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our un-MQ affiliated DocQscribe does

Posted By: XanaX on 2008-08-04
In Reply to: What platforms give you access to old reports? - Besides Extext and Chartscript? NM

I work for a company using DocQscribe, but are in no way associated with MQ.  We can very easily access old reports after QA and/or transmission to the hospital -- very helpful.

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Is MDI-MD affiliated with the other
MDI in Florida? It seems that one has an excellent reputation and the other not so good.
Oh know ... they're not affiliated in anyway with
You DO NOT want to be affiliated with that one! Can you say whack job?
Is TransTech affiliated with Heartland?
No, not affiliated in any way. I work for the one in FL, and they are very good. nm
Isn't their testing site affiliated with
Career Step somehow? I wonder if Focus gets something for people signing up with their school.
Not affiliated at all with Key Strokes - different company all together - www.leeperfect.com - nm
Are you or are you not affiliated with Webmedx? If so, please explain your failure to pay policy sm
as noted in one of the previous postings, for MTs who fail to meet 98% or above. That's not a Webmedx policy, is it? Please post your response here, rather than email.
Where are they rated high??? They're Indian affiliated. 'Nuff said. nm
I thought ATSI was affiliated with Zylomed..That would be strange, wouldnt it. .
I'd check on that if I were you.
Net search shows ChipSoft Infotech PVT. LTD, at least Indian affiliated, if not
Speaking of CBay, do they still have Elite Global aka Echo affiliated with them? Just wondering..nm
I can speak for AccuSTAT Wisconsin. It's not affiliated to any other AccuSTAT.
I've been with AccuSTAT Wisconsin now for 9 years and I wouldn't work anywhere else. The work is acute care (basic 4), mostly ops and ER work. The work is done thru C-phone or VXP software.

I'm not speaking from experience, but based my acceptance to a RAD account on the condition I would have the platform. Was told most accounts "except 1" are not on that there.

TRS uses DocQscribe.
I need to do 145 lph with NO spaces. It is difficult at times.
Just a hint, go to another company!
They use DocQScribe.
I love DQS but unfortunately not all companies have it. There are other easy ones too but to me DQS is the easiest.
Accuscribe out of Goose Creek, South Carolina uses DocQScribe. Tbey hire IC MT's and are wonderful to work for.
I worked on this platform a few years back for a company that has now gone under. The line counts are very very off. I believe there must be a way to make adjustments because my line count gradually dwindled down to nothing. Then I started not getting paid. Between those two things I cut out of there. Have heard the same from others about this platform. Any other opinions out there?
I have worked on this platform and did not have to fill in anything but a date...guess it depends on the company.

I love DocQscribe...very easy platform.
All I know is that they use DocQScribe. nm
It's LIKE DocQScribe but not the same sm
I have worked for both. I was struck at how similar Precyse's platform looked like DQS, but frankly it is not as good. The spellcheck is awful. Looking up docs in the ADT screen is clunky as well, as are the account specs.
not DocQScribe
I doubt it is DocQScribe slowing you down.  It's probably the pressure of the clock.
Van Belkum, Echo, Precyse, Administrative Assistants, possibly ExecuScribe.
DocQScribe also
Accuscribe in SC
DocQscribe - nm
Definitely DocQscribe - nm

No DSG does not use ASR at least not yet. Yes they use DocQScribe. nm
I don't know about DocQScribe...
in particular, but I can tell you that I have used two other types of software in on the same computer as Bayscribe in the past w/o problems. As long as one was closed while using the other I never had a conflict.

I was recently hired by DocQScribe but haven't started yet.  Is this company a good company to work for?

Thanks for any advice

I have a few specific questions about DocQScribe, but would also appreciate any additional info, good, bad, otherwise. (I have read past posts but found conflicting info and the posts were not that recent.)

1. Does the ShortHand Expander work on DocQScribe?
2. How easy is the platform to learn?
3. How easy is the platform to navigate around when you are in a report -- and are there a lot of steps to saving, sending, etc?
4. Can you look up prior patient reports?
5. Can you make your own templates?
6. How is the spellchecker?
7. Can a fast typist make good line counts?
8. Is the line count mechanism accurate?

Thanks in advance for this and any other info you can provide.
I work for MQ and DocQScribe is one of the best things about MQ.  I think it is very easy to use.  I use ShortHand with it easily.  You cannot really go back and look up out charts but that might be just with MQ.  I have used a couple of other platforms and found it more user friendly than the other ones.  I have found that most of the ADT information is automated, and I only have to read through it, which is par for the course with ADT information.
DocQScribe, SM
I have been using DocQScribe now for about four months and I love it.  I think it is very fast, very efficient and very easy to learn.  My ShortHand works fine with it, I can make my own templates, never have had any problems with it.  And my line count increased right away when I started using it.  I can look up past reports but you have to also have access to DocQRoute which some companies will allow and some will not.  Just my experience.
Yes, we use DocQScribe... sm

Most of the accounts are on the DocQScribe platform, which is by far my favorite.  However, they do have a few accounts on the TSP platform, but when they hire it is usually for the DocQScribe accounts.  I personally find I get the best lines on DocQScribe from any platform I have ever used.  Also, I like this company; I like my supervisor, I like my teammates, my pay is right and on-time and via direct deposit, and most of the time there is work.  Of course there are off periods, i.e. around holidays when things are a little low, but you will find that at any company. 


I cannot say whether or not All Type would be a good fit for you, as people are looking for different things from employers.  I can say that some of the things I have seen posted on this board about All Type recently, i.e. one post I saw about them cutting pay drastically, are completely untrue.  I have NEVER received a pay cut, and I honestly don't know where some people come up with this stuff.  They DO offshore, but they only offshore work in the evening that will lose TAT overnight... it's a TAT issue, and ALL of that work is QA'd by an American QA.  I know my supervisor personally works very hard to make sure she keeps enough work onshore to keep her MTs busy. 


Anyway, I hope this information is helpful to you, but again, it is MY experience with the company, and everyone's experience is different.  I would say it is definitely worth a shot though, especially in this economy when we need to make as much as we can make.  :D

Dictation Services Group, Administrative Assistants out of Michigan both do
MQ uses DocQscribe
Downloading DocQscribe
I had no problem doing this.
which companies use DocQscribe?

Ok...I'll admit it. I am one of the weird ones here who like DocQscribe.  I actually get a pretty good line count with it.  If this question has been asked before, sorry to re-ask.  I did a search but only came up with a few companies that I already new used this platform.  Any info is appreciated.



DocQscribe platform
Does anyone know of any companies that use the DocQScribe platform?
I know MedQuist uses DocQScribe
So might try their board.  I imagine my post will be deleted if the administrator doesn't think that's a good idea! :)
DocQscribe platform?

Is there a way to find a list of companies that use DocQScribe platforms? 

DocQscribe and Shorthand
Does ShortHand work with the DocQScribe platform?  Thanks
MTSOs who use DocQscribe
Does anyone know of any companies that use DocQScribe other than DSG and MedQuist.

They were using DocQScribe last year. Don't know about now. nm
Companies that use DocQscribe
I have searched the archives and found lots of posts on this same question. In the archives, it is listed that Intellitype uses DQS. I just called them and they do not.

I am seeking current information. Who uses DocQScribe other than DSG in Atlanta (hate it!) and Medquist?


They had a job ad for MTs...they use DocQScribe platform...
What companies use Docqscribe? sm
Are there any other companies besides Medquist who use the docuscribe format software?
I am actually getting more with Scribe than with Docqscribe...
DocQScribe Adt count
Does Apexx DocQManage daily line count include the demo and ADT info? or is it just Medquist that takes it out? I am not working for MedQuist, but this co. uses DQS.
Does any company besides MQ use DocQScribe?
I LOVE that platform and would love to work on it again, but I don't want to back back to MedQuist.  Just wondering if that platform belongs to them only or if other companies use it.