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I didnt see that when I logged in. Where do you find it.

Posted By: MQNE on 2005-08-22
In Reply to: they are making a lot of changes.... - I guess so


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Okay..I think I missed the boat all the way around. Where is the "company forum." I didnt find
anything in the newsletter area except old news.
Nope, didnt forget - the went grated my nerves, the other didnt
so i didnt mention it
Stay logged in, otherwise (sm)
when work is low, and something does come in, it will go to someone who is logged in. 
I use my own computer, but when logged
into the site where I work, there are certain websites that are blocked, I think that is for their protection so viruses and the like does not get into their system.
I logged in and there are zero jobs on both. It isn't just DVI. nm
If you are logged into a system at all, they know
Trust me, been there, seen it, used it.

People were always amazed that I could pick out who was talking, saying what, being ugly, etc. I could pinpoint you down in a heartbeat.

It was easy to do. I mainly used it to control noise and to isolate those who were disrupting.

If your company is never out of work or always back-logged, can you state the name? Thx. nm
When logged into Word Client, usually in the left lower corner of your
screen is the Transnet player. Click on the More button and uncheck always on top.

Hope that helps.
Sorry that didnt work

Their PTO is good.  Lots of ESL's.  I wasn't there long enough to see about a raise, but something after 120 days they were supposed to evaluate you for it.  They always pay on time.  Platform is very easy to learn. 

I don't know about their line counting system.  I don't trust it only because several times when I would send a job I would keep getting it back several times already typed by myself.  I even got a report that was already fully typed from another person, I didn't take credit for it. Trust me, they wouldn't break or abandon a report that long it had no blanks and 1 QA marker.  I didn't think it was right. I asked the WFC and she said to abandon it.  I got that typed report back every time I would finish a job that day. So I dont know how often that happens, but I didn't like it.

Not trying to bad talk the place, everyone was very nice, nice doesn't cut it..when it comes to work, don't expect any, and don't expect anyone to get back to you about a second acount, plan on working all weekend every weekend. 

I don't know about everyone else, but when I pick a schedule, I pick it for a reason, to work it.. not to work every day and every time but that. I don't mind it here and there, but it was EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND.  Sayin how they are tired of always having the same people being team players.

They require one weekend day a week.  I wasn't able to work any other time really than the schedule I picked

Anyways.. I worked 5 hour days there and I ended up with no more than 200 lines a day.

Might be different for you, but I'm just giving you my experience.

Check out page 2 or 3 on the company board there is more talk about them there.

I didnt know SpongeBob was
But when I just googled it basically all of the sites had it spelled that way except for a few unoffical sites. Maybe she was checking research skills. I duno.  That is pretty stupid that you would be failed over something like that though.  Probably better off.
They lost a lot of us, now, didnt they?
They will realize that   doesnt cut it.
How do you know she wants a pic if you didnt apply? nothing said in ad?
Hmm, didnt see the "This is for everyone but MT
eMTS, I didnt know that!
I didnt hear that.....
I was recently offered a job with them, but it was 60 to70% ESL so i politely turned it down.
Didnt he get shot?
Not to worry. Didnt think you came up with it.
Did find a Wright Watson Sten-Tel in Austin if their site isn't old. Find 'em with Google. nm
2 days. I didnt have to call them..but if you don't
the recruiter.
noyb - I didnt notice the..

experience/no experience.  sounds even more strange! 

I would apply but I'm not radiology MT...but wait....I don't need experience....and I have a C-phone and internet.....but wait....I would have to work in Yorba Linda.  Geez...how can I decide??????  

I didnt know if they had the 9 foot pedal in USB or not. Where did you get yours.
Your right.. the 9-pin is becoming outdated and obsolete. If there is a USB one out there that works then I need to get one. Can I ask where you got yours and have you tried it on a laptop?
They didnt worry that it would be affordable for the MTs.
you gotta be kidding, lol
I didnt see that info on their website. nm
Wow..you actually even got an email about it. I didnt even get that. I dont even know what your
talking about.. Do share so I can decide if I want to be upset or not. Incentives?? who gets those.
I was thinking the same thing but didnt want to say anything LOL

LOL but a few msgs below you said you didnt know?! 6-1/2 is what I started out on.
Sorry, didnt mean to impinge your MT qualities. Do
OP did not ASK if paid spaces, SAID didnt. Re your
they did lay off- didnt outsource but laid off a lot
They bought another contract and then lost it so had new employees and not enough work to go around
Sorry, I didnt receive an email. Could you try again. nm
Do you not come on board until then? Didnt they put you on something temporarily? (sm)
Every company has their ups and downs but in my opinion, this company is worth hanging in for.

Good luck.
G.P. = guinea porcine. (Didnt think that would be
being used as G.P. (guinea porcine) she can leave to work in corporate world, Walmart, start own business, whatever. I hope you get this cause I dont know how Else I could explain it.
I do understand. I'm just saying, get used to the bad communication. I didnt stay because of it.
Best wishes for you but you know you can do better.
I didnt have the best experience with her either, but that was 2 years ago...not as flexible as you
that will change!! Trust me, I am not the ONLY one who experienced this.
Thx for explaining, otherwise it didnt make sense
I was curious, but it was rather vague, and no I didnt respond. nm
Did you read post? OP didnt ask if pay for spaces.
No I didnt see that, is there anything this country values anymore SM

and is willing to pay other than tech stuff? I know my son went to college for graphic design and he doesnt make much.

Sorry, geez I am new to the Company Board, didnt
even know what it was about until a week ago!!!
Wrong. We had our turn and didnt like it and left.
Trying to find info on Encompass on this board, can't find any recent. sm
Anyone have any current info. Any employees out there? Give me the low-down if you can! Thanks a million.
show me where I said you personally didnt not or could not type ESLs
Get your facts straight. I said a good MT can do these and should expect them in our line of work.

Why call a doctor "Crappy" because he doesnt do what you want? It is your attitude that makes MT look bad.

I never once was talking about your skills only your attitude.

Are they doing away with SE status altogether now. I didnt get my packet yet. What do they plan
to do with the SE people.
Oh Geez- i didnt read what I wrote - correction in msg

Has anyone else gotten late paychecks from Meridian in the past. 


I was up working half the night.  So please dont hound me.

Same here, I was cheering for the Giants since the Colts didnt make it...sm
that is my team. I love the Manning guys.
Thats Right its not breaking any codes to tell the hospital that you didnt get paid for the work. nm
It wouldn't surprise me that the co. didnt want to pay extra for something that helps me but coul
Ascend is advertising pay at 11 cpl. Didnt they have problems paying or is that resolved.
Inquiring minds need to know.
Axolotl- Are you eligible to retest if you didnt make it the first round?
It's embarrassing to have 15 years experience and not pass. I really feel it was a sound quality issue but that is just my opinion. I wondered if they gave second chances.
You're right -- ignorance means a person didn't know, and I didnt. Sorry. nm

Sounds Great.. I have renewed faith but I didnt really doubt they cared..
They are pretty great to work for..