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The Transcription Doctor company

Posted By: Any info? on 2008-09-25
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Does anyone know anything about this company?  Thanks

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Ok, thanks, also how do I look up a doctor
while already in a report on Meditech??

I know, I'm just starting today and am CLUELESS!

Is it possible to have the same doctor
20 times or more in a row?  I feel like I am purposely assigned reports and continue to get the same doctor.  This morning, I have typed 20 reports one after another on the same doctor. This cannot be an accident, right?  The company software is a nightmare and I only hope people on this board will not go to this company.  I will not mention the name, but the software starts with a D and it is very problematic, always break down, and flickers on your screen.   Thank goodness I had the good sense to accept two positions.  I will hold on until next week and bolt so fast, they will not even remember who I am.
Also doctor lists
They can be a nightmare
You are so right about going to the doctor direct!

You can do that and make great money, the only problem is, what to do when you need time off.  I've actually been the one to cover all these years (17 years experience) than be the one to ask for coverage.  Also, you must make yourself, I think, a little more available for phone calls, STAT requests, doctor getting a bug in his you know what!  Sometimes, it is easier to let a company do that for you.  No contact, means less headaches!  Like I said, I have done all of it, and I'm still providing for my children.  I would at home full-time now with a nice mix as an IC.  My husband is full-time, and the kids think it is great to have Mom at home.  Pros and cons with everything I guess.  It may be the region you live in as well.  There is a posting regarding gas prices, which is varying in all of the states, it seems.  Have a great day!

Maybe WL should see a doctor and have her records
I think it is nice to have your own doctor

That would work as an IC.  No set hours.  Pretty much know what you are dealing with.

That's the doctor's rules
They do the account the way the doctors want them done; I guess that's why they don't have a turn over of accounts so that we are constantly losing accounts and having to start over. They follow BOS unless it is stated in the instructions otherwise at the doctor's request.
depends on the doctor sm
Most are good, but you still have the inconsiderate ones who refuse to use the pause button. 4:30 report for 13 lines is a waste of your time. Can you have someone speak to the doctor? Or can you? If not, find another job. (I know, easier said than done.)
It might be that the hospital or the doctor who
buys the VR system does not pay the whole amount in 1 payment, but makes installments, namely by giving a percentage of the line rate, until they VR system is paid off.

Does this make sense?
LOL-I saw one of those at the eye doctor earlier
this week. The gal taking my information just turn 62 on the 12th. She said she still uses the electric and the docs would probably retire it with her. She said it was a great conversation piece. My MIL has an old carriage return. It has 2 keys that rise above the others. Haven't seen that in forever.
I work in a doctor's office. SM
I got a $600.00 bonus. 
The doctor was a participating provider - sm
per the website given to us by TH. I would never choose an out of network physician if I could help it.
Obviously they were trying to unload a difficult doctor...
on you, and they got mad when you wouldn't take him/her. They were probably hiring mainly to find someone to do this lousy dictator.
...or when a nurse is dictating for doctor...

and he doesn't know how to pause dictation.  Last week I listened to four 30 minute dictations with only about 100 lines to show for it!  Finally the office taught him how to use the system!  Rookies ARGHHH!

I truly think that if every doctor or dictator had to spend
was forced to listen to themselves for a period of time...say an hour or two, I would almost bet the farm that a lot of mumblemouths, yawners, eaters, and people who dictate in the bathroom while they are flushing would change their habits radically. Or sending their dictation EXACTLY the way they say it...um...uh...uh...ummmm........hmmmm.........dead air....You know the ones.

No one will ever convince me differently. LOL. IN a perfect world maybe. in the MT world??? Not!!!
It also depends on age. I'm 60. I haven't been to doctor
It means he is the doctor from Hades. EIther
an ESL that is very difficult or a son of a gun American doctor who can't dictate worth a flip but will throw a hissy fit if something isn't right. 
Doctor's Medical Center
I searched this board and couldn't find any specific info on this company.  Does anyone work for them?  Know anything positive or negative about them?  Know about their pay scale?
I am trying test 1 also and I am having the same problems as you so I think it is the doctor -sm
dictating.  The other two were easier.  Good luck to you. 
I used to do an ESL doctor that stuttered and sometimes it was really interesting -
I never considered not doing his reports, just patiently waited for him to get his words out and then would type. However, one time in particular, I laughed so hard at his dictation that I almost wet myself.

He was dictating about a man who was admitted during the night after he went to the bathroom and while in there his wife heard a loud fa-fa-fa-fa (of course, you know what I was thinking) and then he manged to get out the word FALL!!!
EMR distracts from doctor's attention
Went to the doctor for GI problem. He spent most of the time dinking around with his laptop. He ordered tests and didn't prescribe anything for interim relief. I paid the bill. A week later, got another bill for his time spent with me in the exam room dinking around with his laptop!
I have a doctor that has been saying for two years that MTs were going to be extinct and that it was
Saying that something like 2010 clinics all had to be on EMR or an electronic system of some type. But he is the only one I have heard mention it. He always says still got a job, yours is not going to be around much longer.
Closest doctor is 30 miles away
Already looked into that and the closest doctor is 30 miles away which is too far for the money and they are all going to EMR anyway. 
The doctor's lack of attention to what he was doing
When I get a dictation like that, unless they're only a few lines into the report, I send it, and the doctor has to pay my company for it. You have to draw the line somewhere, and there's simply no excuse for dictating an entire report and then saying 'never mind'.

I personally think there should be a way to count all the words, sentences and paragraphs we type where they back up and correct themselves, too. 90% of the time, they just change it to say the same darned thing, only in a different way. They should have to pay for that, too. Every lapse in their memory comes out of our time, and our paychecks. It shouldn't be free. They can afford it.
Just wondering if anyone answered the private doctor ad.....
and had contact?  TIA
If a doctor "knows things" and dictates them, sm
then that's EXACTLY what MTs need to know! DUH!!
With the KS ortho accounts, each doctor is assigned to an MT. sm
I have 3 doctors that I am responsible, some only have 1 if they are high volume. Easy system to use, great docs, great lead MT. Pay starts low at 0.08 but goes up after 90 days. There are no ESL on the ortho account I am on, which has around 40 doctors. The downside is the first week. The accounts are overwhelming with instructions at first, but once you have it all down, they are great!
Not so. Can barely get 9 cents directly from the doctor!
Doctors see all these Indian companies offering 6 cpl, balk at 9 to 10 cpl, and they want it printed, free courier service, ect.
Well, I put in writing mine has to be when I see a doctor or hospital.
Yep, took my daughter to the ER last week and told them that the record MUST stay in the U.S., be transcribed by an American citizen (inhouse) or only to a company that employs only American citizens, and they better darn well note that in the chart. They do. I do this every time I go to a doctor, hospital or any medical center. I tell them if they have no such option, I'll transcribe my own records, which always gets a chuckle.

Isn't that job post from doctor recruiting work and not MTs? nm
My kids' doctor's office also use laptop sm
They also use the laptops at my kids' doctor's office.  It is basically a program where they check/uncheck items on a list.  I have had the PE printed out for school sports physicals and it is pretty short (even for my son who has had a broken femur - no mention of that in the note).  I also recently lost an account with no warning to EMR.  The docs will be doing their own notes now and I am left to try to find another job so I can pay my bills and maybe buy a few Christmas presents.  Most of the MTSO's I have sent my resume to do not even bother to send an e-mail.  I know I will eventually have to look into another line of work but can't bring myself to do it until my kids are out of school.  Sad situation all around. 
When I worked at TransTech, there was a doctor on one of the accounts sm

who stuttered.  At first, I was really frustrated, but then I also saw it from his side, how frustrating it must be to know what you want to say and then face that challenge.  I do not know about the physician you are referring to, but in the case I am referring to, I do not think the patient record suffered because of the doctor's stuttering.  I just kind of grimaced when I got him.  You would think that people like that, as well as the ESLs who are so challenged they can barely form a sentence, would hire a P.A./N.C. to do their dictating for them.  Go figure.

Sorry you have that to deal with. 

Can an office/doctor replace you for time off?
I am an independent contractor. Later this year I am having a medical procedure that will put me out of commission for 4 weeks. The doctor has decided to replace me with an in-house transcriptionist.

The office manager there never liked that the doctor asked me to transcribe for him 5 years ago and I'm sure she saw this as an opportunity to get rid of me. Usually, he does everything she says but for some reason, he sought me out way back when to do this.

I was mad at first but now am just sad. It's a portion of my income but not all....what a loss though!

Maybe a spin doctor, or a damage-control
I say fight it. I worked for a doctor who fired someone
because she continuously would dispense medical advice including stopping Coumadin and other potentially life-threatening mistakes, yet she qualified for unemployment. They stated the doctor would have to prove gross misconduct. If that wasn't considered misconduct, it must really have to be bad and not meeting production would also not qualify as misconduct. Appeal it, they will have the employer do a phone interview and have to prove their point. Good luck with that. I don't see how they have a leg to stand on but just stick up for yourself. At this point, you have nothing to lose but possibility something to gain. More people should fight back and call them on this supposed misconduct. They are bluffing. Call their bluff!!!
Hey Guys. I need a replacement MT for a solo doctor that I work for. SM

You work at home through your own computer.  You actually sign into his computer to work.  He will set you up with this.  It is a very easy program that he uses.  Then you send everything to your computer to print out and mail out.  He reimburses for stamps.  He pays by the hour.  15 an hour to start and then 16 an hour.  I was up to 16 dollars an hour the first week.

He is very repetitive.  If you have any questions or are stumped on anything, just email him and he emails you right back.

Always on time with the checks.

He is very busy though.  He just opened a new practice.  The workload is 10-15 hours a week but will be increasing as his practice picks up.  He is a spine doctor.  He really needs someone who is good at learning new programs and can basically jump in there with not a whole lot of training. 

If you are interested, please check out the ad on the job seeker's board, listed under Private Doctor.

Thanks guys.

There are literally thousands of companies and hospitals and doctor sm
offices to work for. As a service owner, I would not even speak to someone who has not even started school about a job.

The field is solid, regardless of what you might read on here. There are over 200,000 MTs in the U.S. and many thousand more in offshore.

However, don't believe the matchbook covers. You will not make $60,000 the first year out of school!
One doctor? They deal with thousands. They have more than one account. Jeesh again. nm
TT DictExt question. Is there a way to pull a doctor's name into text? (sm)

Currently if it is name I don't know how to spell correctly, I hit ControlA  and search then type it into document.   Just hoping there was another way and thought some of you that have used this longer would know. 

I've always thought verbatim is not only an insult to the doctor, but also to our profession. sm
We are supposed to medical language specialists with an excellent grasp of proper grammar and command of the English language. What do I know? I've only been doing MT for 25+ years. It completely befuddles me to be asked to type verbatim because I have probably typed for 2 doctors out of 100s who can form a proper sentence! Just my take on the verbatim thing.
Or try working for a local doctor's office in your area as an employee
That's one of the reason I wouldn't/couldn't work for a National MTSO. I wanted a more flexible schedule as far as days off and vacations. I get six paid vacation days and 5 weeks paid vacation. I don't think I could ever find that with a National.
US Transcription company
Has any one heard anything about US Transcription.  Or is there a good company out there to work for.  I am sick of Spheris.
They are also a transcription company too....
They have an ad posted here for help wanted. TIA
Transcription Company ?

Does anybody know of a transcription service that was hiring FT MTs to work at home?  They are located in Ohio.  I remember seeing it, but I cannot remember the name. 

Transcription Company
Maybe Cymed, they have an office in Ohio.
Any p.r.n. Transcription MTs here? (the company name is p.r.n.)
Specifics also, the pay, the QA, the platform, hours, etc.
Transcription Company
Hello all, by chance has anyone there heard of Brown and Myers transcripion services?  I really need some feedback.  Thanks.
I don't think this is a transcription company.
Found the website www.yoursafeandhappyhome.com. Then if you Google the lady who runs this site, you will see she is targeting SAHMs with all kinds of different WAH jobs. Tons of red flags on this one for me.
Does anyone know of a transcription company
that you can do training through and also work for?
TNI Transcription Company
Has anyone heard of this company, good or bad? I checked the archives, but couldn't find anything on it. Thank you.
OSi Transcription Company
Just curious if anyone can tell me if it is hard or not to get your line count in for OSi.  I'm currently in the process of taking the tests for the job.  I am working for MQ right now and it's horrible with getting your line count.  I make it, but I have to work my butt off to get it.  I was forced into MQ and now am trying to find something better.  Any information would be much appreciated.  Also, what's their pay like?  Thanks a bunch!