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Forgot to mention that also

Posted By: rm on 2007-12-06
In Reply to: The deposit is in $50 increments, too. sm - Tired

I was NOT complaining about my company. I have a great company with good people. They use ExText which is very slow. So my complaint is about the server only.

Don't be so quick to judge people. The only time I will air my complaints about a company (haven't had to so far) is if I feel it will save others in the future.

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Forgot to mention
I have worked where I am for almost 10 years for a small MTSO out of California but have only gotten 2 raises in that time because she claims her lines rates are low in order for her to compete.
Forgot to mention...sm

You don't have to look up addresses or spelling of doctors' names (for one of the docs she gave me an Excel spreadsheet, but other than that you just transcribe it as it sounds).  She doesn't want you to have to spend your time researching things like that that are easy for her to fill in.


Forgot to mention
They go on and on about their quick TAT..... it doesn't really matter how fast they do the work if it's not done right.  In my experience of editing it, almost none of it can go straight through to the facility they way it is.  I've corrected things like LASIX surgery and Foot-in-Mouth disease.  What they don't know, they make up as to not leave a blank, and then claim 98% accuracy. 
forgot to mention..
while working as an employee for our hospitals, she worked under the vendor for the SAME hospitals but strictly doing ER work. Really interesting.

Oh ya forgot to mention...sm
They told me because I was not meeting my production that I would have to pay for my health insurance on my own until I met my production.  Well, how can I meet production when I never have work?! Doesn't seem fair at all.
forgot to mention

Oh I forgot to add they are suppose to be adding a new system and I do not think you will have to look all that stuff up.............I know it was delayed because of some MTs quitting on them.....me being one of them because I could not handle working my full-time job and that.

So it might be a nice fit for you. Good luck!

Forgot to mention
that the initial dictionary entry I provided comes from Merriam Webster's dictionary.
Forgot to mention
Most people don't consider a living wage to mean a wage that qualifies them for foodstamps and free lunches!
I forgot to mention....sm
that they also have holiday pay as well along with their other benefits...
I forgot the mention...

I got to rambling so much I forgot the point I was trying to make - as far as typos, grammar mistakes, etc. when it comes to the posts on this board, I think everybody really needs to lighten up.  As MTs we have to be so careful in our work - that's what we're paid for and we do our best to get it right.  When it comes to chatting like this, speaking for myself, I just type along sometimes and don't pay much attention to what's coming out.  Sometimes I look back on the posts and see mistakes I made and cringe.  Can't this be a place where our typing isn't scrutinized?  If everyone has to work so hard to impress the other MTs on this board, where's the fun in that?  I personally don't feel the need to impress anyone - I just feel like chatting sometimes.


the posts on this board, I have commented on this and have read a few others abo, and I think everyone needs to

See what I mean? ...forgot TO mention...!!
and I'm sure there are others inside the post!!
In addition you forgot to mention...sm
that the sky is falling and we'll all lose our jobs fears were prevalent back when PCs were introduced, and we're all still working.  With the government requiring more and more documentation to be made electronically there's still a ton of work to be done and no VR system is going to have it perfect, ever. 
forgot to mention the tax benefits
as well as the investment options.
P.S. Forgot to mention, my reg acct (sm)
has 4 or 5 hospitals within the same hospital system.  Same doctors, same format, same everything. It's just whatever comes up w/o me actually having to change anything.
I know the feeling. I forgot to mention above
that I just came to this conclusion myself. I am so looking forward to my last day.  Its only about 6 days away, not that I'm counting or anything.  I have already started my new job, in training, so its a bit tiring and stressful, but still so liberating. I've already had more communication from my new job over the last 2 days than I have had from MQ in years.  I nearly cried a few times, which was so lame, but it was just from people actually talking to me and being nice.  Isn't that sad?  I can't say that I should have done it sooner - everything in its own time, but its time for me, for sure!  I wish you the same success and happiness.
Forgot to mention, the company I went to between MQ and where I am now (sm)
was MDI-MD.
I forgot to mention, MDI will reimburse you a little bit monthly for LD.
I forget the amount, but ask about reimbursement for long distance charges. They also have accounts that are on waveplayer, so no long distance needed. Check on things.
You forgot to mention construction downturns
where skilled craftsman may be totally out of work for weeks or months. 
PS: Congrats on Keystrokes too, I forgot to mention that.
They are lovely people, and I do believe the blessing between you and Keystrokes is mutual!
Forgot to mention in previous post below
CBay does not have enough Indians to MT for the Q, so they signed a 6-million line contract to get SPi to start outsourcing it to the Philippines  Situation will not get better!
Good point! I forgot to mention that earlier!


Oh, I forgot to mention....must be flexible and have all day to devote to waiting for work.
The work fluctuates too much. Feast or famine there.
Sorry I forgot to mention I work for Keystrokes..never worked for Medscribe (nm)
I understand your point. And I forgot to mention. I also get a bonus every paycheck
because I do not have to send a lot of reports to QA. In other words, they are constantly finding ways to reward us. Believe me there is so much work out there I have no time to even look elsewhere. As a matter of fact, I have to get to work now. But, I did not mean to sound rude. I just think to each his own. If you have a better job, good for you. I am not sorry that I have to do an honest days' work for an honest days' pay. At least I will sleep at night knowing my job is safe and the bills are paid. :)
aSorry, forgot to mention that they will contct you via e-mail when you are eligible.
That is, be sure to mention sorry
I would not go near them. Did they mention

Not to mention,
they have no work and they don't care when you have no work and will tell you so.
not to mention

the danger of hepatitis and C. difficile from having your nose shoved that far up boss's.


I should mention that I'm
not a member, just ordered the BOS a couple of years ago
You mention an
Abrasive personality.....I can't imagine which one you could be talking about, very curious though.
Not to mention DSG seems to pay better
They offered me 9.5 cpl and I was only making 7.5 cpl at MQ.  On top of that, they seemed to offer a lot of bonuses.
Not to mention ...
Now TT wants us to spend unpaid time (it'd take me an hour a day or more) to explain when, where, and how weird things happen on speech reports. I've given them these lists before and they were totally ignored. I still get reports where a as much as a third of a report is omitted on a perfectly clear audio. Well, gee, they say, it must be because the dictator whispers or pushes a mute button, or wants us to use ESP to figure it out, blah, blah. No use in switching companies, though. Most are even worse, at least pay-wise.
not to mention
extremely low pay
The person whose name we don't mention
At Medscribe, my paycheck was always just a little light. You had to check your lines and call S.... She was always annoyed or it was a bad time. Once I called and she was busy and so she put the phone down on the desk instead of on hold or calling me back... and I was forced to listen to the clacking of her keyboard for the next 4 minutes. Very rude.
I would be afraid to mention that...sm
especially if your boss knows you have the ability to see who is assigned what jobs, etc...With that in perspective, I would be afraid because they are not really hiding anything from you.  I agree with you. I would feel very bad and that that is an unfair situation, but again, would still be afraid to bring it up since the fact is not being hidden.  Maybe there is a certain short-term reason this person is getting the easier ones.  I would hang in there a little while longer, give it some more thought, see what happens in the next few days, and then make a decision.  I know hastiness gets me into trouble more times than if I would have just waited it out.  Hang in there.  Do not get discouraged.  I have had plenty of days like you are having where I just want to stop working for that day.  Sometimes I do, and later on, I regret it.  Hang in there! 
Why can't someone mention the company by name? Thanx. nm

Where did she mention a price?
I didn't see a line rate posted.  Usually a rate like 7 cpl is a temporary rate just to see if the person has the experience they claim (9 times out of 10 they don't) or it's temporary rate to offset the cost of editing of new hires.
Not sure if I should mention the MTSOs name but

Is their an MTSO around that doesn't nitpick your work and make you feel like you're not worth a hoot.  Maybe the problem is that by the time I work my FT job and type 1500 lines then have to go home and do it some more I am just tired.  Also, I have a huge packet called style guideI should look over but  I just have not had the time.  Sometimes I wonder if it would be better to leave it than get fired. They sent an E-mail saying that if I did not raise my score from 96 to 98 my job could be in jeopardy.  I am not sure I will ever get it right.  They have changed words in my documents and told me it should be this way but I go and relisten and I still hear what I had originally put.  Even got DH to listen and he said he heard  I heard. I wonder if they are that hard on their foreign employees.

I really started this MTSO to test the waters.  I just got so tired of driving back and fourth I was hoping this would work out.  I am just not feeling confident in my self to do this job anymore but I have to pay the bills somehow.  I cannot get by on my good looks. So, I printed this style guide, going to poke holes in it, put it in a binder and will look at it while the kids are getting their hair cuts. I will carry that thing with me everywhere I go along with my corrections and study it when I can.  If they can me before I get a chance to bring my score up, I will burn it.

Yes, and no mention of US MTs working for them, either. nm
no i don't mention money but
I do have a fancy resume that might indicate that I would like a lot of money.
Jo - You mention that you have 2 accounts at KS (sm)
Can I ask if you were given 2 accounts when you were hired or did you ask for another one after you started?  Not trying to be nosy but I have 1 account with them and it has been very low lately...
Yes, but as you mention they only hire FT
Have applied as an IC to several companies....same pay as mentioned in my posting.  I notice also that a couple places had very misleading advertising for their jobs posted as far as pay.  As mentioned, this has been very disappointing.
These companies you mention should
be much more worried that the complaints have VALIDITY than that they are aired.

Take care of problems and complaints are few and far between.

AND YES, most of take all comments with salt.
I have the first problem you mention

Sometimes the shortcut doesn't expand when I try to use it.  I finally decided the problem is with my keyboard not being sensitive enough.  It does not happen if I use more pressure.  Good luck.

Not to mention wheelwriters. sm
IBM wheelwriters - if you made a mistake you could back up a little with that erase ribbon, but if doc said go back up, or start over, out came the paper.  No white out allowed either, remember that any other old antiques?
Did I mention that they are paying 50% too? nm
Don't forget the other 42% they don't mention! nm
Thanks so much for the info...will mention your name

You got it!! Not to mention that the stress of
have to use our PTO for sickness rather than fun.  I also never got anything of substance approved as far as days off, so my PTO time was useless, just part of the games of no work and getting sick over no work.  I feel so sorry for those who stay in that situation, thinking they are going to lose out on PTO by starting over. Its your LIFE at stake, right?  We are so worth more than PTO at MQ.
Agree 100%. Not to mention that its NOT
a good thing to claim that they promise you as many accounts as it takes to get work. Gee, doesn't this sound a tad bit like MQ?  I just can't get over this particular person just cheering this on like its good news or something.  And, yes, there are lots of WMXrs low on work right now, so don't believe everything spoonfed to you.  Again, really cracks me up how this person thinks having many accounts is great with WMX, but sucked at MQ.