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Talk to your supervisors and managers...

Posted By: Just a thought on 2008-11-02
In Reply to: great suggestions but........ - chica

Do your supervisors and managers offer an open door policy for you to bring your frustrations and concerns? If they do (or don't) take those thoughts and bring it to them. If you haven't done so, that is the best place to start to resolve these frustrations. If they don't show any interest in what you have to say, then let them know you are dissatisfied with their replies and let them know you would like to proceed discussing your concerns with their supervisor. Hope it works out for you!

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Put it this way, the managers over the supervisors
are lucky to make that in some companies! That is way over the top, I highly doubt it.
MTSO managers, supervisors and recruiters.

Having been in this field way longer than I like to think, and having been in enough jobs over that time, I want to make a suggestion to the owners of MT businesses - It would be of great benefit to your business and the morale of your employees if there were performance reviews of supervisors, anonymously.  If it appears that employees leave often, it is very likely due to poor management.  

 I should not have to say this but just because a person is in a supervisory position, it should not mean they are right for that job and/or above making mistakes, even if the mistake is the inability to relate in a professional manner to others.  In this business, it is easier to find a new job than attempt to resolve issues such as this.  Morale is so important to keep a team functioning and performing and since there is so little interaction with the public, MTs have to rely on feedback from their supervisors to gauge their performance.  A bad supervisor can wreck havoc on an account. 

So, here is some advice.  If there is more than one employee who requires upper level assistance in dealing with a supervisor with a year, there is a good chance that particular supervisor is displaying some form of behavior that is negative, whether it be intimidation, showing favoritism, passive aggression, deciding how much money one MT as opposed to another makes by job allocation, rewarding OT to favorite MTs, condescending treatment, using forms of behavior to embarrass MTs, holding grudges and emotional abuse.

Now, I know the MTs are far from perfect but we are rewarded by that by eventually losing our jobs or making less money.  Whereas a supervisor is on salary and can ruin a person's day or even work life by having a supervisor who has personality disorders which border on neurotic.  (How is their family life????  Great gauge.)

I will look forward to seeing the responses.  Finding a good fit in a job is one thing but everything can be perfect except for personality conflicts with a supervisor and if it happens often enough that it is idlely spoken about, the supervisor should be asked to receive additional training so to perform their duties in a fashion that leads to high performance MTs and low employment turn around. 

Dealing with issues like this is a distraction that an MT should not be expected to do.  It is your job as a business owner to provide us with management which is doing that and only that, managing the accounts and not trying to play God.   

go work for them and you will see - managers, supervisors all from India and IM you to death! nm
I heard the supervisors on the voice recognition side quit?  So wouldn't you have had 2 different sets of supervisors by now? 
MT Supervisors
Hello, could anyone tell me how you become aware of the supervisor positions? Do you just submit a resume to a particular company or simply wait for them to advertise the need for a supervisor at the company? Thank you very much for your help.
Two different OSi supervisors
One has been there a while and the other is new, one it is her own choice and the other it is not. I was right about the last one a couple months ago so mark my word. I'am not MT just someone who knows.
Supervisors usually better than that. Maybe they are in
Why do supervisors ask for more?

I work 37 hours a week which is full time.  After the last upgrade I finally got my line count up to the minimum last pay period which is 10,200 lines a pay period.  This week I am on my way to 12,000 lines a pay period. 

I was notified by my supervisor that my editing hours are only 20 hours a week and that if I do not bring this up I will be asked to consider moving to part time status! 

Also, corrective actions will be sent out if we do not produce the minimum on a daily basis.  We have been out of work for a few hours every day for the past 3 weeks! 

What?  I am doing more than the minimum lines in my scheduled time frame but they want me to do more.  I have to clock out for breaks but I have to work a schedule and make up the time I clock out.  So, basically they want 300 lines an hour to maintain a PTO rate of $380 a pay period. 

This is some kind of weird and I do not see why, if my line count is up, QA percentage is down, that they want more.  They never did address the fact that we are low on work how is that going to factor into this problem. 

P.S. I work for Spheris.

Do you have enough experience to find other work? If so, move on. The only way this will continue is if we let it. If benefits are an issue, I would work toward finding another job that pays bene's and move on. I'm not saying it's easy but it can be done.
why do supervisors ask for more
You have to work at the same place I do.  I got exactly the same message.  How can  you get hours if there isn't any work.  Too much OT and then nothing left for us who do have to work our hours. 
Supervisors at MDI
I left MDI as soon as they announced the merger, but I had been there three years and was consistently treated with kindness and professionalism by everyone, the QA staff, my liaison, and the techs. I cannot recall one instance of ever being treated discoureously. On the contrary, the kindness and professionalism of the staff was one of the things that drew me to MDI.
MT company supervisors

I just started with a large MT company. (My first online job) I was set up by tech support and then let loose.  I am self-reliant so I am working fine, but I never hear from my supervisor. I finally sent him an e-mail with questions that he said he would answer.  It is two days later and I haven't heard anything.

I was just curious if this was typical for the industry?

Ms. Newbie

Anyone contact their supervisors yet
I have googled both Medware and SPI and this is the only place where it talks about Medware being bought out.
Still curious which supervisors are on the way out
Agree it is supervisors

I had an awful experience with Diskriter, after leaving my job, my start date was delayed twice, then when I started, I had the worst supervisor/QA who was insulting and picky to the point where she and another supervisor had me on the phone in tears in front of my son, they were so rude and nasty, demanding and threatening over mostly really non-major errors (style etc.).  These were similar errors to previous reports from current employees I had noticed on completed reports.  They told me to type 3 reports at a time and send to QA for feedback before I did more, but I would not get any feedback until hours later, just sat staring at my computer waiting for a response.  Then the account I worked on was constantly out of work and employees were told to take mall days!!  Who could shop when there was not work and you had to use PTO, if you had it? 

I finally quit after 2 1/2 weeks and am working FT for another national and as an IC, off of QA and very happy.  DR also shorted me 8 hours of pay on my final check and my supervisor refused to respond to any of my numerous emails.  I finally had to contact the hospital HR department and they let me know I had not called in properly on the system my last night (probably because I was so upset from the constant bashing I received daily from DR).  Even though DR knew I worked those hours and I had sent in both my work and my timesheet, they never did anything at all to rectify my pay shortage, or even respond to my emails.  This was the worst experience I have ever had in my 15+ years in transcription.  I suppose it is what account you are selected for, but from what I see posted on the seeker's board, it is probably the same one I worked on.



How the heck do you know what all the supervisors
I have no problems with the supervisors at MDI,
however, I do not work there, so it would be hard for them to cause problems for me. 
No.. your tech and supervisors are on IM from India.
All I can say is.. BAD COMMUNICATION..
Supervisors never answer emails!
none of the supervisors do that, nobody gives raises, if you did not get incentive
Does anyone just get so tired of supervisors harping

all the time about TAT and what the transcriptionists are doing wrong...  E-mails all the time regarding what is wrong..  How the client hates this and hates that.. How everyone that is working on the account is having some problem when you have not received an e-mail previously regarding an issue..  No constructive comments, just threatening e-mails with an undertone if you don't do this write, we are going to lose the account and fire everyone..   You get kind of used to those but....

NOT ONE DARN E-MAIL PRAISING ANYONE FOR GOOD WORK..  Is that so hard to ask if you are doing a good job.  Dear Lord I wish I were rich or my hubby was finally finished with school. 

Management of supervisors is lacking

There is something wrong when an obvious nut case is a supervisor.  What is a nut case?  A person who lies. 

I formally request that upper management across the board consider reviewing their supervisors by way of anonymous feedback from the MTs under them. 

Scum rises to the top with the cream - regulation keeps the scum from staying in power.  Could we please have some regulations from upper management as the supervisors I am on occasion dealing with show clean signs of not having leadership qualities - I am witness to grown women, grandmothers, professionals who are lying and playing games, and it is not my imagination. 

And this should wake you up because favoritism is taking place and the criteria to be given the best work has nothing to do with an MTs' ability to perform.

Not addressing this will cost you in the end - as the time and energy one utilize when they decide to chose the low road is money lost.  Morale suffers and just like a pyramid, your company will crumble.  India, you say?  Scum is rising to the top there as well.  Comcast has just returned. 

Has everyone in leadership sold out to The Man and The Money?  This is the true sign of decline - When integrity is lacking, word of mouth will wipe you off the map - complacency and true lack of desire to do a good job is the collateral damage when you allow cheaters, liars and thieves to supervisor (lead) us. 

If MTs could trust their team leader or the supervisors
enough to talk to them without getting fired, there would be no posts on here, but you cannot say 1 thing without getting into trouble or getting fired.  These boards are only used for venting because we have no other place to go.  Deb is a monster so don't even try to talk to her.   Team leaders are arrogant and only there to collect a paycheck, not in it to help anyone but themselves.  They think they have been elevated to the position of CEO. 
Supervisors and team leaders are the same thing
What are you talking about? That is a matter of semantics.

That's like saying I am not a secretary... I am an administrative assistant.

Maybe their supervisors give them the good stuff on
complain to upper management or HR, you get ignored because the supervisor always covers herself with lies and/or using TAT as the excuse.  Sit on that TAT and rotate. 
You have to wonder if the supervisors that dont care about no work are always
getting new MTs because they quit all the time. 
They have a "front" office in Mass.. but your supervisors and QA are in India.
Your tech support is also based in India. You communicate with your supervisors via Yahoo IM. They are in India so when you have questions they are the ones answering your questions. Good luck with the communication. Also, remember your paycheck is penalized for errors. This would not be so bad if people sitting in India were not the ones QA-ing your work. That is where the real issue comes in. If I can hardly communicate with them, why would I want them in charge of my paycheck. I mean truly do you want them deciding what is proper English, I think NOT
Open message to team leaders/supervisors: sm

When there is ZERO WORK available for us, and it is less than a month before Christmas and our paychecks are hundreds of dollars lower than they used to be, please don't email your team to tell us there's no work and then close it with HAPPY HUMP DAY!

YOU may be paid on salary and don't notice the slump, but it's KILLING us! Happy Hump Day is completely inappropriate!

Open message to team leaders/supervisors: sm

When there is ZERO WORK available for us, and it is less than a month before Christmas and our paychecks are hundreds of dollars lower than they used to be, please don't email your team to tell us there's no work and then close it with HAPPY HUMP DAY!

YOU may be paid on salary and don't notice the slump, but it's KILLING us! Happy Hump Day is completely inappropriate!

I agree - speak up. Most companies / supervisors want to hear sm
what their MTs want, to make them happy - or at least mine does!
I agree. Bad supervisors are common at Spheris it appears. NM.
Have you asked your supervisors why no work? Which account are you on? You can email me privately if
you want..
Same goes for managers
If you kiss a** you can get into a position of power there regardless of whether you have experience, knowledge or even are a newbie. They hire very few people for their power positions who actually know what they are doing for fear of being one-upped by them. That is why so many of them are on their power trips so they can feel important. People with real knowledge and experience usually don't have a need to do that unless they are jerks.
Considering what the managers have
to deal with between the clients and staff, as well as the weekends they have to work and I don't, I don't begrudge them (or anyone else) a spa weekend. It's not as if it's a trip to Tahiti. I would rather work with people who have had some sort of stress management anyway.
but one of our managers
sent out a thoughtful token, probably did it out of her own pocket, would never expect the company to give a dime more than they have to.
there are managers and then sm
there are managers. Some of then ignore all emails from MTs. I just is according to who you get as STM. They are not all created equal and some are incompetent.
A lot of the managers at OSi came from MQ
Must be from QA managers at OSi
consider the source
SPI managers
Ditto to that.  All of the managers seem to be replaced by MQ former managers.  The director of OP is MQ and every time you turn around new MQ manager.  Run run run
How are the managers there?

run as fast as you can. decent line counts are had by double dippng supervisors.
How do people cherry pick on accounts? You mean like supervisors assigning jobs?
I did not know you could do that, but is that what you mean? I need to know because I will not work for that.
She is still there now, but I keep getting different account managers. nm
The problem with their QA managers is
in the MT business. One was a former nurse who was absolutely horrible - power trip from hell - unreasonable, mean, nasty, rude.  Now she's been replaced by a some hick who 2 years ago was in an OSI company email  being introduced as ". . . is working towards learning to be an MT well enough that she can work at home without supervision soon. For now she's working in-house."  Too many people in their QA department who have no experience and weezled their way in by kissing a$$ or "knowing someone" who can get them into OSi in a position of power and then WATCH OUT.
Interpro managers
Anyone have experience with Interpro management where they were made to feel stupid, lazy, an inconvenience and almost accused of lying about something demonstrably untrue...trying to figure out if it is me being over sensitive or if they treat everyone this way...need my job, but need respect, too..
Not all managers were transcriptionists.
I know of one manager who used to be in marketing. She is still there now. She is and/or was not very well liked because she was not a transcriptionist. There is no teamwork. I tried teamwork, until the manager put an end to it. They could care less if you get a lunch break as long as the work is done. You only know about your manager and co-workers. You would know nothing about other account managers and their employees. They changed their name because TSI has a bad reputation. They were losing accounts. They laid off people. They can't afford incentives. The insurance premiums are insane.
All managers want yes people but OSI is
Which companies allow managers
to work from home, other than MQ, and does not require the manager to type on the accounts? Thanks in advance for your help.
SPi Managers Mtg and Stuff

OldTimer, are you a current SPi employee?  Maybe you are and you have some inside information I don't have, or maybe you are a past employee with a grudge, it's hard to say.  Your information doesn't seem current. I am a current employee.  The managers did have a quarterly account manager's meeting in Nashville.  I don't know who your AM is, but I have a great one and I trust that she discussed with the other AMs with regard to line counts and work availability, etc.  I do know that it is not as you said at all, there is not a condition whereby only a few MTs are trying to do the work for a whole bunch.  There are plenty of MTs who have worked for SPi who are not going anywhere in spite of the fact that things were slow getting back to normal after the holidays.  Things will pick up.  We are all sure of that, this is a big company with new accounts on the horizon. I am not going anywhere, I love my account, my account manager, and will work through the recent changes.  No matter where you go, there is always going to be changes.  You just have to ride them out.


Those new micro-managers -sm
need to justify their full-time salaries (that we wish WE had)  by putting in their daily 2 cents' worth  with daily email (to show management that they are actually doing something) -- by either:  (1) chewing us out about something, real or in their minds (See, boss, I'm on the ball     -- or, conversely,  (2) the condescending email telling us what an awesome group we all are when we get them out of trouble and back into TAT, which we, up to this point, we happy to do.
Account managers
All I can say is GIVE ME A BREAK!   I hear nothing but complaints!