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I agree Meditech is the pits. I was told it was

Posted By: me on 2009-01-06
In Reply to: Yes! - KS Lead

a very productive program - NOT.

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yes, I agree. We are always told......
to read every little detail before signing, no matter what.
Entering 'signed but not read.' does not lift the doctors' responsibility.

It might be that in some cases the MTSOs and the doctors share the responsibility, depending what the contract says.

The MT is in no way responsible, the worst that can happen to the MT is to get fired, but not sued.

i'm not wasting any more of my time on a lying BS artist. Plus all the posts, she couldn't have been proofing very well at the same time. Sorry for the poor patients.
That India QA is the pits
Oh sure, and the ER reports are the pits and SM
They are always advertising for someone to do ER. You make no money on it. The dictators jump all over the place.

The first dictator they gave me was a really thick accent. Yes, I can do accents but this guy had socks in his mouth AND the recording quality was horrible. When I told them I could only make out a few words that he was saying and that I could not in good conscience type the report because I felt it hurt patient care, they said Oh, I thought you could do accents. Now, that was just a weird response. They HAD TO KNOW that this was way more than an accent issue. In fact now I am an Editor and I always get the blanks that nobody else can get. The MedScribe doc was just a blur. They are INSANE. I almost left the business because of them.
When I worked there my supe was the pits
Had the exact same thing with my supe - half my emails went unanswered; of the half that did get answered I would get partial answers or a non-answer.  Now MY supe had TWO assistants to cover for her during her frequent long absences, and she still couldn't keep it together.  Mainly what the assistants did was call you on your day off or in the middle of your sleep cycle to jump out of bed and type a stat - but the whole company felt free to do that, even for accounts you'd never worked on before!  And no, neither my supe or her two little elves were from India.  One of them was my QA person and mentor when I started, then the boss stole her to have a 2nd assistant, and my mentor's attitude completely changed - no more honesty or answered questions, would blow off my emails or forward them to supe who would ignore them.
Their pay is the pits unless you're a heavy producer. nm
I distinctly remember their spellcheck was the pits. I
Maybe things will be better with Webmedx
This company is the pits! They have the worst program
to work on - supposedly a wonderful automated computerized, integrated with voice recognition, state of the art, etc., that is so far behind the times that you spend 20 minutes trying to just figure out how to do the demographics on each report.

NOTHING is automated. Nothing is uniform.
You get multiple types of reports from multiple accounts to work on, but you have to have the instruction sheets open at all times because there is nothing uniform about which block the date they want for that report goes in (like playing the game where you find the nut shell that the pea is hidden under), so just to be sure you got it in right, put it in all 3. Then make sure you select the right reason that there is a problem on the report. There are probably 20 reasons, several say the same thing, but you better pick the right one (and do not ever suggest they remove the ones you should not use, nor suggest that they only have 1 box to put a date in, or anything else about this program, because it can't be done.) You have to go to a minimum of 5 different screens just to finish the demographic garbage.

The problem is that management has gotten too far away from transcription. They sit in their ivory towers and do not realize how much clerical work the MLS has to do to complete a report. They are not open to any suggestions, always the same old story of we have always done it this way.

Technical support is a total joke. You can sit for hours and never hear a word on how to fix the problem. And when you do hear from them, it is always your fault.

Not sure if they have fixed any of the not-so-automated stuff recently, but I doubt it - they probably just created more boxes for the MLS to complete.

So do yourself a favor and find a different company. I found one that wrote their own program and it is great. You rarely have to do anything with demographics. Everything is quick and easy with good and SENSIBLE keystroke commands (ones you can relate the command to the letter of the alphabet, not something like using control+T to enter a patient name or whatever stupid command Transcend assigned to that field.

Editing is an even bigger joke. The team leads take all the good editing jobs and the MLS is left with the crap. And cherry picking is rampant.
Rural Transcription is the pits! My boss has some

serious mental problems.  Wish I didn't have to work from home (have kids).  Otherwise I'd be long gone.


I agree. I was thanked for working extra the end of last week and told of some MTs on my job type
who were out due to illness or vacation and that we were getting behind.  Same as the message this morning....the minutes were building up.  Seems things are a bit desperate at this point and we all just need to quit trying to read into the situation and pitch in and get the work back under control.  OUR company needs OUR help, and we need to pitch in 200% or we may very well find ourselves without an account to work on.  I don't think it was a threat this morning - I think it could happen.
There are two types of Meditech. One is Meditech Magic, which has a blue sm
screen and is like WP5.1. It is a bit cumbersome but not bad once you get used to it.

The other is Meditech Client, which is WONDERFUL. It opens into Word and populates the demographics for you.

Neither are bad once you get used to them. I make great money using Magic and a lot of others complain about it.
I left a month ago, and couldn't be happier! They are the pits! Good luck. nm
I don't hesitate to ask. Have been told "yes", and have been told "no." Never been to
Will anyone having typed on Meditech system please tell me what it's like?  Is it user friendly?  Thank you very much.
Meditech is okay once you are used to it AND if you can use Instant Text rather than those clumsy combinatio keys to do your macros. I think it has improved since I used it about 6 years ago. It is a BIG change from WP or MSWord, sort of like taking a giant step backwards.
I thank you for all of your comments. I do use Instant Text so would definitely want to be able to use that with Meditech system.  But it actually doesn't sound like something I'd really like doing, from what I've read.  More negatives than positives so far.
Meditech Rad
I use Meditech for radiology for windows, have been for 10 years.  Over the years we have upgraded the program several times.  I think it just depends on if the hospital is up to date on the programming.  I took a second account that used Meditech and I don't know if the hospital was behind or the MTSO just did not understand the program like I do.  For rad, after each report you do have to go through a series of screens before the report is saved.  But that is just me.  Another hospital could be different.
Anybody know which companies use Meditech?
Spheris uses Meditech.

I have been working in Meditech with Citrix Server now for 2-1/2 years and it's the pits.  Even with new updates all the time, it will never compare to today's modern platforms.


Right..I do ERs on Meditech..(nm)

Is this Meditech?
If it is a slow platform, then you'll need at least 9.5 cpl just to make a go of it!  
I have been working on the Meditech platform for one month, so I am fairly new. I am averaging only 100 to 125 lines per hour. I still have to refer to the instructions for things like, for example, how to close up spaces. It is a bit inconvenient to have to go through a bunch of screens before I start typing. I guess I would have to say I do not like the Meditech platform! I do have easy dictators, though. I am not a newbie; I have over 20 years of medical transcription experience, by the way.
Place you a sticky note or short note pad to your monitor with the function key commands. Where you were referring to closing spaces, were you talking about joining lines? Go to the end of the sentence and space, then do Shift F6; this joins your sentence together. Do you mind telling me the account you are own? Send it to my email. I will be starting soon and was wondering about the account. Thanks.
Very easy to learn, but you need a high-speed internet connection
Don't like Meditech
There are too many screens to go through before you actually type. I can't get more than 125 lines an hour no matter what. Others do like Meditech, though. This is only my personal opinion.
Jill, you have to go through screens and it is a database, which is hard to find a rhythm, but some really like it.  It lags and goes down a lot, so be prepared to save your document if it is way long because if that connection gives out on you there goes your report.  I would suggest being prepared to really lose money with Meditech at first.  There are much better platforms out there.  Meditech is a hospital program so it so drawn and bogged down with users especially during peak hours.  Good luck whatever you decide. 

I absolutely love MediTech!  But then again I was there during installation and I am a superuser in RAD, OE and PCI modules so I comes a lot quicker.

I quit a facility that I still go back and work part time at and I can pick right up and I actually put out more work there.  Of course it works better when you are working at the facility.  Dial up would be hell due to the hang ups.  If you are not familiar with medications and terminology it's tricky because it technically has NO medical dictionary.  Keep Stedman's by.  If you are working on a Word based system you should have access to your medical dictionary and then it converts back to meditech.  When I type for this company at home I type in word and then I go to thier facility and copy and paste into meditech.  I have to fix the bold and underlying which will not convert using C&P method but it saves me a 2 hour driving time.  Just make sure you always spell check from the top of a document or it will tell you there are no errors!  Both Rad and Order Entry have data entry sections but when you get the hang of it you can fly right through those.  Use the canned text/expander a lot.  In order entry or departmental typing for acute care stuff, when typing directly in the module, I don't have to send my reports right back so I actually hold them and then spellcheck and print all at once since spell check is so slow.  Good luck.  Hope that's not my part time job you're taking! 

If you cannot get around in Meditech to get more than 100 lph, than you sm
are not trying very hard. The hospital I work for outsourced our work to another company and I went to work for them (not Keystrokes). I have used Meditech Magic and Meditech Client and a strange one that is half-way between the two and never have had a problem getting more than 200 lph. I use an Expander and really use it a lot.

Then again, I used to love WP5.1 and it is very similar.

Different strokes for different folks.
are you on the meditech
platform and making 20,000 plus lines a payperiod?
Typing on Meditech is driving me INSANE. I find myself wandering away from the computer and not being able to stay focused as I really do not like the platform. It is SO antiquated. It needs to be sold to India for a tax credit or something.
Never used Meditech.
what is blech about it?
Does anybody have the scoop on this company?
Any info on this platform?
What about Meditech?
I asked the recruiter this same question and she wasn't sure. She's suppose to double check with the tech ppl and email me, however her manager told her that since DocQScribe is a proprietary platform and Meditech is not, they probably wouldn't be able to save any of my expanders. So I won't get my hopes up, but Meditech already has lots of commonly used macros already installed so all I'll have to do is customize. At least that's the way it was last time I had used Meditech. If that's the case then it won't be nearly as bad as say starting from scratch.
How do you create your own templates? And what did you mean by the F-key thing?

I just started an account using Meditech. I am getting a run-around about short cut/macros. I think they dont want to tell me anything that will cause them to pay me more ya know.
Does anyone know the functions of the Fkeys for Meditech.   I asked and was blow off.  Thanks.
Meditech with KS (sm)
Does anyone know if there is a place you can download instructions for Meditech use?  (I couldn't find anything on internet, but would be interested in having copy to refer to.)  Thanks!
Could someone who knows Meditech (sm)

Explain what the Function (F keys) do?  I can't find any instructions anywhere....Thank you for your time!  Sincerely, MT

Can you use any of the word Expanders with this? How about autocorrect from Word? Any input is appreciated.
I don't know about Meditech, but

I'm on DocQScribe and will be starting a new job that uses Bayscribe. The new employer told me that they should be able to convert my Expanders for use in Bayscribe (in about 90% of the cases). I would definitely check with tech support for Meditech and see.

BTW, you don't happen to work for the Q, do you?

Not too much about Meditech
I worked on that for many years, and it is not transcription friendly at all.  There should be plenty of posts on this. 
is typing right in the main frame interface. 
I used Meditech with a C-phone for 3 years and thought I would lose my mind. It is a very old archaic-type platform and not conducive to production. Needless to say, you will not make much money with this platform.
Meditech ?

I know the account I am on uses Meditech Word Client but you do not have to have the Word program on your computer so they provide the hospital web-based Meditech for you to use.

Thanks so much for your response. I did not like working on the Meditech Magic which was horrendous (I think a spelled that right) LOL. Thanks.

Most of our Meditech clients have recently upgraded.  It however depends on what account you are being considered for.  I'm not sure we have any still on the old Magic.

Meditech anyone?
I am looking for a company that uses Meditech.  I very much prefer this particular platform.  Would appreciate any info you might be able to offer.  Thanks.
It was Meditech
works great - lot more productive than ChartMatrix!!!!!!!!