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MT-World Transcription - which is word-based. nm

Posted By: anon on 2008-01-30
In Reply to: Radiology MTs at Zylomed... - RadMT


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Do they use MT-World software? Is it Word based? Easy? Productive? Thx. nm
small to medium company that works in Word or Word-based program - email me. nm
anyone work for Oracle - do they use Word or a Word-based program - e-mail me nm
Does the Emdat platform use Word or is it Word-based? nm
The platform is not Word, but it is Word-based. I
had little Word experience and the recruiter told me to try to find a book to learn the basics of Word as their program is Word-based. 
It can if it is word based
Any word based Expander can be copied over into Medware.
DVI - MS Word based
But I thought that was not Word-based. Is it? nm
Is Emdat word-based?
Is that a Word-based platform?
I just applied for that position and they e-mailed me with some questions.
Meditech word-based?
Anyone working for company that uses this?  From my understanding they count lines according to the amount of minutes you type.   Those of you experienced on this version of Meditech, please share some insight.  Thanks.
Word based platform
Are there any GOOD companiesthat work on a Word-based platform?
they run off a word-based platform
it's not very stream-lined and kinda klunky, but efficient enough.  I know they've made recent updates to make it run a little faster, but there were times when i would spent two to three minutes after filling out the screen waiting for my work screen to appear. 
What is Iscriptor (Word based??) and ... NM
No, it's not Word based at all, totally different...nm
Their own platform. Shorthand, Word based. nm
It's not word based - keystroke combos are different. NM
Sounds great! Is it Word-based?
I am totally clueless about it!
yes, it is word based. And very user friendly. IMO.
It's Rapid Text-a Word-based
program. It has most of the templates built in. Very user friendly. Pretty much, if you can type in Word, you can use this platform.
Is the platform good? Word-based? Is the new
position still recruiting? Just passed the written and doing the transcription next..
?If it's not Word-based, it shares a lot of the same commands..sm
So whatever. Ctrl-C, V, X, etc. Agree it can be slow but has gotten better. By far not the best I've used, but also not the worst. Almost last, though. ShortHand is crap, but you can use IT. Good luck.
I think MT-World is a software "shell" that works around your Word program. Does anyone know f
Word based expanders work with Merit
Hope that helps
Word-based, expander included, easy to use...NM
iType is word based, iText Expander SM...
is included in the program and it works great for me. They were able to import my old PRD files right into it. Cost zero. You do need your own spellchecker. Pretty good program, reasonably MT friendly.
It is their own platform but not word based. Shorthand is the macro stuff.
Pretty decent place to work.
What in your experience is the most efficient Word-based radiology platform to work on? nm
RE: What in your experience is the most efficient Word-based radiology platform to work on? nm
Similar. ExText is Word based. I prefer it to Meditech for ease of use.nm
Is Apex an internet word-based platform? Havent heard of it...
Word for Word Medical Transcription
Pros and cons please.
Welcome to the world of transcription.
That's how it is when you work for someone else.  Try to get your own accounts and then you will have the same physicians over and over again.  Good luck with the ESL's; they're tough... 
Welcome to the world of medical transcription

I think from what I've heard, SmartMed uses a program called Summit.  I don't know what the line count requirement or what insurance costs.  Maybe you could Google Summit transcription platform. 

Welcome to the world of service transcription. sm
Doubt very much the service was thinking of the MTs when acquiring the account. They're after the account first and foremost.

It is the norm for them to ask the existing MTs to sign on to the service. No need to feel paranoid. This is just the way the business goes. You'll need to adjust to production transcription rather than hourly to make any money.

Good luck to you.
World Direct Transcription
I have been offered a job with World Direct Transcription out of Chicopee, MA.   Does anyone have any information on this company?  Thank you in advance!
World Direct Transcription...
Hello all, any information on this company would be greatly appreciated.  I was offered a position with them, but I am having a hard time finding any info about it, the good or the bad.  I really want to make sure that I am accepting a position with a reputable company, so if anyone has any recent experience here, please let me know!  Thank you so much
Well, hope everyone is having a productive day in the transcription world. Nm
It does work, you do not need to "make" it work.. it works in all word based programs.
Was I dreaming, or did TT say they were going to be going to their own web-based transcription
platform? I swear I was told this, but can't remember when or by whom.

Also, has anyone ever asked to switch accounts? Are they ever open to this?
$0.05 per line for editing, 0.065 for transcription IS 3rd world wages.


any info on Transcription Services, LLC based in NC?

It is VR.  Would greatly appreciate any info from anybody  that is currently employed with them or has been in the recent past.



Yes, it's totally word based, but it's also totally slow.
I haven't had a very good experience using dictaphone EXText. I wouldn't recommend anyone work on this platform. I don't know how anyone can say this is a very productive platform in any way whatsoever. Actually, it is the worst I've ever worked on. I like Bayscribe, DocQscribe, and many others over this setup.
when we were FTP/Word it was just for transcription. SM
Connecting to the hospital to work meant connecting just the medical records dept.

I think problems like this came when hospitals went mainframe and now all departments/facilities are on the same system at the same time, all doing their jobs.

and THOSE systems were not desiged for transcription, nor created with our needs in mind. They gave us a pocket, but while all the other departments plug in pt info (i.e., name here, pt number there), we type pages and pages of paragraphs.

Works fine for everyone else, but...

The platform is Word. Their program works with Word but does not change how Word works. nm
The benefits just changed the first part of this month. I don't have them but I remember them being reasonabl for a single person. Family and spouse was not reasonable in any way (in my opinion).
What world is that? Wally World?
ExText is integrated with Word. Auto correct is a part of Word.
ExText is a Word based platform. When the page opens for you to type the document it will be just like you are typing in MS Word.
Just wanna work in Word - need company that works in WORD! nm
Their program works with Word and does not change how Word functions. sm
You use your own expander. Overall I feel it is user friendly and I like it.
In his ad, he's asking for Word Perfect, not Word, if that matters. nm
Now I wish they would just call me back......no word no word and
What is up with these MT companies that advertise. They don't even answer. I have a great resume, tons of experience. I'm confused.