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Focus offshores 80% of their work to India. And I heard they are headed

Posted By: for Bankruptcy! Fingers Crossed! on 2008-08-05
In Reply to: Focus Infomatics? - MTinTX


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OSI also has this account & definitely offshores it to India
SPI heavily offshores to India and Phillipines.
Focus offshores
Sorry to say your information is incorrect. As a matter of fact, there is a hospital that will be completely offshored by the middle of July. I had been working on it for over a year before getting this news last month.
Medware definitely offshores, so does Focus
In fact, Focus Infomatics is OWNED by an Indian company.

I have worked for them both. Be Ware.
US based company? Focus MTs US=925, India=3800.

Anirudh Baheti (an Indian) started the company and sold it to Nuance for 58 million dollars last year.

Just an FYI, Mr. Baheti also owns a company called Focus Care which is a service that recruitis Indian nurses, trains them to pass the US nursing boards, and then places them in US hospitals to work for a much lower wage than an American nurse earns.

Mr. Baheti also owns/owned a company called Focus Enterprises which deals in industrial tubes and pipes.

Tell me again how this is US based company?

I work for an all-US company and refuse to work for one that offshores. Best of luck to you. nm
Focus doesn't offshore to India, they are an Indian company
that offshores to the U.S.  They have an office front in MA, I think.  
I actually heard it was the Phillipines and not India....That came from...
Rick's mouth himself in a conversation with me
Will never work for a company who offshores
And I bet I won't have to eat my words.
Only thing Focus has in US is payroll & recruiter. All mgmt., IT & acct. operations in India. nm
Cymed offshores work and their pay isn't great.

I have 20 years' experience, can do the most difficult of ESL and they offered me 8 cpl and if I did 20,000 lines then 8.5 cpl.

Many posts in archives about TRS and how difficult it is to get lines and their formula takes a rocket scientist to figure out.  They are also looking into offshoring to Trinidad, also supported by Cymed.

Transolutions - lots of negatives in the archives, not sure I have ever seen anything positive.

Don't know about Silent Type, but read the archives.



Don't work for a service who offshores. Let them find someone else
I used to work for a company that offshores -doesn't mean I do now (sm)

Do I sense some some sour grapes here? 

I heard it was the company that bought their office in India. SPI?
Focus, focus, focus on your work. It's amazing what you can do! nm
Never heard anything good about Focus
here and I am sure if there was anything good about it we would have heard someone say so here before now. The best thing any of us can do is take the negatives to heart and steer clear of them.
Question on Focus - do they pay for every line? I heard that they only pay for so many... see msg
lines on a page.  Is this true?  Thanks!
I heard Focus was bought out by Dictaphone (Nuance) less than a year ago. So I think it would be a s
move. Nuance's website looks sturdy, and I know dictaphone is doing well, so how can a company with that kind of backing give you any kind of worry? I'd take it. Good luck whatever you decide.
Unfortunately, the country seems headed toward rich, or poor, period.
sort of like, anyone not rich has to conform to the mentality that ...we are only working for the good of everyone else.

MT is not the only profession. it seems to be eroding through our entire society like wild fire. you best not have a good opinion of your self or worth, because you will be whipped back into believing you are only lucky to have a job.

heartless. whoever is in charge of this country or in the trend is heartless. any companies that were good, and there were a few, are claiming they now need to compete with lower wages and better technology, all of which we have to suck up, not the owners.

mostly I hear women with that mentality, that martyr-type attitude. we shoud just work like dogs, expect nothing but our sweat-shop pay, keep our mouths shut, and just be glad for any scraps a company wants to throw at you.

these companies love these women...and if it was not so sad, it would almost be funny to watch some of these women now, who are not even making what they made five years ago but are losing work, benefits, and pay. maybe they are happy because, hey, after all, we probably do not even deserve that, right?
Doesn't sound very American for starters. I think you know where this is headed. nm
If you want to email me, please feel free. I am headed to the beach today through tomorrow :)
I live literally 1 block from the shore and have only been twice this year due to baseball with kids, my mother being in town for 3 weeks who does not like the beach and wants to be entertained all day long and a bout with the flu. I am going to take the rest of today and tomorrow and bake like a french fry!
Much good work going to India. Bad work left
Now most of the work is done in India.
To say the work that comes in from India is awful...

... is an understatement. I would pull some of those jobs that had beentranscribed in India and there were some that had entire sections crossed out and retyped because they were wrong (and scary wrong too - wrong medications...). The hospital I used to work for uses them and when I still worked at HealthScribe India was doing this hospitals discharge  summaries. I refuse to use that hospital because I know the transcription will be of very poor quality andI refuse to play games with my health and the health of my loves ones.


Work is going to India or some other country. nm
All of CBays work goes to India. nm
Most of their work is done in India by Indian MTs. sm
Tell your lead person you need more work and commit to it. They will work with you if you are good with a high accuracy rating.

Good luck - been there, done that, ain't going back ever!
Thank NAFTA for work going to India
AAMT cannot discriminate because of this law (I asked them years ago).  I think 50% of new MTs being from India shows their determination and pursuit of excellence; perhaps American MTs need to follow their example and compete! I challenge MTs to be the best they can, and that is at this pont determined by their ability to pass the CMT exam. Go, girls!
Exactly. India work stinks.
You are a fool to think US work won't go to India
Happened to a group of us. We had a US force and India force, and guess what, it was more cost efficient to send ALL work overseas, hence all US employees laid off. You really are naive to think they won't do that someday, but I hope you drain their pockets dry before they do.
What has sending work to India done?
We have upset the economy of India, creating an even larger rift and making the poor even poorer because we have inflated the economy in the cities and of those who have had a chance to be educated. The poor have lost even more footing.

We have lost job opportunities for our own Americans, but the companies continue charge the hospitals the same amount for transciption, however their overhead continues to drop, corporate salaries continue to increase and our rate of pay stays the same or drops.

India is a country that allows very very little importing of anything made in the US, so it is a 1 way deal for them.

The individuals from other companies do not pay taxes, so we continue to pay to support those in our country who have gone on the public roles for aid and assistance.
Wouldn't it be nicer to have some of these people working again?

Yes they do send work to India
I know because they told someone I know who is a facility that they would if they wanted their work sent over there.
go to India and work with those people sm
you support so well.
I wonder why they don't send a lot or all of their work to India? That's where a lot of work&
I *do* work at Precyse and most of the work is going to India
Wow..no coffee this morning. I meant "anyone" NOT another. Headed for the coffee pot...right n

Yes that is the company MQ uses to send work to India.
I edit the work that comes back from India. (sm)
Not sure why they did not tell you the truth. That REALLY bothers me.
Anyone know anything about Cbay out of Maryland and if all their work goes to India. Do they use any
American MTs or what is the deal.
Yep, all the work is in India now. I bet the quality is great! sm
They'll get theirs in the end. They should be ashamed of themselves. What a crappy way to tell us too. The supervisors didn't even have the balls to tell us, they made HR do it. We should file a lawsuit.
MDI-FL has India contact they supply work to. nm
Yeah..they are dishonest. They most certainly are in India. Do you really want to work for someone
that is dishonest?? not me..
Check the archives. Most work done in India, they
have office in India.  I have never seen anything good about them. 
Webmedx does NOT send work to India.
Transcend most certainly does send work to India.
And they are proud to have these partners
Plenty of work if you live in India
Correct --did NOT off-shore work to India sm
The rest of the post was **...SENT WORK TO INDIA A FEW MONTHS AGO** making it sound like MTs were laid off BECAUSE their work went to India.

If you have any familiarity with this company, you know that the none of the DRC/Acusis accounts are allowed by the clients to be typed outside of the US.

So YES, there was a lay-off, but NO it didn't have anything to do with India.

PS: Offshore and outsource are not the same thing. But you know that, too, right? ;-)
It's not just overhiring. They are sending the best work to India.
They have always sent work there but I believe they have geared up these efforts in the past six months, and the easiet work (ER). That is when I noticed there was not consistent work.  I had to move on and so will others.
No India? Most of the work goes there. I quit last August SM
could not make any money there.
Spheris sends most work to India. SM
They are most certainly NOT a company to work for, if you are a single mom.
Does Transtech send work to India? nm