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What's the work flow situation at TransHealth these

Posted By: days? Scared to jump from the frying pan....nm on 2006-04-14
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That is a BIG problem at TransTech is leads assigning work, rather than letting the work flow
This TT MT just admitted to that fact.  It has been very obvious, as so easy to tell how work comes into our que and then gets pulled out as fast as it came in and replaced with YUKKY dictators.   VERY frustrating to us other TT MT's who take the JUNK that is NOT assigned to other MT's, such as this poster. 
They have to be flexibility because of the erratic work flow. No sense in a schedule if no work..
I am not sure that the work flow is low. sm
I think they have overhired again. At any rate, three and my friends and I are moving on. I haved stayed too long as it is. With no bennies and no DD and no employee status (oh, I know, SOME people get all that, but some people don't), and no work, there is no reason to stay!
Work flow
How's the work now? They have been running out for weeks.
work flow
So far I have not seen a reduction in work flow. It's been pretty nice. It does get low now and then, but nothing out of the ordinary.
How is the flow of work?
 Is it pretty steady or is there a lot of down time, specifically the escription accounts.
work flow
I have just been with TT a month or two.  When I hired on, they told me the hours they had more work, so I work those hours.  At one point, the doctors were slamming them with dictation after 3:00 PM.  Of course, I started earlier than that, but still had plenty of work.  When the docs are dictating is when we have work.  That's true at the local hospital where I work as well as anyplace else.  Like it or not, a Transcriptionist has to work when the doctors dictate.  If you want to work day shift and 5 days, clinic work is good, but the reports are short.
MDI work flow
Let me weight. I have been with MDI about a year. Many positives. They leave you alone to do the work but the feedback is here if you need or want it. I never had a problem with workflow until this summer. Now work is constantly out or low particualry in the daytime. For a single parent this is a hardship because I need to get my hours in while kids are in school or daycamp in summertime. It's extremely difficult for me to be working in the evenings when children are at home. My paycheck as taken a hit or I am going on to work in the evenings and struggling and not supervising my kids because I have to work. The thing irks me is I have Op experience, I made this known when I was hired that not only do I have this experience But I also prefer Ops. I can see clearly every day they are begging for people to jump on do the Op notes. I have asked mutiple times (at least 4) to give me this worktype as I am not set up for it and that I would be happy to help with the backlog, pariculary because my clinic and other acute care work was dry. No response over and over. It's as if they are picking favorites to do this particular type of work and not allowing other peolple with the experience a shot at work that seems plentiful. It's very frustrating. I am never given an explanation as to why I cannot do this work type even though I have the experience. On only occasiona management said they would discuss it. So I do believe there is some favortism as to which employees get what type of work. I do not like this particulary when I am struggling to make a line count on the work types they will allow me to work on.

To be fair for the most part aside from the work type issue and slow work this summer my experience with MDI has been positive. I never ran out of work until this summer. They do not nitpick your work and harass you with contast emails and phone calls as some companies do. The people are generally nice and flexible.

However, I have started looking for other employment and I also need benefits, which MDI does not provide.
How is your work flow going? sm

I was just wondering how everyone was doing with respect to the amount of work you are getting.  Is it slow?  Are you inundated with a lot of reports?

I have never seen it this slow where I work.  I am worried, unhappy, scared, etc.  I called my MTSO and asked and was rudely told that it's because of the holiday and that I should know better.  I did not start working there yesterday.  I have been with this company as an IC since 2006, and even during the previous major holidays such as Xmas and Thanksgiving, it was never this bad.  I was lucky to have gotten in 1000 lines this entire week!  What's more is that The Holiday which was Memorial Day just passed; and Memorial Day is NOT a major holiday! 

I am posting to just get a feel of what others might be experiencing.

at least they have steady flow of work -
No...I'm not one that lets work flow through.

I do take the time to correct my reports and research terms, physicans' names and addresses, correct facility names, etc.  That is exactly WHY I take offense at your post.  It is getting harder and harder to maintain quality while still being able to do this job at 99% accuracy along with all the additional nonpaid responsibilities some of these MTSOs require without having additional stress added to it with punitive compensation policies. 

I'm most definitely NOT advocating that MTs should hurry through their work, I'm taking the side of the MTs that have enough stress as it is without having more garbage piled on top of our backs.  I'm appalled at the fact that you have such a high and mighty attitude against your fellow workers at the same time bragging about your situation, yet admitting that you're scared you may end up in the same situation.  Hey...at least your honest about not having qualms sticking the knife in your colleagues' backs.  Like you say...it would be stoopid for you to give up the name of where you work to help others out because then you would end up in the same boat.  Things are a lot different than they were in the 70s and 80s, but your attitude shows that you could care less about what your colleagues are going through NOW because you're done with it and set to retire.

Encompass- How are the accounts and work flow? Do you have a lot of work?
I need to keep busy. I cant sit here every day hoping for work so I'm looking elsewhere.
How is the work flow at Precyse these days? Is it
Work flow depends on the shift
Less work available during the day because that is when most people want to work.
Diskriter ? about work flow and VR pay rate

Tired of hopping around and trying to find a place with enough work to keep everyone busy and not overhire for future use   So just wanting to check out work flow, and was also wondering basic range for VR. 

As bad as things were at the Q, we got 1 job at a time, detmined via automation, to whatever MT was free was the next to get that job - no one to pick the best work for herself and give MTs the garbage.  All this BS about TAT - best work gets taken first, MTs get squat.  And how many people do we have to answer to, anyhow?  You have top supe, account supe, supe of transcription, and leads like Carter's has pills.  No wonder we get all ESLs and garbage - done by those who have the power to dictate who does what work.  In the next life, just make me a Lead -- they can even keep the hourly/weekly salary -- just let me have first grab at the available dictation!
I can only speak for myself, but my work flow is fine.
As far as I know, IC only. Very steady work flow. Pay is good and on time.

Great lady to work for. 

Pay on time and accurate, work flow steady.


The work flow is pretty good. It gets low around the end of the pay period. sm
I work on the DSG-2 side and the sound is pretty good.  Rumor has it we will be getting a new account soon but I don't know that for sure.
Anyone know of a place that hires for over-flow work (besides people in India!!)

 Just a few hours a week?

If your impressed by bad communication and erractic work flow then it's the place for you..
I know a lot of people who have been there longer than a few weeks that have a lot better insight on MDI-FL and it's not a great review.  Yes, the people are nice but is about it.. Nice unfortunately does not pay the bills or stop you from being frustrated because no one answers your emails, well I should say, in a timely manner, and if it is a money-related question like raises etc.. FORGET IT.. you will NOT be getting an email back on that one but you do get one telling you that you need to train on another system, which requires a C-phone, and one in which you had no desire to be placed on, or you lose your benefits. When people sign up to do accounts that are internet-based, it is for a reason. C-phones are a pain in the you-know-what..and then you find out that the account you were hired for is dried up most days, then you are told that you need to do another account that requires the C-phone or you will lose benefits. Thanks but no thanks..getting old.. but truly best of luck to you in whatever you decide.
Overhire, inconsistent work flow..Been there doing that. Cant afford to stay.
Need I say more..
Thank you. The recruiter was very informative. I specifically asked about work flow
as the company I am at now runs out almost daily, in part, I believe, as a result of being a mix of straight typing and VRE. I prefer straight typing over VRE anyway. TT is offering more per line and offers incentive and shift differential, which is something I don't get currently. Im excited to start working with them.
Northeast Transcription, any info? Platform? Work flow? Anything?
Now I hear this company plays games with the work flow when you
start getting a higher line count. This is not surprising. I have BTDT and don't want to go through it again. There are enough posts now for me to say I am just done with the whole thing altogether and I am not a happy camper! Thanks for your feedback here and below. Saved me some headaches!
Is the work flow pretty steady on the evening shift
I totally agree. I also wonder if they increase the work flow to our "overseas partners" so th
gets done by them thus not many US MTs are getting the incentive. I just find it strange that we can have a lot of work before the holiday that no one seems to be working on but then on the holiday we run out of work. Something is up with that.
I am wondering if employees with Futurenet have a hard time having adequate work flow..sm
Just started there not too long ago, but now finding out I am running out of work frequently.  I have several accounts that I can work on, but all are empty most of the time.  Have they overhired or is this the normal?
Easy platform, PTO if you are employee, production incentive, direct deposit, work flow varies on
different accounts, but usually have enough to keep busy, lots of QA feedback.
don't like ASR/VSR -- all work going that direction -- causing very low work situation for awhile
Just a little message since you asked.  Hardly any regular paid transcription work left for TT MT's (transcribing as in the old days, I am speaking of).
tell new job where you work and situation, am sure will
Get used to the out of work situation as it is getting worse.
Low work situation again this a.m. Due to what Holiday? n/m
I work for another company with this situation
keystrokes work situation
you must be on a different acct than me.....
Keystrokes work situation
I work on an ortho account...maybe just depends which account you get. Sorry not working out so well for you.
I was referring to the no work situation and getting in lines. nm
Is everyone in the Amherst office being run out of work or how are they dealing with this situation
if you are out of work. Anyone with any experience with this at Amherst that can shed some light on what to expect at this office from what you have experienced. Thanks.
made type -- SO UPSET OVER TT and their NO WORK situation way TOO LONG now

sorry about type, but very, very upset with the TT has lost any concern/care for their MT's who make their paychecks for them.  Dictatphone doesn't pay you your salary, nor pay for your raises.  Your MT's allow your paychecks the remain the same and allow you to give yourselves RAISES.

Leads/sups, etc are transcribing OUR WORK now and we have none to little no paychecks to pay our bills.

You who are thinking of hiring on with TT better give some very consideration to your decision.  GOOD ADVICE.

I currently work for TransHealth. sm
Pay is accurate and always on time.  Benefits are very good (for full-timers).  Most of their accounts are acute care I believe, so you need to be adept at the basic 4, and able to transcribe ESLs (but that's the case anywhere nowadays).  I've always found the office staff and QA to be friendly and helpful.  I'm happy, but I realize that not every company is a perfect fit for every MT.  Good luck in whatever you decide. 
Do you work for TransHealth. You like?

Does TransHealth require you to work one day sm

of every weekend (such as Tues-Sat or Sun-Thurs) or do they have M-F with rotating weekends?  TIA 

Transtech no work situation putting me in the Salvation Army food line?

This is utterly ridiculous -- NO WORK/LOW WORK.  It is not even the holidays yet.  D. giving the title of an email Census does not make that the reason for the low/no work situation at Transtech!  There are other reasons OTHER THAN CENSUS.  That is so sickening all the time.  The greatest need of us MT's is honesty from their employer --- from the very beginning of employment to the end!

Even a child could see through their excuses for NO WORK. 

Plenty of work at TransHealth. As far as communication goes...sm
QA email is staffed round the clock and they are usually pretty quick to answer emails.   There is always someone to answer the phone at the help desk etc.  I've not run into any lack of communication.
How is the work load at Transhealth? I'm thinking of
Anybody work for TransHealth as an employee and how do you like it? Is the insurance affordable?
TransHealth does not send work offshore. Hires only US MTs. nm
Transhealth'ers...need some info on pay rate and how they are to work for....TIA
I also work for Transhealth and love it. Most ex-employees do gripe if they were fired for some rea
You cant always believe what you hear. If they are disgruntled, they will say anything about a place to try to get back.

Some people just hold grudges.
What spell-checks work with Transhealth, Precyse and Medquist? nm