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Agree...I work for MDI-MD and Landmark...

Posted By: WestCoastMT on 2009-03-10
In Reply to: The company I love - fatcat

And I rate them neck and neck as far as being a pleasure to work for, for pretty much all of the reasons you've already listed. I love the way Landmark has your QA liason right there on IM in case you need assistance, too.

Both superlative companies. I'd hate to ever have to make a choice between the two, lol!

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I did some overflow work for Landmark.. they are wonderful to work for.. very nice people.. pay was
Anybody work on EDs for Landmark? (sm)

Can you share whether you are productive on the platform, have enough work, etc?   Thank you!  Confidential emails appreciated. 

I also work for Landmark
On a permanent clinic account.  There is sometimes work on Saturdays, rarely any on Sundays, but if there was work on Sunday that would mean we were a bit behind.  The work is plentiful during the week, so I really like being off on the weekends anyway.
Did it not work out with Landmark?
I thought you started with Landmark a couple of weeks ago? Did that not work out, or am I confusing you with another poster with similar name?

Anyway, congrats :-)
Landmark Transcription/no work
This company really has nerve. They've posted a job ad, but they have not had work for their current MTs for weeks now. They lost a bunch of accounts, tried to shuffle their MTs to the accounts that were left, but there just is not enough work to go around. So, why post an ad when there are MTs without enough work every day of the week?
Does anyone work for Landmark Transcription by any change. Can you email me your opinion of them.
Thank you.
I so wholeheartedly agree with you. Don't work for KS but work for SS - another company bashed
Works GREAT for me and I love SS. I never really care what the negatives are as I have found they are usually people that can't make their lines, don't work the hours they commit to or just overall do not care!
Agree. I have said this before --- y'all whine about no work but when there's a ton of work
do you?  Just wondering.  I find this perceived hostility completely out of character for TT. 
I agree no work
And when you ask if our work is being offshored too along with Transcends (since they were sold to them) we are told definitely not but with three accounts in three different states sending in one third of the lines they used to I don't believe it.
I work for them and agree with you!! SM

I haven't had enough work to meet my quota for the past 3 weeks and going on 4 weeks now.  Oh but you must meet your quota!  Ya right!  They hired new MTs about a month ago and as usual they overhired.  I am looking elsewhere now.  Tired of them starving their hardworking MTs.

I agree with you. Not out of work here.

I can count on one hand how many hours I've been out of work and even when it is slow, it doesn't bother me much because I know it's going to be a backlog a day or two after that. I just keep my email open at all times and check it often to make sure things are okay for me to do other things.

Since I started at TT, I haven't had much time off at all so I look forward to those few-and-far between times to see what I've been missing even though it may hurt my pocketbook. I've always been willing to work extra, even on my days off, to help keep the account in TAT, but some people refuse to work extra hours or days because it cuts into their social life. I don't get it. You either want to work and make some $$ or you don't.

I plan my days around my work hours. No appointments made during work hours, no time off unless I'm scheduled, no going anywhere during those hours unless it's an emergency.

It's not TT's fault. It's some of the people working there that is causing all this upheaval, and if I were TT management, a few might be out the door. Too bad they don't sign their real name.

Agree, but you should add most work is going
I agree, no pay then no work... that's the way it goes sm
It's just terrible for the morale of the crew, who by the way were doing a fantastic job. Now everyone is depressed and worried as they still have not been paid.

I agree with the OP and I work for TT sm
I have it so good in so many ways. I have never had a paycheck where I *only* made their base rate, I always have some sort of bonus. I show up every day I am to work. I am a terrible diddler and I take breaks A LOT. I probably spend a whole 5 hours of my 8 actually typing. I get over the minimum always and as I said, I get bonuses. I never get scolded or reprimanded and my work is top notch, by anyone's standards, not just TT.

Working more time or going after a certain line count on my own time is allowed. I can work as much as I like, provided I am there for my shifts, and I am. I feel very grateful to have a job and I don't feel that I should be paid over time when it is ALWAYS my own choice! I don't believe that TT encourages over time in any way. They DO encourage MTs to meet their contractual agreements AS THEY SHOULD.

Agree. Waiting for work right now.
Not enough work to go around right now, totally agree.nm
I agree - the company I work for is doing the same
I wanted to sit down and cry. It was awful and SO BORING!!!! If you find anyone, let me know. This is awful.
Because they know some dummy will agree to work for it. nm
I currently work at Amphion and would have to agree...
with what was said about the demographic information.  I have been there for a few months--looking again---, and I find that the demographic information required is overwhelming after a while.  I usually can do AT LEAST 250 and even 300 lines per hour, but with this company, I have only been able to get to 180-200 lph no matter how hard I try.  They do have a lot of residents also.  As far as being flexible--not really for me.  I also think the pay scale is a bit low--not even 8 cents per line. 
Agree - TT of Texas is the one I work for.
I work there and totally agree with you. nm
I agree...no work at $20/line would be bad
KS seems to want to make sure you have plenty
I agree, FN work has dried up and went bye bye. sm
I am going bye bye, as well.  Can't stick around and wait anymore. 
I agree and I don't think I can run out of work, not with 4 accounts I don't! nmn
I'm not sure I agree, more work available in the afternoons but more MTs trying to get it, so we
out too, or bounce around on different accounts.  I run out in the evenings, too.  Hopefully, this is just a phase and will be back to overflowing again soon.
I work on Editor to. I agree with everything you said 100%
That was a great post and everything I would have said in a nutshell! Glad VR is working out for you as it is for me. Love Editor. Love VR on it. One thing tho....I do not do 500 lph. Yikes! More like 300 lph but I don't get paid 4 cpl, I get paid 6.5. Keep up the great work!!
Agree, lol. I dont even work there & I can tell
I agree - Amphion's the best company to work for
I agree with MTer. I, too, work for CyMed.
Extremely MINIMAL micromanagement style.  If you stick to your schedule (with a little flexibility) and are accurate, I think you would find Cymed to be a good company for you.  It has been for me so far.  Good luck!
I agree, no Indians work for this place.

I have to agree -- truly a great place to work. sm

There is always a learning curve anywhere, of course, but wiithin just a short time, my production was the same with TT as anywhere else.  The benefits are pretty good, insurance affordable, and as an added bonus, the people there truly care about their employees.   After 30+ years of transcribing, I feel like I finally found my home.

Totally agree with above. The work just flows better. nm
I totally agree with that. Why schmooze if the work is low,
work types are not spread evenly, lines are not counted on the up and up and e mails are not answered. I say address the issues, instead of spending time on here with the PR. IMHO.
Agree! Been around a long time, and the work I see SM
coming in from overseas (in general,any foreign country)needs extensive editing. The medical terminology is not so much the issue, but rather the poor grasp of our language. The reports produced from my experience are quite an embarrassment to those in this profession who have worked very hard over the years. I can decipher a report typed by an ILP vs. an American MT the second I look at it. I have quit editing and refuse to edit reports typed by overseas MTs in the future. I decided that I will not be an enabler to fix the mess that comes in so a company can come out smelling like a rose. Give the work to those of us who have the years of experience and education in MT at a fair wage, and in the long run it will be cheaper, with little to no editing would be necessary. Hello? It does not take a rocket scientist to figure this out. I know, it never will be like the good old days, but we can only hope that some form of restriction will be implemented to keep companies from outsourcing our citizens' personal medical information overseas. We can only hope!
I agree...I work Tues-Sat and I have a life...
maybe the OP isn't that good at balancing hers that's all...I don't miss any of my childrens' activities and I also do not miss deadlines either...
I agree, plus this affects people who don't work for
the state of the transcription industry. 
Agree with you. If poster has steady work, that's
I agree. In a normal work environment, not only
would we be making more money, but they'd be supplying our electricity, internet, computers, headphones, etc. MTSOs are raking in the bucks while we're struggling to just barely get by, and then they want to whine about how big their profit margin is! Puhleeze! Get rid of some of your assistants, HR personnel, and mid-management if you want to increase your profit. Don't take it out on the MTs who are actually earning you money at their own expense!
Agree. Child at work. Run along, little Initial Capser. nm
I agree. Acute care weekend work is different.
Acute care usually hires employees, pretty much, from what I can tell.  They'll need coverage for weekends.  If an IC or employee stipulates no weekends, and they are hired with that in mind, then why send work their way?  This is the fault of the employer or client sending the work, not at all the MT.  I kind of get tired of hearing how people get abused in this profession simply because they want a day off.  We need days off just like everyone else, and someone who particularly wants to work those days will surely cover if there is an urgent report to be typed, but THIS PAYS MUCH MORE!  STAT reports and weekend coverage should pay primo rate, in my opinion, and none of these MTSO's I have seen, so far, has come even close to the compensation I would look for to be at their beck and call.  Enough said, I guess.  
I would agree. Another case for sending work overseas (sm)
Those MTs work their schedules. Ask any MTSO or management of a national transcription company, and you'll find out it's like pulling teeth to get MTs with good work ethic to actually work the hours they are contracted to work. This is another reason that overseas transcription is used.

You may not believe me, but this *is* a growing trend in the MT industry. MTs that are both skilled and have a good work ethic are a rare find. I don't understand why - perhaps it is so many new MTs expecting working at home to be a walk in the park. I've definitely seen a downward spiral in the past 10 years.
Agree. Had to leave. Loved it there but no work and no benefits.
I agree with ChiaPet- I work for a big National that advertised
Sun-Thursday or Tuesday through Saturday. I told them I would prefer M-F, because Saturday and Sundays are my time. They found an account that accommodated my wishes. I also might add that it is day shift. You have the choice. Yes, they would prefer everyone work that shift, but I promise you there are enough of us that those that love weekend work can do the weekend work, and those that like our weekends can have our weekends off.
I wonder what the quality of the work is like adding all those people to accounts. I agree. They
will lose accounts this way and MTs will move on. No one is going to sit around and make no money and then have QA breathing down your neck when you are thrown into all these accounts. So no one listens in New York. What is the problem with them.
I agree they have WAY over hired, but I am required to work my schedule..you got it made then!

The same here! I agree. They are a great company but the lack of work drove me away.

I have to agree. My MTSO has had a lot of days recently of slow to no work but there is no way I'
jump from the frying pan into the fire. I can't afford to take a chance. Thanks for sharing your situation.
I totally agree MT30 is an MTSO and a bad one probably... one that makes you work sm
for pennies and on Christmas and every weekend even if your kid has a soccer game.
Have to agree. Scratching for work at times. Don't want to share with any more new hires if I d
Sorry if that sounds selfish, but I don't think new hires want to come on board and find the pickings are slim right now either.
What kind of transcription equipment does Landmark use?
Landmark -sm

Just a warning.  If anyone takes a job with this company and decides to leave, you probably will not get paid.  My phone calls and e-mails have been ignored and I am getting really angry.  I worked for 2 days and hated their system of looking up physicians, leafing through pages and pages of physicians by hand.  So, I decided not to stay with them, sent my equipment back immediately and have not been paid.  Anyone know if there is anything else I can do, besides hounding them?