a lot - but it was cheaper in the long run, compared to higher monthly premiums. Right now we visit the doctor very infrequently, I am more worried about one of us landing in the hospital as we get older. THAT I want covered.
Then L's husband perhaps?
I thought she owned, maybe her husband but no problem, still love working there.
Yes I will. My husband may be going
up that way in a couple of weeks - I may have him peek in on that company and give me a first impression thought.
What does what her husband makes have anything
to do with anything?
My husband is in sales...sm
He is in sales, plus makes an hourly rate. He is considered full-time and the healthcare takes a chunk from his pay, but is well worth it for our family of four with two children under 12 years of age. I'm so glad he gets commission checks once a month. Before this though, I was the breadwinner working a full-time job plus 3-5 extras at home, he was taking care of the kids and working part-time. This arrangement we currently have works out great as I'm home all of the time, but sometimes I do get lonely. I love this message board!
wow, they sure must take a lot out of your husband's check! SM
because with self-employment taxes, etc., it's in the 30+% range!!!!  I don't think I have ever known an IC who didn't have to pay taxes.  What is your secret???
My husband was sued for this
by a previous employer (not transcription) after he quit his job and took a job with a competing company with better bennys and $. It was a route/delivery type job.  He did sign a non-compete contract, but the judge denied their suite saying the company does not have a right to prevent a person for making a living. It was determined he was working an already established route and was not approaching the first company's clients, and therefore was not in violation. Of course every contract is different, but I can't imagine they can keep you from working.
How much is it for a wife and husband??? nm
Same here. My husband wanted to help me out
and encouraged me to try it, but I definitely could type faster.. Just could not stand being so slow...like with my crazy slow dial-up I'm stuck with, drives me NUTS!