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Transcription Connection

Posted By: euromt on 2009-03-13
In Reply to: Haven't worked for those places but.... - WestCoastMT

Transcription Connection in Lynchburg Ohio has been a good company to work for. Smaller so it's a little more personal. Good pay, several work types, all IC.

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transcription connection
I was just wondering if anyone could help me with some information. Does anyone know how I can get ahold of MaryEllen Newman at the transcription connection in Ohio. Does the company sill exist. Any help would be greatly appreicated.
I think it was Transcription Connection, known as TCI. nm
transcription connection
Anyone ever worked for transcripotion connection? They are out of Ohio. 
Transcription Connection, Inc.
Anyone work for Transcription Connection, Inc. out of Ohio? 
Transcription Connection/TCI sm
They've got a new pilot program starting.  Anyone hear about it?  I'm not interested but wondering if this is the old TCI or is it a refurbished one?
Transcription Connection sm
They dare to ask for verification of a per line rate?  As an IC you can charge what you want to who you want - I cannot believe what some companies ask for and what some ICs are willing to provide.
Transcription Connection hands down.
Logs, logs, more logs, spreadsheets. Everything done manually. Tons of scanned patient lists. Even had to look up addresses so the husband could do the envelopes. Insist you count every report with the Word counter (a ripoff). 1/4 of your day spent on crap not included in your line count.
Transcription Connection in Ohio

Would not ever recommend this company to anyone. Run, run as fast as you can.



In reply to your post, TCI is an outstanding company to work for. I have always been paid well and paid always on time. They expect quality work from all employees and provide quality dictation to their clients as well as TAT times under 24 hours. All clients are pleased. All MT's employed are VERY happy with TCI.

Any information on Transcription Connection
Transcription Connection out of Ohio...sm
Any info good or bad?  Thanks.
I believe Transcription Connection in Ohio uses it for some of their accounts.

Any info on Transcription Connection (Ohio)?
MTinGA...Do you work for Transcription Connection in Ohio? (sm)
If so, do they hire SE? How is the pay? Thanks!
Search Transcription Connection in Google Box at the top of board.
Transcription Connection, Inc. is in Ohio. Found on another web site. Want 5 yrs of experience. nm
Anyone work for Transcription Connection in Ohio? I worked there previously & am wondering

There is no connection between MDI-MD and MDI-FL.  I have not heard good things about FL. 

I have been with MDI-MD for over 2 years, have never run to of work if I was willing to type a secondary account, have had very positive supervision and QA, and am making an excellent line rate.  I wish I had found this company earlier in my career because it's great. 

Unfortunately, I am just totally burned out on transcription in general.  This pay rate is what is keeping me here another year or 2 until retirement.


No connection as far as I know...is there?
FutureNet/MQ connection?

I know this has been brought up many times, but on the MQ web site there is a question to Frank that states which programs you call which office for and guess what -- FutureNet was mentioned as one of their platforms. 

I always felt they were connected, I knew Carole fromYOG used to have something to do with Futurenet and then she sold to MQ so......




Is there any connection between MQ & Spryance ??
Just curious !!!!
DTS internet connection
Do you know if they allow a dial up or satellite internet connection?  Do they have employee status or IC?
Keystrokes connection? sm
Do you have accounts that allow satellite internet connection? Thanks.
What is the connection between AAMT and HPI?

What is the connection between AAMT and HPI? I was printing off articles to send to my Aunt. The ads reminded me of a circle jerk site the way they were saying use our materials AAMT will certify your school. 



What kind of connection do you need?

I'm still waiting for a fast connection (one is coming within 5 months), but sometimes go to WIFI hot spots to work.  Does TransTech's platform work with any kind of connection?  Some of the MTs that used to work where I am working now have bailed to TT and seem happy and relieved. 

Does Transtech have any offshore affiliations?

Do they allow you to stay on familiar accounts or do they jumble your accounts and authors? 


3 computers 1 connection
Does anybody work on 3 computers at the same time with only 1 DSL connection? Could you tell me how to do it so each is secure from the other and compliant? Thanks in advance for any information.
Satellite connection
I am moving and looking for companies that allow internet work using a satellite connection rather than a DSL  or cable co. as neither of these are available in the area.  Thanks if anyone works using satellite or knows of companies that allow this. 
Connection Problems
I had some problems yesterday that worked themselves out, but today around 11:30 I started having trouble. None of MDI's suggestions have worked for me thus far!
I got thrown out, lost my connection
called my team leader, who was very nice, and never got back in.  3 hours ago, still have not heard from IT. I am going to stick it out, though, hoping things will work out.
Who pays 9/10 cpl with/sp that allows dial up connection? nm
I do believe there is a connection to India from everything that I have found. Other than that,
not much to add.
Companies that definitely allow satellite connection. sm.

I have done an extensive search here and have noted the names of a few companies that allow MTing by satellite besides MedQuist. I'd just like to see if there have been any recent additions of companies that I can go this route with.

Yes, I do know the limitations of most companies with regards to the satellite connection but it is the only high-speed I have available and I need to make a change from MQ and just need to know what companies' systems are compatible with satellite.

Thanks in advance.

Didn't know Transolutions had any connection

I don't think the Transolutions mentioned has any connection to (sm)
the Transolutions based here in the United States. When I clicked on the link of Transolutions from the above website, it brought up a completely different Transolutions than the US-based company?!? Not sure what is going on, but it sure doesn't look like the same company...
Does Proscript pay for internet connection? TIA
Does anyone know if a KVM switch would be usable here to have a net connection while working? nm
companies accepting satellite connection
Cannot get DSL/cable (no way). Need suggestions on companies hiring with satellite connection. Thank you.
Since DRC was purchased by Acusis, the Indian connection IS there. Look at
I think the COO, Tammy, tried to explain their connection on here a week or two ago...
She sounded very nice..something about taking over their overseas offshoring company's contracts etc..I honestly still do not understand what they are doing unless they got bought out. Why else would you supposedly phase out some of your business and start another, other than maybe they have gotten a bad rap while doing business as Synthescribe.  I'm just concerned about going forward because another MT commented how bad the CEO was, and she is the same one at AAmT, or whatever its initials are LOL
I wonder if I have a slow internet connection and if that would be what is causing my slowness.
Satellite is not a stable connection. Not in terms of HIPAA or sm
privacy but in terms of stability of speed and signal. Because the signal waxes and wanes, it can cause disruptions in connection. They might not seem evident when you are surfing the net or checking your bank balance, but a VPN connection such as one that is needed to do transcription for many hospitals needs a solid, stable connection. This connection can be fast or slow, as long as it does not go faster and then slower and then faster and then out and then in. A satellite signal does this constantly, by the second, and it causes disruption in the flow.

Webinar -Evolving Medical Transcription: Technology's impact on traditional transcription process

Hey everyone, check out this link. This is what we are up against. Be sure and note how 3M or whoever is the sponsor of this webinar throws in that dictation and transcription is time-consuming.  Nevermind that EMR and VR take more time and money to be successful and it only takes 38 seconds to dictate a returning patient and 2 minutes to dictate a new patient versus 500 clicks on a point and click EMR or the mess VR makes and having to have an Editor come in and clean up the mess. Propaganda that we should know about.



TransTech / Transcription, Technology, and Support / The Transcription Doctors nm
Trying to get info on Transcription-Express(not X-press Transcription)....

Got a call and am scheduled to be hooked on later this week.  Does someone need to stop me?  TIA 

Anyone work for Oak Transcription or Nicholas Transcription- please e-mail me nm
Need pros and cons of Soap Transcription and US Transcription

I am looking for a new home and have applied and accepted by one of these companies.  Hoping to hear from the other very soon.  Can anyone tell me the good/bad of these 2 companies.  Soap is out of Michigan and US Transcription is out of Iowa. 

Thanks in adance for your help/support. 

Do you mean TMT Transcription or Tidewater Medical Transcription sm
known as TMT. Their tactics are to look for you so it sounds like them.
TRS Transcription (Transcription Relief Services)

Please let me know if you work for this company and what you think of them. I am testing right now and hope they are a good company! :)

Thanks :)

Chase transcription/USA transcription

Does anyone work as an indepedent contractor for either of these companies?  If so, could you tell me a little bit about them.

Thank you

Don't confuse CC Transcription with C&C Transcription
Please don't confuse CC Transcription with C&C Transcription, they are two totally separate companies. Also C&C Transcription does NOT offer direct deposit.

D&L Transcription
Can anyone tell me anything about D&L Transcription??  Just wondering and curious.... THANKS!