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Anyone currently work for All Type or have recent experience with the company? sm

Posted By: LMT on 2006-07-18
In Reply to:

I'm currently exploring my options, and was impressed with the $1000 signon bonus offered, but wondering about the usual things -- quality and quantity of work available, pay on time, etc.


Any input would be appreciated. 

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depends on work type, experience, spaces, company, area
Anyone with work experience to share on All Type? Choice time once again.....sm
and very happy holidays and merry christmas to everyone out there!  TIA! 
I used to work for a company who separated the MTs by work type daily. sm
regret ever leaving that company. we had a max of 4 MTs typing a large training hospital with clinics. i was assigned consults and discharges with consults being my priority. another MT had ops and admits, etc. it worked so much better. we were RARELY out of TAT and each of us were trained on other report types for backup in case someone need to take off. not to mention that we were easily able to learn the ESLs because we got them repeatively enough to learn them, set up templates, etc. much, much more productive for us as MTs, for the company as work flow, and i am sure for the dictator because they got someone who knew them and their dictations well enough to be accurate. i don't understand why large MTSOs cannot comprehend how much more beneficial that would be.
I work for All Type. They are a decent company.
Check them out. I am an IC but if you live in certain states you can be an employee or SE. Not sure if they need anyone right now though.
Yes, recent experience
I applied in late August, but it took until just a week ago to receive passwords to work.

Very hands off management in my opinion, although very polite on phone. I think there is just not enough staff.

Also, very low error rate threshhold , but currently no QA and/or no way to flag a report. I was very very uncomfortable with the set up so I did not proceed.

YOU; however, might have better luck. :)
My recent experience with them was horrible.
There are a couple of MW cheerleaders here who bash me every time, but there are far better companies out there. They offshore. The sound quality and ESLs suck, for lack of a better word. I got ZERO QA feedback. They send out tons of emails and documents that don't even apply to everyone. They were completely rude and unhelpful to me.
Anyone have any recent experience with Encompass MT? sm

Any information would be appreciated.  They sent me a card in the mail, extolling their virtues, but I have never heard of them.


Anyone have any recent experience w/Continuum?
They are out of Syracuse, NY.  The most recent postings in the archives are from 2006.  Would love to hear pros and cons of the company.  I am looking for full-time employee status/benefits.  Thanks!
I have had recent experience with FI and I would suggest
you give them a try.  Their techs are overseas but much many of their MTs and accounts are here.  The work I QA'd was done by American MTs - I've done both so I know.  Like another poster down below tho - I would never give notice somewhere else - I would try both for a while and then make the change to one if you truly like it - it will only take a week to 10 days for you to find out if you like it.
Recent hospital experience
My MIL is very ill and has been admitted to the same hospital ER and nephrology unit 6 times in the July/Aug. The staff comes in with that computer for EMR and they ask her the same questions over every time. I keep laughing at them and telling them, why don't you just pull up her past history from last time and not put her through this again? They seem unable to do this. What a joke.
Anyone with recent experience with Sten-Tel
out of Massachusetts? Found some old posts, but nothing very recent. TIA!
Anyone have any recent experience with SoftScript? Wonder if the changes have really helped. nm
MedScribe,Jacksonville - any recent experience
Anyone here work for MedScribe in Jacksonville? Looking for current info, the good, the bad, and the ugly, lol!

Thanks in advance.
Anyone with RECENT experience w/ Zylomed? I understand they have changed ... sm
upper management a couple of times and am wondering how it is to work there now . Thanks!
Anyone has recent experience with Med-Scribe out of FL that could share, good, bad, or indifferent??
Thanks. I want to make an informed decision if I proceed with them. As everyone, you get tired of wasting your time on companies that are not worth it so I'm doing a little research on this one. Can anyone help??
Anyone know of a company looking for 13 years experience to work flexible part-time shift
I'm getting my real estate license but still want to keep my transcription job part-time.  I'm looking for a job that will allow me to work about 20 hours a week and still have the flexibility to show a home on the spur of the moment.  Thanks, I would appreciate any info!
My experience exact opposite- Me willing work 6 days, regular sched, 100% QA last review- Company: N
Me: Ready, willing and able to work 6 days a week, regular schedule, 100% QA my last review, on all ESL's doctors.

Companies: No work. All ESL work. All the worst dictators. No work, did I mention that. Don't want to buy new software or any software to help the MT. Ridiculous formatting rules to decrease my line count. Low line count rate. No holiday pay. Have to work holidays.

Your post was way, way out of line. Maybe you work for a great company, SO tell us who it is.

I've tried 10 companies in 10 years, and they were all the same. Pick my brain and make me work hard, hard, hard for ? 150 lines an hour with ALL ESL, poor sound quality, and then don't really want to pay for the 150 lines, want to jiggle and wiggle it down to 120 or less with rules.
All-Type Experience
Bren, pay no mind to the poster who suspects management just because someone had an experience better than his/her own.  I worked for All-Type several years ago but had to leave due to the lack of availability of high-speed internet service.  All-Type is the ONE AND ONLY COMPANY, out of those I've worked for in the past, that I would ever return to.  As a matter of fact, I AM returning to them.  And NO, I am not management -- just someone who did a GOOD JOB for them and was well compensated for it. 
Same type of experience here. Was this by chance,
7-8 months ago?
In my experience with the same type of situation,
It will be the end of anything good about the company that was purchased.
It was recent, they are still an Indian company
and the last month they have been discussed almost daily. 
There is recent info here on this company.
Here it is again. Several divisions, they don't all operate the same. The one in Colorado uses Scribe and Express Scribe which isn't such a great program. I had problems with it freezing all the time. No demographics are filled in. (You aren't paid for doing it either.) You are expected to look up old reports and fill in blanks before you send to QA. They do not have 24/7 technical support. No overtime. No incentive/tier pay. Quarterly QA, must pass to be eligible for $50 bonus. Paid holidays. Some hire IC/and/or employees. Benefits (expensive but more than 1 deductible to choose from). Both straight typing and VR accounts. Cherry picking was a problem. Set schedules. Not for newbies.
many recent negative posts on Company Board
With recent economic conditions which company or companies

would you say,(for those of you who are happy out there), has/have proven themselves a reliable place to work for MTs? This may include any type of position: IC, SE, or employee, does not matter.  This MT is wondering how you are all doing out there during this crunch, and which companies have stuck by you during this time, and especially now that the holidays are coming. 

My vote is for MDI-MD. I have had slow times, but never had to get up from the computer once from lack of work, and they have been more than accommodating about cross-training.  As well, I am flexible with helping out when I am not scheduled or on the weekend. In this job market, I would rather work extra and make sure the patient care is there, than take a chance on losing my job or have to go somewhere and do VR.

Would love to hear some of your stories.  Thanks!

I see Precyse is hiring for new accounts. Would appreciate recent info on this company. (sm)
most of what I have found is pretty old.  Are the current employes squelched when it comes to giving out information regarding the company or are they just so busy they don't have time to mess around on the boards?   E-mail if you are concerned about being flamed or don't want to post for whatever reason.  TIA.
many recent negative posts of Amphion on Company Board
Rapid Transcript, Inc- Does anyone have any recent info on this company...current/previous employees
I am wondering about anyone who has recently or is currently working for this company...any input is appreciated. There is some Bad talk about non-payment in the search archives from 2003-2004, but no recent talk. Just curious. :)
Recent Precysers - running out of work? sm

I am considering taking a job with Precyse but there is no way I can survive if they run out of work like I've heard.  Is it really that dead?

Check thru the recent posts here that have them running out of work. nm
No recent info on Execuscribe, anyone work for them, is there pay any good?

Thinking on a career move, going with them FT, but would not like to waste time testing if pay is lousy.  14+ years with acute care. 

Thanks so much in advance! 


There is a company where you can type sm
conference calls. I think the name is FDCH, federal document clearing house. I used to work for them a few years ago. I don't know how they are now.
TT is the type of company...sm
If they have 1 job out of TAT they freak out and hire 20 MTs.  God forbid they have steady work for a few weeks where you actually are able to make your line count, and they freak out again and hire 20 more MTs.  So needless to say, work flow is not steady and they love to overhire.
Do you will the company not allow her to type more, or
Are you taking a snipe at her lines produced in a day?

If you're taking a swipe at her producing 1200 lines a day, I'd like to remind you that is a perfectly fine production level and the general area usually produced for straight transcription, as reflected by most MTSOs requiring 1000-1200 lines per day to meet eligibility requirement for benefits.

I'd also like to point out that not all platforms are compatible with the ShortHand programs that do all of the work for the MT. Some companies still have platforms that require the MT to think and type rather than short-cut everything through a report.

Just my two cents in case that comment was intended to be as nasty as it reads.
Here, here. Exactly my experience also, even down to the 10 year work experience. nm

Saw a job posted here  by this New Jersey company--anyone know anything about them?? Feel free to email. Can't afford another mistake and would like any info, positive or otherwise!

Don't part-timers with Chronicle have to work the entire weekend? Saw in a recent ad. nm
Silent Type..Good Company?

Is Silent Type a good company?  I dont want to waste my time hooking up with a company only to realize after Im hired that they are not a good company (what I am going through right now).  So...any information about Silent Type would be greatly appreciated!  Thank you!

All Type is a good company. There are comments down
this page. Just scroll down. You can check out their website at http://www.alltype.net

I know we need MTs.
Can anyone recommend a company who allows you to type on just 1-2 docs M-F? SM

Pays every other week or twice a month, on time.  At least paying 8 cpl and with an MT-friendly platform.

Thanks guys!

not from Seascript but get that same type of thing from another company. Then
they called me twice asking me to send in paperwork which I couldn't send because their e-mail kept rejecting it. Glad I moved on.
On this Company Board, type in Probity
You'll see quite a few posts about them.  From what I saw they are not an honest company, but some find them okay.  Platform seemed like it had a lot of glitches or whatever.  Good luck!
pay on time direct deposit, work usually plentiful, recent management changes, email me if you want

to ask specific questions and I'll try to answer them.

I was the *half full* type until my company laid me off.
They said identical things as this DRC acquisition. They told us to just keep working as usual and do your best. Three months later (after the Indians had proper training on our accounts), they laid off the whole US MT force. The particular account I was on DID NOT want their dictations outsourced overseas but this happened anyway until this account caught wind and eventually left. These things do happen out there, and all of these people have the right to feel skeptical. These Indian company takeovers happen more often than not. We MTs need to be less naive about things and more weary to protect our occupation.
I do not work for them, but I have done recruiting for companies of their type of work
It is A LOT different than regular medical transcription. The pay is a little less (unless you are proficient and fast), but the work is harder in that there are multiple people speaking and the nature of the medical advisory boards are quite detailed. I receive quite a few resumes of medical transcriptionists wanting to do this type of work, but when you test them, it is a whole different ballgame.

Good luck and let me know how you do on the test!

Survey - What type of medical insurance does your company offer?
Just curious about which company you work for and what type of medical insurance they offer.  HMO, PPO?  Cheap or expensive for you?
Wonderful company, but you type letters and look up addresses and you do not get paid for spaces nm
Try All Type. I do not work for them, but - sm
many of my friends do as a part time job from their hospital job. One of them has been with them for over two years, and in this business, that is quite a long time!! LOL
Work type
Discharge summaries, clinic notes, H&P, etc.  Specialties: Orthopedics, Rheumatology, Pulmonary, etc.
Yes, I am doing this same type of work (sm)

and have been doing so for a few years now.  I definitely agree with you that it can involve a lot of research at times; however, I thought he stated in his ad that there might be room for negotiation on his starting pay depending on how many years experience someone had.  I'm just interested in finding out how busy he keeps his transcriptionists.  Thanks for the feedback.  I appreciate it!

All Type - Anyone work for them currently?

All I can find are posts from 2005 and early 2006.  How are they to work for now, specifically do they have a flexible schedule?  Thanks!!

They pay by work type SM
with ops paying the highest.  I interviewed with them for a PT extra job and I thought they would be fine.  Recruiter is very nice, down to earth, and easy to talk to.