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Any place to get free practice voice files or does anyone offer testing that could be accessed w/o

Posted By: submitting a resume? Thx. nm on 2005-09-07
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Two page of testing, ten voice files Med and Rad sm
for 8 cpl? No way. Thanks again.
I'd have to agree with the testing of 6 voice files. Turned me off. Who has time to spend doing a
of those tests... I need a job not a day of testing.
Free Practice Test

This will give you some sound files and practice tests - http://www.meditec.com/meditec-skills-test.html

I didn't think their voice files were of
good quality, lots of difficult dictators, and they are now offshoring.  MTSO said that files were surprisingly good.  I had to QA the entire report and basically retype most of it because reports were not surprisingly good.    MTSO was nice and up front about offshoring though. 
Yes, typed 3 voice files
The recruiter gave me three voice files and I had two hours to return them.  Not bad, one was kind of hard.  You only have to fill in the blanks, not transcribe the entire report.  Just like doing an edit.  From the time I applied on-line, got a call from the recruiter and tested and then offered a position was less than two days.  They sent me an equipment package and paperwork, I trained and now I am working my way through the three week full QA process.  Nice people so far, I am very happy with Medware.
Unless you have another way to play your voice files, use
Voice files disappering act

I am a former Transcend employee. 

I do hope all current and future employees have better luck than I did.

When I would ask about  lack ofwork I was told sometimes it was necessary to be flexible so I tried working at night. 

The platform I worked on had a queu wih all t jobs and you had to take in  that order.

At 10 PM there would be upwards of 100 jobs in the queu.

Then mysteriously they would vanish.  It was interesting that if, and I do mean IF, there any jobs were left they would be  ESLs or impossible dictators . 

There was no way they were not sent somewhere---- the average worker would be unable to sort the good from the bad dictators because the jobs had to be downloaded in order. 


As I said, I wish anyone with them good luck.  Some people must have had good luck.  I did not.  My team lead left shortly after Trancend aquired the company I was with.....mabye things would have been different if she had stayed. 

Maybe they forgot to attach the voice files?
You usually get sent the tranny part as voice files and you'd do them in that particular
It is Chartscript. You can use WP5.1 or Word. Voice files
are DVI. 
Voice files that was sent to me were of totally awful quality!! sm
Would not touch it with a 10 foot pole and I have lots of years of experience.
Or the voice files may already be there "somewhere" for you to click on and play and you
Maybe a problem with voice files downloading like yesterday. nm

DOn't feel alone, I couldn't hear voice files and (sm)
thought there was a problem again, then realized I was using the wrong foot pedal. Double Duh for me this morning.
For sure that's done out here! Especially if testing involves 6,7, or 8 files.
Testing with live files? WTC is that?
Um, so I sent in my resume to Transcription, Etc. and received a response that they'd like me to test with them.

Along with that response was a confidentiality agreement to sign and send back, since the testing would be done with LIVE FILES.

And not just two or three. Ten. Ten live files.

Ten times, say, 30 applicants (and that's a LOW estimate) is a LOT of work they get done for free.

It'd be ingenious if it wasn't downright wrong.

Sorry if this has been discussed before, but I wanted to put the information out there for anyone who's thinking about testing with them. NO FREE WORK. We have it bad enough on this end as it is. Regardless of how much you think you need a job, you don't need one like this. It will hurt you more - and probably sooner rather than later.
Are there any companies that I would download voice files and then send back but would be able to
transcribe on the move so I can travel but not use all my vacation time?  I wish I had paid attention earlier this year..but I didn't know I'd ever be in the position to need to do this.
they email you some voice files to type and send back
Test dictations are often bogus and not true voice files from the company. Need to ask. nm
No experience because I couldnt even take the transcription tests. The voice files would not play.
How about you? I was bummed. I was really interested in the job but I tried everything to get the voice files to play but they wouldnt. Oh well, I guess if it were meant to be, then I would have been able to take the test.
Don't need to record files. Pull them into Express Scribe (free on line) and play them thru there
If you have an Infinity pedal, you can pull the files in thru Express Scribe, (free download) and
Testing isn't free either

It costs us 10.00 for every applicant we test online.  Out of 50 people I might refer who look promising, about 80% will get to the actual transcription part and say I couldn't finish, it wouldn't let me when the actual qualified people have no trouble whatsoever. 

How many of you get the emails with the cover information not spellchecked?  I get them that say I am very qulity conscience.  I got one from a lady who worked in the surgical stockroom of a hospital and was furious when I told her that didn't qualify her to be an MT.  I had a welder who wanted something different,  several from people claiming to be med students or doctors, one dentist in an extremely remote part of Alaska.   I get stories of I have children and I'm about to be evicted and I quit my job.   I get my hospital went bankrupt and closed (yet the phone number still works).   I can advertise for ops and get people asking for an ER account.  I needed an Editor for a particular work type and had a lady apply who said she had 18 years experience so I let her try to edit a document.  I would have had to hire somebody else just to edit her work!!!  It really makes it hard for the experienced people because it's like we've heard it ALL...so you don't know who is good and who isn't!!!

Yes, six files is ridiculous. I think we've all done ..four hours of testing to find out

we're offered a whopping 7 cpl. Why waste our time. I'm not a genius but I can tell you in three files or less whether someone knows what they are doing. I've seen graduates from MT programs that have blown my mind with their no concept of punctuation or just English at all. That definitely shows up in less than six files. Let us test and move along to the next disappointing test that will come back with a joke of an offer. Gotta love it!!!

Which companies do oral testing instead of sending files to type? nm
When it was free, it was quite the happening place.
What companies offer ASR/voice recognition??

Besides DSG and possibly Precyse?

Thanks in advance!

Info on Medical Voice Technologies? Job offer
Anyone familiar with this company? Just curious. Possible job.
Do they have any internet accts or are they all accessed with C-phones or Laniers? nm
It doesn't matter where the server is, it is still a database and accessed via the internet
I have worked on Escription and also have IT experience.
Free enterprise. You are free to re-educate and retrain, as well!!!!
What's the complaint?!

Practice what you preach. Your a** has been on here all day!
Common practice?
Is it common practice now days to type 4 different accounts - 7 different work types in one 8 hour shift?  I'm experiencing this as a FT employee for a well known company - Other than this, the company is wonderful ....this has given me great experience, but my pay has decreased.....Do I need to suck it up and keep pounding away or look elsewhere?  Any advice appreciated!!! 
RE: Common practice?
Suck it up. You really do not have a problem.
Why not practice being French
here to see how you like it?  Try being snotty and rude.  Sneer and pretend you don't understand what people are saying.  Maintain a disdainful countenance, while dissing the USA.  Set fire to a couple of cars.  Demand 8 weeks paid vacation and then refuse to work anyhow. 
Not exactly defending the practice
First, I'm not a big fan of mandatory overtime anyway. I understand sometimes they need it, but after 40, there are some weeks where I don't even have another minute in me to give them.

I've also had the same thing with overtime...being happy because they're requesting it for an account that's semi-easy and I'm good at, and then logging on to find out it's the account from hail. I can't be the only one from that hail-storm to be working, and I can only assume they're not too backed up because they're not the ones looking for OT, so why oh why oh why must I type any of the Chennai Boomhauer in my spare time.

It must have something to do with different turnaround because I don't think my place assigns them. At least in theory, although I've not seen the spread sheets to prove it, it's first in/first out to me. I did ask them about this one other time I signed on for overtime at the slightly better place and got stuck with Hail Community Hospital. I was still eligible for the OT, but I'd have gotten probably double if I'd have been typing the actual account that needed the OT.
Free sure. There are free on-line fax

services, in fact I used one last week.   Most do have limits on how often you can use and how many pages though.  You obviously would have to scan pages into a document, but maybe she doesn't have a scanner either.

She could have mailed paperwork back. 

Unfortunately, many practice this unethical behavior. sm
I worked for a company that sold out to MQ. A certain person took all of the names of the MTs with her when she went to another company, went after the accounts this company had, and tried to recruit the MTs for that account for the new company.

I asked how they go my name and number as I had never applied to this new company before - and I was told so and so worked at such company and we have this account now and you used to work on for such and such company....etc. I was shocked to say the least!

So, yes it does happen, and NO I never took the job and asked them to please not contact me again that I was not interested.

Nothing is sacred anymore - not even our privacy let alone the hospitals and patients!

its for Family Practice account
is there any type of practice test
you can take to help prepare for it or at least give you an idea of what's covered?
family practice companies
Does anyone out there know of any companies with good family practice accounts? 
Yes, hiring practice was right 'fit' for me
Imagine hiring someone just based on their resume and a phone interview. Aha, the catch? You have to pass a very rigorous 10-day QA process, can transcribe only 5 reports a day during that time. It is challenging, but well worth it at the end of that time. You decide if it's the right job, and they decide if you are the right employee.

Like I said, old school.
Does that include the overhiring practice of Transcend's
so none of us can make a decent living, or the miserable platform transcend brought with it?
Oh, I understand. I wasn't condoning the practice
of not paying for no work situations at all. Just commenting that MQ was not the only one to fail to do so.

Although I have never been out of work with either MQ or Spheris, should that situation have occurred I would have been all the more reliant on the other position's income.
I once had a group practice client, which included ...sm
6 physicians. The most irritating one was the doc from India who had been in the U.S. for at least 15 years (I know this because I went to school with his children), and refused to even work on losing at least a small part of his accent. He was so ridiculous, and each time I typed his work, I said to myself I swear this guy purposely works at keeping his thick accent just to irritate me! Interestingly, 2 of his partners in the practice were ESL (had only been in the U.S. for 1-2 years), and their accent was much less severe. These were younger docs, who in my opinion, made an effort to get with the program if they want to practice medicine here! I do believe that people can actually make themselves hold onto their accents. I have a friend who is from the south (She has lived near me in the SE part of the country for 20 years) and she continues to have a strong southern accent. She has not lived in the south since she was a small child. I tease her about it.
That is totally unacceptable business practice.

Not me. I hope there is a special place reserved for them in a very hot place.
How different are internal medicine notes from family practice? nm
I had no MT training, either. Started at an Ortho practice, then to a nat'l. MT school is NOT a n
And yet YOU fuel the fires. Good grief, practice....
Is it common practice for companies to disable the cont.I function?

Does that necessarily mean anything?