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I currently work for TransHealth. sm

Posted By: THer on 2006-01-01
In Reply to: Transhealth/Transtech/Cymed - needing to know

Pay is accurate and always on time.  Benefits are very good (for full-timers).  Most of their accounts are acute care I believe, so you need to be adept at the basic 4, and able to transcribe ESLs (but that's the case anywhere nowadays).  I've always found the office staff and QA to be friendly and helpful.  I'm happy, but I realize that not every company is a perfect fit for every MT.  Good luck in whatever you decide. 

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Do you work for TransHealth. You like?

Does TransHealth require you to work one day sm

of every weekend (such as Tues-Sat or Sun-Thurs) or do they have M-F with rotating weekends?  TIA 

Plenty of work at TransHealth. As far as communication goes...sm
QA email is staffed round the clock and they are usually pretty quick to answer emails.   There is always someone to answer the phone at the help desk etc.  I've not run into any lack of communication.
What's the work flow situation at TransHealth these
How is the work load at Transhealth? I'm thinking of
Anybody work for TransHealth as an employee and how do you like it? Is the insurance affordable?
TransHealth does not send work offshore. Hires only US MTs. nm
Transhealth'ers...need some info on pay rate and how they are to work for....TIA
I also work for Transhealth and love it. Most ex-employees do gripe if they were fired for some rea
You cant always believe what you hear. If they are disgruntled, they will say anything about a place to try to get back.

Some people just hold grudges.
What spell-checks work with Transhealth, Precyse and Medquist? nm
Transhealth editors? Anyone with information on pay, work schedule, benefits, platform
I would appreciate any information before taking their test without knowing the scoop.  Thanks!
TransHealth has some that start the next month after you start work. nm
Transhealth LLC
Any good or bad on this company?  Appreciate any info.
I worked for them for a month and a half.  Very regimental about scheduling and time off.  My dad had cancer and I took 3 days off to be with him and they griped.  Also, very big brother.  If you don't get up to speed within a week, they limit how many reports you can type to 10 a day (no matter what the length of report, long or short) until you get up to speed with quality and quantity.  You work the schedule they want with no variations and if you are not in the chair when they think you should be will get e-mail from them asking where you are (even if it is something like you need to be in the bathroom a little longer because you don't feel well).  Very particular on QA (as should be) and always checking on you.  Go very strictly by AAMT book of Style and expect you to know it.  will even send you a copy.  Insurance is Blue Cross/Blue Shield out of Tennessee.  They offer full benefit package of medical/dental/vision and do take out taxes.  Dental is Delta Dental.  The account they had me on out of east Tennessee was a hospital account that had a lot of very thick foreign dialects.  I was not happy with them because I needed more flexible scheduling and they are set and that is it.  If they tell you you work 2 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., you better have your butt in that chair the entire time between then.  Another fact that my brother later pointed out to me is that they are an LLC company which is limited liability corporation, so if they close their doors for any reason, they are by law not liable to pay you anything of back wages and you just lose if they owe you anything when they close the doors.  So, I am not real sure how long they have been around, but I think may be a young company of a few years, so that is something also to consider.  If you like acute care and hospital dictation they have a lot of it.  Not sure if all of their hospitals are like the one I had with a lot of foreigners, but that is the one they gave me.  The day supervisor Kristin that I was training with to start with was very nice but I did not care for the evening supervisor, Teresa, who I thought was very harsh and like working under a drill sargent.  So, that is what I can tell you.  I am not trying to influence you only stating the facts as I know them from my experience with them.  Someone else may have a different view than mine, but this is all the information I can give you. 
Thanks for the recommendation on TransHealth. I am specifically looking for a company who pays both headers and spaces so will check them out. So far I have been told by the companies who do not pay for headers that everything loads right in - NOT! Between looking for correct data or verifying what is automatically loaded in, I just feel it is a lot of time I am not getting paid for. Thanks again!


Is there anybody out there who worked for TransHealth, quit, and then went back?  How did it go?


What is TransHealth's Rad pay?...

A whopping 8cpl like everyone else?

TransHealth Rad Pay- sm
When I was hired back in June, it was 8 cpl, and I trained for HALF a day...they have the most horrible system for radiology, although they rave about how great it is. I never saw such a cumbersome system just to get into the report took about 5 minutes. No wonder they offer 8 cpl. I quit after a few hours of that. Look elsewhere if you want to make any kind of decent production.
TransHealth-Any info appreciated as I am considering taking employment with them.
Don't know about TransHealth but...
If your main account is a teaching hospital with long reports being paid by line would probably be a good thing - if its not a teaching hospital with mainly short reports it would probably NOT be a good thing. I'd make sure I knew what kind of a hospital it was B4 being paid by line or not...
I was also offered a Radiology job by TransHealth but am afraid to give up my hourly job.  What do you think?
TransHealth is the one. NM

Full-time:  work a 40-hour week or average 12,500 lines per pay period.  Part-time:  work <40 hours a week with a minimum of 6,000 lines per pay period.  Pay periods are 1st through the 15th and 16th to the end of the month.  Hope this helps.


I was told they expect 150-175 lines per hour.  Their Policy, Procedures, and Benefits Handbood says 40-hour week OR average 12,500 lines per pay period.  Part-time is a minimum line requirement of 6,000 lines per pay period.  I just started with them and, yes, I have a set schedule, 5 days a week, 8 hours a day.

Yes, definitely at TransHealth. nm
I believe TransHealth had an ad recently indicating they would pay 10 for experienced MTs, but it might have been for those willing to do heavy ESL dictators. Check them out, I tested and have to call them back today as they called yesterday and left a message. Seem pretty good and I believe I read mostly favorable comments on them here. Others paying that high are IC.
You can do M-F with rotating weekends.
You are right, the company I am talking about is TransHealth.  I also started there a few weeks ago and am having a hard time hitting line count due to the constant low work volumes on the accounts I have been placed on.  Talk about frustrating!  The staff is very nice, however, they are disorganized.
I had a very bad exp with TransHealth
A certain lady was very rude and locked me out of work when I had a medical emergency, even though they knew the situation. Awful place to work.
Actually it was Transhealth! nm

I am wondering why TransHealth is still looking -- are they not  a good company to work for? They have had that posting for editors for quite some time?

In general - wondering - what is average pay for QA/editing positions?

SE only at Transhealth nm
TransHealth Rad
You are paid by the report.  It is all internet based so unlimited LD is not needed.  They were a decent company to work for, unfortunately there was never enough work to keep me busy.

From my experience, TransHealth is a waste of time.  They have absolutely no regard for their applicants.  Let's just say if you are lucky or I should say unlucky, you will hear from them.  First you take a miserable transcription test, then you take a written test, and if you pass both of those, you will be scheduled for a mini-test over the phone.  The test is a definition test.  They ask you words, you need to know the meaning.  They catch you totally off guard.  If you don't do well on the mini-test, it doesn't matter if you passed the two other tests, which means they are more concerned with definitions than your transcription ability.

Their process is very time consuming and in my opinion, not worth the effort especially from a company that is afraid to post their compensation.  So I say thumbs down to Transhealth.  It's a waste of time. 

With their extensive testing, you would think their pay was tops in the industry. No wonder they don't tell you up front.

So here's my question.  How many Radiology people know the definition of abduction versus adduction off the top of their head without looking them up? 



What is the definition without looking it up?

TransHealth. nm
Hi, you need to keep it together--TransHealth--SM

There is a lot in the archives, but I'll share my experience.

I just started working there a couple of weeks ago.  I like it.  I'm struggling because it has been a long time since I've done acute care.  It is hard work, but every day it is getting easier.  I have to look up stuff A LOT!  But that's due to my inexperience.

QA has been very helpful.  Office staff have been very friendly.  The platform that I work on (ChartMatrix) is very easy to learn.  You have to have your own word Expander (I use ShortHand).  They have a built-in Stedman's dictionary in their spell checker.  You have the ability to look up previous reports, which I love and have found very helpful.

They allowed me to pick my own schedule.

Medical benefits start the 1st of the month after you start.  Pay is fair (better than I made at MQ though less than I made with my previous small MTSO).

Any questions in particular?  I'm glad I made the move.  I feel nervous that I'm not up to my line count yet, but I haven't received any negative feedback about that (yet), so I'll just keep pushing myself to improve each payday.

Good luck to you.  I left my e-mail above if you'd like to chat by e-mail.


No VR at TransHealth. nm
TransHealth - sm
Last year I accepted a rad position with them for 8 cpl...trained for 4 hours, and knew within that time frame that the place was NOT for me - horrible accounts, sound quality terrible, and it took longer to look up the patient and put in all the demographics than it did to type the report!! Not very productive method of transcribing, IMHO. Good luck in what you decide.
Not only that............did they call you to tell you had a stat report, as though you could not see it?  The time they take to call and harass you, one could have typed report already.
I see TransHealth is looking for full-time only. Can anyone tell me how they define full-time? Hours versus lines, and if hours how many? Thanks much.
Has anyone ever been let go from Transhealth for
Am wondering how strict they are with this before I apply.  Thanks! 

I have read the former posts archived here about TransHealth.  I would like to hear more from anyone who has anything to share.  Any current news on TransHealth?  Steady work?  Pay?  Benefits?

Thanks, Lynn


With all of the negative posts out there about companies, I just wanted to let all know that there are still some good ones out there, TRANSHEALTH.   I had to leave TransHealth recently due to increased financial obligations and the need to return to the outside workforce.

I noted that there are several posts for this company, and would encourage anyone interested to look into them.  I regret the decision of having to leave.  The managers, IT techs, QA people are terrific and very supportive.  Their platform is great.  I have been subject to some horrifying systems where the companies actually expect you to achieve your line counts or keep them hidden.

Just wanted to share this information for those who are looking.


Transhealth nm

What's the word on Transhealth?  Good or bad place to work?  Do they have enough work for everyone they hire or do they spread them thin?  What about pay?



Can anyone tell me about TransHealth for Radiology?  I've looked in the archives and didn't see much.  Do they have enough work?  I've been offered a position there.  I've been running out of work a couple nights a week at my current job while working 3rd shift.  TIA!

Two months ago I would have recommended TransHealth to anyone.  Now, they've change the way they count lines, and my productivity dropped by 20%.  One of the accounts I'm doing is 100% ESL.  The other downside is that for transcribing you have to use a clunky, slow, cumbersome text Editor inside a database program called ChartMatrix.  So you don't even get a zippy word processor. 


On the up side, there has not been a lack of work for many months (although there was when I started).  The staff is friendly and responsive, very kind and encouraging.  They do quality control, but don't pick at their MTs for individual styles. 

Can anyone let me know how TransHealth is to work for?  What type of platform do they use?  Is there enough work for radiology on 1st shift?  I've been offered a position with them and I want to do some research before making my decision.  TIA!!!