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Not on cardiology acct, but do work for SGS.

Posted By: Anon on 2007-07-05
In Reply to: Anyone working on cardiology account for Superior Global out of TX? - sze

Can I help?

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I lost an acct with MQ, called the hospital and they told me who had the acct. I chose not to go wi
Older posts about them have the MTs bouncing from acct to acct and not being able to make
My acct mgr sent an update this morning stating a large acct sm
starting next week; another in 2 more weeks; another in early October; and another in November. This is just a normal end of summer / holiday slowdown. I'm sure other posters on this board are also out of work due to the same circumstances.
May I ask? Do you who have no work do acute, ASR, have more than 1 acct? (sm)
The company I work for has had people who didn't have work while there was tons of OT in other accounts. Come to find out some of them (not all) refused to do ASR or Voice Recognition, they did only clinics or ERs and refused to flex their hours to help get their lines in.

Is this pretty much the case with Webmedex or do you think they have just over-hired MTs and don't have enough work to go around.

I see they are hiring again, that is why I am asking, not to start anything. Please do not be offended by my questions.

It's how many reports you sent to QA for each acct. you work on. NM
Ok, let me rephrase that: We are on OT *and* have a ton of work on my acct. nm
Give it a whirl. I WAS on that same acct, same pay. Asked and got put on an acct just as bad, so I
Ask to be put on another acct. I'm part time and work
full time hours because our account is always behind.
They have lots O' work depending on the acct.
If you're on an account with terrible sound quality and very heavy ESL, then they have tons of work for you.  If the particular account has no problems with the platform, you can bet there won't be work.  They advertise all the time because they have tons o' work on certain accounts and they have tons o' turnover in both accounts and MTs.
More than 1 backup acct? Able to work more than 8hrs or not? Is OT
I know the MTs that work this acct. load them from a pool. However, sm
I think that is a very good idea - batching docs and/or specialties together.  I wonder why they don't do that, and I am going to ask!  Thanks!  If you saw my post above, there are a total of 37 specialties on my list, made up of approx. 4-5 docs in each specialty, so I'm looking at learning well over 100 doctors in only 40 hrs. of training?  That's a joke. 
I work for MTSO and know the hospital acct
I work on is a big one, just do not know how many MTs that on this particular account. When you say you correct only erroneous text I am not really sure what you mean by this. I correct everything I see that is an error so can you explain further as far as erroneous. Do you read the entire report as it goes or ?
So does anyone work on the acct that DiskRiter is hiring for now? It's in Florida
I haven't needed more work - there is plenty on my acct
I did work for them and you were not even supposed to speak about an acct to anyone that worked ther
older and wiser, can you email me the name of your supervisor/acct you work on Thanks!
How was your acct at Amphion? I have a HORRIBLE acct...

I am new to Amphion and have this account that has a lot of account specifics, no automatic ADT (which means I have to search for the names, etc) which is not a problem for me, but there is one dictator who is ALWAYS awful, and I have been getting him back to back to back my first week with Amphion.  Did you find that you basically only had 1 or 2 dictators while there or did you have more?  Of course, I would not mind doing him occasionally but can't do this all day.  I will never be able to make any money, especially at the line rate that I am being paid.  I have 2 children of my own and 3 of my sister's children in my care.  I cannot afford to do this everyday and don't know what to do.  I work as an IC for another company making 9 cents a line, which is much more than Amphion, but really wanted employee status so was willing to make a little less, but I am afraid it is not going to work.  I do not want to have to find yet another company and start all over with them to only find out that they suck too.  Any suggestions?

Usuall plenty of work - demand a secondary or tertiary acct. nm
They want to know about cardiology exp, SM
since that seems to be another speciality of acute care now. Also, oncology, since they are always looking for people who are proficient in that.

What do you think is the highest paid specialty in transcription?  Cardiology perhaps?


Do you think the cardiology specialty offers more income and job stability than rad, ortho, or other specialties?

Anyone offer just cardiology! The more I do it, the
Looking for employee status.  Thanks!
i dont know if it would be the best, but i like cardiology
we need cardiology MTs at my company.
Cardiology or multispecialty? sm
The pay is very good. The cardiology platform is quite technical (Gemms)and sluggish to type in. They have other accounts where you can work in Word and they pay by the gross line. The work was easy though, including the ESLs. When I was there, the invoicing was monotonous - detailed spread sheets. They do invoicing twice a month, but are slow in mailing paychecks - I got my checks 2 to 3 weeks after turning in an invoice.
Cardiology doesn't pay more, but ...
You don't make a higher line rate - at all - doing cardiology, but I have noticed that cardio (at least studies and consults and whatnot) tends to have more templates/macros, so that's where the good stuff would come in.

I used to work for a company a few years ago - had two cardiologists (who did a lot of studies), a couple of pulmonologists (who stunk, but I didn't have to do them much), and two internal med doctors (who both had 40-line macros that rarely had to be adjusted).

My line count was consistently 550-650 an hour, and I was making 9.5 cpl.

Man, I miss that account.
Mid-Atlantic Cardiology?
Do anyone have any informantion on which MTs does Mid-Atlantic Cardiology?  Would be interested in a part-time cardiology position.
I have been typing cardiology exclusively
now for quite some time.  I would love some info as well!!! Count me in too, please.
cardiology transcription positions
here's the deal guys - we are totally slammed.  however, i don't want to overlook anyone so i am posting this reply to the board in general.  any of you who have cardiology experience and are interested in speaking with me about a position with our company - please send your resume to me directly - tonya@mediscribes.com.  alternatively, if you would rather call, you are welcome to do so within reasonable hours of the day - my number is 210-858-5867.  either myself or our recruiter will be happy to speak with you at your convenience.  hope this will help answer a bunch of questions. 
7 cpl for 5 yrs cardiology/10 yrs acute care?
They gotta be kidding.
I see MD-IT is hiring again for cardiology. I would not recommend to anyone
applying to this company. Their recruiter is very rude and she lies, lies, lies. I found their interview extremely misleading and underhanded.
New cardiology job post on job seeker's board....
anybody know what company this is?
Anyone working on the new cardiology account for Archivus out of NC?
Looking for info on platform used, percentage of ESLs, number of docs, if there are templates/headers/footers?
Any info on CTS: Cardiology Transcription Services out of NY?
sorry..that was Cardiology Transcription Servces (tired)
Not sure if they are hiring, but if you like cardiology, CardioScribes is terrific! sm

WestTran is also a good company for clinic work, although, again, I do not know if they are hiring.   Both companies are IC work.  Good luck in your search!


CardioScribes. They just do cardiology clinics, which is great for me sm

since I was the lead MT for 8-1/2 years for group of cardiologists here locally so I am quite familiar with it all.  And it is a nice break from acute care.  Of course, just because it is the perfect fit for me does not make it right for everyone.  As they always say, one man's Heaven is another man's Hell.


Not just cardiology, other things. You might be talking about a different account
Perhaps it is a different server (there are 2 for regular 1 for rad), and that is why you are not getting the information. Why not just e mail your sup to ask to be trained on something else too. I did and that is the reason why I am working. They need to know if you are willing to learn new account specs, or go to another server, probably. But the new one I am working on I am getting fine reports.
My cardiology account is actually my lowest paying.
On the Job Seeker's board, there is a cardiology account

for a company TOS.  Does anyone know what TOS stands for and who they are?? Thanks

current info on Cardiology Transcription Svc please
Eeegads! I don't mind more detailed but don't like cardiology! :( but thanks for the response
Anyone working on cardiology account for Superior Global out of TX?
Anyone working for Superior Global out of TX doing the cardiology studies?


TT new account is cardiology, procedure junk that you cant get lines on.
So, it is working for nothing practically.  Just a new account on board for TT.
VA acct w/ops 9. NM
It is probably true because it is a radiology account.

which acct
which account are you currently working on, or you would say is a bad one. Thanks
What acct
What acct do you work on? If you are on BeyondTxt T mode there is no work. I don't know how you girls who need benefits are paying for them.
Thanks for replying. The problem is I did have my own account and they decided not to pay me for over a month and because I said something about not being paid they took offense. SO what can you do. Its a win-lose situation. Now I just have to hope that the check clears!
KS Onc acct
If you are working on the KS onc acct please email me.