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I worked for them previously. Very good, growing co., wonderful MTSO, average pay but lots of work.

Posted By: nm/MTinGA on 2005-10-13
In Reply to: MTinGA...Do you work for Transcription Connection in Ohio? (sm) - Curious MT


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Would work for JLG before Transcend, having worked at both previously. nm
Anyone work for Transcription Connection in Ohio? I worked there previously & am wondering
They are growing, growing, growing! The best MT company I have ever worked for!
Give them a try. 
I worked there previously as well.....
Everything the above poster said is pretty much right on.  The QA is really irritating, there are two of them and one is extremely nice and helpful and the other one does correct punctuation that shouldn't even be corrected.  The format is in Word and the Word punctuation will say it is correct and after the QA corrects it, Word will actually say that is wrong, but QA will say her way is right.  I have even spent time searching for the puncutation rules that maybe she goes by and never any luck.  QA is a little inconsistent as well, such as they do things a certain way for a while and with no notice, it is changed and you are marked off for that.  Other than that.........I never even spoke to the owner of the company in the whole 2 years that I worked there, the only issue I had was lack of work more often than not.
The MTSO does it by growing themselves a spine
instead of constantly trying to undercut the other guy. If all MTSOs stuck together, and charged more across-the-board so that they could pay their workers decent wages, clients would have no choice but to make their cuts elsewhere.

As long as the MT industry dontinues to delude itself with its gas-station-price-war business practices, they'll continue to shoot themselves in the foot when it comes to not being able to get quality workers, that in turn bring them the quality clients.
Owner previously worked for MQ
Need I say more
If anybody has worked there previously can you please email me? sm
This would fit me well, but I have read a few negative remarks. 
Can I ask who you worked for previously. It may have been on one of the accounts or companies I
worked for..When I went to work for that one and ended up making $9 an hour, I was so disappointed because I figured since I was a high producer at my other job and made big money plus I had experience and needed no training on the platform I was sure I would be doing well. I am more convinced than ever that they fix the line counts. They have to or there would not be the huge difference. Of note also was that the low paying one was the easiest. The account was a walk in the park so I really thought I'd make a great living as the other job was a lot of ESL etc. Boy, was I in for a shock.
MTSO has taken "our wonderful pets" as a
And if that is ok with you and you just live for an occasional pat on the head, that is your choice.  I chose to move on and live a live befitting a strong woman, making my own decisions, making my own money (and as much as I think I am worth) and not being a slave laborer to any company. 
Yeah, be careful. I worked for MTSO that "said" they paid for spaces. I had to work really S

hard for my lines.  Took a second job part-time with hospital, same platform (EXText), same font size, etc. and did the same amount of lines in half the time.  Decided to look closer at the MTSO and found out they weren't counting spaces.  I confronted them and all of sudden.  Got lots of apologies and will add to your next paycheck.  Long story short, never happened and I never had any work after that. 

There are a lot of unscrupulous MTSOs out there.  They lie, cheat, and steal!

Posts from the last 2 yrs said not a good place to work. Lots of MTs
YOG before MQ -- lots of work and good income back then. nm
Wonder what the *average* MTSO VP's salary is...
And if PB is paid more or less than *average*... javascript:editor_insertHTML('text','');javascript:editor_insertHTML('text','');

Too bad the MTs don't get to vote on THAT decision. Instead, if this is all true about a pay cut, the MTs are going to give up what once was a better than average cpl rate so PB (and JH) can keep on making the big bucks and keep on doing whatever it is they do.
Wonder what the *average* MTSO VP's salary is...
And if PB is paid more or less than *average*...

Too bad the MTs don't get to vote on THAT decision. Instead, if this is all true about a pay cut, the MTs are going to give up what once was a better than average cpl rate so PB (and JH) can keep on making the big bucks and keep on doing whatever it is they do... but they'll be doing it with less capable MTs. Good luck with that, ladies.
Good company, lots of clinic work, pay on time.
It depends how fast they are growing. I worked for a company in New York that sm
had 5 new accounts start, 1 a month for 5 months, that were all very large and needed 20+ MTs. They are now a larger company and do not constantly need new MTs, but I think it is unfair to judge a company by how many people it is hiring. I think it would be interested to find out how many are new positions and how many are due to MTs leaving and why they left.
They are wonderful! Pay on time, work always available, wonderful
How are the MW accts that use the ExText? Good sound? Lots of work? Acute care or clinic? Thx. nm
Ads all over jobs board because they are growing and need good MTs.
Three new accounts that I know of recently and more scheduled to come on. Started here as an MT and then moved to QA. Just like any place, there is good and bad but I can't imagine working anywhere else.
I worked for a wonderful company. sm

It is pretty small and she will probably keep it that way.  She is the best boss, very knowledgeable and willing to share the knowledge, fair wages, sits right there every day typing or proofing along with everyone else, and she turned out to be a great friend.  I worked for her as long as I could but was making much more money doing radiology reports so made the decision finally to concentrate on that only.  We keep in touch and some day I may be back with her, who knows.    So, I would say not all companies are the same but the really good ones just may be harder to find. 

You sound so positive, which is wonderful. I have worked my...
tush off learning this, too. In the last 5+ years I have had 1 week-long vacation (that's all) and other than that have regularly exceeded transcription goals for my companies. My average is about 7000 to 8000 lines a week which is well above what most companies expect.

Like you said, it is blood, sweat, tears, and NOT so easy. I just want to work somewhere where I can be excited about my job, too. Congratulations to you for landing your perfect job.
I worked there for a short time. Wonderful company.
I went and got my own clients, so I couldn't do both. Pay was adequate and on time by direct deposit. I had a teaching hospital, good account, some difficult ESL, some not so difficult. Bayscribe platform is okay, had to get used to it. I personally was not fond of it, but to each their own.

The long distance phone service was not an issue. I used the Verizon unlimited LD and regional plan $49.99 per month.

All-in-all, my experience was good while there. Every company has their ups and downs. It all depends on what your individual needs are and how far out of your comfort zone you want to go.

Good luck!

Very good place to work. When I worked there
I was paid $0.10 Canadian per line with spaces.  That was before the US dollar went below the Canadian dollar.  I think they hire mostly US MT's as there aren't enough in Canada.  I think you can also get employee status there.  Great bunch of people.  I would highly recommend them.
I don't think we work at the same place, but I have been working lots and lots of hours.
Very thankful to have a decent job.
Good owners, average-low pay, good dictators sm

Send out checks the next business day after they receive the bill.  Only work when you want.  It's a nice p.r.n. position.


Oh good. She is wonderful
and extremely helpful.

Everybody there is, but when a new account starts up, they are quite busy, which can't really be helped, I'm sure.
Good for you!! Wonderful attitude! nm
Sounds good to me! Wouldn't it be wonderful to (sm)
type something every once in a while that is a little more interesting! Might help me keep my eyes open during the day.

Wonderful! Good luck and keep us posted!
Small but growing company, great to work for
Really sharp owner, great QA.
Hello other ex-Genie. YOG was a wonderful company indeed. I didn't know how good I had it. Those
I have hit 600 on a good day, usually average between 350 and 450 sm
a lot depends on the account and how much actual editing you have to do.
Lots and lots of work. You will love
I did some overflow work for Landmark.. they are wonderful to work for.. very nice people.. pay was
Anyone use the Merit platform with MW? Good, bad, average? nm
Great company, better than average pay, good

benefits.  The account that they are hiring for is a very challenging, high volume ESL account.  Some people do okay on it, others just aren't able to do the work.   The platform is Lotus Notes, but basically you type in Word, use SpeedType (same as ShortHand).  They provide all hardware/software.  They are pretty strict on schedule, not much leeway, though if you need off for an appointment there isn't a problem.  QA is strict, minimum QA score is 98.5, 1200 lines/day.  Good tech support.  You get your QA'd reports back daily.  Lately there has been a lot of OT on the weekends.

They are making a transition to something similar to VR.  They are starting out slow with one account, one work type, but within a year hope to transition more accounts. 

They pay for downtime.  Pay is DD, always on time and correct. 

Anyone have a good average for getting paid by the minute?
I have never worked this way so what is a good rate for cents/audio minute?
Wow! How many MTSO's have you worked for??? LOL!
QT Medical is a wonderful small company. Very friendly and flexible with good dictators. sm
I have to be honest that I know nothing about the health insurance as I do not carry it. Anyway, they are an absolute wonder of a company. Apply at www.qtmedical.com
Call them. I have lots of work, had lots of work
during the holidays too.   I don't know who routes the work, but one of the office people is on vacation this week.   I occasionally have to call to get work depending on what hours I'm working, but I have never not gotten work when I've asked for it.  
All good. Computers they supply $20 PP. Average pay, but GREAT support!
Work load consistent. Nothing bad at all to say. LOVE THEM!
They used ExText, Shorthand worked, employee, forget 10 cpl, and lots of
Never worked for that place, but sounds like old MTSO
I worked for a southern Pentecostal MTSO, and
she NEVER mixed business with religion because that would be interfering in our personal lives, and she was too respectful to ever do anything like that. I think it's pretty ignorant of you to take your specific experience and paint a whole region that way. I believe the correct term for that is 'prejudice' and I find it disgusting.
Wonderful to work for
MDI is great!  They have a large variety of WT from acute care to clinic to private.  I cannot speak for others regarding line rate, but I started at 9.5 cpl 2 years ago. There has always been plenty of work for me and I am sure that is the case all around.  The owner, team leaders, and operations are the best people I have ever worked for or with, and I have been in this profession for over 30 years. 
Great company -- good benefits, average pay, easy-to-achieve sm

incentive tier, ExText platform, pay by direct deposit every 2 weeks, always on time.  The people in management seem to genuinely care about the employees, which is a nice plus.  I have been there since October and am very happy.  Of course, one man's paradise is another man's hell it seems at times, but it is a good fit for me.


Good luck! 

I worked for a small local MTSO for 10+ years, through

3 owners, and I trained the last 2.  The MTSO is a man.  He is extremely disorganized, just wants the job done, not interested in providing samples, doctor's lists, etc.   Frequently doesn't answer e-mails, not recognition for MT week.  I lost 3 close family members within a short time, never got a card, a plant, or I'm sorry.  When I worked there I did acute care and I didn't need samples, lists, because I had been there for so long I had the info or knew where to get it, but when this MTSO came on the scene things changed.   He lost the account to MQ, who has since lost it to CyMed, and he got a bunch of clinic accounts.  I left because I didn't want to do clinics, but I would occasionally do overflow for him.  He was always calling me because I wasn't doing something right, but he never gave me samples or answered my questions, so I did the best I could under those circumstances.  Pay is 7 cpl per gross line, which is 1 cpl more than I started out making 10+ years ago.  Never hear from him unless there is a problem or he needs a favor.  Checks are mailed and even though he is about 12 miles away it can take 3 to 4 days to get my check. 

I currently work for a small national (about 50 MTs).  Pay is better, MT week is recognized, my BD is recognized, Christmas is recognized.  Not that I expect these things but it is nice to feel appreciated.  I get an e-mail or phone call every few months thanking me for all my hard work and going above and beyond when they get in a bind, etc.   Pretty much left alone to work otherwise, but provided with any information needed to do my job.   I have direct deposit.

I briefly worked for YOG for a few months prior to their selling to MQ and it was the most disorganized company.  I didn't know who did what, couldn't get samples, had to frequently call for work because even though I was cleared by QA and should have been getting pooled work I wasn't.  Deducts if too many blanks.   I still had them calling me to work extra 6 months after I left.


Worked PT for a while a few years ago. Very honest MTSO who has had her accts
TSSC is a wonderful co to work for for ICs. sm

Guess it just didn't work out for the poster above.  

I work for KS. Its a wonderful place

to work.  You are treated well, they listen to your concerns, pay is on time.  If for whatever reason, you don't like your account, just ask for another one.  If your good, they want to please you so you will stay with them.   It's in the top two on my list.  Spheris, oh no.   You have to get used to taking tests for these companies, that's just the way it is.  Test and wait, test and wait.    Good luck.


Lots of changes there right now, not good. nm