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Enterprise. NM

Posted By: MsIndigo on 2008-08-04
In Reply to: What platforms give you access to old reports? - Besides Extext and Chartscript? NM


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The Enterprise side uses Enterprise. nm

As far as I know they are Enterprise
All my accounts are Enterprise, and my supe mentioned the new accounts, so I assumed these were.
I like it much better than ChartMatrix. I was asked to help out on ChartMatrix from time to time and Enterprise is easier to work with.
Enterprise Platform
Does anyone here use the Enterprise platform and if so, is it fast?  Using DocQScribe and moving to Enterprise - can anyone compare the 2?
Enterprise Slowness
Any other Webbers out there spending half or more of their time waiting on screen changes, etc.  I'm about to throw this thing out the window.  My line counts are  suffering!!  AND it is only Enterprise.  Everything else is plenty fast!
Enterprise - My accounts are in OT right now.
At Webmedx, Enterprise does this. nm
chartmatrix vs enterprise
Anybody know the difference in these 2 platforms and which is better?
Enterprise has been great for me s/m
I've never had any document disappear, and I really like Enterprise. Occasionally slow, but I have attributed that to my internet service, because when Enterprise is slow, so is everything else on my PC that is on the net. Enterprise is easy to use, IMHO.
Webmedx, Enterprise
I do Radiology on Enterprise for Webmedx and run out of work on a daily basis. I enjoy working on Enterprise, there is just not enough work. I also work on Chartmatrix, but prefer Enterprise.
I'm on the Enterprise platform
They had me use their computer. I have the family insurance, including medical, dental, and vision. I do approximately 9000 to 10,000 lines a week when work isn't slow (which isn't often on my 2 accounts) or I'm not dealing with any sick kids (this winter has been AWFUL).
yes it's Enterprise I meant
I have worked a little bit on ChartMatrix, that is not as good.
Enterprise and ChartMatrix
I only work on the Enterprise side, so I can't tell you about the ChartMatrix side. I think Enterprise is about the easiest system I have come across as far as ease of use, as long as you don't mind using your cntrl and alt keys a lot (you do not have to get headers from a drop down list). I don't know what you mean by demos, but we have normals (both physician and MT created) that we can insert by using cntrl N to pick from a list or cntrl M to enter the code. I use ShortHand with no problems on this platform. They also allow instant text, though I have never used this program, so don't know how it works.

This is not a word based program. I have worked on a lot of different platforms, and this is one of the easier ones IMHO.
Anybody worked with both Enterprise and Escription.  Which is better?
Are you on CM or Enterprise? I'm finding sm
that it makes a huge difference if you are on CM platform - they seem to have weird rules.
do you know something about the Enterprise side
that we don't, in regards to there being no work here, I mean?  really bad today.  I keep getting NSA well into afternoon and that rarely happens...
Chartmatrix or Enterprise?
Enterprise vs. Chartmatrix at WMX
my STM sent out a notice that said Chartmatrix work was going to become available if we were willing to switch to that platform and had problems running out of work on Enterprise.  before I respond I thought it might be a good idea if any chartmatrix MTs out there gave their 0.02 about the platform and the amount of work that's really available.  how do things look on your side?  tia
I worked for Webmedx for about 15 months. They pay by line and the account I worked on used RadNet but we used enterprise for the voice files. It was a lot of switching back and forth between programs though I got pretty fast with the quick keys. Actually, they couldn't count lines in Radnet so it was by minutes, now that I think about it. I had to quit the job because I spent most nights refreshing and waiting for work that never came. I just started a new job, no radiology involved but still I'm liking it much more. There was talk about going to VR with PowerScribe and I didn't look forward to that because I worked with it in the past. I have to say, I don't like editing VR at all. I can see how the docs would want to edit their own but some the VR transcribed so poorly it would be like them typing the whole thing for themselves which I could never seeing the docs doing...lol.
I like Enterprise but I have good ISP connectivity. sm
SH is okay; I'm used to it. IT will work but is not supported by the tech staff. LOTS of work, esp if you are an acute-care person. If you have crappy Internet, Webmedx is not the best place for you.
How was the platform? Enterprise sucks
big time.  E-mail said TransHealth had a good platform and they would take the best of both. 
And I work Enterprise accounts
So this whole thing is just really strange.
I know enterprise is a clunky old thing
but some people like it. It is rather slow too and hangs up at times. What's really the worst is when you click to submit your document and it disappears and you have to do it over. It was a real pain to me when I used it. On the other hand, the tech support people were very nice. I don't know anything about chartmatrix.
2 platforms, Enterprise and Chartmatrix. sm
I only use Enterprise. It is somewhat Word-based. It's quite easily to use, although it do use some improvement, like all things I suppose. It can be slow, but that doesn't happen as much as it used to. ShortHand is the expander. Hate it. You can use IT. Demos depend on the account. You generally don't have to do too much with them, at least not on my 5 accounts.

It's an okay platform, not nearly as good as DQS, but I'll take the downgrade in platform and the upgrade in company any day. Good luck to you. :)
enterprise versus escription
Anybody used both?  What is different?  Which did you like best?
Enterprise. I really think there's a huge difference
in STM expectations and management styles. I find my STM fairly unreasonable and to be completely lacking in empathy/understanding. Even though I average 19-20,000 lines a pay period and have 98.9% QA, she is unreasonable in many ways. Oh well. Wonder if I can change STMs?
I'm speaking of Enterprise and radnet

Don't know what the situation is on Chartmatrix side.  They are still scrambling to place many of us at this very moment.  We spent all last week crying and praying that this was a bad dream.  Our largest account went VR and we were supposed to edit it, and upgraded our software and hardware in order to do it.  But the joke was on us because the day it went live it appears the docs decided to edit their own work and just not send us any more.  Very nasty surprise, and not blaming Webmedx mgt for this (they surely would not have pulled the elaborate ruse of upgrading hardware and software at their own expense), it must be the client's fault.

Still, they are now desperately scrambling to find work for the 25+ MTs on this team that are now suddenly with nothing to type.  NOT the time to be bringing in more newbies, IMO!

Enterprise Access Problem?
Anyone else using AT&T having trouble logging in to Enterprise to work?  
Maybe all that work should come off CM and move to Enterprise? sm
Maybe it's better all the way around and we won't suffer like you are?
Info on D&L Typing or Molave Enterprise?
Has anyone noticed a diffence with lastest Enterprise
update?  So far I can't tell any difference, slow as ever.   I wasn't sure exactly what was supposed to be improved. 
Anyone else having trouble getting into Enterprise for Webmedx today?
Called Solution Center and they say it's a router issue, wait it out? Just wondering if others are having this problem. Thanks!
Any companies that use Enterprise platform like Webmedx? nm


Enterprise doesn't show lines

Which is a different issue entirely, IMO.  Ever since they put the counter on Enterprise, there has been the 0 from midnight to 1 am glitch.  My lines during that time ARE counted on the timeclock summary page, but they will never show on the on-screen counter.  Why?  Who knows.  Never once can they uprgrade Enterprise without a bunch of glitches, and will usually only fix them if there is a huge outcry from the MTs.  The programmers are a bunch of airheads, which has always made me nervous and unconfident our IT department (along with the dubious help I may or may not get from the help desk).  I often wonder if they have any criteria at all for hiring IT personnel, or just take anybody off the street...

I'm getting tired of hearing your refrain that Enterprise sucks. sm
It doesn't suck for everyone. There are plenty of platforms and companies out there; if you aren't happy, why don't you go find something more to your liking? I just get tired of one MT trashing a pretty good company over and over because they have an issue with 1-2 items.
Not me, not a problem at all. Enterprise has been working GREAT these days. nm
Enterprise slow even with high-speed conn--have used 4 other systems that were much better..
most supervisors okay, couple aren't, like everywhere. It's an okay company...certainly not great.
Tons of work on Enterprise. Should be last frustrating. Good luck. nm
Right, I'm Enterprise. On our side, vacations aren't the reason for 0 work.
Good luck to us all.
I would LOVE to hear opinions on Enterprise platform for Webmedx&for Shorthand.See msg.
Thanks so much!  Does anyone know if Instant Text will work with Enterprise also.  The recruiter who offered me a job was fuzzy on that.  Any webmedx employees who would like to E-mail me opinions, etc., I would deeply appreciate it
Diskriter, Webmedx (Enterprise side), Focus (maybe - haven't looked at their adds in a while).
Free enterprise. You are free to re-educate and retrain, as well!!!!
What's the complaint?!

I have a good ISP, good connectivity, but Enterprise
is just too slow.  Talked to the Solutions Center today and the issue was a third party ISP evidently.  When e-mails are sent out to multiple STMs that Enterprise is down or running slow it isn't the MTs ISP that is at issue.   I came from a platform that was so simple and so easy to get lines, but they lost the account so I didn't have a choice but to make a change.