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I don't consider my post

Posted By: rm on 2007-12-06
In Reply to: The deposit is in $50 increments, too. sm - Tired

'whining'. There was no touch of that.

I was asking about the fact that I had heard that they charge $300 for equipment and wondered whether it was transferrable. An honest question. Why would I buy equipment for one company? I have never had to purchase equipment when working for others.

Again, can you let me know whether the equipment is transferrable?

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My post should say the post above not the post below, Sheryl's post to be specific. nm
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It's a "fishing" post. Same post a few days ago with numerous errors
You are not allowed to post their link on this site. Post
will be removed. It was up last night and post got removed.
Read Spherson's post below, who admits, in the post, they do pay it.
Peachy, your post is interesting, but my post now is irrelevent but
A few weeks ago I went to my clinic where they had recently implemented EHR or EMR, whichever you call it, and the doctor's back was to me the whole time he and I conversed because his nose was stuck in his laptop. To me, it felt a little more impersonal, but I understand he was doing what he had to do, but it seems like the bedside manner may go to the wayside if the doctors can't even look at you when they are asking you questions or you are speaking to him/her. I know this is relevant to your original post, but just an interesting fact that I had not anticipated. Anyone else experience this?
This is why I NEVER post my cpl. I'll post the range of
what the company pays, but NEVER what I make.  I know that I make more than probably 70% of the people there, because they know I produce a client ready report and that I can do anything they throw at me.   We don't have levels, but I guess if we did I'd be at the highest level.    Telling how much you make isn't so bad, but when people know what company you work for and then what you make that isn't a good combination.  The ONLY people I have ever discussed what I make with, are my husband and my MTSO owner.   Talking about your salary/pay is enough to get your fired in lots of companies. 
Post edited -- DO NOT POST NAMES. (SM)
If you continue to post names, e-mail addresses, or phone numbers on this website, you will be banned.
Your own post verifies other post about MTSO not
This post is in regard to the post w/ the heading below
Nothing is closed. Anyone free to post or not post.
One post was another "run" type of post and the
the recruiter. Once you are in with the company, the recruiter has nothing to do with you or your job. I want specifics about problems with THE JOB, not the recruiter.  Specifics such as no or late checks, line counts being messed up, no work, taking bennies away with no explanation. Things that matter, not the recruiter. 
everytime you post, where ever you post
unless you go through an anonymizer, your IP address can be traced back to you, even through the guises of this web site.  There are web sites you can find on the internet to do this for you, or if you are 18 years old and like to hack, it's an easy enough thing to do.
I post a pay range, DOE; however, most don't post..
I wish some MTs would start thinking about the business aspect of the industry.  For example, this is a public site, so go to Google or another search engine and type [the co's name] and per line, and voila! now everyone knows how much you pay your MTs.
Post removed, you can re-post.
Last post
No, after I read a followup yesterday that said there were apologies and answered Michelle, I realized that and someone said to just get back to work and they were right.. even an apology was too much, plus it would look like I was just tagging along after JMO, which is what you are accusing me of now.

I just didn't understand where the posts went, it was odd, and I wanted to reiterate some things (the point I mentioned earlier, about seeing BOTH sides), but I see it really doesn't matter WHAT I say, you've already made up your mind about me and my motivations without even knowing me. Why am I explaining myself to you? I dunno.

It doesn't matter. Good luck to you and don't worry, God will take care of/deal with me, and I ask him to bless you all too.:)

Would you please e-mail me at jcarros213@aol.com.  I "really" need information.  


This post should have gone under OP.
On Greenlight Transcription keep getting erased?!

mine got erased too..I asked a question about eTransPlus and now it's gone???

Above post
Oh my.....I didn't know Wal-Mart had "greaters". I thought they were greeters! I am sure they are hiring though so you should do well there.

Why don't you sign your posts? Are you also the one that said SoftScript is the worst? Wow....there a lot of worsts out there. Guess we will all starve.
Will you post when you do?

Are you a SS transcriptionist?  Will you post your acknowledgement of e-mail?

It gives YOU something to post about right?!
What else would you post about?! LOL
I like your post!!
To Can't Say: Regarding your post below about
Can you say which recruiter told you that Transcend was buying MQ? 
Where did you see this post?
If you post their name they probably won't get any

resumes.  This way they'll probably get a few, but hopefully the MTs will be wise enough to turn them down.

Another good reason not to respond to a blind ad is that it could be the company you are currently working for - or you were working for  (LOL). 


I appreciate your post...perhaps I used....sm

the wrong word of undercutting, but when I became an MTSO 9+ years ago......a national was charging 13-18 cpl to the client and so I went ONE cent below that, 12 CPL.....and I get the work, have had clients for all this time...and I work for a national part-time....

Thank you for taking the time to type all that....much appreciated!! 

And you might want to post
your message in reply to the correct message. I am not oops.
I have only posted one message in response to this person.
Anyone could post on here and say they are from
Whose to say that poster posing as KS Team Leader or such is not someone specifically out to do KS harm?

For crying out loud, people -- just someone with a mean streak and nothing to do can get on here and cause harm. And the reason they can cause it is because most people on here will believe any post they read.

Now THAT is sad.
sorry about my post above, was
I think they are trying not to post here except
Still doesn't make any sense at all to come to a public forum and ask these kinds of questions.

I'd be reluctant to hire someone who had no more IQ than to do that.
PS: Just saw the post below, anyone do QA for them?
Thank you for this post!
Your post is 100% correct--disgraceful disrespect for the MT whose skill, experience, and expertise keep transcription companies in business! Unbelievable attitude. Thanks for your post--it is 100% right on!
PS to above post, sm
The accounts are teaching hospitals, acute care, and clinics etc. A mix of ESLs and non-ESLs. Not easy unless you really know your stuff, but good accounts. Good luck.
See my post below -
My experience was different but also bad!

Where's your post?

See post below from 9/27
titled 'Is this weird' - I was talking about Shapin.  That may just have been my experience though.
Post the hos name here, someone may be able to tell you where it went.
Post down below says to run and run
See post below or next pg from 2/22. nm
Why don't you go look for the post? You are the one
What was the post about?
Please see my post
That line rate for VR is not good.  Plus they do not pay any shift differential or incentive pay.  VR at 4+ cents per line plus no differential or incentive is pretty rock bottom. 
There is a post further down saying they do not pay
I do not have personal experience with them however. 
I was looking for an SPI post and its gone too.
I wonder what happened to it?
I don't have any, but that is what I was about to post! NM
Can I post if they still owe me $150.00 ??
How about never having paid me at all - after repeated emails from 3 months ago.  Disgruntled??  I don't think that's the issue.  Fraud would be closer to the truth.   Maybe they have cleaned up their act, but if that was my MTSO I'd be completely ashamed to keep advertising for help in light of all these comments.  But yet, even with the bad rap, they still don't make good on paying people -- and  I'm talking since April of 2007.   Makes me think of Pollyanna's glad game -- but I'll leave it to the current happy MTs working for this outfit to come up with finding the good in being defrauded.  Guess it could build character if you didn't get paid, make you a sadder but wiser MT.  And, yet there could be other reasons...      
Re: Below D&L post
So I guess as long as they have clients paying them, and Transcriptionist working for nothing, they will be in business.

We might not be able to change the world, but one brick at a time can be removed. There are so many jobs posted - leave D&L - do not give them the opportunity to earn money off your back. I have to say - a line count of 6 or 7 cents a line is better than working for no pay, bounced checks, and aggravation.

Just like with any NEW job - you work up the ladder of rates, and if you do not at a new jib - move on - but n the meantime - why are these transcriptionists working to line their pockets and putting up with this? Have any of them really pressed charges and made complaints - you can do it online.

I get one bounced check, unsigned check, etc - I will file a complaint - especially when in most states you can get back up to 500.00 for a penalty from them. check out the check fraud web sites - the forms are there.

Please see my post below regarding this. nm
Thanks for your post....can I ask one more ?
What was the platform?    Recently had bad experience with slow platforms and need to know in advance.  TX!
Thank you for your post
From what you are saying, it sounds like Transcend is a good company to work for.  After reading your post and many others, I plan to seriously consider this company.   I am considering leaving MQ, and I tend to go by the majority of opinion, and I can honestly say, Transcend, from what I have been reading, has a whole lot more positives than negatives...It is definitely a company I would consider.  I'm sorry to hear about your string of bad luck, and hope things go better for you from here on.  I can relate to what you went through, and it sure is important to have company support and understanding in such tough situations such as yours.  Again, thank you for your opinion and your post.  I appreciate it.