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Yes, Landmark in PA (nm)

Posted By: WestCoastMT on 2009-03-12
In Reply to: to westcoastmt - mtmt29


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What kind of transcription equipment does Landmark use?
Landmark -sm

Just a warning.  If anyone takes a job with this company and decides to leave, you probably will not get paid.  My phone calls and e-mails have been ignored and I am getting really angry.  I worked for 2 days and hated their system of looking up physicians, leafing through pages and pages of physicians by hand.  So, I decided not to stay with them, sent my equipment back immediately and have not been paid.  Anyone know if there is anything else I can do, besides hounding them?


Does anyone out there know anything about Landmark Transcription? How are they?
Don't go to Landmark
I don't know about Lee Perfect or Keystrokes, but I do know about Landmark. They hired several of us as full time with benefits, then took away our benefits and switched us to IC status! (That's when most of us quit.) There was NEVER enough work. I was lucky to get 10-15 hours of work in my 40-hour week. They're notorious for overhiring. They're sweet and pleasant, but that doesn't pay the bills. I wouldn't recommend them to anyone.
I don't know anyone who has had enough work at Landmark.  Ever.  This goes for MTs and QA.  They purposely overhire.  Yes, the accounts and platform are great, but there is never enough work.  There is a HUGE turnover at Landmark because of this. 
To the Landmark ER MTs out there

I am considering a position with them, but I don't want to make the wrong decision.  I am concerned about the work load specifically on the ER accounts.  If you have experience one way or the other about this, could you please email me privately. Thanks for your time.

I've only been with Landmark for about 2 weeks now but haven't run out of work yet.  So far I'm really liking it, everyone seems really friendly and helpful.

1.  You'll be hired full time as an employee with benefits and then suddenly, without notice, be switched to contractor status with NO benefits.

2.  You'll be promised full time work, but you'll be lucky to have enough work for 20 hours a week. 

3.  Your emails and phone calls to the office will go unanswered and when they DO answer, they will tell you to be patient and wait just a couple more months and there will be lots of work.  They lie constantly. 

I would run as fast I could from Landmark.  In fact, that's what I did when I realized all the lies they were telling me. 

Message to D:  Got your email at my personal address.  Don't want to write from there, as don't want Landmark to know who I am.  Anyway, yes, if you want to be an IC and only want 15 hours a week, then Landmark is perfect for you.  My account there was wonderful; I miss that account, but needed more work so switched companies.  You'll be fine. 

anyone work there applied there or have any comment TIA



My friend works for Landmark - started on acute care and was then moved to an oncology account at her request.  She is quite happy.  They called me to come to work for them, but I was in the middle of a medical emergency with my son (he was in an accident) and could not take the stress of caring for him and learning a new account.  That's not to say that I won't contact them in the future - the timing was just not right for me at the time. 
Landmark ????
All transcriptionists who are, or have worked at Landmark, would you please either e-mail me or post here telling me what you think of working for this company... pros, cons, average cpl rate.  They have an ad for an oncology job that I am thinking of applying for and would like to hear all the good, bad, and ugly regarding this company.  Thanks for your input!
Landmark pay...


Has anyone gotten their paycheck yet?  They said noon, but mine ain't there...

I just recently started for them. I work part time. So far, I have had nothing but good to say about them but as I have just started, I am not feeble-minded enough to know that things can and will go wrong. I will deal with it as it comes up. As for Bayscrib, it is a lot better than the other account I work for who shall remain nameless. I hate their platform.
Landmark is a very enjoyable company to work for. The people are very pleasant, helpful, and they really do care about their transcriptionists. Pay is always on time as well. Overall, a very wonderful company to work for.
Being Nice doesn't pay the bills. Yes, the direct deposit is always on time. Tech support is good. QA/supervisors are helpful and supportive. There has often been a problem in the past with lack of work on some accounts. They have previously lost numerous accounts. Now, they have lost enough accounts in a one week period to create an income problem for 40-50% of their MTs. Do you have a solution for those MTs who won't make enough lines to pay their bills or feed their children?
I don't quite understand why you would chose to bash me because I chose to say that I enjoy working for Landmark. Let me clarify one thing, I am also an MT who has kids to feed and bills to pay and I also lost my account with Landmark when Landmark lost a bunch of theirs.

I know that it doesn't change the fact that we all have bills to pay and families to take care of. I choose not to blame Landmark for the fact that they lost accounts because they have treated me so well during the time that I was working for them. Losing an account can happen to anyone and trust me it isn't just Landmark.

Should they have work where I am needed again, I wouldn't hesitate to go back to work for them because they really do value their employees and have treated me with complete respect during the time that I have worked for them.

Hard times are everywhere and unfortunately it hit Landmark. Hopefully, in time, they will rebound and all those that lost work/accounts will be back to work soon should they choose to go back.
Like MJ, I, too, am very satisfied with Landmark and plan to stay with them.  Please remember that all companies, big or small, lose and gain accounts all the time.  It is all part of the MT business.  We have to be able to roll with the punches.   I value this company for its honesty, integrity, for the professionalism of its QA staff and for its excellent tech support.  In short, it is an excellent company.    It does not offshore.  It operates from a position of honesty and integrity.   This is an issue that should be of vital concern to every American MT who values his or her job in this profession.  The temporary slowdown in work is just that, temporary.   I am very satisfied here, as are many people I know.   I plan to stay and give Landmark my full support.
I would have to respectfully and politely disagree with another MT. The accounts I have worked on at Landmark have not been bottom of the barrel accounts at all. They have been very straightforward, clear, good, acute care accounts which, incidentally, had fewer ESLs that the previous company I worked for.
I love this company but I have been off work for a couple of days sick. Can someone clue me in and put the initials of the hospitals that they lost accounts on.  I was offered another job and I may just take it if there is no work for me to go back to tonight.  I love the people, the tech support, the work was easy as pie, the platforms were easy.  It will be a shame if I have to leave them.  I have over 30+ years experience.  Maybe they were too lenient with their MTs.  I still care about these people. I have never had a problem at all.
MDI-MD or Landmark?
I am looking for a company that uses Bayscribe and I know that both of these companies do.  Has anybody gone to work for MDI-MD or Landmark who can tell me what there is to know about either company, good, bad, etc.?  If you had your choice, which one would you choose and why?  TIA.
Landmark vs. MDI
I was told that Landmark does pay for spaces. Are you free to share what has not gone well with MDI for the folks you know? Why are the others struggling? I need to avoid a situation of not enough work--that is what I am trying to get out of. (I am head of my household and need a stable income.) If you are more comfortable sending info in a PM, that would be great. Thank you.
I worked for Landmark for almost a year. They really don't care about their transcriptionists at all. They usually get big accounts, hire like crazy, then after a few months said accounts go to VR, and if you don't want to do VR, you're out of a job. They don't have a lot of accounts, so moving to another one was not feasible.
How was QA with Landmark?
Was it difficult getting off full review when you started? Just curious.
Landmark QA
My friend who recommended Landmark says they have the best and also the kindest QA person in the whole world. My concern would be having enough work. (I have a little boy to support.)
The supervisor/QA person is awesome. There absolutely is not enough work to go around! This company has mostly slush accounts or subcontracts from other services for work. They have lost a lot of accounts in the recent past. Some of the accounts that are left are truly lousy work, not that there are many accounts. You should NOT consider this company for full time work, possibly not even for much part time work. Some accounts have no work available weekends or evenings.

This is just not true.  With the exception of a low period in April, Landmark has consistently had an abundance of work and I have been able to meet my line counts and beyond every single day.  I can see why they need to hire, to fill in scheduling gaps.  Who are you to question the hiring practices of your employer anyway?

I am a very happy camper working for Landmark. What happened with Landmark could happen to any other company as well. I consider myself very lucky to have been hired by them. They appreciate those that work for them and are very happy to help when you need them. They pay ON TIME as well. Communication is top notch with Landmark.
I worked on that account for a while at Landmark. It is probably the most difficult oncology account I have ever worked on, and I do have 7-1/2 years onc experience. They do not pay enough for that account...they need to pay more because of its difficulty!
Do you really want to work for a company who lost so many accounts at one time? Then a huge number of MTs and QA people had no work, so they also left because they could not make a decent paycheck? This was not a one week slow down, it went on for months.
I work for Landmark and only once did I run out of work. I love this company tremendously. They are the best as far as I am concerned. They give me no hassles. They listen to me when I talk and give me as much leeway as possible. Love 'em.
They have overflow account, not full service accounts. Not a place to work full time and be able to make a living. Nice people does not pay the bills.

Owners are nice; family people.  Only one person for QA, but she is the absolute best, very kind.  The only problem is low work more often than I would like.  Work flow will go fine for a while and then gets very low.  I was told this would only be an issue around the holidays but it seems to happen more often than that.  If you don't have to have a full paycheck absolutely all the time, you'll love it.  I'm not saying a smaller check 50% of the time but probably 30% of the time.  They do have medical and dental benefits for full-timers (10,000 lines a pay period) which are comparable to most other companies.  My honest opinion is great people, but I would like to have a more consistent workflow. 

I applied there once.  You cannot get benefits unless you live in Pennsylvania, and the guy who owns the company seemed a little weird to me, so I declined employment.  Sorry, that is all I know. 
Landmark in PA
I don't know who this Jean person is, but nobody at Landmark is weird at all. I believe you can choose to be an IC or an employee with this company, but not sure that they offer benefits. It's the difference of who pays the taxes.

They pay on time. Their line counts are accurate or if there is ever a discrepancy, they make it right immediately. The issue has always been that they subcontract for most of their work and they do overflow accounts, not full service accounts. Hence, they do not have steady work. Many of their accounts do not have work on the weekends, nor mornings. Some accounts are busy, then slow down for no apparent reason. They lose accounts, they gain them back. In my opinion, it's not a place to work full time. They are all nice people, they have good intentions. It does not make for a steady paycheck and can be very frustrating. They use more than one platform. The lead QA and trainer is very accommodating and helpful.

The issue with this company has always been lack of enough work, lack of steady work, not the people.
I'm just an MT.  I never said I worked for these people.  It was just my personal opinion that the guy was a little weird to talk to, and Landmark did not sound like a place I would want to work, so you don't have to get all huffy about it.  I think MTStars is to express one's opinion, and that is only what it was. 'They could be wonderful people, but that won't pay by bills.  I am already working for a place with wonderful people, but the pay sucks and the lack of work is making me look for yet another job, BUT GEE, THE PEOPLE ARE JUST WONDERFUL TO WORK FOR BUT A DECENT PAYCHECK WOULD BE MUCH MORE WONDERFUL.   
This is not a stable company in regards to workload. Never enough work to go around. They lose accounts right and left. They hire often because transcriptionists can't pay their bills when they go for weeks without enough work to make a decent check. This company subcontracts from other companies for their work. For some reason, they do not have many contracts. They do limited work types for each account. Work does not come in to the pools or system at a steady flow, it is really hit or miss, all depends on the account because they get the leftover work.
Did you read ALL the archives on this company? Their biggest problem is that they never have enough work to go around. Good platform, nice QA person, pay on time. Who cares if there is no work?
I would not go to a different company again unless they fire me. I love these people and NO I have not run out of work. In fact, sometimes we have too much work. I have 30+ years experience and have worked for the biggest but this company is the BEST!
First of all, I work for Landmark and love them, but the work comes and goes very sporadically at times.  What I would like to know is what can an MT with over 14 years experience hope to make per line with MDI starting out doing straight transcription?  And if any of you who have started to work for MDI lately could please tell me if they hired you to do straight transcription as opposed to VR?  I have an interview with MDI in a couple of days and am just curious as to what they might offer me.  I've read all the posts on here, but would like some specific information if anyone would be kind enough to share!  Thanks in advance!!
MDI vs Landmark
No, they have entirely different ownership. They are VERY similar in their practices as far as recruitment, etc., but I find Landmark to be a little more low-key (you can have their QA person on your IM if you have any questions; not to be confused with micromanaging because you never even know she's there unless you need her for something).

Just similar companies, not to the best of my knowledge affiliated in any way except being great to work with.

Landmark has always had a lot of accounts that they were doing overflow work for. Hence, they do not do all the work types. Hence, the work is sporadic. Don't count on a steady paycheck if you are trying to work full time. Most of their accounts have minimal work on the weekends. They have gone through lengthy periods of time where there was minimal work for weeks on end. Take note of the accounts that come and go.
Current info. Acute care accounts. Landmark subcontracts from other companies for most of their accounts and/or they share the work work with other services. They do not have full service accounts. They do not transcribe ALL work types for the acute care accounts. This is why the work load fluctates. Acute care accounts should have work every day of the week and NOT be slow on the weekends. Some MTs actually prefer to work weekends. Not everyone works day shift, either.
I worked with landmark for only a few months and I was helping out when they were given too much work doing market research interviews for a fortune 100 pharmaceutical company. They liked my work but they don't have a position currently open for my job qualifications because I only have about 5 days of radiology experience...their only job opening. I would have no problem waiting for Landmark to have an opening...I really enjoyed working with them...but I really need a job now!
Yes, when I did work for them it was market research interviews that I transcribed for a fortune 100 pharmaceutical company. They are currently hiring for radiology and expect to hire more acute care for the summer. I was trying to find part time and per diem enough to ride it out until they could hire me for full time acute care...but things are tighter - money wise - than expected so I need something sooner than that.
it is Landmark! You probably sm
figured that out alraedy. I know a lot of people like it and I researched and thought it would be fine. But these people are so disorganized! I can see where they could have a good thing going if they werent so disorganized. They had plenty of work, at least for right now. I had to buy a Dictaphone pedal because my USB wouldn't work so I had to put that money into it. They explain nothing.

That's ok I have a job to start where they actually TRAIN you for a couple of weeks and instructions and everything you need are sent to you to print out if you choose.

In Landmark's favor, the person who I spoke with and did most of my dealings with was very nice, but it seemed to me when it got right down to working, she wasn't too keen on answering questions or giving help.
I have no idea what the problem is with Landmark and your computer.  I have been working for them for over a year, have had no problems on two different platforms.  C did get into my computer and no he did not mess it up.  It took forever to download but it turned out it was my DSL that I was having problems with and not them.  I have never ran out of work.  Sorry you are having such difficulties and I can relate because I did have problems with other companies but am very heartily safisfied.  I am happy where I am at.  I am not management and I live in Idaho.  I have 30+ years experience also.  Hope you find what you are looking for.
Landmark does use VR



I use Vista with Bayscribe at my present job.

When I worked at Landmark, I was able to use Instant Text with Bayscribe.

Good luck on your new job!