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I find it very "MT friendly"....sm

Posted By: anotherMT on 2008-08-04
In Reply to: What is Iscriptor (Word based??) and ... NM - do you find it productive?

Yes, it is Word-based....you use your own player software (I use Express Scribe) for the voice files, and you use your own Expander program. Lots of search options, by doctor, by patient, etc, to pull up old reports.  Minimal demographics to input (at least on the account I am on).  Accurate production count built-in that you can check at any time, also a great running log of your work history. I can clip right along in IScriptor - not the best I've ever used (that would be ChartNet) or the worst (Meditech), but basically no major complaints.  Good luck!

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I find it very user friendly. nm
I have to agree with "MT" below. I think you
It is your disposition that needs to be worked on.

Did find a Wright Watson Sten-Tel in Austin if their site isn't old. Find 'em with Google. nm
Trying to find info on Encompass on this board, can't find any recent. sm
Anyone have any current info. Any employees out there? Give me the low-down if you can! Thanks a million.

Can anyone please provide any info on the Emdat/Inscribe platform as far as it being MT-friendly and in terms of productivity?


It's SUPER FRIENDLY for the MT. sm
It's all pretty self-explanatory.  Spell check is fine, not sure what exactly you are asking about that....
Some friendly advice
If you can't research the answers to your questions and find them independently without help, you're not going to like Amphion.
Medium, friendly co.
They have around 100 MTs. Jenn (the owner) is above wonderful. She is the best boss I have had. They leave you alone too, but are always available to answer any questions. Platform isn't too hard to learn either, at first it seems like a lot of info to remember, but all jobs seem like that at first. Tons and tons of samples.
MT-friendly platforms
You have read my mind. I love good old Word and sound files on Express Scribe. Still looking for more clinic work. Had a great gig and lost it due to another company typing for cheaper. My former MTSO raised her rates and lost a lot of her accounts. I am with a national now and I am not liking it very much.
MediTech not MT friendly
Yes Meditech Magic and Client Server are 2 different types of programs.  We have client server.  MediTech is not a good program for transcriptionist.  Our corporate has several sites.  When staff are transcribing going from one site to the next can be cumbersome.  There are several reports for line counts but they all measure a line differently. We had to create our own report that was based on a 65 character line.  It is difficult to manage reports without accounts - prereg, etc.  They hang out there in pending until an account is available.  We are currently looking for a different transcription solution.
friendly warning
I've known 3 people who worked for them now and here's the deal.  You will constantly run out of work.  There are short periods where they will pay a premium rate for overtime, but it will not make up for what you lose due to no work in general.  Also, don't expect your paychecks to be on time.  They are mailed from Canada to one of their editors in California and she then remails them, so it never comes on time and recently people didn't get paid at all, the pay was over a week late with no real explanation.  They just don't have it together.
It is TERRIBLE and NOT MT Friendly...sm
You will NOt make any lines on that thing.
Yep. Not user friendly at all. It
requires a lot of going from keyboard to mouse and back and forth. My backup account is Mongoose and I liked it much better.
user friendly software
Is there really a user-friendly software?  Is there one that you don't have to type in demographics anymore or at least get paid for it if you do?  Is there one that is actually fast and doesn't require a lot of changing from screen to screen?  What would it be?  I am not a computer savvy person, but it seems like all this technology is taking us backwards.  Also, I don't suppose you would like to tell us which company you work for.
Yes! There really is user-friendly software out there. /sm
You have to do your research, and ask questions in regards to companies with user-friendly software. Both companies I work for use proprietary software that is Word-based. It is all internet- The IC position software- I never change screens, the jobs download in seconds, press one key and demographics fill in (for which I am paid, including headers/footers)- tab down and there's the page you start typing, One click to physician roster- everything right at your fingertips, i.e. account specifics, BOS guidelines, etc. Full-time position - only two screens (demographic) then transcription screen. Everything at fingertips, doctor roster, etc.
Is it relatively user friendly and fast? nm
Precyse a MT-friendly company?

Who works there right now and is happy or not, and why?

How is the flexibility, workflow, hardware/software, benefits, health insurance, PTO, etc. ?  TIA

Meditech is NOT transcription friendly.
You are better off working per hour than production.  Maybe KS would consider that for the ones who are not happy.  Maybe the happy Keystrokers who post here are not using Meditech.  I know from 15 years of experience that Meditech is not the program to make production lines on, and whoever can do a lot of lines with all of the pauses and lags should try typing in Word, you'd be rich!!!!!  
Meditech is not a transcription friendly
I worked on it for years.  You are better off working per hour transcribing using Meditech.  Some like it, some don't.  The spell check is not medical.  There are a lot of screens to go through before you actually get to type.  I guess once you find a rhythm you won't be donating too much time.  The F keys across the top of your keyboard are essential for maneuvering through the platform.  Also, be sure to save long reports mid report because sometimes Meditech closes out for no reason and then you could lose what you've typed.  FYI. 
that is untrue. once you get used to it, it's very user friendly
and you can move around in it just fine, look up old reports on the same patient or any other for that matter --
Friendly warning-if you reply to OP here she SM
will email you through the board.  I replied below and got one.  I don't know why replying here wasn't enough. 
Extext nor Exspeech is as MT friendly as DQS
Editing on DQS is much more profitable and MT friendly than ExSpeech, too.   IMHO
Bayscribe is not as user friendly as they say
DocQscribe much better. I agree that Bayscribe takes to much mousing, too many slots. Have to reselect report type after each report even if same worktype. Bayscribe needs some upgrading as far as functionality. Yes, it is doable but other platforms much more productive.
Right on Sista!! They are dishonest and friendly until


It is not the most MT-friendly platform, that's for sure, but if the company sm

is a good one, I wouldn't pass it up just because of Meditech.  I am using it for the first time, and after a month I no longer loathe it like I did, but I cannot honestly say it is my favorite.  It IS rather clunky and antiquated.  Fortunately, ShortHand works as an expander, so that helps, and one of the pluses of the Meditech system is the ability to access lab, medications, other reports, etc.

Good luck to you.  I am sure your trainer will have some helpful tips, or at least I hope so.

Friendly note to HR people:
I have 20 years of experience. It used to be relatively pain-free to switch jobs in this industry before everyone had Human Resources personnel... The job I just accepted did not call me for endless ridiculous interviews, all of the questions which were answered on my resume and application already. The test didn't take 6 hours. I didn't have to fill out the exact same info over and over again. When I asked a simple question via email, I received a quick simple response via email rather than having an HR person calling on the phone yet again to tie me up for another hour. I was job-shopping and comparing, so I don't have time to sit on the phone with every single one of them when all I need to know is do you hire employee status or IC, for example. You should also know that many of us have been working at home so long and are used to communicating via email & IM that we aren't really phone people anymore anyway. In short, one of the main reasons I went with this company is because the hiring process was pain-free, much like it used to be in the 'old days', so keep that in mind when you're wondering why you can't snag any new hires. Just something to think about....
Friendly note to HR people
The thing I object to in this hiring process is the 6-hour test. Many companies want you to transcribe 4-6 reports, plus an application of many pages. One company had me transcribe 2 reports, one of which was 4 pages long. The other report wasn't as long, but was really difficult to understand so I left a lot of blanks. After all this was done, they didn't get back to me to tell me how I did on my tests. She said I did fine, but if I was hired as an independent contractor, I would have to pay her $600 for her platform. Why couldn't she have put this in her job post that the job required we pay $600 for her platform. I would not have even taken the test.
Platform is user friendly. P ay is good. sm
The accounts are good for experienced MTs.

I can't say I produce more on this particular platform, but it is MT friendly. I average approximately 300 lines an hour. That is not my best, as I have done 400 lines an hour on a different platform. It all depends on the dictators.

Good luck to you. If you need flexibility, a decent line rate and don't mind being SE without benefits - go for it.

I prefer SE or IC status, so it suits me just fine.
I love MedRemote! Very user friendly.
Never used CM.
Is Chart Matrix an MT-friendly platform? How about
New MT Looking for Instant Text Friendly Company
Hi, Just graduating from the MTEC program and wanted to know which companies out there allow you to use Instant Text.  Gotten way too used to it during school and can't give it up!  TIA!
Anyone use Cquenc software? User friendly or not? Thx. nm
A lot of programs with their program. Not user friendly.
Platform is extremely user friendly! They are one of the better
companies out there. I would suggest working for them and deciding for yourself.
ChartScript is very user friendly. The only fields in the
demographics section that I need is the dictating physician's identification number.  It's a good program,with flaws like any other, but again, user friendly including very extensive, excellently written tutorial. 
yes, it is word based. And very user friendly. IMO.
MQ speech platform MUCH easier and MT friendly than TT's

Dictatphone Exspeech is just awful !!!!  You will see, I guarantee you  !!!

DQS is excellent editing platform.

Which is the most transcription friendly- iTYPE or ExText?
I totally agree. NOT user friendly.
Is TransTech platform user friendly?

Is it difficult to get lines there?



Axolotl is very friendly and family oriented BUT

I have never had an issue getting time off either scheduled or emergently due to a family/child illness or emergency. 

Axolotl is a great company to work for.  They do expect the MT to be there at their scheduled time and during their shift.  Does this mean we cannot take breaks?  NOOO

The above poster said they watch every move you make and it is not true.  I have 3 kids myself.  I have had to arrange my schedule so that my working time is MY WORKING TIME with no distractions. 

It was an example given as to maybe why the above poster had been talked to regarding her performance during her shift. 

People really have a way of blowing statements waaaayyy out of the water.

Very nice company to work for... friendly and
good QA. It is sometimes difficult to get a high line rate though. Not sure why, but maybe because headers and footers are not paid for. They do pay for spaces however. Good Luck in your decision.
First they use the Futurenet platform which is VERY user friendly.

however, there is a discrepancy in line counts.  They tend to try to use the line count that the FNET program gives.  I wrote down character count with spaces for each document and found that at the end of the day the FNET program shorted me anywhere from 50 to 75 lines per day.  The good news is you submit a line count sheet at the end of the pay period and they pay you off your sheet.  So if you keep track like I did, you won't get shorted.

My only beef with JLG was that I was hired in to do SR paid hourly and within weeks of being hired they breached their offer letter and contract and forced us all (all SR people) to go onto production, which would be fine except that the ASR program had just started and we were still teaching the engine, so you couldn't make any money on production because you were pratically transcribing the entire report. Then there was the game playing.  When we were hourly and management felt we weren't productive enough, they withheld work.  They wouldn't put any jobs in our queue for days at a time.  That didn't sit well with me.  I'm the kind of person that if you don't like something I'm doing, call me up and tell me.  Don't play passive-aggressive BS games!

I think they treat their MTs pretty well.  I just would be mindful of how some of the higher ups operate.  I think if you go in with your eyes open, you could make decent money on their platform transcribing.

Good Luck!

Do they use part-timers? Is their software friendly and accurate? Thx. nm
Has anybody ever worked in WinScribe? Is is user friendly and productive? nm
great place to work at - friendly QA - pay always on time
Medrite is very easy to learn, transcription friendly...nm
The platform is super easy and user friendly. I have never had sm
any problems getting my lines...plus!
No complaints at all. Platform is super MT friendly. Great QA department.
Very happy at Medware.
I worked at TC about 3-1/2 years back. I found everyone to be helpful and friendly. sm
The pay was pretty good and the account was easy. I just had some sound issues and got a better offer elsewhere. Does PY still work at TC? She is a great lady and I thoroughly enjoyed working with her! I'd say to anyone looking to give TC a chance! They are one of the better companied out there; small by mighty!
Does JLG have nice accounts to work on and is their platform user friendly.