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Amen! Yeah, work was low Tues morning,

Posted By: Misha on 2007-05-16
In Reply to: TT running out of work - TT112 (not a "powers that be)

but I said THANK GOODNESS so I could take a break. Came back later and there was plenty.

It's not like gasoline where a supply can be kept for the low times. No; any transcription company has to try to stay within TAT or they lose money. When they lose money, do they penalize the MTs? Nope; they eat it.

I firmly believe that the good companies want to hire good people and keep them, but also get good accounts and keep them, so they have to delicately manage things the best they can. They have to let people take vacations now and then, and they can't predict when people will be sick or have emergencies. If you've ever worked in a hospital medical records department, you know that some of the docs are notorious for waiting until they are threatened with loss of privileges before they catch up their backlogs. So then they go in and dictate 200 reports they shoud have been doing for the last 2 months. Get a few of those and then there's a real crisis. Everybody gets a notice to work - work - work. Finally 2 weeks later everybody has worked their tushes off and done all this extra work, and everything is caught up on Monday morning. Then the docs come straggling in to do their dictations on Monday, while MTs sit at their desks, fuming because their is no work. Well whose fault is that? Management's? Nope, that's just business. I doubt there is a business in this world that is the same day in and day out, 7 days a week, every week of the year.

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I work Tues-Sat
and it is NOT a big deal; in my previous job, for many, many years I was head of the billing department AND the sole MT for the practice, so working 7 days a week is nothing new. With my present job, I was actually given a few choices, and I chose first shift Tues-Sat. I do have a 1 Saturday a month prior commitment--so they allow me to work around that, either by front-loading my week ahead of time so I get in my hours (and lines), or working a couple of hours before going to my other thing, and then finishing up when I get back. It has worked out very well. This company also offers a pay bump if your schedule has you working both Saturday and Sunday, which I chose not to do.

And in order to get in a few extra lines here and there, I usually log on for at least an hour or so on my days off, if there is work (and there almost always is), because after so many years, if I get up in the morning and don't have work to do, I don't know what to do with myself. :)

And I too am glad to have a job in this tough economy. There will always be sick patients, and there will always be doctors who dictate about them. The company I work for is actually expanding; I wonder if some of the work is finally trickling back onshore from overseas....?
I'm part-time and don't have to work all weekend. I work Tues-Sat.
I've never heard that from Chronicle, of course I didn't see the ad.
I agree...I work Tues-Sat and I have a life...
maybe the OP isn't that good at balancing hers that's all...I don't miss any of my childrens' activities and I also do not miss deadlines either...
There was no work for me this morning and . . .

that was okay. I spent more time with my 2 babies. I held my 9 1/2 month old in my arms while he struggled to stay awake and finally gave in to his sleepiness. As I type this, I am listening to my "almost 2-year-old" laying on the living room floor "watching" TV talking to herself, curled up with her blanket, and almost sleeping. It makes me smile. Just about 15 minutes ago, I snuck outside and gave my horse a carrot and she nickered a nice hello. THAT is why I'm home.

I work for Transcend. Have been for about a 1-1/2 months. I have learned a lot and I hope to learn more. I checked my Ps and Qs before I left my in-house, cushy, very solid clinic position to work at home. I checked the money situation. (I was also lucky enough to land an IC job with a local clinic that pays .12cpl, but only comes out to $100 a week as they don't have much work for me.) I hemmed and hawed over it for 7 months before I made my decision to stay home. I will admit it, it is a little frustrating not to have work, but, there will be work later. I may never have benefits through them, I may have to marry my (not so darling...ha ha) boyfriend (the father of the two kids) in order to get health insurance....but I'll deal with it. I LOVE being at home. (BF is jealous and wants to be home to, my Dad, who is soon to be retiring, is jealous as well. Course, they're MEN and wouldn't be able to work and watch the kids, but I'll let them be jealous!)

When I first started with transcription over 7 years ago, I never even thought of working at home, never really crossed my mind. I feel very lucky to be in a career that allows me to do both, be at home and still have a career. I'm not afraid of hard work or minor setbacks. I've put up a 1/4 mile of horse fence in 90+ degree weather, this is easy. Sure, it may come with some "bull****, and slow times, and frustrating times, but then I have a morning like I did today...(see above)...and I sigh...and smile. To each his/her own. If ya don't like the stew, get out of the pot.

No, just out of work this morning


No work this morning. nm
Anyone have work at MDI this morning? nm
I love MT work... I get up in the morning
put on a blonde wig and a tight dress, look like Anna Nicole Smith and type all day long.  And I'm not even a woman!
Another morning with no work ... sigh. nm
Yippee I actually did run out of work this morning!
Just went on out to the garden and picked some strawberries and rhubarb and made a pie.  Let's see what other fun I can have today. The weekend is coming up and I'm betting there'll be more than plenty and no long line of people waiting to do it.
Weird, I had work this morning and all day. sm
I will say that if you are going to hit no work, generally it is on a Monday a.m. after payroll ended Sunday night; everyone who was short on hours during the week ends up making up time on Sunday nights and it takes a few hours for Monday's work to stockpile.

There's a BUNCH on there now!
Any other TransTech people out of work this morning? sm
After the big hiring blitz, I am afraid that maybe my account is getting saturated.  I guess that is the way with all good things ... it doesn't last.
Why is TransTech hiring when I have no work this morning? sm
Why do these companies do this?  Hire, hire, hire while I am sitting here waiting for work for the past 3 hours.
Nope, suddenly no work at TT this morning
What is up with this??? 
my work loads anywhere from the morning to late afternoon...
but I have until sunday until midnight to get it done, so it is not like you are working the entire weekend...depends how fast and motivated you are--LOL
Thanksgiving is weeks away, yet no work on TransTech this morning. sm
I have 2 accounts, with no work on either.  I used to think they cared, but now I am not so sure. If there is no work now, I have to think the closer it gets to Thanksgiving, it will really be awful. 
That explains it, yesterday I had no work, this morning DS on today's date. NM
Clinic or acute care? I am looking to work 5-6 hours a day during the morning and early SM
afternoon hours.  Which type of work is more appropriate for this kind of schedule, clinic or acute care? I really do have some time constraints outside of these hours as well as on weekends, so I need to find something where I can concentrate on working during those daytime hours.  I am a newer Transcriptionist (at this point looking for IC), and I am hoping to find a place to stay for a long time.   Any advice appreciated.   Thanks
also Tues-Sat shifts-nm
AMEN! I too prefer to just work sm
and let the crap be handled by somebody else. I have been there done that as they say. The MTs who think the MTSOs have it so easy, no problems, raking in money and cashing the check and usually the same MTs who care about nothing but how much they can put out an hour and quality and patient care be d_____d! If they really understood the business they couldn't even come up with these crazy ideas!
Count on heavy Mon and Tues and then
computer up to 14 hours or so a day to wait for work to drop in to get your line count, or you can just work 365 days/yr. They will tell you to work outside your schedule if there is not work and expect you to have a consistent daily line count.
I was thinking maybe Tues, since I have a feeling
offered tues-sat or sun-thurs sched- nm
Amen Sister, Amen! Excellent post. (nm)
MTSOs seeking MTs for Sun-Thurs or Tues-Sat positions..sm
This question is for anyone who has ever been hired by an MTSO who advertised the Sun-Thur or Tues-Sat only schedules.  Can you tell me which companies (if any) that are willing to be a bit more flexible in this area?  I don't mind weekend coverage at all and actually prefer a day off through the week.  However, I don't think I could adhere to a schedule where I had to sacrifice every Saturday or every Sunday for an indefinite period of time.  I would be happy to work every other weekend or alternate Saturdays and Sundays, basically working one weekend day a week.  Or are most of the companies that advertise require their MTs to stick to one set schedule, no exceptions?  Thanks to anyone willing to take the time to respond! Your replies are appreciated!!
AMEN TO THAT.. I worry all the time how fast our jobs are dwindling down thanks to work going
to other countries and more companies going to the voice recognition programs. Obviously, they will still need proofreaders and editors for the VR stuff, but not as many people. I feel like someday our jobs will just be gone so yes invest your money into nursing or something. Anything else medical is a win-win situation, just not transcription as a whole.
Yeah, you do have to work or they let you go.

As an IC, I've never even been able to take a day off to be sick.  I was told that I couldn't take my requested vacation when I wanted it, too.  I tell them the schedule I want to work, but they're always pushing the limits there.  No work for several days, and then too much work that "nobody else can do".  The companies that hire ICs are also pushing the limits on categorizing workers.  They're hiring for ICs to work Tu-Sa, or Su-Th, the pay rate is $.xx, and it's 2nd or 3rd shift.  I'm sorry, but when you hire an independent contractor, they are supposed to set their own schedule and pay.  I'd love to just go down every single job ad and turn these companies into the IRS for misclassifying their employees.  What, do they think we're so ignorant that we'll tolerate it just for the privilege of working at home and carrying their overhead costs for them?  Men wouldn't allow themselves to be treated like this.

You're right, there are companies out there that route work to employees before ICs.  They are not going to pay their employees hourly downtime rates so the ICs can do the work.  IC is low on the totem pole.

Yeah, but who is getting this work?
I supposedly have 3 backup accounts but never get any work from them either. Usually, I don't mind, but I'm getting a wee bit tired rearranging MY schedule so I can get my lines.
Yeah, I work it sm
I have an employee job and an IC job. FT is Tues-Sat. IC is Mon-Fri. I told the IC that I won't work Monday, but I will work the rest of the week.

Well, we lost staff to the hurricane in TX and I am the only other one who can do an OP note, so I worked 2 Mondays with that. Then, when the gal came back, she stopped doing the OP notes or even much work for that matter, so I have worked a couple more Mondays. I went for over a month without a day off and then finally, I took 2 days off the PT IC job and a PTO day off the FT job and had a 3-day weekend. I didn't answer the phone or the email and had an automessage back to them: NOT WORKING ON MY VACATION.

I suppose it is what you want to do and if it is worth it to you. I get 10 cpl or better for production on my PT job, so I work them without a lot of grumbling, but I do get sick of it. Sometimes work flow is so low that you gotta and I have been there too.
Yeah, they like it when we grovel for our work. nm

Yeah..they are dishonest. They most certainly are in India. Do you really want to work for someone
that is dishonest?? not me..
lmao!! yeah maybe I'm the recruiter...suggesting that my co-worker is the problem. yeah that make
Yeah, and I can bet that account used to be my primary because it rarely has work now!
Yeah, work ethic! My parents were wealthy

and both inherited big bucks from their parents. My mother never worked a day in her life, including not caring for her kids. My Dad had a nice job. They made me work starting at age 12 to 13 as well. Work ethic? I went from being a kid to having to be an adult at 12. I never did anything fun on the weekends with my peers, like football games, soccer games - I had to work. I worked every day after school, and every weekend. And now I'm still plodding along working in my 50's. My kids don't have to work at 12 and 13. I want them to enjoy life while they can. This old work horse has great ethics, but had no childhood.

yeah and the MTSO still charging full price for the work
Most physicians/hospitals don't even know they're dictating into VR so still paying full-on transcription prices while the nationals/MTSOs cut the MT's salary in half. Nice huh?
Yeah, out of work this a.m. ALREADY -- Transtech overhires to cover their rears!
We have been running out of work consistently for the past several months.  You have to work every hour of the day to get your lines, always asked to FLEX your schedule, yet they DEMAND that you work your schedule!  LOL  They have really overhired within the past couple of weeks and we have NO WORK AT ALL NOW.  Very hard to get your line count or make a DECENT PAYCHECK now.  Hope that helps.
yeah - they haven't told a couple of hospitals that they are offshoring their work - but I think
Oh, yeah, NOT fair to those TransTech MT's who are REQUIRED to work a certain # of hours per mont
on weekends!  Tell us how you managed to talk TT mgmt into that favor for you!   Oh, no, another TT fav !!!
Yeah, yeah, I spelled health wrong -
I am very angry right now and my fingers are taking it out on the keyboard.
Yeah, be careful. I worked for MTSO that "said" they paid for spaces. I had to work really S

hard for my lines.  Took a second job part-time with hospital, same platform (EXText), same font size, etc. and did the same amount of lines in half the time.  Decided to look closer at the MTSO and found out they weren't counting spaces.  I confronted them and all of sudden.  Got lots of apologies and will add to your next paycheck.  Long story short, never happened and I never had any work after that. 

There are a lot of unscrupulous MTSOs out there.  They lie, cheat, and steal!

I prefer to be off a day during the week so I prefer a Tues-Sat schedule. nm
Your post was on this morning because
Very funny. Thanks for the morning
My, my, having a bad morning? Sheesh.
I can't see what was so offensive about the first post.
I had one similar this morning

Only it was from Meditech.   Never applied there.  Letter sounded pretty similar to yours though.

Electric off this morning?
I think they had thunderstorms this morning and maybe a tornado.  Their electric may be off.
Sorry, Monday morning
I could not find any posts on this company.
Thanks, I actually have an interview in the morning. nm

I applied this morning
I took the test by playing and pausing. Then I went back through the dictation and filled in and corrected. I had to play each section about 4 times to finally get it all.
My deposit was in this morning
When did you send your line count to invoices?

I'm not a cheerleader, I just think the good things should be mentioned as well as the bad.
2 cpl isn't worth getting out of bed for in the morning.