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I've always thought verbatim is not only an insult to the doctor, but also to our profession. sm

Posted By: IMO on 2007-04-18
In Reply to: Verbatim nonsense! - Lee

We are supposed to medical language specialists with an excellent grasp of proper grammar and command of the English language. What do I know? I've only been doing MT for 25+ years. It completely befuddles me to be asked to type verbatim because I have probably typed for 2 doctors out of 100s who can form a proper sentence! Just my take on the verbatim thing.

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Well if you've seen the profession erode so much,
That's one of the biggest eroders!  And you act as thought the AAMT only does what its membership wants.  Bull hoggy!!  It does whatever it darn well feels like doing--whatever will line its pockets!
I totally agree. I've been in the profession for
years and getting close to retirement...about 8 years to go. I know my job better than lots of people with CMTs.
Verbatim means VERBATIM
where I work. Nothing is to be changed that the doctor utters. When I look at my flagged reports later I see that QA left all the discrepancies in there as well. What does that tell you?
OMG - I thought I've seen it all!

Transcend only sends work overseas IF THE CLIENT ALLOWS IT. I have spoken directly with the company president and she told me that they will ALWAYS give the work to a US-based MLS if they have a choice.

Okay, here is a GLARING statement- a statement that begs to point out the inconsistencies and offers a glimpse into what type of company this is:

Transcend only sends work overseas IF THE CLIENT ALLOWS IT.

and then you have:  they will ALWAYS give the work to a US-based MLS if they have a choice.

OF COURSE TRANSCEND HAS A CHOICE!  All companies contracted with them would ALLOW U.S. based transcriptionists to transcribe everything!  What, is Transcend going to telL the client Hey, you don't have a choice - it's going to India?  NO!!!  It is Transcend who is making the choice for them - and YOU!  If they really, really gave a hoot about the USA and keeping Americans working, they wouldn't offshore a darn thing!  Now, whether they introduce a reduced line rate to those companies to entice them to send our precious medical info overseas, I don't know.  And of course the managers are going to come on here and try to play it down - THEY NEED THEIR JOBS!  How can you management people come on here and act like you're ready to be these people's best friends when you probably have an idea of what's going on - maybe you don't really - maybe you just believe whatever propaganda is being told to you by your employer?

People, it is ALL ABOUT THE MIGHTY DOLLAR TO TRANSCEND!  15% off-shoring?!  Any percent is TOO MUCH!  It is MDI's decision of what to do with their company, but Transcend, please don't come on here and try to sugar-coat things and make them better than they most likely are - especially by that statement above made by the President of Transcend.  Hasen't the sneakiness and deceit gone on long enough?  Give these poor MT's a break and tell them the TRUTH!  But that won't happen, just like it hasn't until they were forced to. 

With a statement posted above from the President of Transcend, I would NEVER go to work for them - NEVER.  How stupid do they think we are?  Even a 5th grader can figure that statement out

I've always thought that
I have to laugh when someone talks about the 'sisterhood' because there sure as heck is not one. Women turn on each other, stab each other in the back, and are much more cruel and vindictive than men are. A women will not just step over another woman, she will plant her foot firmly in the middle of another woman's chest and grind her stiletto in.

Maybe at some point in history we were a compassionate, nurturing gender. But you don't have to go too far down the posts on any of the forum pages to realize that those days are drawing to an end. Empathy? It ain't coming from the sistuhs.
I've thought about that and continuing
to MT.  The only thing that stopped me was one account I have is a rad account that I sometimes do not finish until after 3.  If it wasn't for that it would have been perfect extra money job.
I've thought about them before -- do you mind

Is there a minimum number of lines per day or hours per day?  What platform do they use?  Do they pay for spaces and demographics?


Gee, wished I would've thought of that
Did that. I said, *Can anyone with knowledge* It also has to do w/the $900 per pay period, so I guess that answers my question too.
I must've gotten lost--thought this is an adult board
Go back to your friends at MySpace...you'll fit in better there.
I've worked there 7 years and had what I thought was a problem with my check, but that was

due to MY mistake. I accidentally counted lines typed after midnight on the last day of the pay period and thought I would get paid for them. It was when I first started. They actually cut me a check for those lines that day. Glad I work close to the office.

Just to clarify for you, Grace does the paychecks on site. If there is a problem with your check, call the 1-800 number and ask for Grace or email Grace@medwaremt.com. She will check the problem and fix it right then and there. Don't go to the team leader, go to the person who does the checks. Her office is also right next to the Flannery's so it not a big thing to get them signed.

I think it's an insult!
3 cents is an insult. nm
Why do you insult me with that comment?

 youre funny, if you only knew..................

huge insult!!

I agree!  This is such a huge insult to our profession.  I started out with Focus on Edit Script at .04 cpl also, and would recommend them to get a start.  The are other companies who pay a little more, but .04 is usually the norm.  Please, do not go any lower than this.  Focus is always hiring, as many people do start there and move on, but I still work for them part time and have never had a problem with them, despite the negatives I have read.


You certainly took every opportunity to insult everyone you could. nm
The entire ad is an insult - nm
Not that the amount isn't an insult or anything, but
the fact that you got anything more at ALL is pretty unusual, with the current state of affairs in MT. Wages have been steadily declining over the past 10-15 years, and many of us have been getting even further pay cuts recently.

I hear ya on the amount, though. .09 cpl might have been good in 1980, but this is 2009. Although lately, it feels more like 1930.
The biggest insult is...

when the MTSOs hire new, or just not very good, MTs for your account that have absolutely no clue what they are doing and produce horrible quality reports.  I wake up in the morning and go to work to see that almost all of the reports for my usual dictators have already been done, with all of them having been sent to QA with no less than 10 blanks in each report! I do not see how this is productive for anyone--not QA, not the dictators, and certainly not for me, the loyal MT who has taken the time to learn these docs and stay with this idiotic company for years. I could have done all of those reports (reports that used to be mine) with no blanks..GRRR... 

Having multiple PT jobs may be an option for some, but there are those of out there that need benefits for our families.  I would love to just stick it to the MTSOs and leave them high and dry with their new overhires that can't even do the job, but I don't have that option until I can find a new full-time gig with bennies...something that I have been looking for now for quite a while but haven't been able to find.  

Wow, you're just looking to insult somebody, aren't you?
Just because I didn't like Medware compared to my present company means I'm easily distracted and have problems? Nice attitude you've got there. If people don't like what you like, they've got problems or are unhappy. OK, whatever.... Different strokes for different folks. Did you ever think that maybe we worked on different accounts so I really was inundated with useless emails from them? Did you ever stop to think that people don't all experience the same things from the same company? How would you know? But thank you for being so judgmental and superior to everyone who doesn't like Medware. Honestly, did you start this thread deliberately to pick an argument with anyone who dares to disagree with you? Sure sounds like it. By the way, my company doesn't offshore. They rock better!!!
the thing is, SOMEONE will work for that much, which is an insult to us all!
Is that a gross line? Anything else is an insult!
Do the math. Could you not make more transcribing? I was paid $20 an hour and 4 cents a gross line at one point. Even that was lower than what I could make doing MT!
Adding insult to injury
My coffee cup came apart in the dishwater today.
8-9 cpl is an insult wage, even for employees.
because once you factor in your overhead, time spent dealing on the phone with clients, keeping books, etc., if you charge 8-9 cpl as an IC, you're working for just a couple of Rupees.
For IC status, that's an insult. Can you give us a company name?
7 cpl is an insult - no matter what hours you work.
You try to insult, I pseudocuss. Tomayto/tomahto n/m
I totally agree 100%! Verbatim is verbatim. I work for a verbatim account now and that is the exact reason I have been looking for work elsewhere. In my situation it is verbatim BUT not verbatim according to what Editor is QA'ing the work. Makes me nuts. It either is or it is not. There should not be a gray area when it comes to this. I have actually been scored down on QA because I dropped a when the doc said patient had a pneumonia. To make matters worse, there is not 1 person doing the QA, it is 1 of 5 editors who rotate doing the assessments, so what one will let go by another probably will not. It is frustrating to say the least and I spend more time checking and rechecking things just to satisfy.  
I hate verbatim accounts. I too want to clean up their reports. Some are so insistent that it be absolutely verbatim, that I say, okay, make a fool of yourself if you want to. I thought part of our job was to make them sound like intelligent members of society. I wonder what would happen if we took them at their word when they say: I seen the patient, and rather then come back next week.... This is a verbatim sentence from a real doctor.
I ignore verbatim
and use common sense. If it is obviously a woman, ADT screen if you are on DocQScribe will tell you that. The doctors have these degrees but they are not perfect. Nobody is. I have a doctor who does not even know how to count, 1, 2 4, 8, 7, ??? Now I do not type this.

We are smarter than the docs sometime and just forget about verbatim in those situations.

They do not even know how to spell many meds either but you can't go verbatim here either.

You will give good patient care by typing what is right and ignoring the doc.
I just type them verbatim
Ehhhhhhh, this is Dr. Shinegagophoria dictating a discharge summary for Eggster Jonnnes. Ehhhhhhhh, ummmmmmmmm, discharge diagnosis: Sufanothupa, left knee. Ehhhhhh (19 seconds of silence) Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. This is a 68-year-old, nooo, ehhhhhhh, go back, ehhhhhhhhh. This is a 67-year-old ummmmmmmm female, no, sorry, male who prezented to the E Rrr complaining of ehhhhhhhh, uhhhhhhh pain to his uhhhhhhhh (11 seconds of silence) left knee, no, no ehhhhhhhhhh, ummmmmmm, right knee. Errrr he suga DE rima ehhhhh kinlin aga foad she pte. He now prezents dieg shile feid ona. Make sense?
should be reports will not be verbatim...
couple of minor errors, but I am not on the clock, and I am furiously writing so I can get the point across.
Verbatim nonsense!
Thuh patient ah, um, ah presented ah came in ah today with a complaint of ah um left-sided headache, a headaches of a daily basis, um.........(shuffle through some papers or something).....um -  Comment:   So when they say verbatim don't we have to use common sense?  He had a hysterectomy, and that 5-year-old quit smoking last year.  Duh.......Verbatim accounts simply wear me out!!  Do they want it verbatim because they think they are saving money or what?  Ending sentences in prepositions, mixed tenses, no conjunctions or prepositions, etc.  A punctuation nightmare!!  Also their insisting on using acronyms, which have multiple meanings.  Am I alone out here?  I am so tempted to type something just once exactly, I mean exactly, as dictated.
Does verbatim equal garbage?
Do they say they want verbatim so they can blame the "dumb typer" when the patient record is incorrect?  The doctor says over and over that the patient is a male, yet "he" has had a hysterectomy, C-sections, etc.  Now, this is in a report where I also heard nothing about transgender. That is a minor example, but you get the point, right?  We are told to type what we hear.  When we hear garbage, we have to type garbage.  Apparently the hospital thinks the docs are flawless.  I want to give good patient care and provide accurate reports, but I can only do so much.
Glad you can ignore verbatim -
We were told very specifically to type word for word. We can send things to QA if we question them. Also have one doctor who specifies all his numbers be left out of order because he has some nutty system in his charts that he likes to use. What you do cannot be applied across the board, much as we all might like to do it!

verbatim should NOT mean putting in errors: SM
As a QA, this is how I pass on the guidelines (and verbatim is usually requested by the client, NOT QA!):

Verbatim means: Transcribe what the physician says but correct obvious punctuation, spelling, and grammar errors - like "there is 3 moles."

Headings and exams are transcribed when and as dictated, not adding in headings, not changing PHYSICAL EXAMINATION: to OBJECTIVE:, "rearranging" the report, or changing an exam dictated in paragraph to block format.

You do not add additional words to clipped sentences in clinical notes. If the doc says "A 56-year-old patient," you don't transcribe "This is a 56-year-old patient."

If the doc says right leg in one place and left leg in another, a blank is left and it goes to the clinic for resolution.

If a medication is spelled and you can't verify it, it is blanked and goes to QA. If we can't verify it, it goes to the clinic for resolution.

Verbatim should NEVER mean transcribing errors like have been described here, at least IMO.
Verbatim Transcriber Wanted

We are seeking highly qualified experienced transcribers to handle the increased workload. We are ramping up for a very busy season and with that we are structuring our staff to handle the new volume of work.

Transcribers must be highly proficient and experienced transcribers. Only transcribers with experience transcribing from digital files will be hired. Please indicate your years of transcription experience and your current WPM. Please-No beginners, no students- you will not receive a response.

We prefer transcribers who can transcribe from digital video files as well as digital audio files. (MP4, MOV, WMV, RM) using the StartStop Transcription system. If you use a different system please state which one you use.

We have a series of interviews and conferences in digital audio format that need to be transcribed verbatim. This includes every single utterance and noise in the audio. Our client will have a linguist specialist go through the audio so it is important the transcript is exact. The content is not technical, speakers sometimes will have heavy southern accents, and the audio is mostly clear.

Accuracy is the key with these transcripts.
-Ability to include every phrase, word, utterance, and background noises
-Above average grammar skills
-Speaker recognition skills (ability to correctly identify multiple speakers in the audio)

There are quite a few of these and we would like someone dependable to work on this project.

Candidates must have the ability to transcribe from home with high-speed internet, a foot pedal, and up-to-date computer software.

Please email all relevant data and resume to careers@anptranscriptions.com

I HATE verbatim accounts
for every reason you mentioned and then some . . . like the fact that the company I work for says that it is a verbatim account, but they want certain things corrected, which I might could handle if it weren't for one QA dinging me for something that another QA will ding for when I do it the first QAs way.

Can't win for losin', but at least QA dinging me does not affect my pay :).
Axotol testing----is it verbatim or per BOS?

I've seen others post their transcription is verbatim, does that also mean their testing is verbatim or is it per BOS?  If per BOS, is it 2nd or 3rd ed?   Any info would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.


Has anyone ever heard of Verbatim Medical?
I just got the strangest E-mail offering me a job.  It sounds like they are just starting out and looking for MTs to begin in about 2 weeks.  They are out of NYC.  I'm already with a company that promises to start me in 2 weeks on a new account and so far their practices are questionable.  What is up with these companies?  At this rate I can quit a company a week until I find the right match.    
And even tricker is verbatim accounts...
I'm always torn between my nearly overwhelming desire to clean up every single misspoken word they dictate, but when it's a verbatim account, I usually leave the decision to Q.A. (my MTSO has a great QA squad), because a lot of times the word/s they're using make no sense at all. It goes against my grain after 20+ years of MT work to NOT clean things up.
I love your verbatim...that is hysterical. It also made my day....nm
All accounts are VERBATIM, so there couldn't be any normals.
I just recently started a verbatim account...

and I have to stop myself from making corrections and have to really concentrate on typing exactly what they are saying.  It's HARD!  But hey, they are indirectly signing my paycheck, so I gotta do what they tell me to, ya know?

That is way low! I also transcribe for a producer, verbatim, non-medical,
any typist could do it (unlike MTing) and I get $100 per 1 hour of dictation. That's ridiculous.
Here is the dummy office manager's verbatim response
The allogations you just made are unbelievable. I want to see the information you have as proof. Please call me tomorrow morning at 739-7500. Can you be at PROSC at 10am with your unaltered reports?

Do any companies allow you to edit the dictation somewhat or are you strict verbatim? First time do
I have 1 acct that's verbatim but they don't mind if I edit a little. I used to type insuranc
interviews where they would call people after accidents and I had to type every um, uh or cough. Kind of nervewracking!
My previous post was verbatim from the company when I inquired at employment. Maybe (sm)
they tell everyone something different, like what they THINK they want to hear.....Guess I should have put it in quotes.
Ok, thanks, also how do I look up a doctor
while already in a report on Meditech??

I know, I'm just starting today and am CLUELESS!

Is it possible to have the same doctor
20 times or more in a row?  I feel like I am purposely assigned reports and continue to get the same doctor.  This morning, I have typed 20 reports one after another on the same doctor. This cannot be an accident, right?  The company software is a nightmare and I only hope people on this board will not go to this company.  I will not mention the name, but the software starts with a D and it is very problematic, always break down, and flickers on your screen.   Thank goodness I had the good sense to accept two positions.  I will hold on until next week and bolt so fast, they will not even remember who I am.
Also doctor lists
They can be a nightmare