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My mother used to say oh for heaven sakes....

Posted By: not a DRC'r on 2007-04-04
In Reply to: Oh, for heavens' sake! (sm) - m.e.d.

Even though a company does not offshore does not mean they won't tomorrow, so applying to another company will not solve this dilemma (if you want to call it that).  I don't think everyone should quit DRC or whatever the new name is now.  I think you all should be just fine!  This is not the end of the world.  Who knows?  This could mean better benefits.  I wish you all the best, but I wouldn't jump ship if I were you unless things start to go downhill.  If you like the company and know your accounts, why should you?  The glass is half full, not half empty, that's what I always try to say!       Stay strong.....   

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I am a divorced mother. I thought that was a single mother.
and I unfortunately always pay my own way. From the time I was a kid I paid rent in my parent's house, and no man ever gave me anything. Does that count?
I was never a single mother but a divorced mother
Does that count? Oh, forgot, single mothers are the ones who apparently want others to give to them because they are single mothers. When divorced mother, I not only had 1 job but had several and I bought my own home, bought my own cars, took nice vacations to exotic places, paid my bills so your situation probably falling under the category of I cant work outside the home, I have a child. Well, now what? Seems like you donít have much of a job if no work there. Do you continue to wait or do you try to provide for the child or just sit at home waiting?
Oh, for goodness sakes! sm
I was not criticizing you for making an omelet. The original poster was complaining about having no work. If I was sitting around with no work, I would find another job, that's what I said. I was in that situation with my former company, found another job. It does no good to complain here about no work, might as well spend the time looking for another job or making omelets if that is what you choose to do. I know we are allowed to take time to eat, but we do not get paid for that time. That's why I end up eating at my desk :)
To: Used to be Happy,

You are describing a mirror image of your exact work habits, the ones that resulted in your moving to another company. Good Luck!

I know we all hear a lot of negative feedback on many companies for many different reasons, whether it be benefits not being paid, money not being paid, jobs not staying in the U.S.  I tried four different companies before I found MDI and made it my home.  I have never worked with such a great group of caring, supportive people.  I have been transcribing for more than thirty years, on and off, and have found everything I could want in a company, especially working from home.  They always have support and someone always answers the phone when you call, you stick to your schedule and you don't have extra people on there taking your work away, you get paid on time, and get time off when you need it with a little advanced notice.  The thing that totally blew me away was receiving a package from them the other day with a big thank you card for hard work, and a box full of goodies.  I don't remember getting that from employers when I worked on site.  If you are looking for a company that keeps their word and has happy longterm employees, MDI is the place to be. 

LOL ... Heaven help us if there is a volume II ... eek. nm

I would love 78 cpl. I would be in hog heaven.
Thanks. Sounds like Heaven to me. nm

No my account is not from heaven--
rather, that other place! It is a high ESL kinda place.
Being an arm's length away from heaven is no different
If you aren't there, you aren't there. That's the plain truth.
How is pointing out one person's heaven is another
Focus Infomatics is outsource heaven.
The hospital I typed for, for the last 6 years just left MQ for this company on 10/31/2007. I was crushed, so I found where they went, decided to apply, got a call back from Focus, but decided before I did anything, I would investigate and it was all negative.

I would rather die than work for anyone who outsources.

My old hospital is a trader. I hope they burn!!!
I am a mother and I want my
face lift paid by insurance. That is for my mental well being. Surely the insurance should cover me, right?
Not your mother
We are not your mother...if you can't feed your family it is your responsibility to find a job that will help you support your family, not whine about it.  After you got off work at 7 a.m. did you try to find a job or did you just feel sorry for yourself?  There are better jobs out there but you have to look for them.
It's a holiday, for heaven's sake, alot of docs off today!
lighten up.
For Heaven's sake, they did NOT overhire. It was a holiday weekend when dictation practically st
Get a grip, people!
Maybe she is a single mother.......
I agree...I would go part time with someone...that's what I plan on doing just to supplement. BTW....anyone who has a problem with that...I have a disabled child,although he does not drink formula....everything else is expensive and most of his treatments not covered by insurance.  Maybe this person is in a similar boat..............geez.............I say work as much as you want and make as much as you can doing it......
Usually the week after Mother's Day. Don't know for sure. nm
Are you really mother to 6 children?
Oh, good grief, where is your mother? lol
Grow up. Must be terribly frustrating, being so infantile.

I have no more empathy with a single mother
than I would anyone else. I feel if you have children, then you should be able to afford to take care of them. I had a husband, disabled, and I worked and supported everyone so I just think saying oh, single mom, is a pure cop-out. I think entirely overplayed.
I can't believe anyone would fall for this. Didn't your mother (sm)
tell you if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is?
They went to that great mother board in the sky.
No, but have a sup who acts like a neurotic mother.
The games that are played by this person are so obvious. Especially the silent treatment. Then comes the drop in income as she punishes us because of some unknown offense.
If you equate the importance of being a mother
with the importance of being an MT, your priorities are really skewed. No use trying to explaining it. It's like the old saying, never try to teach a pig to sing; you'll never succeed and it only annoys the pig.
i agree, isn't it said that a mother can care for
10 children, but 10 children cannot care for 1 mother. And, if one relies on others, one is already deserted.
I'm afraid its a plan only a mother could love.

Hasn't your mother taught you any manners?
What is wrong with you to judge? Do you think every MT has to be just like you. Every business has the high achievers and the ones who struggle, possibly to find they have chosen the wrong field, or the wrong company, specialty expander.

Your ladies who toss off your smart a$$ comments at every chance are part of the reason MTs are considered difficult.

If you are like this 24 hours a day, I have a feeling you spend a good deal of time MTing because there is no one else in the house with you. Who'd want to spend time with a person who could cough up a post such as yours? A masochist possibly.

Find yourself a sense of humor and until then, cease posting in representation of medical transcriptions. We have more class than that where I am in this business.

On the old typewriters, my mother could type over 100 WPM with 100% accuracy -
She was always very proud of the fact that she never had to use correction fluid or paper or ribbon or whatever they used back then. She had been typing so long and was such a perfectionist. I am not quite as accurate since I have the computer to do so much correcting for me, but I am still pretty darn fast, and then my daughter won every speed/accuracy keyboard competition the whole time she was in middle school.

It definitely can be done...
You are the one who is incorrect. The owner of Zylomed would sell his mother for a dollar if he
They most certainly DO outsource offshore.  Perhaps you're not as IN THE KNOW as you thought!
I'll bet you'd be in a snit if you didn't get a Mother's Day card, though, amirite?
Same principle...

Would you feel slighted if your children didn't give you a mother's day card? How about a birthday card? Anniversary card? I mean, after all, you shouldn't NEED a mother's day card to feel appreciated, right?

I mean, if you're going to cast your self-righteous stones at those of us who DO appreciate being acknowledged ONCE A YEAR, then please remember this the next time someone fails to acknowledge YOU on YOUR *special day*.

I'm so tired of you judgmental people who can't just NOT post but instead squeal with delight at putting others down. Must suck to be you....

/end rant
Can anyone tell me the insurance cost for Amphion per month or pay period? I am a single mother
with 2 children under age 10.  I know you can't give me the exact amount, but anything you can tell me would be great!  I have asked the recruiter but have not heard back as of yet and weighing my options.  TIA!!