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Well, my husband has worked for the same company for sm

Posted By: MichiganMT on 2008-04-15
In Reply to: It is not petty cash to us... - justlilolme

over 25 years and still only makes $11.75/hr. Try living below your means on that! It takes all of his income plus mine as an MT to even make ends meet. As for Dave Ramsey, he has some good points, but saving any kind of money on our income is practically impossible. And, as for giving up extras, like new cars, etc., we dont have any of those things either. We cant even go out to dinner once a month. Things have gotten very bad. No raises, but higher bills.

Okay, I'm done complaining now. Off the soap box!

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I like the insurance they have now. It is cheaper than the one that my husband's company has. s
They have been trying to get new insurance for over a year but do not have the participation requirement filled, as they have let everyone know. However, I spoke to a manager who told me that the one that they have been working on since December looks good, just taking longer than expected as they keep asking questions.

We have insurance through my husband's company and this year

our premium was only raised $3.00 and our benefits were improved. 

If you have pre-existing conditions you don't have lots of options, but there are lots of other options available otherwise. 


The coverage for myself, husband and 2 daughters through his company is $762 a month. sm
My sister pays $480 for herself and her teenage daughter at a national MTSO (not Keystrokes).

I think it is going up everywhere. Maybe the Clintons were right.
I have insurance through them. It is Unicare. It is less than what my husband's company charges
It is high though, $487 per month for myself, my husband and 2 kids. DH's job wanted $940 per month.
High insurance costs are a national problem, not just in MT. My husband's company sm
charges us $210.00 per paycheck for him, me and our 2 children. The deductible is $500, each visit costs us $25, prescriptions are $10 for generic and $25 for everything else. It is getting crazy everywhere.
A company is ONLY supposed to verify that someone worked there, what dates they worked, whether PT o
and last date worked. It opens everyone up to a lawsuit if more is given, so most companies are told by their attorneys and business advisors to verify only.

No one has a right to a reference, only verification of employment.
Best company I have ever worked for, and I have worked for a lot!
I can't believe some of the things these people say here, and have to wonder if it just the same person or two bashing. I have been at MDI for four years and I do not have a low workload and I get treated very, very well.
I think it is. He worked for my company
and this is the name he went by.  Might not be his birth name, but isn't just an internet moniker.
How do you know? Have you worked there? Maybe the company

just expects their MTs to do their job. Ever think of that?

I ask because I have worked for the same company

for 15+ years, and I don't like the way they are conducting their business right now.  So, I ask.  I think, like everything, you can take it with a grain of salt, BUT when you see a consistent complaint, then there is cause for alarm. 

I also want to know if a company pays fairly, keeps their word with regard to what is offered, if they have a high number of ESL doctors on their accounts, what type of transcription platform they use and is it easy to learn, and how quickly and accurately QA answers questions. 

Those are not things that can be observed from an ad for employment and instead come from the people who work for a company or have worked for a company. 


If this is the only company you have worked for then you don't know

there is any better out there.   I don't mean this to be ugly, but if you only have one year of experience you aren't qualified to be an editor, I don't care how good of an MT you are.  It just isn't enough experience and speaks tons for the quality of work that is produced.   Since I was also in QA I know the kind of work that is produced.   I've been in the business nearly 20 years and I'm still learning.  

I was actually offered a management position with SS after working for them for only 4 days, so obviously I'm good at what I do and they had no complaints with me.    Everything I said is/was true.

They were the best company I ever worked for (sm)
I left because I needed benefits of an employee position. However, they were the nicest QA. They left you alone. They didn't have the nonsense I've dealt with at Webmedx. I would have loved to have stayed with them if I could have afforded to. If you get your benefits from someplace else, they're really worth it.

What others are saying about having a hard time getting hired on is absolutely true, however. They don't have a dedicated recruiter, but instead have an owner who is wearing many hats including that of recruiter. I had to message her several times, call multiple times, and really pursue it to get hired on. I was persistent, and later I was glad that I had been.

I haven't been with them for many months now. They were a bit behind with technology, but not the worst. Being able to work whenever you want is definitely a huge plus.

I would highly recommend them still. Just know you've got to be persistent to the extreme to ever get past the resume/interview/email stage.
Anyone who has worked for more than one company can
tell you that every one of them - the good ones and the bad ones - have slow periods. Hence the concept of backup accounts. My backup account is actually p.r.n. with another company, and it works perfectly for me.
With every company I have worked for
you most certainly need the speed of DSL or cable to be able to do the work. I have DSL and mine still goes slow sometimes. There is no way it would work with simple dial up.

It's not the companies' fault that you do not have access to DSL or cable. I know some companies do not allow satellite, but there are many others that do so I would seriously look into that.

I worked for a company that had both

union electricians and pipefitters.  I did the payroll so I know what dues were.  Their dues way back then were steep.  If the union called for a strike the union did pay them for a certain amount of weeks, but not at full salary and if the strike went longer they were SOL. 

I know many people in unions who don't want to be in them, but due to their occupation have no choice.  In theory unions are a good thing, in reality not so much.  

If an organization like the former AAMT would have fought for us that would have made a difference.  Where does all the money go they get in dues each year?  It doesn't benefit me in any way, shape, or form.  They should us out.

I never worked for company, so was not SM
my bad experience. This person is a recruiter for Webmedx. She used to be recruiter for Spheris and she lies. I have never worked for Webmedx.
I have never worked for a company that
started one out on easy dictators. They have limited work-type, but not the dictators. They have given samples of any hard ones. If you are getting that many ESLs, then that is what they are getting also. Can't learn them if you don't actually do them.
I worked for a company
for eight years that finally decided to outsource to India, and when they did they decided to cut all their American transcriptionists pay to 5 cents per line.

5 CENTS PER LINE???? Shoot, I didn't even start at that fresh out of school. It's just ridiculous. The more ridiculous part is that some people actually stayed.
Who said I worked for that company?
Never did, imagination working overtime.
I worked for a company....
for 8 years and NEVER got a raise!  I even asked once and was told We don't give raises, you have to raise your production to get paid more.  Okay, so after 8 years on one job I am quite certain I've figured out all of the nooks and crannies, not gonna find a quicker way to type and I type fast already, so basically I NEVER get a raise!  I have heard of other companies that never get raises either, so just be thankful you got one:)
KS has been the best company I have worked for sm
thus far! The people there are great and sure there are slow times! Learn a different account. There is always a learning curve on any account one may get, hang in there!
Worked for company that was sold
I worked for a US company that was sold to an Indian company.  It was truly a nightmare.  No one had any kind of plan as to what was going to happen, there were management changes weekly, and in the end, nearly ever US MT was laid off or fired and nearly all of the work was sent to India.  Right after the company was sold, paychecks bounced, utilities in our building were shut off for nonpayment, expenses were not reimbursed, and even health insurance premiums were not paid and many people had no healthcare coverage for nearly a month. 
I worked for the same company the whole time and

just traveled for a year.  I downloaded via FTP site so as long as I had internet access I could work anywhere.  I have direct deposit so I didn't have to worry about that.   My family and I traveled through 34 states and Mexico and I worked the whole time.

Probably not what you were asking, but maybe something you hadn't considered. 

How long had you worked for the company? sm
I feel like a dolt for not doing any research on this company before beginning to work for them. I was already a bit apprehensive because they do not have direct deposit. Had you worked for them long before the problem with the paychecks? My feeling is, first check they miss, I'm outta here, but that does not compensate for the money already lost. :(

I worked for this company. The one thing they do have
Maybe you should ask for backup accounts, more than 1. They never run out of work, at least they didn't when I worked there 6 months ago. On the other hand, they have been hiring a lot lately. Can't hurt to ask for a backup.
Worst company I ever worked for.
Sounds files are horrific, worst ESLs ever (and I'm very good with ESLs and do greater than 85% ESL), all kinds of internal problems, etc.   If you look back for previous posts you do find an occasional good post about them, but you'll find 10 bad ones for 1 good one.   There have even been people who ignored all the bad comments and went to work for them only to come back here and post that the bad posts were right and they were sorry they didn't heed them.    There is always work because there is such a turnover in MTs.   I also worked in QA and was offered a management position with them and the quality of the work I saw was so bad that I had to pretty much retype every file.  
I second that-worst company I ever worked for also..nm
I have worked for both. It just depends on the company..sm
the smaller one treated me better, but pay was less, benefits were less, however, more flexible in scheduling and treated more like a person than a number. The bigger companies I have worked for pay better, better benefits, but you are treated like a number, not too much personal chit-chat with other employees or with your supervisor and not as much flexibility in scheduling. Depends on what you are looking for.
By all means ask. I once worked for a company and had
an extremely difficult account.  The platform was difficult, the company was very large and disorganized, sound quality bad, no samples, and lots and lots of very difficult ESLs.  I had several years of MT experience, but very little ESL experience and was way in over my head.  I turned in my notice and was offered another account that wasn't supposed to be as challenging, but was.   Anyway, if the MTSO wants to keep you, it is in their best interest to do whatever is reasonably necessary to make you happy.  Now if you asked to be switched multiple times that is a whole other issue. 
I had never had this happen until I worked for my last company -
Your story sounds very similar to mine. I wonder, does your company have initials that start with D by chance? My main account had a few ESLs, but nothing like what was on the backup accounts, which soon very nearly became my primary because I was assigned to do jobs from them every day. I would just finish a batch of them and here would come another! They seemed to be the worst ESLs and the worst reports under the sun. I went from an easy 1200 lines a day on my primary to scrambling around to get 1000 and working 2 extra hours on the secondary accounts.

It was not like that in the beginning for me either. Everything was fine. They used to ask how things were going, etc., and fairly distributed the work. Then the company grew really quickly and they just dished out whatever work to whoever was on at the time, with little to no regard if it was your secondary or not. I suddenly felt like I was being fed a steady diet of garbage because quite frankly, though I complained and fussed, I could wade through it.

Their idea is that the work needs to be done by someone. I am sure it is not personal. You are just a body to them. Just decide if you can deal with it day after day. After 6 months of this and it steadily getting worse, I finally decided to quit after nearly 2 years with them. There are companies out there who offer better work assignments and care about their people. Best of luck to you! :-)
But if you worked for a company that hired
good quality MTs in the first place, you would not have so many 100% QAs, right? Actually..I think I work in the same place : ( lol
POLL: Best Company You Ever Worked For!!
Love it there, best company I have ever worked for, NM
I work for them and worked for another company...sm
before them starting with them and was able to start with them at a later date (about a month after being contacted by them). It takes about a week or 2 to get the equipment so that you can set it up for the appointment for technical setup/support and training anyway. I've been with them now for 10 months and absolutely love it. If they contacted you for employment, then you definitely did pass their test. Good luck and welcome aboard!
Best company I've worked for. sm
The pay is a little low but it's worth it for good accounts and great management, not to mention the good benefits.
Seems like you have worked everywhere and have something negative to say about every company out the
a quite a few pages of posts as I have been off the board for a few months and your name pops up with something to say about just about every company.

You must be a wonderful person to work with. I am sure your employers love you and your horrible, the sky is falling, attitude.

Maybe it's time for you to leave transcription and find another field but obviously you hate everything about it. How can you live so miserable all the time?
Best company I ever worked for (6-7years).
I worked for a wonderful company. sm

It is pretty small and she will probably keep it that way.  She is the best boss, very knowledgeable and willing to share the knowledge, fair wages, sits right there every day typing or proofing along with everyone else, and she turned out to be a great friend.  I worked for her as long as I could but was making much more money doing radiology reports so made the decision finally to concentrate on that only.  We keep in touch and some day I may be back with her, who knows.    So, I would say not all companies are the same but the really good ones just may be harder to find. 

I never worked for MQ...another company with DocQscribe...
I worked for a company that sent us something made

in China with their logo on it every year, most of which I've Freecycled or tossed.  I'd rather not get something at all than get something like that.

KS pays me very well and while they aren't perfect, they are a very good company and have lots and lots and lots of work.  That is worth a lot more than a $25 GC at Christmas.  I wouldn't send it back if I were to get one, but a decent pay for the other 11 months is a much better gift. 

Have worked with his company for many years (sm)

The owner is a gem and a very caring person.  Pay is always on time, 15th and 30th. 

I worked for one company that did not pay for any templates.

The client had many templates. When I started I received pages of templates with the codes.  It was after my first paycheck that I was informed that the company did not pay for any templates.  You know they were charging the client full price and guess who was pocketing the profit?? 

I worked for a company that stopped DD as JLG did. They
went belly up a short time later.  The company was local to JLG.   I didn't buy the bank instability crap that was being posted about JLG.  I personally don't know any details, but having been through a similar situation I would be VERY concerned. 
Worst company I have ever worked for
I recently worked for Central Transcription Services (CTS) out of Michigan.  My account manager was great.  The pay was great - when I finally got it.  I don't know if they have cash flow problems or just poor management, but they NEVER  paid on time.  My last check there was 12 days late, which is why it was my last check....I quit!
I worked for a company in the past that was having

financial problems.  They wanted MTs to quit so they didn't have to pay unemployment and they would give me the worst of the worst.  I refused to quit, they would have to fire me, but when it became clear that my check might not be good for much longer I quit and they were out of business about a month later.

I don't know if they can manipulate TAT times, but I am getting work that is only minutes old.  I know they don't get a lot of work at one time so I don't really think they are hand-picking stuff.  I work my schedule, when there was OT I worked extra every week, my QA scores have never been below 99.8 and I feel like they want to keep me.  I'm not paranoid, but I am frustrated.  On my accounts I know what the situation is, but I wish they would keep us regularly informed about what is going on.  I don't want lies, but a little reassurance sure would help. 

sounds like the company I worked for
Happened to me, too. By any chance, is this company located in Colorado?
I hear ya. Never worked for a company sm
who ran out of work so much in my life. Four accounts and no work again. It's so disgusting anymore. I am out of here as soon as I find something else.
I have worked for the company seven years now
and love the job!  The owner works directly with you until you are on your own typing the work, and you have communication with all transcriptionists whenever you need help with something.  I never have to wonder if I will get paid, as the check is always sitting in my mailbox within three days after the pay date.  There are only a handful of people that work for this company, so it is one of those dream jobs that you never want to let go of after you have it!  I have read all of the negative posts regarding this position, and the people who wrote the comments obviously do not know what they are talking about, yet they still seem to feel free in sharing their negative views.  What's up with that?  It makes me very angry to see that this company is continuously being bashed each time the help-wanted ad is posted, but I guess that type of thing is to be expected from those that know they are not qualified to do the job.  Some people are obviously quick to jump on the bandwagon when it comes to bad-mouthing companies after they have tested poorly or are told the work has been given to someone else.  If you are qualified for the job, it is one of the best ones out there, so use your own judgement when it comes to applying for work.  Otherwise, you might just miss out on one of those dream jobs!
I've never worked for such a good company
I was contacted immediately after I tested. I wanted part-time work at night to try them out, so I worked 20 hours a week for them. After a month, I quit my other full-time job and went with them full-time. I've never seen such a fast platform. The benefits are incredible compared to other companies and the work is excellent. Good communication and accessability with co-workers and supervisors. Extra bonuses for what we had to do normally at other jobs. Direct deposit. company contributions to 401K. Earn vacation money from your first day on the job, and you don't lose it when/if you leave. I'm extremely happy with them.
TransTech is the best company I have ever worked for. I have been here two years
and can't say enough good about them. I know that they are owned by some former L&H people. They are adding new accounts like crazy and are always hiring.
OSI lied when a company I worked for outsourced to OSI and .......
The gentleman representing OSi was present offering five of us a job with OSI. I point blank asked the gentleman if OSI outsourced their work, because I did not want to work for a company who outsourced overseas. His response was, No they did not; however, if they ever felt the need to do so because a client specifically requests them to do so, they would have to consider the client's request. I had just cut out an article not three days before that meeting where an OSI executive stated they were outsourcing accounts to overseas. I did not have it with me because at the time of the meeting, we did not know that the meeting was to tell all of us we were outsourced, no more job, see ya or I would have shoved the article in his face after his answer. Of course, I had no intentions of ever working for them, but just wanted to see what people like that say when directly asked. Oh well, if that is how they run their business, it will catch up with them eventually.....