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Are you kidding me. I have worked in the business for over 20 years

Posted By: Absolutely LOVE Keystrokes on 2009-01-06
In Reply to: No, they don't.... - MT

and they are WONDERFUL. I have never had a question go unanswered. Everyone is super nice. This company is THE BEST.

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Trying to build his business? He's been in business over 15 years!!!!!! sm
I also had a hard time, nearly impossible actually, getting paid. The owner does this on the side; he is very involved with other things.
Are they kidding, made $1.25 per report over 20 years ago. nm
I worked for a temp agency for 3 years..LOVED it. Just worked. No counts, no hassels, GREAT pay..
No benefits at the time.  I even learned pathology while temping (8 months on that assigment).  I loved the variety, the ability to say I'm not available such and such time.  I'd do it again in a heartbeat if I didn't need benefits.
I have been in this business 27 years...sm

We used to say that some MTs are just miserable malcontents (back in the days when I worked out of the house in MTSOs offices) where they always *seemed* to complain, *itch, moan, and groan. Not all of them but a lot of them. Nothing has changed in that vein either over nearly 30 years and, as a matter of fact, seems to have gotten much worse over the years.

Oh well, for some of us, no matter what the work situation (and believe me, that's awful sometimes too), the cup remains half full versus half empty. It's all about picking and choosing which battle and which war.....not ever going to have a stroke over transcription/typing/nationals, et al.  

TT has not been in business 14 years
No. I have been in this business almost 15 years. (sm)
I am not a newbie by any means. I do not work for MQ. I did have my own business before I had kids. I did the acute care and ER accounts and got mentored after finishing school. I have done all of that, and before having kids.

I do not feel like I am low-man on the totem pole. It is the doctor's attitude and the MTSOs attitude - not mine. We are the first to get the cuts.

I left the company that had me waiting for the work and trying to get me to sit there 24/7. My point is, people out there think it is okay to do that and that is the way of it.

If we are an IC, then we are our own boss. They give us the deadline of when the work is to be done and we comply with that or lose the contract. Simple. But until that aspect of this profession is realized, things are not going to change.

I do not think my expectations are high. But that is just a difference of opinion and we can leave it at that.
Actually, I did not have my business for 19 years. (sm)
It was 19-hour days. No. I never, ever required them to work the weekends. I would, as the owner, but not them. Just a sacrifice you make when you are the ownere of a business.

I have been in a place where I HAD to have a paycheck. My husband was laid off for 5 months and we were living off my income.

I am not the one who originally said that someone who did not work those hours was a Prima Donna. It is a matter of opinion and up for discussion. I think that is what these boards are for. Right?

And actually, you are not reading the posts correctly. Get some coffee and come back.
I have almost 32 years in this business sm
and I agree with you 500% I never treated a person like that in my life when I managed and I wouldn't put up with anyone treating me that way. I dont' know what the heck has gotten wrong wtih people, but its like there is no humanity left at all. The other poster is just proof that this business has gotten very cold and mechanical and companies are treating MTs like machines.

Family comes first, they can suck up the job! There are companies out there that treat you very well and the OP won't have a problem finding one either. Might be the boost she needs to get out of whatever sorry company she is working for
Of a MT who has almost 40 years in this business
I have been able to raise a family on what I made in the past, mostly in the $50-60,000 per year, not much for maybe today's living but in the 70s and 80s ok for myself and 2 children. From the early 70s to when I first started no one at the hospital where I worked EVER asked a physician or dictator to change their way of dictating for the MT. It just was NOT done and to say differently must have just had the cream of the crop. Ten plus years at 3 different hospitals and they were all the same. Dictators could dictate how they wanted. Even though outsourced, still doing the same hospital work where I started in 1990. I make good money and care less really how they want to dictate as long as my pay makes it to the bank on time. I can retire if I want to. I decided to stay in MTing because basically like a bowl of cherries to me. I would again say and would never change my mind, if a MT lets work just run through without trying to correct, then they need to go. Anyone who says differently apparently not much of a transcriptionist.
Yes. I have worked for a business in which (sm)
we also did an anonymous evaluation of our supervisors. Those above the sup at least needed to know how the employees felt about that person. They probably took some of it with a grain of salt, but if X number of employees all mention something in particular, that can be a tip to the supervisor and his/her manager that they need to work on it.

I don't know why companies don't do this more. Maybe they think it doesn't matter or that employees will be too vindictive. Maybe the managers are worried that they, too, will be evaluated by someone if they start this. I think it would benefit companies financially if they did evaluations of management from the bottom up, however.

The reality is most aren't going to do this anytime soon.
I've been in this business 12+ years
now - worked for five companies before this one - never been happier.  Work is steady.  Pay is above average and always correct and on time.  Lots of communication and feedback.  It is a good place for me - I plan on retiring from here.  
I've been in the business 20 years and it is
NEVER slow this time of the year, especially when the beds are full because of the flu.    I think maybe some MTs are working extra to pay off Christmas bills so that there may be less work for others.   
Are they still in business? They used to be mentioned years ago on MTD. nm
I have had my own business for 12 years and STILL have days that I am sm
wading through mud instead of flying on air!
I agree with you. I have been in this business a lot of years and
it has never been this slow before.  I do acute care work and I would think that there would still be more work than there is.  Flu season is on its way so maybe things will pickup soon - I hope so anyway. 
I've been in this business 20+ years and never
been asked for a background check and if they want to run one they can pay for it.  It is a scam. 
I have been in this business for years --- holidays are always slow.
I also think, as I stated in my last post, that the 3 cent per line incentive has everyone coming out of the woodwork to work.

I personally work every holidya and have always had a lot of work. You must be on an eScription account, I am on BeyondTXT. eScription accounts for a very small percentage of Transcend work.
I worked on site for many years. I've been doing this for 10 years... sm
I've worked on site, at home, for small MTSOs, for nationals, for hospitals. I've been paid per line, per minute, and per hour. I've been an MT and a QA. I have ALWAYS worked weekends and ALWAYS worked nights for the shift differential because MTs can't survive on 6 or 7 cents a line. At least I can't and I type 105 wpm.

I've BEEN dedicated from day 1, sister, so you are barking up the wrong tree.
They used to be McCoy Business Services. I worked briefly for them when I lived in Louisville. SM

I don't remember anything specifically negative about them.  Just that the pay was kind of low and I didn't stay long because of that.  The work was okay.  Mostly local accounts from the Louisville area.

Sorry, the older I get, the shorter my memory.  I can barely remember yesterday! 

After 8 years in the business, I start buying presents in August, cause I know the slow period SM

is coming around the holidays.  :-)

Not to say we dont all starve and Im not totally stressed out come December, but at least Ive got my gifts :-) 

I have worked for MDI for 2 years and I
have never gotten a raise. Production incentives????? Never. If you are looking for all the perks, you'd better look somewhere else.
Worked at OSi for over 2 years and they have never
I worked for them about 3 years ago
The people were real sweet, but I couldn't pay my bills.  They have a funny pay scale and it changes after 3 months.  Wish you luck.
I have worked there for 2+ years sm
and am happy with the company.  They supply your computer for free, they help with education, everyone is helpful.  There was a slow time for a few months, but it has picked up now.  MT work always has slow times from time to time.  They have hospital accounts that one can work on if one runs out of work, which they pay more for MTs that can work acute care accounts as well as CMTs.
I have worked for them for 2 years and like it.
They have multiple platforms to work on. They have some difficult accounts, but no more than any other company I have worked for. There is always work available as you have secondary accounts and they provide a list of accounts that need extra help daily. Benefits are good, pay is NEVER late, direct deposit.

I worked for them about 2 years ago as IC sm
and they were really nice people to work for. Paid on time and very flexible, too.
I worked for them a few years ago.

I got my feet wet working for them, and I gained some valuable experience.  However, I found that they constantly sent updated notes/templates on how their docs wanted files formatted.  This got to be very time consuming after a while as this seemed to be a weekly occurence.  Of course, that was a few year ago, so they might have come up with a better system.  I also found their pay to be on the low end, and their raises, which you had to put in for, weren't all that great.


I worked for them 3-4 years ago and they were
very, very nice. At the time, it was strictly IC status. Don't know what they pay now but I got 7 cents a line. They had radiology, acute care, ER, clinic notes and cardiology. Pay was always on time. Platform was nice, all done over the internet, use your own PC. Never had problems and tech support was great. I would have stayed but needed fulltime with benefits.
I worked there two years ago
And at that time they still gave you all the equipment and paid for down time if you documented it correctly.

I had an okay experience at Transolutions. The people were really nice. What they said in the other threads about receiving huge thick binders on each account is true though, and I did run out of work a few times but they paid me for it.
I worked for her years ago
and in my many years before and many years since, I have never had a worse experience. Pay was by the gross line and I got my money, but I have never known anyone to be as nasty and mean as this person was to me. This is just my experience, but IMO, you would be wise to avoid any dealings with this company.
Probably should have said, I worked for them about 4 years ago, so they may pay a little better now.
I think that's sad. I worked there about 2 years ago and liked it. nm
I have worked there for over 3 years and I'm...
Great people to work for.  Pay is very dependable.  Work is very consistent.  Most of the time there is more work than you can handle.  My paycheck is very consistently in the same price range unless I take days off.  Great QA people.  They work with your schedule.  I honestly do not have any complaints about them.  I really like working for them.
I have worked as IC for 10 years
and never got - even with had my own hospital accounts - thing is - so many people have access to the report - who can prove what?  I also hear terribly expensive unless you get through AAMT
It has been about 5 years since I worked there so
things may be different, but account was 85 to 90% Indian dictators and I had to re-record.  Poor dictators and poor quality dictation is a horrible combination.  I can't remember what the pay rate was, but it wasn't near enough.   They would also call me up to 6 times a day, sometimes just to chat, other times they were just so disorganized it took that many calls to get all the info.   I don't remember the name of the platform, but it was not user friendly at all.  I worked there less than a month I think. 
I worked for them years ago and it took several..sm
phone calls to get my first paycheck.  Needless to say, I immediately quit.  I don't know if they are different now or not but I would be cautious.
I worked for them but it was probably 5 years ago.

At that time I had to re-record work.   The account was about 95% ESL dictators from India (this is what I was told by the company).  So rerecording and Indian dictators make for not very good dictation.  Their platform was extremely time-consuming and not at all user friendly.  I can't remember the pay, but it wasn't enough.   The office would also call me up to 6 times a day because they were so disorganized they couldn't think to ask me everything in one call.  They sometimes called just to chat.  I had only worked a short time and had no relationship with these people, yet they called to chat.  The woman I dealt with sounded very blonde. 

Things may have changed since then.   They advertise for new positions a few times a year and I don't know if that means they retain most of their MTs or possibly have lost accounts, or their hiring for new accounts. 


I worked for them 4 years ago
and not sure if I was just very inexperienced at that time or what but I felt the work was tough - never had the same doc twice and heavy ESLs... don't remember the system being cumbersum (sp) or the C-phone stuff - and I always had skads of telephone lines so not sure about that either
I have worked for them for 5 years....
I never experienced a problem with being paid on time.  Direct deposit, is always there on the day expected, sometimes the day before.  Benefits are nice, plenty of work.  I enjoy the atmosphere.  Management accessible to the top.  A very comfortable place to work...not the usual *corporate* atmosphere.  I had plenty enough of that before coming to Breitner.  Like I said, very comfortable place to work.  I don't dread turning on the computer in the morning, and that means a LOT nowadays. 
I also worked there for several years. sm
It was an excellent place to work, but you do have to learn the account. QA is very good, they will not accept sloppiness. I felt it was one of the best companies I have worked for; I learned enough to do editing for another company, which is why I left. It was a very good experience.
When I worked there about 3 years ago, they were in .
I worked for them for a few years...sm
You are welcome to e-mail if you have any questions.
I worked for them several years ago as IC sm
don't think they offer employee status, they paid on time, checks never bounced and always had work and were very nice people to work for. Tech support was very good, they had internet-based platform. Back then they paid 7 cents per line and had both fulltime and parttime status, don't know about their pay now. I would go back if I could.
Worked there for over 2 years...
They've had a lot of turnover recently, both of in-house employees and at-home transcriptionists. Basically the only reason I stayed as long as I did was because the scheduling department was flexible, and their PTO was decent. However, with the new payscale, I was making considerably less money and felt that was very unfair. As far as their DOS system, the system is very simple and generally speaking trouble free. However, loading demographics and downloading work was very time consuming (and unpaid). QA policy stunk too. They were very inconsistent in checking your work, and I feel that as long as someone is working hard and doing a good job, they should NOT be docked for errors. They call it a QA bonus...I call it a way to lead people on and pay them less than what they're worth! I left Transolutions a couple of months ago and have never looked back. I love where I'm at now and feel that I'm being treated fairly again. I'm sure it's a good fit for some people, and everyone has to find their place. For me, it was becoming more hassle than it was worth and was time to move on.
I have worked for DSG for 4 years...
and the only time I have had a problem with low work volume is during the holidays when people/docs are on vacation. From reading this board, this is a problem with a lot of companies, not just DSG. DSG has been my income for 4 years with no backup job and I have been fine.
I worked for MQ for 12 years and always had a
second job as an IC. They did not interfere with each other and no one ever asked. Of course, I did not use MQ computer, but my own. As far as I am concerned it is no one's business but your own.
How many years have you worked for them?
Worked there for 2 years...
but left about 6 months ago. They were nice to work for, but I left because they were going through a LOT of changes. A fair number of management people left after the president left last summer in the middle of a major software change-over. At that time they were also restructuring their pay scale, and with the change I was going to take about a 20% decrease so said adios. However, there are a few people on this board that speak very fondly of Transolutions, and I really had no complaints until I found out they had no problem giving me a cut in pay after 2 years.

As far as scheduling, you do have to set a schedule and pretty much stick with it, but they are very easy to work with if you need to switch things around here and there. 32 hours is considered full-time with benefits. Benefits were decent.

Platform was DOS and APEX. I never really worked on APEX but didn't hear a lot of good things about it...but hopefully they've refined it over the last few months. I didn't mind DOS; it was very simple and straightforward, but not a lot of bells and whistles.

Good luck. Hopefully others with more recent experience will be able to give you more info.
I have worked for them for years sm
I like the old software better and InScribe sucks, but I never have had any problem making lines or getting help when I needed it.

What I can tell you is that there are some good team managers and some really terrible ones there. Of the ones they have now half of them were never MTs and aren't very good. They tend to over hire right now ramping up for some new things and that is a strain on all of us.

Now if you get one of the good team managers and you get an account with enough work you'd be happy and there are no guarantees.
I have never run out either and have worked there 8 years. nm
It was like that when I worked there 2 years ago...
you would think there would be a way to get that cleared up a bit better...I had bought an EQ50 equalizer from Koss and that seemed to help a bit...