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It's not word based - keystroke combos are different. NM

Posted By: New at WMX on 2007-10-03
In Reply to: Their own platform. Shorthand, Word based. nm - Queenie


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I just did a Google on Keystroke Pro and they are based in sm

The UK but do work in the U.S. too.  I could not find much except their website. 

Keystrokes Transcription Service in Illinois has customers and transcriptionists all over the United States with no work sent out of the country.  This is off their website.  There are too - www.WeTypeXray.com and www.KeystrokesTranscription.com.

Happy Weekend!

small to medium company that works in Word or Word-based program - email me. nm
anyone work for Oracle - do they use Word or a Word-based program - e-mail me nm
Does the Emdat platform use Word or is it Word-based? nm
The platform is not Word, but it is Word-based. I
had little Word experience and the recruiter told me to try to find a book to learn the basics of Word as their program is Word-based. 
It can if it is word based
Any word based Expander can be copied over into Medware.
DVI - MS Word based
But I thought that was not Word-based. Is it? nm
Is Emdat word-based?
Is that a Word-based platform?
I just applied for that position and they e-mailed me with some questions.
Meditech word-based?
Anyone working for company that uses this?  From my understanding they count lines according to the amount of minutes you type.   Those of you experienced on this version of Meditech, please share some insight.  Thanks.
Word based platform
Are there any GOOD companiesthat work on a Word-based platform?
they run off a word-based platform
it's not very stream-lined and kinda klunky, but efficient enough.  I know they've made recent updates to make it run a little faster, but there were times when i would spent two to three minutes after filling out the screen waiting for my work screen to appear. 
What is Iscriptor (Word based??) and ... NM
No, it's not Word based at all, totally different...nm
Their own platform. Shorthand, Word based. nm
Sounds great! Is it Word-based?
I am totally clueless about it!
yes, it is word based. And very user friendly. IMO.
It's Rapid Text-a Word-based
program. It has most of the templates built in. Very user friendly. Pretty much, if you can type in Word, you can use this platform.
MT-World Transcription - which is word-based. nm
Is the platform good? Word-based? Is the new
position still recruiting? Just passed the written and doing the transcription next..
?If it's not Word-based, it shares a lot of the same commands..sm
So whatever. Ctrl-C, V, X, etc. Agree it can be slow but has gotten better. By far not the best I've used, but also not the worst. Almost last, though. ShortHand is crap, but you can use IT. Good luck.
Word based expanders work with Merit
Hope that helps
Word-based, expander included, easy to use...NM
iType is word based, iText Expander SM...
is included in the program and it works great for me. They were able to import my old PRD files right into it. Cost zero. You do need your own spellchecker. Pretty good program, reasonably MT friendly.
Do they use MT-World software? Is it Word based? Easy? Productive? Thx. nm
It is their own platform but not word based. Shorthand is the macro stuff.
Pretty decent place to work.
What in your experience is the most efficient Word-based radiology platform to work on? nm
RE: What in your experience is the most efficient Word-based radiology platform to work on? nm
Similar. ExText is Word based. I prefer it to Meditech for ease of use.nm
Is Apex an internet word-based platform? Havent heard of it...
It does work, you do not need to "make" it work.. it works in all word based programs.
Yes, it's totally word based, but it's also totally slow.
I haven't had a very good experience using dictaphone EXText. I wouldn't recommend anyone work on this platform. I don't know how anyone can say this is a very productive platform in any way whatsoever. Actually, it is the worst I've ever worked on. I like Bayscribe, DocQscribe, and many others over this setup.
pay by keystroke
Pay by keystroke?  Anyone familiar with this.  I am concerned as I have only been paid in the past at cpl.  I am currently being paid 10 cpl which I know is good in today's market and don't want to take a cut.  I type approximately 1800-2000 lines per 8/hour shift.
keystroke pay
How does word Expander fit into this kepstroke pay approach?
means just that, you are paid for the keys you actually hit.  Thus "tp" with word Expander becomes "the patient" but you will be paid only for the "tp" you actually typed.  I expect this to be universal in the not too distant future.
keystroke means everything typed - characters, spaces, punctuation. I work for them and have found it to be right on par with getting paid on a per line basis.
If they pay by the keystroke, does that mean
that you don't get paid per character when using ShortHand or a PRD? For example, I'm thinking that if you typed asap for as soon as possible you would only get paid for 4 Keystrokes (the asap)?
The platform is Word. Their program works with Word but does not change how Word works. nm
The benefits just changed the first part of this month. I don't have them but I remember them being reasonabl for a single person. Family and spouse was not reasonable in any way (in my opinion).
Info. on Keystroke Pro?
Anybody know anything about Keystroke Pro?  I believe they are based in the eastern U.S. and do mostly radiology accounts.
Info. on Keystroke Pro?

Thanks for the information.  I wasn't looking for a job there, they just left me a message about doing work for our acute-care radiology department and I was just curious since I had never heard of that particular company.

Appreciate the response!



Keystroke treads - sm
Wonder how long before the threads about Keystrokes will stay on this board before they are removed, like all the rest disappear?
Keystroke expanders
Can anyone recommend a keystroke Expander software program? I have heard Instant Text and Shorthand are good.
getting paid by keystroke/DRC
I realize now there is a company named Keystroke, and I am not referring to that.  I simply want to know what it means to be paid by the keystroke and how this correlates to cpl pay.  Anyone with input on this?  Is this different from being paid by the character and what happens with word Expander programs?  Thanks.
Keystroke clarification..
I mean being paid by the keystroke, not the company Keystroke.  Sorry for the confusion.
Keystroke MT: E-mail me please if -
you work on an OPs account only.  Looking to find happy Keystrokes people on Ops accounts.  Never met an unhappy KS person :) but would like to speak to someone who does the above type account.  Thanks!!!
Keystroke Info
You may a wise choice, and welcome to Keystrokes! I will try to help you. I have only been there since January myself, so I cannot help on the day off question. However, there will be new health insurance in place by the time you are eligible. The owner of Keystrokes is working diligently to get the best rates and coverage. We still don't have that information yet, but we are reassured that we will be pleased with the new insurance. We also just started with AFLAC, but, again, I am not eligible for those benefits yet. I hope you get your other questions answered. I am very satisfied with company and hope to retire here. The owner actually encourages you to contact her with any concerns you need addressed. Again, welcome to Keystrokes!
Keystroke posters
It could also be because when they post questions on the other board which they are given access to when they begin working for KS - they are required to use the KS initials so that their supervisor can check up on them and see if they made an inquiry to the MTdaily board before leaving a blank.  Then if they haven't - it's a reprimand.  Been there - done that - glad it's over.
this must be a Keystroke representative...
Keystroke Questions
Have been an MT at MQ for 9 years, thinking of applying at KS where the MTs seem to be much happier.  MQ provides all equipment so I am wondering just what I would need.  I make 9 cpl now, would their pay be comparable?  Would I need to purchase an expander?  Do they pay less for editing? Any help is appreciated.
If every keystroke is counted, how could it not