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Cardiology or multispecialty? sm

Posted By: PMT on 2007-04-19
In Reply to: Need 2 Know.... - Medtrans Unlimited

The pay is very good. The cardiology platform is quite technical (Gemms)and sluggish to type in. They have other accounts where you can work in Word and they pay by the gross line. The work was easy though, including the ESLs. When I was there, the invoicing was monotonous - detailed spread sheets. They do invoicing twice a month, but are slow in mailing paychecks - I got my checks 2 to 3 weeks after turning in an invoice.

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I mean multispecialty
Will be on multispecialty clinic...
having never done radiology, but years of clinic work!  Will be working on c-phone which is also something new for me.  learning learning learning!
multispecialty account

I've been an MT for about 2 years. I started off transcribing for an orthopedic account just doing clinic work at a smaller MT company. I have now been working for Medquist for 2 months and have been put on a multispecialty account that has 12 or more specialties and 3 main accounts, but they keep giving me new accounts. I was under the impression that multispecialty might be 3 specialties for instance. I now know I was wrong about that. You live and you learn, lol. I'm not happy at Medquist, so I plan on going back to a smaller company again. I know to be a well-rounded MT I should know more than one specialty, and I don't have a problem with that, but going from ortho to every specialty under the sun all at once is a bit crazy. Learning ortho and maybe 2 other new ones at the same time sounds more reasonable. I'm just wondering if multispecialty might mean one thing at one company and something entirely different at another company. There is a big difference in my opinion from having to know 3 to 4 and having to know 12 to 15 specialties. Three to four is still multispecialty, but it doesn't seem impossible to a 2-year MT. Just wondering if some companies are open to hearing what your strengths and weaknesses are and putting you on an account according to that.


There is this one company I am thinking of testing for (a smaller company), and I noticed that they have several different sections for their test. They have general medical for MTs with less than 2 years or multispecialty acute care for more than 2 years. A part of me wants to test for the general medical even though I have a little more than 2 years of experience because I'm afraid of getting the type of multispecialty account with this new company that I got at Medquist, but then another part of me knows the general medical would be too easy for me and going with the general medical will put me making less per line. Don't get me wrong, I am a good MT, well good relative to my 2 years of experience. I've transcribed for ESL doctors before. I'm not trying to get out of working hard here, but I just don't want to set myself up for failure either. The company I was originally with for 2 years told me I was welcome back any time, and so far I'm doing good on QA at Medquist, but I'm very slow compared to where I was at the last company I worked at. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

yes for multispecialty clinic


I am not sure if they have filled all  the acute care positions but they have a new account starting for multispecialty.

The new multispecialty clinic account
They have acute care, ER and multispecialty clinic,
They want to know about cardiology exp, SM
since that seems to be another speciality of acute care now. Also, oncology, since they are always looking for people who are proficient in that.

What do you think is the highest paid specialty in transcription?  Cardiology perhaps?


Do you think the cardiology specialty offers more income and job stability than rad, ortho, or other specialties?

Anyone offer just cardiology! The more I do it, the
Looking for employee status.  Thanks!
i dont know if it would be the best, but i like cardiology
we need cardiology MTs at my company.
Cardiology doesn't pay more, but ...
You don't make a higher line rate - at all - doing cardiology, but I have noticed that cardio (at least studies and consults and whatnot) tends to have more templates/macros, so that's where the good stuff would come in.

I used to work for a company a few years ago - had two cardiologists (who did a lot of studies), a couple of pulmonologists (who stunk, but I didn't have to do them much), and two internal med doctors (who both had 40-line macros that rarely had to be adjusted).

My line count was consistently 550-650 an hour, and I was making 9.5 cpl.

Man, I miss that account.
Mid-Atlantic Cardiology?
Do anyone have any informantion on which MTs does Mid-Atlantic Cardiology?  Would be interested in a part-time cardiology position.
Not on cardiology acct, but do work for SGS.
Can I help?
I have been typing cardiology exclusively
now for quite some time.  I would love some info as well!!! Count me in too, please.
cardiology transcription positions
here's the deal guys - we are totally slammed.  however, i don't want to overlook anyone so i am posting this reply to the board in general.  any of you who have cardiology experience and are interested in speaking with me about a position with our company - please send your resume to me directly - tonya@mediscribes.com.  alternatively, if you would rather call, you are welcome to do so within reasonable hours of the day - my number is 210-858-5867.  either myself or our recruiter will be happy to speak with you at your convenience.  hope this will help answer a bunch of questions. 
7 cpl for 5 yrs cardiology/10 yrs acute care?
They gotta be kidding.
I see MD-IT is hiring again for cardiology. I would not recommend to anyone
applying to this company. Their recruiter is very rude and she lies, lies, lies. I found their interview extremely misleading and underhanded.
New cardiology job post on job seeker's board....
anybody know what company this is?
Anyone working on the new cardiology account for Archivus out of NC?
Looking for info on platform used, percentage of ESLs, number of docs, if there are templates/headers/footers?
Any info on CTS: Cardiology Transcription Services out of NY?
sorry..that was Cardiology Transcription Servces (tired)
Not sure if they are hiring, but if you like cardiology, CardioScribes is terrific! sm

WestTran is also a good company for clinic work, although, again, I do not know if they are hiring.   Both companies are IC work.  Good luck in your search!


CardioScribes. They just do cardiology clinics, which is great for me sm

since I was the lead MT for 8-1/2 years for group of cardiologists here locally so I am quite familiar with it all.  And it is a nice break from acute care.  Of course, just because it is the perfect fit for me does not make it right for everyone.  As they always say, one man's Heaven is another man's Hell.


Not just cardiology, other things. You might be talking about a different account
Perhaps it is a different server (there are 2 for regular 1 for rad), and that is why you are not getting the information. Why not just e mail your sup to ask to be trained on something else too. I did and that is the reason why I am working. They need to know if you are willing to learn new account specs, or go to another server, probably. But the new one I am working on I am getting fine reports.
My cardiology account is actually my lowest paying.
On the Job Seeker's board, there is a cardiology account

for a company TOS.  Does anyone know what TOS stands for and who they are?? Thanks

current info on Cardiology Transcription Svc please
Eeegads! I don't mind more detailed but don't like cardiology! :( but thanks for the response
Anyone working on cardiology account for Superior Global out of TX?
Anyone working for Superior Global out of TX doing the cardiology studies?


TT new account is cardiology, procedure junk that you cant get lines on.
So, it is working for nothing practically.  Just a new account on board for TT.