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depends on work type, experience, spaces, company, area

Posted By: -no message on 2007-05-13
In Reply to: trends - cafe


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Anyone currently work for All Type or have recent experience with the company? sm

I'm currently exploring my options, and was impressed with the $1000 signon bonus offered, but wondering about the usual things -- quality and quantity of work available, pay on time, etc.


Any input would be appreciated. 

Paid for spaces depends on the account. Good company. nm
Wonderful company, but you type letters and look up addresses and you do not get paid for spaces nm
depends on work type
If you can do mostly ops you can fly and make a tremendous amt. If you do HP con and DS it slows you down and makes typing more lucrative.  VR makes money for the company by causing huge decrease in payroll costs but does not benefit the majority of MTs.
Depends on the type of work
In my own experience, if it were psych I'd jump on it in a heartbeat. Anything else, it may not be cost efficient, but it may end up being better than what a lot having been getting lately with the MT/VR combos.
From my experience, it is all in how the company sets it up to count i.e. footers, headers, spaces
etc.. I work on another platform but I noticed the same thing when I worked for a company and it would me 12 hours to get 1000 lines, and at the time, I had nothing to compare it to. Then, I thought..this is just wrong. Working 12 hours to make $80 is ridiculous so I quite. I went to work for another company...same platform... and routinely do 1500 to 2000 lines a day and I can tell the difference. You know when you do a whole page report and all you end up with is at the max 40 lines.. something is wrong. I'd say keep the best paying and dump the rest. They are obviously shorting you somewhere.
The hospitals in my area pay 13.75 per hour. I type 250 LPH on average. sm

that means that I make $0.055 per line.  Yes, I get to use their computer and get benefits, but if a service is offering benefits that are comparable with a better line rate, plenty of work and I get to stay out of the cold and ice every morning in winter and humidity and heat every morning in summer, put fewer miles on my car during these high gas price times, wear sweats and p.j.'s, the choice is easy.

Now I just need to find the right company.

I just wanted to post because I read the posts about benefits and pay and thought they actually sounded pretty good.  Am I missing something? 

Anyone with work experience to share on All Type? Choice time once again.....sm
and very happy holidays and merry christmas to everyone out there!  TIA! 
Like I said - it depends who you work for. I work for a hospital at home - not a company. nm
all depends on which company you work for
to define the line they first determine what is and is not a character. Some companies believe that a space is not a character so it is not counted as one. So, once the term character is defined, then every 65 characters would count as 1 line. This is different from a gross line that just counts the lines you see on the page.
But I think it depends on which company you work for.
I used to work for a company who separated the MTs by work type daily. sm
regret ever leaving that company. we had a max of 4 MTs typing a large training hospital with clinics. i was assigned consults and discharges with consults being my priority. another MT had ops and admits, etc. it worked so much better. we were RARELY out of TAT and each of us were trained on other report types for backup in case someone need to take off. not to mention that we were easily able to learn the ESLs because we got them repeatively enough to learn them, set up templates, etc. much, much more productive for us as MTs, for the company as work flow, and i am sure for the dictator because they got someone who knew them and their dictations well enough to be accurate. i don't understand why large MTSOs cannot comprehend how much more beneficial that would be.
I agree, if you went to work knowing full well that the company paid 7 cpl no spaces
why on Earth did you accept the job?
I work for All Type. They are a decent company.
Check them out. I am an IC but if you live in certain states you can be an employee or SE. Not sure if they need anyone right now though.
It depends on who is offering it, and what kind of work is available. If you posted the company sm
name, we could give more helpful advice.
They pay for spaces. Rate depends on
test results, shift, and weekend work.   They work from an ExText program which is an easy program.  Right now they are trying to catch up from the hurricane mess because they had to evacuate, but so give them a few days to get their heads above water. 
Does All Type pay for spaces?
54 characters at 3.5 to 4 cpl doesn't seem to bad for editing.  Does All Type include spaces with this?
I've easily done 600, but it depends on the way a company counts lines and it depends on the
dictators. Obviously, if you have a good share of ESL, there is no way you could ever do 600 or 700. On really difficult ones, I usually run around 400 lines an hour and I have been working on this platform for 3 years.
Are they really? It's a new MT company out of Tampa area. Do you think
it's the same people? Why would they have a different company?
it depends on type of account, if ops, then
I guess it all depends on the type of EMR used..sm
I worked in a multispecialty clinic that went to the point and click/template EMR. My work gradually dwindled until I was let go 4 months later.
MEANT to type NOT paying for SPACES....TOO EARLY.NM
PS: If you excell at an area that is good for the company, why
should you be penalized. I have been an MT for 18 years and I enjoy doing these types of reports. I do quality reports that need little QA. That benefits the company. I have seen numerous MTs who hate to do this work type, and probably 50% of the MTs in the industry don't want them at all. I am happy to do any work type I get, I am just happier with these. Frankly, I am just happy I work in a field where I will have a job (at least for a while). I think things are going to be getting a lot tougher in times ahead for the economy and I am grateful for being hired at TT, they have been really good to me.
I think most places pay for spaces. I work for TransTech and they pay for both spaces
as well as punctuation. I would never work for an MTSO that doesn't.
HINT: Program only "reads" 1 space, no matter how many spaces you type.

They have you coming and going.

Mostly they have us by the pocketbooks because they REFUSE to share how the program counts.  THIS SHOULD BE ILLEGAL since that is how we are paid.

Would you work HOURLY for a company when they will not show you what kind of clock they are using to count what an hour is?

We are paid by production!  PRODUCTION.  It should not be a mystery how to count our PRODUCTION.

Do you have Time Warner or any Cable Company providers in your area?
That is who I used and I don't have any issues. 
Anyone heard of a company called Webscribe. Think they are in the Kansas City, Mo area. (nm)
Anyone know of a company looking for 13 years experience to work flexible part-time shift
I'm getting my real estate license but still want to keep my transcription job part-time.  I'm looking for a job that will allow me to work about 20 hours a week and still have the flexibility to show a home on the spur of the moment.  Thanks, I would appreciate any info!
Depends on your experience
It depends on experience, on whether
acute care versus clinic, IC or employee.   Anywhere from 7 to 11 cpl, with the higher rate usually an IC rate.  Then you have to compare with spaces, w/o spaces, with headers, etc. 
Depends on experience
If you are new to MTing they have a mentor program. If you are experienced you will become frustrated fast because most of the people in management and QA are unqualified to be there. You will get QA audits that are wrong and that have to be fixed when you were right in the first place. They don't go by the Book of Style and most of the QA dept. are new to MTing themselves. You can do much better and don't say I didn't tell you. Also you have to be there at least 6 months before you will get paid any extra cpl for holidays, then after 6 months you have to meet almost impossible standards to get the extra cpl for holidays. Just a warning. I could write a book on this company. Look elsewhere. Trust me.
Depends on how much experience you have.
You can find their payscale right on their website.
If they offer it in your area it should work. I have
mine through Time Warner, which is the only cable provider in my area.  I know others who have it through Comcast. 
My experience exact opposite- Me willing work 6 days, regular sched, 100% QA last review- Company: N
Me: Ready, willing and able to work 6 days a week, regular schedule, 100% QA my last review, on all ESL's doctors.

Companies: No work. All ESL work. All the worst dictators. No work, did I mention that. Don't want to buy new software or any software to help the MT. Ridiculous formatting rules to decrease my line count. Low line count rate. No holiday pay. Have to work holidays.

Your post was way, way out of line. Maybe you work for a great company, SO tell us who it is.

I've tried 10 companies in 10 years, and they were all the same. Pick my brain and make me work hard, hard, hard for ? 150 lines an hour with ALL ESL, poor sound quality, and then don't really want to pay for the 150 lines, want to jiggle and wiggle it down to 120 or less with rules.
Think it probably depends on experience and which account.
They initially offered me 7.5 cpl on a 70 character line, but I refused.
It depends on experience and account.
Negotiate, depends on experience. nm
Does anyone work for any hospitals in the Pittsburgh area. nm
All-Type Experience
Bren, pay no mind to the poster who suspects management just because someone had an experience better than his/her own.  I worked for All-Type several years ago but had to leave due to the lack of availability of high-speed internet service.  All-Type is the ONE AND ONLY COMPANY, out of those I've worked for in the past, that I would ever return to.  As a matter of fact, I AM returning to them.  And NO, I am not management -- just someone who did a GOOD JOB for them and was well compensated for it. 
Anybody work at home for a Louisville area hospital?

Would you mind saying who and what it is like?


depends on your experience, your speed - a bunch of things.
Same type of experience here. Was this by chance,
7-8 months ago?
In my experience with the same type of situation,
It will be the end of anything good about the company that was purchased.
It depends if clinic or acute care, years of experience, can you do
ESLs.   They pay about the same as most companies. 
Yes, they pay for spaces. A company would have to pay me sm
double to type without spaces being paid!
What company isn't paying spaces?
What Editscript company stopped paying for spaces?   Confused?
They do not pay for spaces. Other aspects of company seem good. nm
Isn't Cymed a company that also doesn't pay for spaces? nm
depends on company but...

would guess most have a number of lines that they call full time and another number they call part time. Probably lines more than minutes.

Do you have the flexibility to fit them in whatever hours you wish? Depends. Usually as an employee you would work whatever shift they told you, i.e. S-Th 7-3. IC's are not supposed to be scheduled though I would not be surprised to find some companies fudging on that. After all, what are you going to do, quit or report them? Most of the criteria to determine IC vs. emp. come from the IRS. They are the ones that it matters most if you are IC or employee. You can search on some government sites to find tax publications regarding this issue.

It depends on what company you
they overhire, sometimes send to India, depending on your company.
Depends on the company. Did they tell you that you would be doing ER?

Some places treat ER as acute care, not clinic, but it is really up to the individual company.  Best to ask your supervisor if you were not told anything when you were hired.