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Posted By: sm on 2005-08-21
In Reply to: I heard about it from my - Long timer also

Are the levels something new,  never heard of this.  How do we know what "level" we are?  I work acute care on a teaching hospital account?  

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They also have different levels s/m
of MTs, five levels in all, I think, depending on your experience. I really don't know what the pay is for the different levels.

I quit MQ a few weeks ago, went to Webmedx. Love it. Great people, great platform, making quite a bit more than I did at MQ, with the Webmedx incentive program. Glad I made the jump!
Anyone know what Webmedx levels are? sm


Level 4 is top, does everything.

Level 3 is acute care, no op notes, etc. 

Anyone know what Webmex's are? 


Wrong on so many levels

1.  They are not in Korea. 

2.  SPi are?  What country are you from?

3.  No robots, just foreigners.

4.  No way to take back our profession because there ARE NO ethical services and/or hospitals and physicians out there. 

5.  We type Indian doctors all the time. 


Why would we have to test for higher levels when we already do them. Well, SE is much better for me
so I will be looking for SE meanwhile or IC.
TT have several levels of coverage; I took the upper tier ($500 ded., 90%). nm