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I work for Keystrokes and I love it...

Posted By: MtMommyof2 on 2009-03-12
In Reply to: Do any of you love the company you work for? - Alicia


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I would love to work for Keystrokes but
I do not have a personal computer with XP and they stated that I needed to supply my own PC with XP.  Once I find a place that I can buy XP at a reasonable price I will apply.
I work for Keystrokes and love it
Great company, good pay, great leads and plenty of work...I have been there for 2-1/2 years
I work for Keystrokes on DocQScribe and love it. sm
I find that my line count is accurate (I pulled a few reports out into word and counted that way). ShortHand works, or I would not be able to type, seriously. I type 1500 lines a day, most days, worst being 700 in the beginning and 2357 being the best. This is 8 hours. I have done more but worked longer than 8 hours those days.

The only thing I was faster on was WP5.1+ with PRD+ but maybe it was just that my fingers were younger :)
Yes -- still at Keystrokes and still love it. :-) I am just looking for extra work. sm

I have worked 2 jobs for almost all of my life, so it is almost 2nd nature.  I think you will find Keystrokes a refreshing change from MQ.  They actually care about your well being and listen to you . They do not overhire.  The benefits are pretty good.  I do not have anything bad to say about them. 

Good luck! 

exactly....all of the people that I know that work for Keystrokes are happy and love their job...
move on if it is not the right fit for you...there are plenty of other companies out there...
I love Keystrokes...been there for 3 months and couldn't ask for a better place to work...
Ditto, Keystrokes is a wonderful company with wonderful people! I love working for Keystrokes!
I am just not making enough money.  They are a great company though, just ask for a back up account.
welcome..you will love it at Keystrokes...
I LOVE Keystrokes!
I just had my second day with KS and LOVE them! In just 6 hours, I was able to do 1600 lines! I have an AWESOME ER account and all of the dictators are so easy! I hope to be there for many years to come!
LOVE Keystrokes!
While I don't type ortho for Keystrokes, I do ER, and I LOVE it. I don't have any ESLs, I always have TONS of work, make excellent money and, most importantly, I am treated like an actual human rather than just some number or just another employee. My lead MT is the best and is always extremely helpful. I also received a welcome card in the mail from the office when I first started. They actually go out of their way to show their MTs that they do care. They are by far the best out there.
Love Keystrokes too
I've been with KS for a little over a month now and love it. I plan on being there for many years to come. I was also offered a job with TT before I went to KS, but was told that the account was over 75% ESL. I have no ESLs on my account with KS :)
Love Keystrokes
I have been there for a month now and love it. My manager is super friendly and helpful, and I always have tons of work. I am on an ER account and I did not have to purchase any equipment. They provided with a Transnet foot pedal, which was all that I needed. My account is awesome and my pay checks have almost doubled since I left my old company (SPI/CyMed) and started working for Keystrokes. I'm sure that they are not a perfect fit for every MT, but I am extremely happy there and hope to be there for many years.
Love Keystrokes
I have never worked for Zylomed, but I do work for Keystrokes and I love it. I have an excellent account and an awesome lead MT. They always pay on time (direct deposit), and I have also found them to be very flexible. The best part is that they do not outsource at all and keep all work in the US. I would recommend them to any MT.
Definitely not Keystrokes! Love it there!
Love Keystrokes
Been there nearly a year now, and I have had nothing but a great experience there. I would recommend them to anyone.
Welcome to Keystrokes...you both will love it!!!
I have been here over a year and I love it...couldn't ask for a better company to work for...
I was hired by the CEO and love my job at Keystrokes. sm
I agree with the lead person in that there is more here than you are telling. Did you not like the account? Did you not have the proper equipment, phone lines, etc? Did you send in your paperwork? Did IS set you up? If so, you were not forgotten by the CEO. After she hired me, I talked to Becky for paperwork, Val for my account and Paul for IS. I have never spoken to Lee again but I am glad that she hired me in the first place. Did you need her to hold your hand? Do you have problems with other companies too?
I have been with Keystrokes for a year now and I love it...
I love my account...my leads are helpful and I have as much work as I want...best move I ever made was coming to work for Keystrokes...Good luck!!!
I love Keystrokes..would recommend them to anyone...
Good luck with your decision...
I have been with Keystrokes for over a year and love it...
Keystrokes is a good one...I love it there...
and only employee positions...
I love working for Keystrokes...
I can't answer the second part of your question because I have been with them for 2 years...but I know they are a stable company and I finally found the perfect fit for me...good luck!!!
I have been at Keystrokes for 2 years and I love it...
I have never experienced or heard of anything such as the OP is claiming...all I know is that Keystrokes is a great place to work for and you were unhappy there let it go and move on...I truly hope you found a better fit for you...and to those that do not like working for Keystrokes, find another job...
Been at Keystrokes for 2-1/2 years and LOVE it!
I have also been at Keystrokes 2-1/2 years and love it...
Great company.
I had to test for Keystrokes...have been there for 3 months...love it...
Can't speak about Webmedex, but I love keystrokes.. sm
Best company by far that I have ever worked for. Steady work, good line counts, good specs, fair QA, on-time pay.
Keystrokes love fest question
It used to be (a couple of years ago) that anytime Keystrokes was on here it was all negative responses and no one had anything good to say.  Now it is a continual gush of admiration.  What changed?  Just curious.
Try applying to Keystrokes...I do ortho for them and I love it...
I feel the same way!!! I love Keystrokes...I have finally found my fit....
I type Ortho and absolutely love it!!!
I am not management...I just happen to love working for Keystrokes...
sorry you had such a bad experience but doesn't mean that Keystrokes is bad...just in your opinion...
I agree with Denise...I have also only been at Keystrokes for a shor time but I love it...it already

beats the company I was with before, and I was with them for a year-and-a-half...I can see if someone wanted an opinion about a company and you had a bad experience to share, but not just to get on here and say how horrible a company is...move on and good luck....

That's good news. I love Keystrokes, and I hate to think of them selling. sm
The people are great, and I truly feel that I have finally found a home.  Still, business is business.  I have a friend who has been with Transcend for years and is very happy there, but I want no part of it.  I plan on working until I'm 70, so I'm crossing my fingers that the bottom does fall out for me before then. 
Not only that, but I would MUCH rather work for Keystrokes than Spheris as Keystrokes doesn't

I'll love to know who you work for. I also work every weekend with no extra pay.
It'd be nice to get paid for all the nights and weekends I work.
Love, love, love TransTech! Not overhiring, just growing like crazy!
I feel the same way...I love working for Keystrokes and feel blessed that I have such a wonderful jo
I know two people who work 3rd shift for Keystrokes on radiology and have a lot of work. Maybe you
on an account that has enough work. I hate to hear that someone doesn't have enough work or that they have a problem because I know that Keystrokes works to find the right account for every person. They do a lot for us but you have to talk to them until you find the right account or volume or hours for you.

I think that a lot of companies are that way but there is a lot of job-hopping in transcription. Everyone is looking for the perfect job but the grass is not always greener on the other side. There are a few MTSO's really are not good but for the most part, the others don't intentionally drive people away. That would not make sense. They need us to work as much as we need them to have the work there for us.

Spheris has work and they would love to have you work
I would love to work for DRC (sm)
but their family insurance coverage is over $900 per month! I can't afford to pay half of my salary for insurance. I wish they had a cheaper insurance plan.
I LOVE it this way! I get my work at 6 am and have
until 6 am the next day to return it completed. I love it! It's the greatest thing in the world. Some days, I type all morning and I'm done by noon, some days I have things to do so I type in the evening - works out great, AND, I get paid much higher doing it this way!
I work for them...love it!
I work for DSG..love it there.

I'm not an editor, but the staff, editors and MTs are great to work with.  I am happy there. 



I work there and love it
I have been an SPI/CyMed employee for a year now and I love it there. The platform that they use is called Chartnet and it is sooooo easy to use. I have a great account that I have been on for the entire year that I have been there and I love it. I make excellent money there. My manager is very friendly and helpful. They do also have benefits, but I don't know too much about them since I have never needed to get them.
I work for them and love them.
Great place to work.
love VR work
Try Precyse Solutions. I work for them and do VR and absolutely love it. Have done it for quite awhile and feel I am more productive than straight typing. Also gives hands a break. Their platform rm is wonderful as well. Good luck!
I work for WMX, love it ...
Granted, I've only been there for a few weeks, but so far I love it.  The people are absolutely great, the platform is easy, and I really like the 12-hour window to get my work done in.  My primary is 30-50% ESL, but I'm finding out that it's actually much less than that, unless I'm really getting lucky, which is always a possibility.  It seems like overall it would balance out, though, to get my fair share of it.  I don't have any complaints at all about WMX.  Love their incentive tier platform, also.  You get paid incentive on ALL work done, not just work done ABOVE the incentive base. 
I would LOVE to work at FN!

I am from South Carolina and know the new account they are obtaining very well.  I have called, tested (they emailed me back and said I passed) and emailed and have not heard anything.  This would be a dream account for me as I have worked for many of the doctors on this account in the past.  Any advice? 

would love to go to work..sm
I would love to go to work for this company.  I put in my resume, but haven't heard anything.  Do you know how long it takes for them to respond?
I love where I work.
Medium size I guess, lots of work, pay on time, flexible hours. Love it!
I work for TRS and I love it.
I've been there 5 months now, and the only way I could be happier is if my old boss hadn't shut down his practice so that I had to find a new job....

After all the horror stories I've read here and elsewhere about other companies (some of which also offered me jobs) I consider myself very, very lucky in my choice of jobs. They've kept every single promise they made when they recruited me, and the only times we've run out of work have been on major holidays.

E-mail me at crankybeach at yahoo dot com if you have specific questions, or want to know more. :)