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Both Transtech AND Keystrokes LOL.

Posted By: anon on 2007-12-05
In Reply to: MQ to TransTech - CP

you will never run out of work then... they are both awesome. :)

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Keystrokes or TransTech ???

Offered jobs by these 2 companies.  Which do you think would be the best, and why?  KS seems to pay more...would you go for that one or ????


TransTech or Keystrokes??
Which company would you recommend working for doing radiology work?
TransTech or Keystrokes??

Could you be more specific as to why TransTech?

TransTech and Keystrokes

Could someone please provide me with the web address for these two companies? Thanks in advance!

TransTech and Keystrokes insurance
Can anyone tell me who carries the major medical with these companies?  Thinking of applying with both companies but want to know who they have their major medical with before I apply.  TIA
Is Keystrokes smaller than TransTech?
Do they have more MT's than Transtech out of Houston?
MDI Maryland, TransTech, and Keystrokes. nm
TransTech, SoftScript, Keystrokes
I have been offered positions at all three of these companies, but having a hard time deciphering all the negative comments on here. Yes, I know how to search archives, so please don't even go there. No, I am not just looking for positives about a company. I am trying to make an educated choice, but my head is spinning. Most posts seem to be either from haters or cheerleaders. Is anyone currently or recently employed at TT, SS or KS, willing to post both pros AND cons of your experience with said company? TIA
Off the top of my head, Keystrokes, Encompass, Transtech, sm

eTransPlus, Medquist, WordzXpressed, OSI, and Spheris all offer employee status.  I work at Keystrokes and am quite happy there.  

Good luck! 

Diskriter, WebMDX, Precyse, TransTech, Medware, Keystrokes. nm
Anyone willing to share Axolotl, Keystrokes, Transtech & Webmedex cpl range?
Looking... Thanks!
TransTech and Keystrokes also offer some Dictaphone ExText accts. Very easy to
Did Keystrokes sell to Transcend? I thought Keystrokes was buying up companies sm
but I heard from another service owner that they sold out to Transcend. Anyone know if that happened?
keystrokes ad..can someone tell keystrokes their banner ad needs a hyphen...quality-minded
Did Keystrokes sell to Transcend? I thought Keystrokes was buying sm

small companies but another service owner told me that she heard that Keystrokes sold to Transcend.  Is this true? 

I posted this down below but meant to post it as a new thread.  Before I apply with them, I would like to know as I left Transcend a few months ago and do NOT want to get back into that mess.

Not only that, but I would MUCH rather work for Keystrokes than Spheris as Keystrokes doesn't

No. TransTech is out of Texas TTS is in New Hampshire. TransTech
Well I don't work for Transtech and this discussion isn't about Transtech...
and that is not age discrimination....give me a break...
Only Keystrokes. Worked at MQ until I came to Keystrokes. Started at sm
Keystrokes PT, liked what I saw and experienced, gave notice to MQ and went FT. Have not look back since. I had previously worked at 2 hospitals, for MDI, Transcend and MRC until bought by MQ. I plan on retiring here as long as they stay as they are.
No, Not with Keystrokes, visiting friend and using her pc, she got job with Keystrokes
I forgot to change the Name. I do not think Keystrokes is hiring anymore now. Would like some info about Diskriter though.
Ditto, Keystrokes is a wonderful company with wonderful people! I love working for Keystrokes!
I am just not making enough money.  They are a great company though, just ask for a back up account.
Been with Keystrokes staying with Keystrokes

I was there for the promises and guess what Keystrokes is making good on those promises. 

I get vacation time, 401K, and even AFLAC.  My pay is great, always on time as well as accurate. 

I have my main account and have been given back up accounts for which I have been fully trained and am comfortable typing on.  I have great leads, great tech support and plenty of work.

Am I biased???  Yes I am biased.  I am grateful everyday that I was given the opportunity to work for Keystrokes and their team.  I am grateful that my company's owner is a fellow Transcriptionist that goes home at the end of the day and works like the rest of us so she knows what a hard job I have and I know that she is working to make things better for me because unlike other companies I have worked for she understands what it is I do.

Please accept my apologies that you were unhappy with Keystrokes and chose to move on before all of the promises came to fruition but don't begrudge those of us that stayed loyal and are now reaping the benefits of a GREAT COMPANY WITH GREAT BENEFITS, LOTS OF WORK AND THE KNOWLEDGE THAT THERE ARE MANY MORE GREAT THINGS TO COME!

I just want to say Thank you Lee, Jeff, Becky, Karyn, Martha, Annette, Paul and everybody else in the office for all that you do.

Keystrokes does not go by keystrokes, we go by lines. sm
1200 lines per day comes out to 150 lines per hour. Most transcriptionists are able to do 200-250 lines per hour, so this is not unrealistic, nor is it unreasonable. The hospital that I used to work at prior to coming to Keystrokes had a minimum of 185 lines per hour. The service I worked for prior to Keystrokes had a minimum of 200 lines per hour.
TransTech has a job posting on the job board.  I have talked with the person who hires (Debbie).  She is really a nice lady.  They have a M-F schedule listed.

Does anyone have any information good or bad on TransTech Medical Solutions? 


I've been with them just about 2 years, best move I ever made.  The best advice I can give is to give them a call and talk to them.  If they are as good for you as they are for me, you'll be a happy camper. Have never ran out of work, pay is decent and DD on time, they often offer VERY good, easy to reach incentives too.  Happy MTing!
Be very careful.  The owner is a very moody person. I only lasted 2 days.
Transtech is a very good place to work.  The "owner" is NOT moody.  The people are the finest in the industry.  They value their MTs.  The are awesome to work with and for.   

I have been with Transtech for 1-1/2 years and it works great for me.  I have 20+ years in this line of work and TT is the best company I have ever worked for (and I have worked for a couple of them).  I have direct deposit and my pay has always been on time and accurate.  I always have work (an abundance of it!!).  TT is a fast growing company, adding new accounts, and very busy.  They have a very good QA team who are very helpful.  They hire USA transcriptionists only - NO offshoring.  TT has an ad on the Job Seeker's Board and you can check out some of the things they offer.  Also, here is the Contact Us link from their website:  http://www.transtechmedical.com/ContactUs.html   Good luck in your job search.


They have a lot of ads for MTs, are they growing, or difficult to work for, hard to keep MTs.  What is the story?

Yes, I was offered even more money from a smaller company, not national.

 Anyone have any info on TransTech.  I have an interview today.




might you be an ex-MacGregor gal? if you are, me too.
Does Transtech pay for ???
Does Transtech pay for spaces, headers, footers, etc.

Give Transtech a try.  I worked for MQ about 9 years ago only because they bought out a company I worked for.  I only stayed with MQ a very short time after the buy-out.  I now work for TransTech and they are a great company.  You can contact them through their website at:


If Transtech pays 10 cpl for their difficult ESL account, does anyone know what the starting pay for the other accounts would be?  TIA.
TransTech - sm
Do you know if they have radiology accounts? TIA
I have checked the archives regarding this company but there is nothing up-to-date on there.  I would like to know how this company is to work for, how their platform is, and overall if it is a good company to work for.  Do they pay for spaces?  What is their average starting cpl?  TIA
i applied for them. i have five years experience and work at home. they told me i did not have enough experience
I have been with TT for over 1-1/2 years and love it.  Great bosses, good pay (always on time), good benefits, and I have always had work.  It works for me !!
TransTech - sm
Do they have radiology accounts? TIA
Do you have a website for them?  Couldn't find anything on google.  Thanks.
Houston TX
Some or most of the Transtech staff were once from L&H
transtech does
Poster below said mucho ESLs.
TransTech Medical Solutions (in Texas) does not offshore.  It is a US company with US transcriptionists.
Ask yourself this, what is wrong with companies who advertise constantly, are people always leaving or do they hire too many people? You can usually answer your own question.