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Are all of TransTech's accounts out of work?

Posted By: Nervous on 2007-09-05
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TransTech has no work; that is why; lost accounts; overhired significantly BAD nm

Does TT care?  No, they get their big paychecks no matter if the MT's do or not.

TransTech does and SOME of DTS in Tenn. accounts do. nm
When are the new Transtech accounts starting?
Transtech has new accounts coming soon
Transtech will be hiring for new accounts soon
Does Transtech have ER or Radiology accounts? TIA (nm)

Sounds like TransTech and it's NOT how the majority of accounts are. nm
Does anyone know what Transtech pays for its Escription accounts?
I'd be willing to work weekends if the price was right.  I've just seen too many Escription accounts pay too low, which to me, is 3 cpl and lower..One company actually offered 1.5 cpl. No thanks.
When I worked at TransTech, there was a doctor on one of the accounts sm

who stuttered.  At first, I was really frustrated, but then I also saw it from his side, how frustrating it must be to know what you want to say and then face that challenge.  I do not know about the physician you are referring to, but in the case I am referring to, I do not think the patient record suffered because of the doctor's stuttering.  I just kind of grimaced when I got him.  You would think that people like that, as well as the ESLs who are so challenged they can barely form a sentence, would hire a P.A./N.C. to do their dictating for them.  Go figure.

Sorry you have that to deal with. 

TransTech has 2 huge Editscript accounts
TransTech has 2 current Escription accounts

Info on GIMT and TransTech oncology accounts

Anyone out there familiar with the oncology accounts for  GIMT or TransTech  are advertising for?  Would like to know if there is enough work, platform they use, general pay range.  How flexible are they on scheduling?


Medquist or TransTech? Comparable offers from both. Who has the better accounts

better platform, reliable pay days, etc.


Yep, exactly -- TransTech lost accounts and I truly believe is in financial trouble right now !

That small overflow account acquired has not paid yet, and the HUGE hospital they lost is no longer paying them.

I really think TT is in lots of trouble right now money-wise.  Keeps changing payroll companies due to *floating* and not having the money for the payroll company, is my thoughts.

We had the best payroll company in the world -- but TT all of a sudden changed . . . and I mean ALL OF A SUDDEN, so much so that all our payroll information was WRONG, etc.  Horrible time with this new payroll company, but it was a FAST decision made on TT's part.  Probably had no choice except to change payroll companies.

TT is not stable as far as financial backup.  Just imagine after losing a HUGE hospital account how much less money was coming in this week and prior.  Those little overflow accounts just don't bring in a lot of monies.  Dictaphone controls how much money TT gets -- due to Dictaphone owning the platform and dividing up the work between Dictaphone's customers ! 

 times for TT now.

Well it sounds like no work happens a lot at DSG. How are the accounts as far as decent accounts
and their QA. 
TransTech accounts are ALL very quickly going to VR and pay is half line rate

If you like VR and the pay cut, then TT will be a good fit for you.  If you are experienced and will let someone pay you less than you are worth, then go for it.

Other than accounts going to VR there and MT pay cut for editing VR reports, TT has been a good fit for me.  I am very disappointed in the recent VR pay cuts.

They are changing platforms and cutting our line rate in half as the accounts go live with VR.

MOST of TransTech's accounts are obtained through Dictaphone/Nuance -- not by any TT mgmt people

out seeking work for all the MT's that they have recently hired on.  That is not a good thing when Dictaphone has control of how much work TT gets, when we can have some work from them, etc.  They have other MTSO's who want work for their MT's, too, so Dictaphone/Nuance has to share with all MTSO's who have contracted with them to use their equipment; thus, doling out jobs as Dictaphone/Nuance sees fit for their good.

Well I don't work for Transtech and this discussion isn't about Transtech...
and that is not age discrimination....give me a break...
That is a BIG problem at TransTech is leads assigning work, rather than letting the work flow
This TT MT just admitted to that fact.  It has been very obvious, as so easy to tell how work comes into our que and then gets pulled out as fast as it came in and replaced with YUKKY dictators.   VERY frustrating to us other TT MT's who take the JUNK that is NOT assigned to other MT's, such as this poster. 
I have 4 accounts, doing all work types, and I usually have enough work but this is the slow time of
year so we are scrambling a little for lines.  Easy platform, paychecks DD, always on time. 
There is NO work at Transtech. Maybe they just choose special people to send work to
NO WORK at Transtech -- did no good to work the holiday for 1.5 lines, did it?
I am sure the office staff will share their PAID HOLIDAY MONIES with us who sit here with no work.  This has gotten to be such a frustrating profession.  I guess I need to relocate to Houston so that I can work in the office, too, and reap those wonderful paid benefits that us at-home piecemeal workers do not get.
Encompass- How are the accounts and work flow? Do you have a lot of work?
I need to keep busy. I cant sit here every day hoping for work so I'm looking elsewhere.
Lots of work here too. I cannot figure out which accounts have no work.
I'm on the Escription platform
Maybe it's the accounts your on. I work for MDI-FL and I'm swamped with work..
Sorry.. I had gone through a few days a while back of slower work, but lately especially since over the holidays, it has been crazy.. too much work..
I left for no work. There is work on some accounts, but NO
work on other accounts.  
Do you work on VR accounts? NM
We have a lot of work, accounts out of TAT.
If anyone tells you different, it's just not true.
Yes. I was placed on 2 more accounts but still work is low.
What are they like to work for as far as accounts etc. nm
No work for them now on any of my accounts.
Its slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
I don't work for TT, but 7 accounts? Isn't that a bit
I have THREE accounts and no work.
There is a ton of work, some accounts have

more than others.   I've been on OT pretty much every day the past 3 weeks.  They've had several new accounts come on-line lately and I think they've had time to get the kinks worked out and see if they need to hire more and they do and are hiring. 

They are very aware of the slow platform and are working on it, but working on it and giving us a time frame is 2 different things.  I'm making about 2/3 of what I was at a previous company, as far as lines.

I absolutely hate the clocking in/out.

Benefits are good, but most of them you will never use - short/long-term disability, life insurance. 

I think they have a good incentive program, but with the slow platform doubtful I'll get enough lines for anything over first tier if that.   I do get shift differential because I work over 2 shifts.

I think they are a good company, there is good IT support and some STMs are great.  I haven't had any issues with QA at all. 

If they get the platform issues I'd be 99% satisfied. 



My TT accounts have work
I work 2nd shift and have had plenty of work thus far. Had 1 slow night about 3 weeks ago.
Yes there is work. There are at least 2 accounts

that are on OT pretty much every day, but I asked to work on one of those accounts and was told that I could work on them as a secondary account. 

I had 3 accounts.  I still was only able to get about 15 hours in a week and that was trying to work 7 days a week and sitting in front of the computer for 12+ hours some days checking for work about every 5 minutes to see if I could get a report. 

If you look on the backlog report you see an awful lot of 0 going down the page. 

What?! I work rad accounts

I'm having a really hard time believing your post at all...but I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and make the following suggestions:

1).  Our supe is great - and she will work with you to help change your situation.  Have you spoken to her about this?  What was her response?

2).  Are you only trained on 1 account?  Supe has recently offered to train people on more accounts - have you taken her up on it?  There are several accounts that have OT approved until further notice on the company backlogs page (they have been that way for a couple months now) - have you asked to train on them?

3).  Are you willing to change your hours/days?  I had a problem when I first started, but I was willing to change my days off and scheduled hours so that there would consistently be work for me.  Its all about client needs and workflow.

4).  You work a 12 hour window like the rest of us, right?  So if you work 6am-6pm you have 12 hours a day to try to work; you could log out for an hour if you're out of work, go do something else, then come back in a while and try again.  Do you only try to work the first 8 hours of that window?

5).  On the few occasions I ran out of work when I was a newbie, the supe told me I could come in on my days off and make up the difference.  Have you asked her about that?

I maybe can understand why you would have a problem THIS weekend - they offered us a bonus incentive of a $25 Walmart gift card for each OT hour worked (sounds like TAT issues and/or understaffing to me!!!).  If a lot of people chose to take advantage of that during your shift, they might have taken most of your work, but when the work dried up, they would go away and the work would build back up. That happened to me a couple of times this weekend on my primary, but there was still plenty of work on my secondaries.  BTW I work nights.

Feel free to email me privately regarding which accounts I work.  Something is not right here, because I've been working all the OT I can handle, and I could at least tell you where and when that is.  But really, talk to our Supe, she's not the kind of person to let you stay in this situation if she's made aware of it.

I never run out of work. Of course, I have at least 30 different accounts. nm
I work on accounts that all have to be sent to QA
very, very, very slow.  I have to work an incredible amount of hours to meet my full time obligation. Sorry I accepted the position.
Yes there is work, my accounts are in OT! nm
Out of work again. 3 accounts. What's up? (sm)

I followed the thread about losing a big account yesterday, but this low work has been going on since the middle of May.  The last I knew there were new big accounts coming on, don't know when, but can't be soon enough for me. 

I am trying not to panic, but I had quit my PT job (I know - stupid) and this is my only income right now. 

Have been doing MT for over 25 years and rolled with the ups and downs, but this is not a normal time of year for it to be this low for this long. 

I love the company and hope to stick it out, so far I am able to flex around and get my lines in but I feel guilty knowing this is negatively impacting someone else. 

I am thinking I better be looking for a part time gig to supplement.  Good luck to us all.

Same here.. 4 accounts.. No work.
I too love MDI but love to eat and have a roof over my head too. Working 10+ hours a day now to get what I was able to get in 5-6. Am sitting at my computer like a little buzzard just grabbing whatever job comes along and they are few and far between.
No work on my accounts.
There are too many people on the account. For me, I feel it has become survival of the fittest,dog eat dog. I have to get work, before the other MTs get it. It is no way to work. I have been trying to work since 10 am, and so far have had 1 hour of work. I haven't had 40 hours since, actually I can't remember the last time I had 40 hours, before Christmas, I think. Completely on CMX side. I really don't even feel like I work for Webmedx.
They have taken on new accounts, but work is not plentiful, actually looking for a new job.

Not happy with the company. 

Not here. You get your work types and accounts first.
I work on escription accounts.
pay 4/9 for 60-90 days, can't remember which, then 4/10. Very nice to work for. I've been there since Octoberish.
None of our accounts have the work loaded into q's for anyone. sm
I don't mind hearing that someone is not a good fit with Keystrokes or does not like the account they have been given (they can't all be great). The addresses mean that you were on an ortho account. The ONLY reason someone does not like Keystrokes ortho is that the person in charge of ortho is very committed to both high quality and TAT. She keeps a QA score card on every MT under her, keeps a log of missed deadlines and lets people go if they cannot stay up to snuff. There is nothing wrong with that; I wish I could be more like her.

I think there are good companies and bad companies out there and have said many, many times that every company is not a good fit for every MT. If that were the case, there would be no job openings and no one looking for a job. However, the bad companies are the ones that do not pay, rip off the MTs in terms of false line counts, lose accounts all the time and allow cherry-picking. None of that applies to Keystrokes.

It sounds like you were not happy and I feel bad for you as KS is a great place to work!
not all accounts are pooled work...
What work will be left? N-D getting new accounts?
lots of work, on all 3 of my accounts, always will.
if we have our own accounts we do not have a supervisor, we do all the work.