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My experience exact opposite- Me willing work 6 days, regular sched, 100% QA last review- Company: N

Posted By: ls on 2007-11-04
In Reply to: Long, but just had to say it ..sm - Maggie M

Me: Ready, willing and able to work 6 days a week, regular schedule, 100% QA my last review, on all ESL's doctors.

Companies: No work. All ESL work. All the worst dictators. No work, did I mention that. Don't want to buy new software or any software to help the MT. Ridiculous formatting rules to decrease my line count. Low line count rate. No holiday pay. Have to work holidays.

Your post was way, way out of line. Maybe you work for a great company, SO tell us who it is.

I've tried 10 companies in 10 years, and they were all the same. Pick my brain and make me work hard, hard, hard for ? 150 lines an hour with ALL ESL, poor sound quality, and then don't really want to pay for the 150 lines, want to jiggle and wiggle it down to 120 or less with rules.

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I have the exact opposite experience
I did have to tell them approximately when I would be working (mornings, afternoons, etc.) so they know who is on when stats come through. I did not have to give them an exact schedule that I am required to stick to.

They do require Messenger, but I have only be IM'd once in the 6 months I have worked for them and that was for request to do a STAT report. I don't feel I am monitored.

I have missed several days of work and been a no show due to my kid being sick, but it has never been an issue. They have never even mentioned the days I have missed.

I guess the lack of work may be an account thing. My account has only ran out of work 2 days out of the 6 months I have worked on it. I have plenty of work and only work on 1 account for them, but I could easily get a secondary if needed as I have received several emails announcing openings on otherr accounts.

I do agree that the Iscriptor can be slow, but it is comparable to other platforms I have worked on. I like it better than Inscribe and Extext. Just personal preference I guess.

I have worked with many companies and Advanced is one of the better ones in my opinion. I feel I am left alone to do my work, but when I need help, someone is only an IM away and is always ready to help.

Just goes to show how people can have completely different experiences with the same company.
I had the exact opposite experience!
I was recently contacted by a SoftScript recruiter as a result of my resume posted on this site. She informed me that I seemed perfectly suited for an acute care (Big 4) position, even though my resume makes it clear that my experience and interest lies in clinical transcription and editing, not acute care!

Well, MY experience with unions is the exact opposite...
My dad was in a textile worker's union for 35 years. He had to go through a strike when he had 3 small kids. For six weeks, he received $20 a week and only two bags of groceries for the whole duration. He lost his job at 35 years from the plant closing. That is not to mention that his union wages had us always barely making it, and the union never once did a thing about the conditions they had to work in. He has struggled with a form of bladder cancer for 19 years from working in those conditions and the chemicals used there.

Ask the auto manufacturers what the union has done for them. Yes, the workers are making it fine laid off, but the companies are near death. Those companies feed our nation. We're 1000 miles from Detroit and our livelihood depends on those car companies staying up and running. My husband's company does not make a thing related to cars, but the company that OWNS his company does.

Bottom line is that if this industry has come to the point that we are discussing needing a union, then maybe we need to either get government intervention to standardize the industry, set regulations about ONLY US work for US medical records, and use only certified workers, OR we need to go back to college for our next career choice.
It;s the exact opposite where I work
We are flooded with work and are being asked to work extra.
If you work it you get extra cpl. You CAN ask for it off if it is on your regular days also. sm
Personally I don't think it is a bad deal at all.  Better than nothing, which is what my other job paid for holidays.
Would that be 5 business days or 5 regular days?
So when are we going to be paid this time around since you're so knowledgable?

Sorry, but for some of us a day or 2 actually makes a difference.
and I had just the opposite experience with him.
completely opposite experience here sm

I've received direct deposit, a day before the official pay day of Friday for each and every check, including my first one (which is extremely rare in my experience). 

I have plenty of work available on my account, but I have been trained on 2 different accounts (1 on eScription, the other on ExTEXT).  They've been very friendly and helpful the few times I've had to call them.  The rest of the time, they leave you alone.  As long as you work your shift and meet productivity requirements, they seem pretty hands off. 

It's like any place, I'm sure, what works for some doesn't work for others.  Each person has different needs/requirements. 

Sorry you had trouble. Hope you found a better place for you.

I have the opposite experience.. I have a lot of communication
I don't feel like a number there, I really feel like a part of the family.
Company review?

What does anyone know about Orion?


A good company will review them
A decent company knows which complaints are true and which are not and will want to weigh the validity of them. Yes, there are some chronic complainers. However, there are also some valid complaints repeatedly discussed here and some downright illegal employment activity complaints also discussed here. Were I an owner of a company, I would certainly WANT to hear feedback from my employees and attempt to come to some kind of reconciliation with them, if possible. If you ask me, this board shows how little communication is going on between employer and employee in this field and how little regard there is for the people who actually produce the work itself.

Same exact experience here nm
This was my exact experience so I didn't
They're a joke! I had almost the same exact experience.

That's what happens when you have a token store front office in the U.S., but everything is really ran out of India!

The exact same experience I had. Had the worst ESL dictation I've had in my life, was in tears NM
Very few MTSOs pay for holidays. Some give you 6 days you can use for holidays or regular PTO, but
Anyone currently work for All Type or have recent experience with the company? sm

I'm currently exploring my options, and was impressed with the $1000 signon bonus offered, but wondering about the usual things -- quality and quantity of work available, pay on time, etc.


Any input would be appreciated. 

depends on work type, experience, spaces, company, area
Anyone know of a company looking for 13 years experience to work flexible part-time shift
I'm getting my real estate license but still want to keep my transcription job part-time.  I'm looking for a job that will allow me to work about 20 hours a week and still have the flexibility to show a home on the spur of the moment.  Thanks, I would appreciate any info!
No one said KS was out of work or low on work. The opposite is true. sm
I have heard that every account is busy. My primary is and both my secondary accounts are looking for extra help.

Isn't MDI Florida part of Transcend now? Maybe the work is going to India. They are pretty open about that.
....Don't know why a regular Infinity pedal didn't work. nm
Are you saying those of us who work for nat'ls aren't "normal, regular" MTs? LOL. NM
Axoloti--one more sched question...sm
There was a discussion earlier about the lack of schedule flexibility.  Being an MQ'er, I am pretty much used to it, and it works well for me.  But I have to e-mail the supervisor if I go over my shift to finish a report--even 1 minute.  MQ wants to avoid paying overtime.  Is Axoloti this strict, or is there at least a little leeway to finish a report at the end of your shift?  Thank you for any info. 
no schedule or loose sched. sm
Try ProScript, if they're hiring.  PT I think is automatically IC, no bennies, but no hassles either.
How many accts did you experience in 3 days? Been there for a few months and so far so good. I find
but compared to where I was the lines sure do add up, and I absolutely love my acct, supervisor, tech people and QA! All have been great!!
If IC lets co. use her as employee, setting sched,
offered tues-sat or sun-thurs sched- nm
I felt that exact same way and quit a job that was not work out..6 weeks and 30 applications sm

later I am a temporary employee at Walmart for 6.00/hr.  Still more than I was making at my production job but how humiliating. 

That is what I just said. !0 days PTO, period. That includes vacation, sick days and personal days
They should have paid holidays so that you are paid if you take off. Also should inculde extra hours for sick days and personal days.

That annual raise of .002 is kind of a joke especially when at the same time they upped the minimum line requirement from 10,000 lines to 12,000 lines.

OSi just does not have the qualified people in management positions that I wish to work for.

I am glad that you are happy at OSi and all is working out for you. Their dishonesty and the way they treat people just does not work for me.

Of course they can get by cheaply by hiring unqualified people so that is very good for the owners.
I don't know of any company that gives more than 5 days

PTO the first year.  Most have a percentage they use to calculate, not sure what that is. 

If you are more concerned with having days off than you are of having them off with pay then the IC route would probably be the way to go.  There may be companies that offer more than 5 days PTO the first year, but you'll be hard pressed to find one. 

Just like any other company these days
You were there 3 whole days and you think you know the company? Wow, sm
talk about a snap judgment. Sounds like you are thin-skinned.
My company gives a bonus after 90 days.

A company would be stupid to give a bonus upfront because they would have people work the minimum amount of time necessary to get the bonus.  I've been other posts where the company will give the bonus spread out over a year. 

QA review
I have just been there a week, do radiology and was only in QA for one week, today I'm out, 3-hour paid training is $200. I think pay is all dependent on experience and etc. line rate I believe is how many lines you type per hour.
Busiest Days of the Week for Your Company?
I always thoughts Sunday nights were busy, getting preops ready, etc., Monday's are pretty busy and Friday is always busy, but the days in between seem to be really slow this year.  Is anyone finding certain days of the week to be busier than others?
I'm curious if this is the same company who takes like 30-45 days to pay
and it's lower pay. I could have it confused but last year I was going to contract with a company with that name or similar but decided against it when I read the contract about the pay schedule.
Is there any company that doesn't have high ESL now days? nm
Here's a review from last summer.
Here, here. Exactly my experience also, even down to the 10 year work experience. nm
Looking for a company who hires Monday-Friday days
Does anyone know of a company who hires full time transcriptionists for Monday-Friday?  I have years and years experience and am tired of working the weekends!  Your help will be greatly appreciated!
you must have mistaken this for another company; benefits start in 30 days
This person obviously has no clue
Still not great PTO for first year. I get 12 days at current company. NM
See, my company has these things called days off! Cool, huh?!?!
Hey, don't feel bad, many times it takes days for the company to ,,,,,sm
look through all the resumes and tests they receive, just believe in yourself, keep positive, keep applying to other good prospects, and it will happen for you. Good Luck!!
I posted a review within the past (sm)

week.  You should be able to find it if you search a page or two back.

I don't understand - are you still in Focused Review? sm
Error reports - you mean they are sending you feedback for your mistakes? or you are still formally being reviewed?
I work there and have never heard of someone being reviewed for a full couple of weeks.
review typed reports

The only way I know to review reports already typed is they go to QA for anything.  Of course, when new, the MT is on full QA.  

It sounds like the OP is wanting as much info on DQS as possible, so here are a couple things I don't believe I saw in this thread.

Keep in mind that as new accounts are started, there will also be blanks left, usually for demo things, landmarks, etc., so that is a big help, too. 

My LarTech Healthprime review
I have seen some older posts on Lartech Healthprime and I just wanted to give a good update/review on this company as I have 2 years of experience working for them.

Also I just wanted any out-of-work MTs to know that they hired me right out of training (I trained with At-Home Professions) but trust me, they have high standards when it comes to quality and they were patient, gave me a chance and helped me along the way.

My gripes (although this apparently is not LarTech's fault but the hospital account I work for) is that I get paid once a month and sometimes it is later than that, very inconsistent pay :(.

There is only two people I can get a hold of if I have any questions but they don't respond right away which is a downfall since my questions have to do with reports I am currently working on and I don't have time to sit around and lose TAT time waiting for them to get on, all communication is done via Yahoo messenger. They do respond to all E-mails, whether it takes them an hour or a day, they will get back to you.

They also do seem to have a problem with communication, for instance, I have been there for about a year and a half and I was only getting 7 cents standard, 3 cents editing and I asked them for a raise, he came back and said he already gave me a half cent raise and was surprised I didn't get that E-mail.

I know, the pay is super low, but I was out of school for a year looking for a job and nobody would give me a shot but they did and now I have 2 years of experience because of it, it beats the internship I almost chose to do for 6 months right?

Anyways, just wanted to get that info out there for any MT students looking to get their foot in the door, they gave me a chance from a very non-reputable school, why not you!

To clarify. I had a quality review
and the recruiter is the one who called me with the results.  I was asking specific questions about the review and certain items they couldn't answer.  Is this the norm?  I've been an MT for a while but have worked mostly for my own accounts.  Working for a transcription company is a new experience for me.  I just thought it odd that someone could tell me what I was doing wrong but couldn't explain why?
Review of Transcend for Those Trying to Decide...
First, sympathies to all of you at MDI. Been there, experienced it, it's pretty hellish to be involved in a merger on the best of days.

I've been with Transcend for some time now, and these are the points to consider:

The people are nice for the most part. I know that sounds like damning with faint praise, but I do have to say the TLs and upper management aren't asses about taking time off, helping with QA, etc.. when you can find someone to answer your e-mail.

The dictators aren't terrible. The worst ESLs dictate very rarely, so you only have to deal with them every now and then.

The platform is okay. Could be worse, could be better. I don't like it one bit personally, but to each her own.

Now for the other side of things...

There's no work. The jobs come in VERY slowly; it's the norm for me to log in to find maybe ten jobs waiting for an entire shift. I've spent many a shift checking every hour (as per company direction) to find myself wasting hours sitting at my computer surfing the internet. Yes, you can request secondary accounts... only to find yourself staring at another screen with no work on it. If you're willing to work on five to six accounts, you may be able to make the minimum line count, but I watch the numbers on ALL accounts and they're ALL very low on a consistent basis, so this is doubtful.

It's extremely unlikely you'll make the minimum to qualify for insurance or the sign-on bonus (if MDI-ers are being offered this).

Communication is very poor. It's the norm to send multiple e-mails about an issue to get no reply. The TLs and TMs change constantly and you're not informed.

If you don't make the minimum FT line requirements, you'll be sent letters of commitment which are basically written warnings about lack of production. If you inform them that you'd LIKE to make production but there's NO WORK with which to do so, even on your SECONDARY account, the answer is Try to get on another secondary, but for now we need you to sign this letter and return it. Basically, that translates as You're not making minimum because there's no work, but we're still giving you a warning. After this letter of commitment, they will give you one pay period to achieve the 900$ FT rate, then drop you to PT.

I'm making roughly 500$ PPP right now - started out making around 700$ PPP and watched it steadily decline (instead of increase) as the workload shrank.

I'm sticking it out for another couple of months and then I'm off to other pastures.

Hope this helps someone trying to decide about Transcend. Best of luck to you all, wherever you end up.
8+ years for me (Rodeer days pre-Wbmx merger) and best COMPANY EVER. NM