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Probably the one who left and came back recently

Posted By: OSI on 2007-02-05
In Reply to: OSi coordinator job opening again? Another - coordinator bite the dust?? nm

Heard she was planning to leave again.

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Has anyone ever left Keystrokes and gone back? I left a few months ago and realize that I made a


I just recently left
They changed accounts on me all the time - they overhire and then we ended up with no work. 
Diskriter MTs who have recently left... sm

I am also considering leaving.  Wondering if you could share your biggest reasons you left and where you are going and if you think the new place is better, same, worse.  Scared to make the big jump, but so fed up with the new system and management style lately.  Feel free to email if you don't feel comfortable posting here.

MAke that 499. I recently left KS and
now work for a company with less than 100 MTs.  Our insurance is much better than what KS has and their premium is less than half, plus the company offers free short and long-term disability, free life insurance, and other perks.  If a much smaller company can offer an affordable insurance than a company as long as KS should be able to.  I know they said the problem is that most MTs aren't interested, but out of 500, I'm sure at least 70 of those are interested in insurance. 
I left recently. There were days when there was NO

work - not low - NO work on one of my accounts.  This was over a period of a couple of months before I left, no holidays to account for it.  There was usually enough work on my secondary account, but it was not a user friendly account and it was very hard to get lines.

KS had no system in place for you to see what the work load was like (at least on my accounts) so I don't know what things looked like on other accounts.

Anyone currently at Alltype or recently left?
I'm trying to find current information on Alltype. I did the search and all my hits are from 2005, 2006, some 2007.  Does anyone have any current information on this company?  Thanks in advance. 
Wonder if that's why a coordinator recently left abruptly
That happened with a day or two notice, and the leads were dumped with no notice at all. Wonder if she knew what was going down or what is about to go down and decided to leave because of it?
I worked for them recently for a few weeks and left because of SM
low/no work. No hard feelings.
They recently cut my pay back to the level
it was 3 years ago when I started, with no notice and no reason, so I quit. They cut back everybody's pay due to their mismanagement.

Otherwise, I liked working for them and would not have left.
Anyone quit MQ and gone back to them recently?
Has anyone recently left Futurenet Tech due to their lack of work over the past several weeks? nm
This was discussed recently. Try a search or just read back thru all the pages to find. nm
I left but came back. sm
I was considered a hospital employee.  I left.  They sent me the PL but it took about a month and it was hit heavily with taxes.  I then went back.  I would call your usual POC.  I have found this company to be honest in dealing with me.
I personally know of one MT who left, but came back after...
approximately 5 months of working for another national.  She's been back for a few months and it's going well.
I am with you. Left a while back. Very disappointed.
I worked there and left, recentily went back and
this is where I will hopefully retire from.  I went from company to company and was never happy with any of them.  MQ works for me.  Very happy that I went back!
Dont ever doubt yourself - is why i left a while back- its not you
Along the same lines, has anyone ever left TH and gone back with good results?
You went back? I thought they were upset at me when I left because they were looking foward to
working with me and I put them off. :(. I am too shy to even let them know this which is why I put anon. I loved my supervisor Ginny and Becky too, and the work. Thanks for the nice thought. I guess I am chicken LOL, and too chicken to ask to come back. Glad you did and it worked out!
Did any of us who left emails hear back from the MT who was highly recommending her
I left Amphion a couple of years ago and never looked back.
It was one of the best moves I ever made.
Wonderful company!!! Left for personal reasons. Would go back with no hesitation! nm
If you look back in the archives people left when they realized they couldn't make money with it.
It is as simple as filling out a form. I did it when I left an MTSO and when I left sm
a non-MT position at a company years ago.

What company? I did not know that any of them offer 401K anymore.
I worked in QA for Transcending back in 2000-2001. They were paying hourly back then. SM

The accounts weren't too horribly bad.  The reason I ended up leaving was because slowly but surely they began to inch closer and closer to paying QA by production.  When I first started, the quota was something like 30 reports a day.   We simply had to make sure that we QA'd all reports that were close to being out of TAT first and then do the rest.  Then, my supervisor left and they hired a new one who immediately called a big teleconference meeting and said we had to up production to 60 reports a day.  Then, they started counting lines.  Which was fine because they were still paying hourly.

Next, there was an MT who used VR software because she was blind - yes blind.  Again, when I first started, I was told we had to edit her entire reports because she used the VR software and we had to make sure that everything was correct and made sense.  Then, we are told only check the blanks.  I wasn't comfortable with that and I continued to completely proof every word.  Then I was called on the carpet not because I wasn't meeting the production quota, but because I was ONLY meeting the production quota.  I told them I was proofing all of the MT's work that used VR, I was told that no one ever told me to proof every word of the VR reports and that I needed to fill in blanks and move on.  When I voiced my concerns, I was told that was my job, to fill in blanks and I should move on and strive to product above the standards.  Next thing you know, rumors abounded about changing the QA staff to being paid on production.  So I left. 

There just seemed to me to be too little concern for quality and more emphasis on quantity and I just didn't want to be part of company who would take money out of my pocket just to line their own and that's what they were doing by putting QA on production.  I also am not comfortable with the job of QA being thought of as a blank filler.  There is much more to the QA profession than just simply filling in blanks. 

I don't know if Transcend ever did start paying QA by production, but I could see that the idea was being floated there.  Maybe there was a enough protest that they didn't change from hourly. 

Good luck to you!

Phoenix Medcom- Another apply a few months back, ask to take a test and never heard back??
I applied a month or two ago, received an email from someone asking if I would take a test and said she was getting ready to go on vacation for a week, so I hurried and immediately and told her I'd love to take the test. I never heard back. I waiting thinking she went on vacation and would contact me when she got back to do the test but nothing...very strange..Just wondered if this happened to anyone else.
Has everyone heard back from Keystrokes yet regarding the email we received a while back?
Just wandering why I haven't heard any response yet.
I sent them an email back in August and never heard back sm
Is this company on Long Island? I checked out their website and even tried calling once. Were you successful in contacting them? All i know is that the company is owned by some doctors.

Hopefully, you will hear back. Unfortunately, I immediately heard back from MD-IT
but somehow with over 16 years of experience, I blew the test.  I was soooo disappoionted and yet pretty stunned.  I am by no means perfect but I haven't flunked a test in years.  I expected it in my early years but not this far down the road. I was so confident and they will not tell you which part you did not pass and why so it really just blew my mind.  I must have been in shock for like two hours after I got the email. Oh well, someone will want me....hopefully.  I was thinking about OSi but I don't think I could take another rejection if I never heard back. 
I had the same thing happen, went back to MQ, went back to KS and could not be sm

happier.  I am on a different account then the first time and it is as if it is a different company.  I have a great lead who leaves us alone most of the time but is there when I need her.  It showed me that you can have a different experience within the same company.

I have to say that in the few weeks since they have the new office, it is much more organized probably because there are a lot of people there all the time.  I had the pleasure of speaking to the new HR manager who was HR at a hospital, got my questions answered about insurance as I am going to full time and had a live voice pick up the phone.

Not all change is bad.  This is one company that has changed for the better. 

I was reading about the back up help. I would like also to have some back up work.
I am not getting anywhere near 12,000 lines this go around.  My goal is 12,000 lines each pay period.
Has been down a lot recently, but..
only for very short periods at a time, not sure if they're doing upgrades or what.  Could also be weather-related with the terrible tornadoes this week in parts of the country.  You just have to be patient and adjust your schedule slightly when it happens. I love the BeyondTxt platform, it's the easiest I've worked on.  IMO, MDI-FL is a very good company, and I can't say that about many out there these days, so was worth it for me.
recently went to an HSA
and went IC.
Actually some of us are ICs. Recently ...
MDI was only hiring ICs with SE status after so many days or months. So there are some ICs that were with MDI.

In my meeting CB said that Transcend had IC, SE and employee and the usual case by case. I think she wrongfully mislead the person who asked this question because that was the first I had heard of their being SE status at Transcend.
I have not had issues until recently and
with you I would; however, I don't! FYI, I am dealing with my issues and if they are not resolved to my satisfaction, I will leave. Thanks for your concern and have a great day! DVW
Recently started too
Flexible schedule but you need to decide what your hours are and commit to them. Benefits granted at 32 hours. Plenty of work. Really good, patient and supportive people. Training with guaranteed pay. Smooth, easy and fast startup. Good, high-tech platform.
There was recently a big campaign on
to try to get MLS who were smart enough to quit Transcend before, to come back to Transcend because of all the recent *improvements* the company claimed they made.  I wonder how many of those did come back and how many are happy that they came back did versus how many have quit again or are ready to quit again.
Hired recently for 0.825 cpl.
Duh..I until recently was an Ochsner MT and still

geez... get your facts straight

I see, yea, happened again recently with someone in QA and
today with a wonderful coordinator, seems very unstable.  I just don't want to jump from the frying pan into the fire.
Well, I started recently

and I'm only getting 8.5 c.  I'm FT, acute care and do the weekend.  And I have 18 years experience with acute care.  That totally sucks. I'm so depressed now. I wish I would have never read this whole thread. 

Have been postson it recently. I know you have to
train in house for a week or two - I believe two? Which was totally not part of my game plan anymore! Yuck!
As recently as 2 months ago, they are SM
still selling you that foot pedal (that you pay full purchase price for and then in the contract it says you must return WHAT YOU PAID FOR when you leave them) and they have the same pay scale they did 3-4 years ago.  They still tend to prey mostly on new-ish transcriptionists who don't know any better.  Other than the person recruiting, nothing has changed about Medscribe in Jacksonville, FL.
Yes it has happened recently, and sm
people have been posting about them paying late & shorting checks for 2 years now. How they are still getting away with this?
We hav recently answered these
Look on page 2,3,4,5 etc...
Try Breitner out of N.Y.- ran ad recently
Took that test recently
and it did not require a foot pedal.  The test I took was pretty much multiple choice and spelling corrections.   But yours might be set up differently. 
There was talk about them recently, but again (sm)
They are notoriously bad about paying and have been for years. They misrepresent whether they pay for spaces or not, and they pay when they feel like it.  I waited months for payment back when I worked for them a few years ago.
Started recently

Lots of work.  Very nice people to work for! Platform is easy to work on.

What do you mean "until very recently"?
They haven't done ANYTHING to prevent it!!!!!! In fact, they encourage it!!!!!!!!!
I do too, and they helped me recently
when I had a low-virtual memory problem and I wasn't savvy enough to know what to do. Busy as they are, they didn't make me feel stupid for needing help with it.