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Do you mean the reports come up with OR or all work or what. Need to know what you mean.

Posted By: nm on 2005-08-22
In Reply to: they are making a lot of changes.... - I guess so


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It's how many reports you sent to QA for each acct. you work on. NM
where they 35 comparable reports - or 35 short and 35 long reports? nm
I get no benefits where I work and I do 1500-1700 rad reports a pay period. sm
This is the norm, not the exception. If a rad Transcriptionist cannot do 20-25 reports an hour, they need to look at a different field.
Prior complaints of low work loads and only short reports, so struggle to get lines. How about
Typing ER reports and radiologogy reports
are completely different with regards to pay. For typing regular reports, that is a very fine line rate. For typing radiology reports, it would be horrid.
I work for the MQ, and they save reports. I don't save them.
ER Reports
Can you make a good living typing only ER reports with a national company?  Do any companies hire you just for ER reports?  Thanks.
Maybe that is why they only let you do a few reports a day but
I believe they will get them to do op reports, in which
I luv Op reports
ER reports
Was there a posting on these boards recently about doing mainly ER reports?  What was the name of the company?  I cannot find it now.  Thanks.
Are the reports
in the accounts worse than what is on the TH test when you apply?

I have had years of proofing horrid accounts. :)

My really great fear is that I won't be able to get my line count. I HAVE to get my line count. I will be leaving a job with awesome benefits, retirement, blah blah blah, but I want to come back home with my children.

Sigh. If only it were easy.

IME Reports
I need some opinions!! I may be typing some IMEs in the near future and am getting paid by the gross. Do you think that should also include the templates, or only what is actually typed??
IME reports
If I am getting paid by the gross line for these reports, do you think the line count should also include the templates? I have never done these before and some say it should, and yet that may seem unfair??

I do radiology too, but I don't near anywhere close to 200 rpts per day.  Is that all plain films minus the MRIs, CTs, etc.?

They allow you 10 reports a day, I believe.
train, which I think lasts 2 weeks.  Not 100% sure if this is still the case, but that's what they were doing at one time.  The recruiter is very nice and will answer questions like this one.  If she doesn't know, then she'll get you the answers you need.
yes they can see reports at TT
Control S, quick find, highlight a job or jobs and click statistics. 
Absolutely yes. When checking the Lanier dictation minutes, the same amount of minutes was almost double in line count as compared to H&Ps. The other reasons posted below also play a part. Otherwise, why would be have Voice Recognition anyway?
rad reports
$1.20 at some companies but the work is low so if you get a lot of work for $1.10, you will make more.
Op reports
Try TRS - Transcription Relief Services.
ER reports
I've never seen a single one!  They're probably typed offshore since they're considered easier!
As an IC, 10 yrs exp. in all but OP reports
what would you say is a good wage for a 65 CPL?  I was thinking 10 CPL, but then I've been offered two jobs now at 9 CPL.  What do you think?
I also applied and got the same response, but I must point out that these are long IME's, 4-40 pages in length, so one report could take you a while to do until you know the full format and correct way of doing it. Stop bashing people and companies until you know the full story.
So if you have to fix the reports anyway, you still
ER reports
ERs are my first transcription love.  I made a lot of money typing them and enjoyed the variety they offered.  The doctors dictate the same review of systems and physical exam repeatedly, and that's where you learn quickly to become one with your macros!  The reports are fast, unlike discharge summaries, for example, where there are frequent long pauses (i.e., a waste of your time) while the dictator lollygags and reads the entire chart while dictating.  ER doctors are accustomed to working on the fly.  If you can find an ER account, grab it!  You will love it.
ER Reports
Does anyone know of any companies who have specific ER accounts? Thanks!
Those reports
are going to be awfully hard to read without spaces.
I also have my QA reports, all of which are 100%, would YOU like to see them?
RAD reports
I totally agree.  Back in 1996 it was $1.00
I average100-120 reports a day. nm
Comparing reports
Knowing I was going on DocQscribe, I kept 10 reports from MTs and their line counts and then pasted them into DocQScribe after I had been on it for a time - compared the line counts and they were almost right on - I had to manually subtract the header information in order to make it come out, but we know that we don't get paid for headers anymore.

I know that my biggest problem is the internet - when late afternoon comes and I am pressed to get done, my line count goes way up. If anyone can figure out how to discipline themselves from "surfing" - post it here - a lot of people would be very grateful.
set hours-reports
dont'know-as our schedules weren't set in stone before. I would think that anything started before end of shift can be finished but don't quote me.
ER reports, hardly looking up any terms,
MTS platform. It is possible because I have done it. But I am now going to a whole new accout on DEP and not stupid enough to think it will continue.
Do they have a lot of ESL's and long reports?
I'll get $1.35 per report BUT its a teaching hospital and they route all the longest reports and foulest dictators to me, so heck I might as well make minimum wage anymore. Do they have non-teaching hospital radiology accounts?
Rad reports - $1.10 to start
20-25 reports an hour LOL
I don't know where you come from or who you work for, but I make VERY good $$$ as an MT rad and 20-25 reports/hr is only for short bone/chest xrays. I do many, many involved CTs, interventional, MRIs, etc - many more of these than xray. Clients are very happy with my work and have sent emails thanking me. In fact, I am a top producer on the a/c's I work on. So do not try to tell me. One a/c I work on is a very majorly large a/c with over 100 MDs with a simple system.
I just did 2 reports yesterday out of 100 who were
on the wrong patient. I could tell. VR would not be able to. Because I was able to put Discrepancy Alert on the top of a report, it may have kept the unthinkable from happening.

I am hoping these scenarios will keep the quality conscious physicians with MTs who have a heart beat.
It is below but they pay links (ie CT abd and pel = 2 reports), and
specials are paid higher.

I think the range is 1.00-1.25 for regular reports and 2.00-3.50 for specials.
you can have VERY long reports...nm
It is looking over reports done by a computer
When the computer first starts it is terrible because it does not do a good job and you are basically re-doing the report for half the money. Once the system is used to a doc you can fly through them, but you are still only getting half the money.

Not worth it to me but there are others who love it.
what kind of reports sm
$1.20 is OK for plain films, but stinks for MRIs, angios, etc. IF there's a good mix, you're OK, if mostly long reports you'll be working for peanuts. Also, if you'll be typing patient info and headers, that takes so much time. just my opinion.

I too check old reports...
for the same reasons you gave. What's the big deal and just how is it a HIPAA violation?
What Type of Reports
Just curious as what type of reports you type to do such a large volume? Wow. I guess I'm slower than I thought.
should be reports will not be verbatim...
couple of minor errors, but I am not on the clock, and I am furiously writing so I can get the point across.
I don't get the normal reports often,
but when I do get one, I discover they are set up without adding stop codes. For each jump-to-point, whoever made the normal could have hit CTRL F9, and then each time you use it, you could hit F11 to jump through the report. Why don't they use them?
You should of said you would do the reports and then went back
How much editing do you do on reports? sm
I currently work on eScription and the drafts are fantastic - meaning that on most reports I make maybe a half a dozen corrections at most. What about your system?
Can MT's access old reports?
You mean samples of the reports
when you're first starting?
psych reports
One of my main accounts has psych reports that are only transcribed by psych MTs, so I think you can get specifically hired to do just those kinds of reports, if they are hiring for that position anyway.
I really didn't like not being able to see my reports...

broken down line by line, too, but that is a totally different issue than having correct line counting.  If a company wants to rip you off, they will rip you off giving a report-by-report accounting of it or a daily accounting of it. 

I worked for a company where you had a daily accounting of individual reports on your computer but it didn't necessarily match what the company paid you for.  If your paycheck was light (and it usually was), and you found the missing report or reports after searching through the 30 or so pages for the payperiod, then you had to fax the whole thing to the office after e-mailing where the discrepency was.  After a while, that is just too much work. 

Like someone said below, I know how many lines I type in an hour.  If am posting over 300 lines doing Ctrl-I, the counter must be counting something I am not typing because I am not that fast.  It isn't like they are taking a percentage off what I am typing, they are taking a percentage off what is eventually printed on the page.  Some companies just take make the headers and footers unviewable by the MT so they're not counted in Word's utility.  It's really all the same.