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Probably because most of us are expected to do our share and work at least one sm

Posted By: LTMT on 2009-01-13
In Reply to: I have those days and hours. What's so amazing about it? - Exp MT

day of the weekend, at least once or twice a month.  It doesn't bother me to work weekends.  I grew up with my mom in the medical field so the idea that I would be off on weekends never really occurred to me.  I do not have a family or anything, so I only have me to consider.  I usually work holidays too so those who have families can maybe spend some extra time.  Still, that is me.

If that schedule works for you and the company is happy (which would seem to be the case here), that's great.  I wouldn't mind working 10-hour days and having an extra day off, but not sure that is possible with all of the jobs I am juggling right now.  Still, we all can dream. 

Again, I am glad you have a good situation for you.  Congrats! 

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Too low even at that rate probably still expected to work many many hours
I was told when they needed help and that is when they expected me to work
so it is possible she was told what days and times, as that is pretty much what they said to me. Then work was never available during that time slot and so I opted to move on.
Heck no. You're expected to work the holidays, even the big ones! nm
Can someone tell me the difference between IC and employee and what hours are you expected to work
as an IC. Are your hours flexible as an IC.
Wish they would share this work with
everyone - I'm out of work, just sitting here again. I ask for backup accounts, because I'm willing to type anything, and always get the work is low everywhere answer. Wish these new accounts would get going already.
Can you share where you work? TIA (nm)
Will you share what your problem is with QT? I work there, too. Maybe I can help. nm
Care to share where you work?
I've been looking for a hospital work from home for here in NJ and not having much luck.  Is the hospital in your own state?  TIA
Thanks, and for the record, I do my share of work too.
I love Radnet. Can you share who you are going to work for on this? s m
or where the hospital is? I miss transcribing radiology in RadNet and am desperate to get back to it!
I love the company I work for and I just wanted to share
that with you all so that if you are not happy, realize there is hope out there.  I worked for Healthscribe/Spheris for over 2 years until I found this position.  I am a SE for MDI out of Maryland and I make 10 cents per 65 character line including spaces.  This is a great smaller company that does not offshore.  I am left alone to do my work but I have somebody there if I need any questions answered, etc.  QA is wonderful too.  They didn't dump me into an account full time, they let you ease into your account over a 2 week period doing 5 reports a day so you can work your other job until you are taken off of QA.  I was off QA in a week.  My account is great, the platform is great (Bayscribe), production Expander is user friendly.  For all you unhappy MTs, there is hope out there. 
Anyone work for Milner in Atlanta who would share your experience? Thanks! nm
MedScribe, anyone work for this company that is willing to share your opinion???
I just tested and sent my resume, but I'm in the process of looking at several companies and trying to sort things out.  ty
Work for MQ and would rather share with you all than our ILP (international labor partners). sm
Actually I bet after seeing this on here a lot of MQers will be trying to get on at DSG. We both use Docuscribe and that is certainly a plus IMO.
Anyone work for Spheris doing VR? Could you share experience, pay, line count etc..
Also, what are the benefits like i.e., medical insurance etc??
Anyone with work experience to share on All Type? Choice time once again.....sm
and very happy holidays and merry christmas to everyone out there!  TIA! 
Think his/her point was the share of the WEEKEND work. What makes you so special? sm

Everyone else has to work a weekend at least every now and then.

Have to agree. Scratching for work at times. Don't want to share with any more new hires if I d
Sorry if that sounds selfish, but I don't think new hires want to come on board and find the pickings are slim right now either.
I work with a rescue group so I get my share of fuzzy feelings
I financed a group to get it started, paying for the animal's care, vet bills, medicine and still do the financing. I also take my money and help others out. I just sent some money yesterday to a MT whose has a son who is in dire shape and she wants to go be with him. Not too long ago I read on here about a lady who needed help in buying a foot pedal. I sent her money for that so basically you don't know what you are saying when you say help others out. My mother said I did this from a very young age and I continue to do the same. I also take care of me, though. As far as a sugar daddy, never wanted one. I have a chef husband and a housekeeper. I work, travel, rescue animals, help others out when I want to. Priceless. End of conversation.
That is exactly what I expected --
unlimited accounts and unlimited available work like it used to be. Seems to be getting some better though, so maybe it will work out.
Yes, but it should be expected...

that when you hire on as an MT, your skills will be evaluated.  I'm sure their clients have certain quality expectations that must be met.  The company is better off finding out whether those expectations can be met sooner rather than later.

But not this year, although not really expected. nm
Precisely what I expected, nothing more, nothing less
At least we'll have plenty of work this summer...Cheers, fellow VR'er!
MTs post here often they are expected to be avail.
What a shame! As an employee I would have expected some
job security! I thought only ICs like me had very little security net. I am sorry to hear that you are having such problems. Makes me think I should still stay IC because I was going to sign on with another company (not Webmedx) just for the security of having work. Uggg. I hope you get work soon!
In the manual it says we're expected
Its not a matter of can we use it, its we must use it.  The company expects and demands it, which I think its utterly unfair since they deliberately overhire.  They won't let us have the option of taking it unpaid - my supervisor recently reminded us of that.  Therefore, if you have a vacation scheduled for next month, and you can't get your time in this month, kiss your vacation plans goodbye - you just spent your vacation chained to your desk hoping for work!
Leads actually are expected to meet
a certain quota like everyone else. Otherwise, they'd starve. Leads have to pay their bills like everyone else.
She didn't say she expected to be thanked back
She just said they didn't respond. I think Miss Manners would say that the proper response to thank you would be you're welcome.
Cut & paste. They expected us to type in Word and
Really? I just came from a company that expected 2000 minimum!
Per day.  I guess I was getting screwed, but at 5 cpl, 1200 lines a day (if you work only 5 days a week) is only 1200 a month!  How can you live on that?
from IC to Employee status, pay cutis expected.
Would anyone like to share their
on what to use for the different variations of words. TIA
Could you share what the pay is like and do you know..
how much experience is required.. I have 5 years of acute care with 1 year of that in radiology, but I feel very confident about my radiology..
and say I have done my share. Actually I have done more than
my share.  In greater than 5 years I have yet to call in sick, have worked sick many times, have not taken off without at least a months notice.  I earned a vacation and I don't feel guilty about taking one.  I have worked extra every time it was needed, I have taken a day off when asked to because there was no work.   I get tired of hearing we have no choice.  There are/were other options available.   I noticed from the e-mail addy listed in the e-mail that several people are no longer there (that had been there for years) and there are a bunch of new people. 
At MDI-MD, can someone share with me how .. sm
many LPH you can average?  I realize there are a lot of variables but it would help me to have some feedback if anyone would care to share what has been their experience.  Thanks. 
Would you share?
Would you mind sharing the names of the companies you are working for, as I am looking for part time work , as my current part-time job is slowing down with new technology.  Thanks. 
can you share
this sounds good, can you share the company name?
Would someone please share
info regarding p.r.n. Transcription and Phoenix Medcom, please.  They both have ads on job board and would like to apply, but first would like to know a bit about these companies.  I have done a search, but haven't come up with anything that is very recent.  Thanks for your help.
Yes, please share...
Do you do a lot of ASR? My accounts are increasingly becoming ASR. Last week I had over 12,000 lines but only 900 were straight transcription.
Yes, please share.

Can you share how much they pay for VR?
Just curious. I currently get 5.5 cpl so if they are close to that, I might look into them.
please share
email, post, anything. 
Please share...
why you feel it is the best. Thank you.
I will share...sm

PER LINE: 0.075 cpl straight transcription

I have tried to get info before on pay and it turned out a lot of MTs won't give out that info. Good luck.
Yes. Please share.
if not here in broad daylight, could you consider an anonymous email reply? Inquiring minds want to know.
Had to share

OK remember the 1 cpl line thing?  Well get this, a friend of mine just called and was offered 0.0085 cpl.  I am not even sure if I am writing this correct, but it's LESS THAN 1 cpl!!!!  It was for the first 2 weeks and then she would get bumped up to 2 cpl.  We were laughing so hard, I had tears streaming down my face!!  Is this even legal?  I kept asking her if she was sure and if it was supposed to be 8-1/2 cpl, but NO she was sure and even kept asking them if they were sure.  I can't even be mad anymore.  It is just becoming hysterical like we are all part of a practical joke.  Anyway I went to themtdepot.com and cast a vote about line rates.  Won't do much of anything I know, but it's all I know to do.  I have tried to come up with something.  What can we do?   I'm starting an onsite position at a local clinic, hourly, PT, but I still want to work at home too.  So frustrating! 

Oh by the way, the job she applied with isn't a regular posted job here!

Can you share
the emails with us? They didn't give their emails out at my conference call.
Rosie...could you share how many (sm)
lines per hour you are up to now? I have heard their platform is fabulous and it is easy to get the lines once you get used to your account. Do tell...thanks!
Anything to share about ScribeRight?
How are they?  Any info appreciated!
Please don't think we all share this attitude. sm
First of all, I'm not saying I'm in favor of offshoring MT work. On the other hand, Kasmir, it's not YOU that any one of us should be angry at. I've talked with many MTs from India, and they're basically the same as us. They're nice people, trying to do their job and provide for their family. I don't have a problem with that. And out of all of my dealings with people from India, and I've worked with many at a previous company, I have always found Indian people to be very polite and respectful, with never a bad word to say and always a positive attitude.

I just thought maybe you needed to hear some encouraging words in the middle of all of this. :)
I'm there presently too..can you share
Even just the first initial would help me know if it might be the same as my account which is always low lately.