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All I can say is that at my new job I feel

Posted By: ann on 2007-12-05
In Reply to: I will bet if all these companies had message board that sm - stillatMQ

valued and respected, am well treated, and the pay is more!!!!!

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I feel the same way...I love working for Keystrokes and feel blessed that I have such a wonderful jo
I feel the same way. I'm irritable because I feel
and that my years of experience overall, and past few years of busting my @$$ for them hasn't been appreciated or noticed in the least.

We're all just cogs in the wheel.
I know. I feel the same way.

Makes no sense to me.. 

We've got fiery, feisty redheads all over this country, although my brother and his wife got married in Ireland.

I feel for you
I think I once felt the same way as you. Its ashame what's been happening but it has been happening and some of it for good reason.
I feel the same way. SM
Who are the people who say that they are doing well financially with DQS?  I see them on boards saying that DQS is the best platform but I can't figure out how unless they were making a lot less before than I was.  It is strange for some people to be doing so badly on the platform and others to be incredibly satisfied and vocal about it. 
Feel the same way ever since...
St. Louis and Chicago CSC combined into one - meaning one branch manager for both CSCs.

I have to work day and night between multiple accounts because they recently hired a bunch of new MTs. Talk about overstaffed!

So I guess this is how they repay MTs that have been loyal full-timers for them for many years - replace them with entry-level MTs.

I know the only out is to try another transciption company part-time to see if they're better but I just don't know if I have the energy to do that right now.
I often feel the same way...(sm)
Reading enough, one gets a feeling of hopelessness. VR taking over the better work, leaving the garbage for the rest. I sometimes wish MTs would stop to think what they're actually doing when they readily agree to take on VR editing. It reminds me of all of those IT techs who were forced to train E. Indians to do their jobs, knowing those same E.I.'s would be taking their jobs FROM them. This is actually worse, because those IT's didn't get a pay cut while doing it!

Some will say that you can't stop the technology...

Really? Where would that technology be without us?
Know how you feel sm
I screwed up ilial/ileal.  I just said, um, um, you know, I goof this one everytime and always have to look it up, truthfully gave it my best shot. I was wrong and got the job anyway. 
Yes, lol! Feel the same.
If you think about it, anyone can basically score perfect on that with an open book and looking it all up on Google. I thought maybe it was timed so tried to rush through. Who knew? If they are not following it up with a typing portion, they're in for a rude awakening! Think about it, a nurse may pass that test with flying colors, but can she transcribe??? JMO.
Don't feel bad.
MT for many years for many companies including two top-20 rated medical centers and didn't pass two online tests not long ago. Both were very, very simple. I think some places are slaves to the AAMT BOS and the slightest deviation from that is counted as an error. Unfortunately, I think some others may discriminate based on age, geographical area, sex, race, marital status, etc., and use (phony) test results as a way to get out of hiring somebody who may be well qualified but may not fit into their sociopolitical clique.
Know how you feel

I did the same thing last year and it was a big mistake.  Some people enjoy working for them but I just couldn't make any money.  I was on 5 different accounts and they would all run out of work.  It was just so frustrated and couldn't live off the money I was making from them.  Needless to say, I left quickly. 

I wish you much luck!!!!

I feel for you,
got into a bad situation myself with my old job, but everyone's advice has been good, there are jobs out there, you just have to look. I have had a good luck with Keystrokes, you might want to try there. If not, there are others out there. I wouldn't quit your current job until you have something else. Good luck.
I feel the same sm
Taken 1 sick day in 10 years. Always work more than I'm asked to. Never complain and where am I? Without enough work to pay my long distance phone bill (which I never had to pay for in the past). Very discouraging. :(
Think how you would feel (sm)
if you gave notice at your old job and expected to start with the new one and couldn't for 2 more weeks.  I think they should be compensated, seems only fair.  If I was in that position though, I believe I would have kept my mouth shut.
Used to feel that way but no more.
Unless you get a lot of the same MDs with macros? Seems in these modern times and if you work for a national you never get the same MD twice. And then all the new instruments and unfamilar terms that you have to look up. Now, it's more like give me more H&Ps where I don't have to look much up, anytime! :)
Well thanks ...Now, I feel better. NOT....LOL

Must have been your time. Congratulations and I hope they have an awesome offer for you...

anyone else at DRC feel like
something is wrong.  I mean one of our largest accounts is now all of a sudden empty?  I work in this account and I find it extremely odd.  This place is a huge facility and never having much to any work really should not be an issue.  I am already cross trained on something else, but I am getting a bad feeling.
I feel the same way (sm)
I learned a long time ago to enjoy the slow times because it never lasts.
I know how you feel.

I too am in the same boat. The only thing different is I work for another company. From what I can see it sounds like transcription is heading in the direction or VR. They want us to do twice the work for half the money. Most days I struggle to make 12.00 an hour. It is to the point where after transcribing for over 20 years that I will be going back to school and getting as far away from transcription as possible. Between the cut in pay and wondering if I am going to have enough work I am finding that it is not worth staying in this profession.

I feel
the same way. It's frustrating. I've only been in transcription for 6 years and am ready to get out. I worked in an office for years. I was treated much better in my office job than doing transcription. My family also refers to this as a sweat shop job. I feel stuck right now, but am trying very hard to get my ducks in a row so I can get out of this nonsense. These nationals should be ashamed of themselves. JMHO
Don't Feel the Same
Sorry, but I don't agree with you. Accounts are only hard to the people without the skills to provide a quality product in a timely manner.
Don't feel bad.....
I'm the same way.....I should have left the Q long ago, but can't get up the nerve......ho hum.....some day! I keep watching the posts for KS, though!
Thanks to both of you! I do feel better right now.....sm
I guess I am just very worried, as many of us are, of NOT getting paid at all, or something being wrong....I guess we are all used to a bi-weekly or weekly check where we can actually see that we are getting paid correctly and on time.....I guess I have to trust that until March 31st, they seem to be a great company, I guess I have just been burned a few times before! Thanks so much for your encouragement and support!
Still feel the same
It is now a year later, are you still happy with Ascend?
Don't feel bad s/m
Just starting your second year I would say you're doing fine.  I would expect that you can reasonably expect to see what you made last year come close to being double that in your second year. 
Don't feel bad..........
I have 14 yrs. experience and I've been beating myself up all day wondering how I could have failed their test! Glad we are both currently employed!

Hugs to you Cheri!!!
I feel better now
LOL. I feel so much better now that I've read your post. I've taken a couple of online tests after having been out of this field for about 10 years. I am able to pass the written portions, but haven't done so well with the transcription portions, unless they are really, really clear. I thought it was just me.
Okay, now I feel MUCH better
Yes, I flunked an online MT test where they said I left out a complete SENTENCE, which I would never do. EVER. A whole word, maybe. It got to me. I even went back over the dictation since I had downloaded it to my computer, and there was NO sentence missing. I found ONE word I had missed for which I left a blank. Something is fishy in the way some companies grade the tests for sure, or they are having the computer grade the tests, and there is something wrong with the computer programs. Don't let it get you down. I am glad you posted this, so that I have further verification that this happens.
thanks, I feel a bit better now
did you notice how he talks over you on the phone? Maybe it was just me.....
I feel sorry for you!

MGR, you appear to be a very sad, depressed and hateful person.  Your attitude towards foreigners is tainted and not what I believe this country is all about.  We have the ability and opportunity to obtain gainful employment here, something other countries don't have.  This is the home of the FREE and the brave.  You are free to choose employment that suits you best. Obviously Transcend is not for you, I wish you would utilize that freedom and find someplace else to work. 

I pray that you do not have children who are being raised in such an atmosphere of contempt, distrust and hatred.  Perhaps you should try visiting third-world countries where people stand in line for the opportunity to work in places such as underground mines (and are grateful for the job) so you may begin to appreciate what you have right here and now!

You need an attitude adjustment, MGR.  Try counting your blessings once in a while, it would be refreshing for all of us who visit this post.

I feel sorry for the 10% that ... SM
are surely made up of 1 or more of us who unknowingly works for someone of your caliber.  So sad.  What goes around, comes around.  I'm glad it's not me, that's for sure.
feel the same
I hate it when someone posts and doesn't state the company. I appreciate it when someone does give the name, that way we know what is good/bad about a company, then we can make our own judgment on whether or not to look into working for them or not. Thanks for bringing this up!
Don't know what to do, or how to feel!

I took an IC job because I have kids, and it seems like I have to do everything.  Bring a full-time paycheck, be full-time mom, wife, etc.  Here's the deal. I work at home to be with the kids. That is the point.

So, this weekend and last week we were really busy and I tried my best to work a lot all weekend.  Then, we got e mails from work saying that we were not pulling our weight and we would be reevaluated. So, I e mailed the boss, apologized and said I would do better. 

Now, today my little boy is home sick with the flu. I am here with one ear typing and also trying to be with him. He is pale and sick on the couch. I don't know how to feel. I feel like I am letting my son down by saying I have to work or will get into trouble after these work e mails this weekend. He says he undertstands, but is only in 3rd grade. Now I am so distracted I can't even think to work at all and am on here. 

I know a mature approach would be to just e mail boss and say my son is sick, especially since I am an IC. But since there were at least 5 e mails from 3 bosses over the weekend about our promises and schedule, and my kids already stayed in their rooms all weekend to keep away from my typing, I don't want to rock the boat. Uggg. Thanks for listening. I thought that being an IC meant being with my children and being supermommy, while earning work full time. I guess not. BTW: Sure, I could make the lines up tonight, but he is sick, and often needs me to stay with him, and I  am so tired I fall asleep after days like today.

Thanks for listening. I guess I am posting because is it my imagination or was being an IC supposed to be different? Or, a job is a job, no matter what, and I can't do it all? Just confused. Well, back to work. Thanks for listening.

This is just how I feel about it, ...sm

my kids are 13 months apart, MT is what I have done since going back to work when they were young.  I am actually going back to school for RN in fall 2009 the same as you.  However, my kids are now 15 and 16, a little more self-sufficient.  I do not know your financial or personal situation so it is hard to say.  I will tell you that when our kids were young, my husband worked so it was easier for us.  He had to retire because of a disability a few years ago.  Again it was great because then he was there to help with dinner, run the kids, etc.  We had the most wonderful of years very early for a reason.  He was killed in March 2007, so now it is just me and my two kids.  We have no family close by to depend on, so we just wing it and lots of prayers get us through.  I am going back to school for the same reason, no work, and now that my kids are older, I am facing college tuition back to back, vehicles, marriage, etc. on whatever I can make.  Think long and hard about what you want to do.  If you have someone you can trust like your husband or a family member to help take care of the kids while you go to school and get started, then it is something to consider.  You may even wait until they are a little older as like in my case, I am so thankful for all the time our family had together.  You have to be the one to decide what is best for your family.  There is no right or wrong, just what you think is best.  Don't worry, the answer will come when it is time.  If you have already registered, maybe your answer already has. 

I wish you the very best and may God bless you!  Though my situation is not what I planned, it is what God planned.  Life is very short, we just have to do the best we can with what we have while we are here. 

If you truly feel that way, then why don't you get out? sm
I've been in this business for over 18 years and I've watched the steady decline. Even so, I'd still rather make my 15 foot commute to my in-house office and be home for my kid on snow days, sick days, etc. Even on a rough day, I can usually get at leaset $12 an hour. Beats the alternative. I do want to add that I don't support unions, however.

Good luck!
This is how I feel about this
I am supposedly independent but I work certain days and certain hours. I like my job, I want to work for them. I care less about what others do or how they are or are not independent or hourly salaried. I only care on my end.
How would you feel
if doctors said they were only going to see patient's M-F since that's all MTs will work?

When you enter the healthcare field, you accept that it's a 24/7/365 gig.

I'm pretty sure God will forgive you if you had to work and prayed another day.

MTSOs have to staff accounts so the work is covered. If you don't want to work in healthcare and deal with the drawbacks.... well, there ARE options.
I feel for you - what I did
I had a problem with a Chicago area MTSO not being prompt with my invoices (no, I am not anon from above). Called the Chicago post office (you have to dig through their web site), actually spoke to a voice and put a tracer on the invoices (MTSO said they were mailed out on time but Chicago PO is the worst in the nation). I had the funny feeling they were changing their in-house postal meter date to reflect the mailing date. Well, Chicago PO never did call me back and in the meantime I hounded the MTSO each and every single day via e-mail on my missing checks. Squeaky wheel. I finally finally finally got paid and sure never did another line of work for them (yeah, she still e-mails me about opportunities LOL). I would suggest filing a complaint with the labor board anyway - by the time the red tape gets cut through you'll have another MT job (and there ARE others out there where you WILL be treated with respect and paid on time). Good luck!
I feel for you - what I did
I had a problem with a Chicago area MTSO not being prompt with my invoices (no, I am not anon from above). Called the Chicago post office (you have to dig through their web site), actually spoke to a voice and put a tracer on the invoices (MTSO said they were mailed out on time but Chicago PO is the worst in the nation). I had the funny feeling they were changing their in-house postal meter date to reflect the mailing date. Well, Chicago PO never did call me back and in the meantime I hounded the MTSO each and every single day via e-mail on my missing checks. Squeaky wheel. I finally finally finally got paid and sure never did another line of work for them (yeah, she still e-mails me about opportunities LOL). I would suggest filing a complaint with the labor board anyway - by the time the red tape gets cut through you'll have another MT job (and there ARE others out there where you WILL be treated with respect and paid on time). Good luck!
I did not feel the need

to write a book, but a person who worked for me AND them at the same time is still there after years of work and I trust what she tells me, that's the reason I went to them.

If you've noticed, some companies just hire you willy nilly and do not follow the guidelines and laws, this company does, to the absolute letter.  They were the most professional I have seen yet, and had they had a different shift, I'd be there in a minute. I also have a good friend who is a recruiter for another company who tells me they are awesome to work for from what she's heard from MT candidates looking for second jobs.


Just feel sorry for those who donít know
There is not one day that goes by on this posting that mistakes are not made. If someone wants to do straight typing, fine. If others want VR, fine too. You as well as others know VR is coming so might as well get used to it. I do very well myself and as long as I satisfy myself, well that really is all that matters, right? Oh, just wanted to say my typing speed between 130 and 140 for all those doubters out there. I have just found something that will not in the long run kill my hands but hey, keep plugging away. Best of luck to everyone after say the next 10 years, either VR or splints.
I know how you feel. nm
I feel the same way you do...sm
stuck!  Stuck in this job for probably forever.  I am tired, my hands are tired, my shoulders are tired.  I am tired of being underpaid.  My 18-year-old nephew who is a waiter makes more money than I do.  But nothing I can do about it really, slim pickens for jobs these days.  Mostly just tired of working so much to make the big wigs fatten their pockets while not being appreciated for it.
That's just it. They feel I have no right

to even suggest such a thing, which ended up making it worse.  I have someone who will gladly cover for me but the office said that it wasn't my call to do that and they will do it themselves.

Thank you so much for the well wishes! 

How would you feel if...

Your thought on this one.  I have been working for an MT company almost 2 years now.  After being employed with them for a period of 6 months as a a full-time per line paid employee, management made me a nice monetary offer to work the days, shift, and work type they so much needed a person to cover.  I took them up on the offer, faithfully stuck to my end of the bargain, and after being in that situation for 1 year 3 months, they now took away the money offer part of the deal.  This happens to be a significant loss for me, approximately 75% of my pay.  I, of course, have acquired bills depending on that pay. So now not only will I have bill collectors wanting their money, which I am now unable to pay them, but how can I still work for this indian giver company? 

I know how you feel sometimes!!! (nm)
I feel you!
As MEAN as I know it sounds, I work for a WONDERFUL company as well, but when people are on here asking what companies are good, I never spill the beans.  I mean, I have plenty of work right now, but not an over-abundance of work and I'm afraid if people start applying like crazy they may hire like crazy and put me out of work.  It's not meant to be mean, but I do have to support my family on my income.
boy! do I ever know how you feel! --sm
I have one of those too! and I just hate it. There is nothing I can do to stop her, but she has it pretty much all figured out. She just sits and waits until a good one is coming and suddenly, it is gone! I wish sometimes that I could just reach through the computer monitor and slap her upside the head! I wonder how she would like it if someone did it to her! grrrr....
You are welcome. I feel the same way sm
about illiterate-sounding posts. The usual response is that the poster is not working, this is not a work environment, they are speaking casually, etc. Baloney.

There is no excuse for a lot of what we see on the boards today. How can we expect higher pay when there are so many who don't understand how to use to/too, their/they're/there, plural/pleural? It's sad.
You really want to know how I truly feel?
I work as indepdent but have set hours. I do not care. I do not care what you work or what someone else works. I get along on my job, love it in fact and if I need time off all I do is tell them will be off such and such. I donít care if you call me employee or independent, makes no difference, makes no difference in my life with others. Basically I care less about what kind of issues other have with this particular problem. I am not a slave, do not feel like one but life is what you make it. I care less about taking a firm stand. Now do you know where I stand?
Feel exactly the same way.
My kid is only 4, but I feel like all he is going to remember is me working all the time. He tries to pull me from my chair and tells me to come play. When I do and I tell him I have to go back to work, he tells me no and will run to my chair and try to block it so I can't sit down in it. I feel extremely guilty most days. I feel like I spent more quality time with him when I was working outside the home and came home and 3 p.m. and had the whole rest of the day with him. Now I am working all day and don't get to stop until it is time to fix dinner and then I have to get him bathed and ready for bed with no time to play with him. I really wish I could afford preschool for him so I could get all my work done during the day and have that time with him again in the afternoon. Hopefully soon.